LifeStyle Lite Money Belt Hidden Travel Wallet Undercover Waist Stash Passport Holder for Adventurers & Athletes

LifeStyle Lite Money Belt Hidden Travel Wallet Undercover Waist Stash Passport Holder for Adventurers & Athletes

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Prepare for travel, prepare for the possibilities the runs, the cycling, the workouts or even the amusement parks with the kids, because you should feel secure traveling around the city or across the world. Prepare for life changing, un-complicated, safe, eye-opening travels. Marvel at the beauty of your travels while our ingeniously designed travel gear keeps your passport, currency, IDs, tickets, credit cards secure and organized in the 3 zipper compartments and 3 inner credit card pockets. Worry about what your next destination will benot your belongings. Whether you are in the heat of the desert or the tropical rainforests, after you've fitted the adjustable strap around your waist, the amazingly light breathable mesh layer of the money belt will always feel comfortable against your skin. The main fabric is 190T PVC Nylon which is extremely durable and water-resistant, able to endure many miles of travel. Our product testers even found life hack uses for our one of a kind designer zip lock bag packaging. If you must live the lifestyle of a traveler, travel lite. Let's take the journey.

  • Safe premium lightweight tactical waist gear concealed under your clothing brings you comfort and security as you're traveling
  • Comfortable: this secure hidden anti-theft wallet features a light breathable mesh layer that feels incredible against the skin
  • Great for traveling, working out, cycling, running and power-walking
  • Stylish & durable: this passport holder is made with 190T PVC nylon - extremely durable and water-resistant. It is strong enough to endure many miles of travel
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