Professional Dog Nail Clippers - Ergonomic Handle, Angled Head and Quick Sensor Guard - Precision Trimming From Chihuahua To Great Dane - Plus Grooming EBook Guide and Nail File

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Wagglies dog nail clippers for easy trims and happy hounds.

You love your four-legged friend, right? Afterall, without them, who would chew your brand new shoes to a slobbery pulp? Without your little ray of sunshine, how could you possibly ensure muddy paw prints over freshly-mopped floors. You'd have nobody to drink out of the toilet bowl or drag their backside across the carpet. You'd end up having to tear your own mail to shreds and deposit it through the house. Frankly, life would be horrible.

Your pooch is your best friend and you'd do anything for the little rascal. Maybe your dog enjoys a trip to the grooming parlour - most don't. But we bet you don't appreciate the expense of it. Maybe it seems like a daunting job to do yourself. Now it doesn't need to be.

These Wagglies trimmers are designed by dog owners like us, for dog-owners like you. Now you can quickly, easily and safely do the job in your own home. They're durable and comfortable for you and your little bundle of mischief. They'll be back tearing around the place, happy as a clam in no time flat.

Why Wagglies dog nail clippers?

  • FREE ebook to guide you through the job

  • Sharp, stainless steel blades for safe, clean cuts

  • Unique raised tip for awkward angles and better cutting position

  • Comfortable, non-slip grip handle to prevent accidents

  • Cutting too short prevented by nail guard with quick sensor

  • Safety-lock mechanism for easy storage

  • The Wagglies Lifetime Guarantee

  • FREE nail file for nice smooth edges

These trimmers make it easy for you to do a professional job of trimming your dog's nails. Your purchase is risk-free. So why not put a smile on your dog's chops. Eliminate the stress and expense of a trip to the groomers: Hit ADD TO CART now.

  • EASY, QUICK, CALM TRIMMING - Wagglies professional clippers are the quickest safest route to neatly trimmed nails and a happy dog. These trimmers combine veterinary-grade materials and safety features for an unbeatable clipping experience. Comfortably and safely trim your four-legged friend's nails in minutes
  • HAPPY HUMAN AND HOUND - We've invested time and energy into making nail trimming a relaxed job for you. Wagglies clippers feature an angled head and an ergonomically designed rubber handle for a comfortable grip. The sharp rustless stainless steel one-cut blades are perfect for nails of all shapes and sizes. A sensor guard prevents cutting the nail too short. The safety lock stops accidents and allows easy storage
  • SAVE DOLLARS AND STRESS - Trimming your dog's nails can be a bonding experience. We want to make that the case for you. That's why we provide everything you need to do the job like the pros. We include a bonus ebook guide with your purchase. This walks you through the process of a stress-free trimming experience. We also include a nail file for a smooth finish and no more ragged edges
  • ZERO RISK GUARANTEE - You'll find these Wagglies nail clippers easy to use and comfortable for you and your pooch. They're strong durable and reliable enough to use on dogs of all shapes and sizes. You can take advantage of this special price today, without risking your dollars. All Wagglies purchases are covered by our 100 percent full refund guarantee. So make your hound happy and click 'Add To Cart' now
  • BEWARE OF CHEAP ALTERNATIVES - Wagglies dog nail trimmers are built for safety and comfort, for you and your dog. Even the most inexperienced owner can achieve professional results because we use only the most durable, premium parts. Some clippers have blunt blades that crush rather than cut the nail. Even worse some cut too short, don't open far enough or even rust. You might be able to find cheaper alternatives to Wagglies. But you can't afford to waste money on an inferior product that could stress or even injure your dog
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