Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals (Fits American Girl and Standard Sized Dolls and Stuffed Animals)

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Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride along Dolly" is the perfect way to show your loved doll a good time. No longer do you have to leave your doll at home. Take your doll along on a fun-filled afternoon bike ride around the neighborhood. Super Easy to attach to any bicycle, and sturdier than other seats with a unique Bar Attachment and bolt included. Also includes seat belt so your doll can be just as safe as you. Fun Girl-themed decals adorn his pink-a-licious colored doll bike seat for added fun. Affordably priced versus other name brands like Dolly Come ride with me, Ride along Dolly is the perfect gift for any doll enthused young girl. Fits virtually all standard sized dolls up to 3 lbs, including American Girl Dolls, Corolle Dolls, and stuffed animals. NOTE: Ride Along Dolly WILL fit on any bike with the standard rear crossbar with a hole, found on any bikes. It does not matter if you have a rear brake or not. The seat is designed to work around such brake cords without compromising Bike or Seat performance. Ride Along Dolly is not affiliate with or endorsed by American Girl LLC and references their company purely for illustrative purposes only.

  • Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat (Fits 18" American Girl and Standard Sized Dolls and Stuffed Animals) Reg $24.95 Sale $16.95

  • * Safe way for girls to transport their favorite dolls and stuffed animals
  • * Easily attaches to the seat post of your bike with idiot-proof instructions - with or without hand brakes
  • * What a great way to bring your favorite doll on a ride
  • * Girl Themed Decals and design make a special gift for your loved one
  • * Fits all standard dolls and stuffed animals 18" - 22" and dolls less than 3lbs
  • Erika Heller

    I often see a woman who rides her bike with a baby doll in the children's seat. She also sits in cafes with the doll in a highchair. It's heartbreaking.

  • Jared Osinski

    Hells yes Hotness!!! Makes me think Harley. Ain't nothing better than a hot girl and a hot bike.

  • Zander O'Keefe

    If it's hot out and the girl and I are headed for a hike or something, I carry a bicycle lock cable and thread it through the sleeves and then the frame of the bike. Most of these thefts are thefts of opportunity, so the chances someone is out looking for a leather jacket with a the ability to cut a steel cable lock is low, and if they are, then there's nothing you could do anyway.

  • Garrick Hilpert

    *Preface: this got A LOT longer than I meant for it to. I really hope you were serious about looking for stories, OP.* -------------- I'm a lost soul, searching for my purpose. That's what keeps me going, the hope that I'll be able to find a way to bring a positive change to the world. But first, I have to find a way to bring a little change to my own life. I'll cut this writing into two parts. First, a little about myself, then, the biggest adventure I've ever been on, and how compassion can save lives. I've been a lot of things over the course of my 32 years on Earth. I've been a conformist and a rebel, finally setting on just being myself and having my own views without input from society. I've been a student and a mentor, and have realized that we are all both at all times, as the day we stop learning new things and passing those on to others is the day we die inside. I've been a carpenter and a chef, as creating things that people need to live, is a real joy. I've been a dreary loner, and the center of attention, and I've found there's very little in life that can beat the feeling of being 'alone' with one other person. Right now, I guess that's my deepest drive to make myself better. Her. She sees the world as I do. She feels the importance of understanding science to push humanity farther. She enjoys laying in the grass under a full moon. She loves watching kittens bounce around, learning to hunt. Her favorite past times are going to metal shows and pushing my creativity to new bounds. She gives me ideas, encourages me to write and to build, and then seeks my input in her own works, asking for the same advice and coaching she offers me. The only problem is, she's 800 miles away, and my life has reached a point where I can't properly support her. I'm barely making it myself, because despite all my big talk, I'm really just an idiot with no sense of how to manage my own life. I've done some pretty crazy things in my life. Most recently would have to be the 350 bicycle trip back to my hometown after losing almost everything to Hurricane Matthew. I was already in a hard spot in life, after a failed attempt at a promotion and growing tensions with a roommate that was going down a dark path towards alcoholism. I couldn't take it much longer. I took a new low paying job and moved out. Stayed with a friend in what was supposed to be a temporary setup. He was one of the best people I had met in my time on the coast. Stuck in a wheelchair after getting hit from a stray bullet in a home invasion, he had grown into one of the kindest souls you ever met. I put all my things in storage, and he offered me a place in the extra room where he kept his dogs. A month later, the storm hit, and my storage building flooded. The building was in a low lying area, and two feet of water claimed almost everything. My electronics, my books, most of my life related paperwork, sentimental reminders of my parents. The only things I had left where some clothes, my daily items, and a decent sized collection of Magic The Gathering cards I had brought to the house to teach my buddy how to play, and my old beatup bike. I made a choice. I wasn't happy on the beach. In a year living there I never was. So I turned in a notice at work, sent some trinkets and my favorite Magic deck to my girl for safe keeping, packed a couple of bags, and headed back to the mountains. I treked all the way across the state of South Carolina and into the mountians of North Carolina, on a cheap bike meant for short trail riding. A duffle bag, a backpack, a blanket, and a hammock. $100 dollars after settling all my debts, and a low budget smartphone for navigation. I took it slow. I detoured a lot, took back roads and saw sights. Stopped in every little town along the way, talked to people. Survived on McDonald's and Subway, supplemented by poking in the dumpsters of every grocery store I passed. You know those "Best By" dates? Yeah, those don't mean much. Most modern food, pumped full of preservatives, will hold for months or even years afted those dates. We are such a wasteful society. Just under halfway home, in a cute little town in mid-upstate SC, I hit my first big snag. On an other wise empty road, I had a truck swerve at me. I cut hard towards a driveway I was passing. My front tire made it fine. My back missed a little, bounced into a ditch and slammed a metal drainage culvert. Slashed my back tire and tube, and bent the rim. Great. Now what? Checked my maps, and I was about two miles from town center and a Walmart. Pushed the rest of the way there, hid my stuff out back, and went in to bike section. Found everything I needed. Tire, tube, fix-a-flat, and tools. Fourty-eight dollars. I had fifty-one left. Great. Got what I needed, and spent the rest on a jar of peanut butter. High calorie, seemed like a good fuel. Had no idea what I was doing, but after an hour at a nearby gas station air pump, I was covered in grease and sweat, but I was done. Rim beat semi-straight, seal holding air. Set up the hammock in some close by woods for the night, and crashed. I rode for two more days on nothing but that jar of peanut butter. The route I toom ended up going through the middle of nowhere, and I passed nothing but some tiny gas stations for almost 80 miles. Then I hit Lancaster, and ran into one of the most helpful people of my whole trip. I was riding down Main Street, heading towards the town center where the grocery stores were, to hit some of that sweet dumpster action. He was sitting at a stop sign waiting to pull on to Main, and waved me over. I looked like hell. Bags under my eyes, dirty, unshaven, stained clothes. He thought I was local homeless guy, and told me he runs a service for his church, where he has a mobile shower built in to an RV, and food donated from the church members. I gave him a short version of my story, and let him know I wasn't from his town or his religion. I needed help, but I wasn't trying to take people that needed it more. It was no big deal, he said. We're all human beings, and someone in need wasn't any different from someone else. We loaded up my gear in the back of his truck. He dropped me at the local McDonald's with a five dollar bill, and explained that the RV was at home, and his family was waiting on him for dinner. "I'll be back in a hour amd a half" he said. Sure enough, he was. I got my first shower in a over a week, and enough small foodstuffs to last two days. I didn't know services like that existed, but damn, am I ever glad people like him do. Two days later, I pulled into Spartanburg. I had planned on avoiding any large cities, but I was again running out of supplies. I wasted a full day, amd about 20 miles, riding all over town, hitting dumpsters. Everywhere I stopped either had locks on the dumpster, or trash compactors. Not good at all. As it started getting late, I headed on across to the side of town I would need to exit from, and realized my phone wasn't going to make it through the night. In the first part of the ride, I had been charging wherever I stopped to eat. That last few days I had gotten lucky and found plugs outside of gas stations, and just sat there for about 30 minutes and hoped I didn't bother anyone. Only once was I ever asked to leave, and I did so without incident. Today wasn't looking so good. No luck. Then I spotted a Waffle House next to I-26. No cars in the lot. I headed inside. Explained to the only server on duty my situation. I couldn't be a customer as I was broke, but I was desperate and just in need of a place to rest and charge my phone and backup battery for an hour, and I would be on my way. No mess, no trouble. He hmmed for a moment, and finally said they don't usually have a manager on duty during slow nights, so he thought it would be okay. He showed me a plug near a booth, and I toom a seat. About 15 minutes in, a older lady came in with her daughter (I'm assuming). I didn't pay much mind, but as a restaurant worker for many years, I knew that if they stated to get busy, I would have to go to make room for paying customers. A few more people walked in. I checked my phone to see how much charge I had. I was actually a percent lower than when I had plugged in. Great. My backup was charging, so the pluged worked. I reversed the plugs they were in, same thing. Backup charging, phone not. My main charger was shot.

  • Lavina Koepp

    Small town Wisco represent! I'm from southwest Wisconsin, but now I do most of my work seasonally, so I'm all over the place. It's strange to go back home for more than I'd say... Three days. Give or take. When I was growing up, getting out of town was a big deal. Yes, everything you needed was right there, but to go to a movie we had to drive to the next town over to the local theater that cost $3 for admission and $0.60 for a large popcorn. In that area, every town is about 10-15 miles apart and the countryside in between is mostly untouched, except for the occasional farms, with winding county roads. Taking the county roads down there is like being Lightning McQueen when he's rediscovering himself with that chick car; relaxing and breath-taking at the same time. The closest supermarkets were always about a 30 minute drive (Dodgeville, Platteville, Prairie du Chien) and the way we would choose one over the other was by deciding which Wal-Mart layout we liked better. Haha. Platteville has their frozen goods section nearer to the front, so we went there more often. In the winter we would choose based on which roads had been plowed or not. If your extended family is also living in the vacinity, like mine all were, it was extremely easy to see each other often. I mean, some traditions are still ongoing even though all of my cousins have found themselves out of state or starting families elsewhere. The family members that are still around still meet at my grandmother's house every single Sunday for dinner and the football game. And when it's not football season, we sit and play card games or talk about current events or when I'm bringing a girl over to have dinner or when I'm going to give them great grandchildren. It's the best. A lot of my old high school friends, and even my brother, have found themselves anchored to the city. When I was a kid, it was really convenient to be able to skip across the entirely of town in about 15 minutes, especially since my parents had split and lived on opposite sides. Some neighborhoods were "better" to live in than others. It really depended on who your friends were and if you'd have to hop on your Mongoose (w/ pegs) and bike across town to see them. About the same time I learned to ride a bike (11 years old), I also started sharing a Shopping News paper route with my good friend Steven. We got $13 every two weeks and we would give our earnings to our other friend's mom so she could buy us goggles to use at the local swimming pool. After I had worked for a month and gotten two pairs of goggles, I saved up for another month and set up a lemonade stand so I could earn more money to buy Pokémon cards. After I turned 16 and my older brother graduated, I assumed the duties of his Wisconsin State Journal paper route which earned me $200 every two weeks. I was also a lifeguard and server at my mom's diner during that time. Having to wake up at 4:30 every single day without a day off made my friends love hanging out with me /s. Depending on what sports you picked to play in high school sort of defined your friend group as well. It seems petty now, but it really did make a big difference. Football was big and was supported throughout the town, while Cross Country received very little support. Basketball would gather people's attention through the winter while Wrestling fell to the wayside. In the spring, Track & Field had a lot of students competing, but never had a huge crowd and nobody paid attention to Baseball unless your kids were in Little League and you had to drive them there. I fell into the Cross Country & Track category because I was 5' tall and 82 pounds until my junior year of high school. Running through town gave me a good idea of where everything was at, and since the town was so small, it was really easy to plot out distances and courses so I knew exactly how far I would be running that day. That being said, it was also small enough that I could leave for a run from my house, get on the highway (always running on the left side of the road), and run a 7-mile loop that would take me out into the countryside and back into town. Businesses come and go. And some keep coming back and closing back down, bought by another, then opened back up, then shut back down within six months. The demographic is mostly old folk and farmers who don't like to see too much change at one time. It makes it hard for the town to develop and grow, but that's kind of how the town keeps its charm. I almost never came back when they changed the street lights to LEDs. Some other people must've felt the same way I did, because now one half of town has LEDs as you're coming into town and the other half still has the old-fashioned street bulbs. Once I graduated and went off to school in Minneapolis, I couldn't live back home for more than a week without the excitement of the city or dying of coffee deprivation. I felt homesick for a hot minute when I left, but immediately fell in love with the experience you could get in the city. Now, with my career, I get the opportunity to see the world one season at a time and have my family live vicariously through me when I get home for the holidays. I still daydream about riding on those roads in the passenger seat of my brother's car with the window down. The smell of fresh cut grass as I ran by the Holthaus' place on a Saturday afternoon in the summer. The sound of my feet crunching in the snow in the silence of the morning as I walked from door to door, arms full of newspapers. That's what it was like for me.. Well, at the very least it's a good generalization of what it was like for me. So many stories of love and loss. It truly was a rollercoaster.

  • Kaycee Howell

    I've done many multi-thousand mile trips on my fatboy. The last long trip I did was 4k miles, two up with my girl, camping. The best thing to do is get a touring bike ;) No, honestly, long bike trips are my fuckin jam, there's literally no better feeling in the entire world than embarking on a long motorcycle trip. It's a feeling that is not replicatable. Some tips - Upgrade the seat. I *still* haven't upgraded my seat since I'm always broke and any money I have I use to fuel up. If you're in my position, throw a sheepskin on the seat. My GF and I loved our sheepskin, helped a lot - Buy a camel back. My buddy gave me his military issued camel back when he came home some years ago and it changed my riding life. I used to take breaks because I *needed* water, with headaches and overall feeling shitty and dehydrated. I would sometimes stuff a water bottle in my jacket but that was a shitty solution. With the camel back I now stop because I fill up and have to pee real bad (that's the hydration goal) and it makes you feel infinitely better. - get a tank bag but make sure it won't scratch the tank. They look stupid and you'll have to get over the feeling that the its gonna fly off (it wont), but throwing your keys, wallet, a map, tobacco, sun screen, and cell phone into your tank bag is infinitely more convenient than saddle bags/sissy bar bag and its better than shoving that shit into your pockets - get some JVC marshmallow ear buds. They cut the noise like foamies but you can also listen to podcasts. I choose podcasts because you can comprehensively listen to people talk at a much lower volume while being in tune with the environment, but I'll also rock music, too. If you're one of those "I need all senses at all times no exception" type people I respect that, too, but in that case get foamies. Gotta protect your hearing. - I wear a full face all the time, but I wore a bucket for awhile. I switched to full face after I was humbled by my dad's totaling of his vrod after a deer encounter (he's good to go) and my long trip experience has improved dramatically because of it. - Doesn't look like you're going that far, but I never really figure out where I'm stopping for the night until my usually late lunch. It makes the first half of your day completely free to stop, wonder, check out shit, etc without feeling tied from the get go to a destination. I feel like this is probably a personality thing. It's only burned me once. - Don't forget you're on a motorcycle. Sounds like stupid advice, but if you put in an 8-10 hr day on the bike, sometimes you'll let your guard down and get too comfortable. ≈600 miles each way and you probably won't deal with long, hard days but worth reminding yourself. - good rain gear is nice. Rain covers for your boots are really nice. - If it's hot as shit and you're down to your t-shirt, put bandaids on your nipples. - I went from stock bars to heritage bars, it look all the stock cables, took me 20 min to swap, cost me $90, and it's been by far the best thing I've ever done to my bike. - per the suggestion of another person here, I got AGV leather pants, they're thick as hell, and really damn comfortable. For $200 some odd dollars they've been the highest quality gear for the price that I've bought - Riding all day at 70 mph on a softail is easier than riding 80 mph all day. - I got a relatively cheap mustache bar for highway pegs, which is nice, but it also left my bike without a scratch when I laid it down at almost a standstill, which has been the best service that thing has given me. - I got a throttle boss for the hand grip and its great - get a long cable bicycle lock and a disk brake lock. The bicycle lock is easily stored and if you find yourself in a position where maybe you guys wanna park in a national forest or something, take a short hike or walk down to river to eat lunch, running that cable through your leathers and to your bike will keep honest people honest. Disk brake to be used only on rear disk. Have fun and good luck!

  • Colleen Mayert

    Find another girl about the same body type/size and ask. What brands fit, what has she bought? Start there. FIRST - get a helmet. Spend at least $80 and get something good. Maybe a friend has one, I wouldn't buy a used one from a stranger, no telling what has happened to it. Its not a matter of IF you are going to crash or fall over, its WHEN. Protect your noggin, its the only one you have. Start with your contact points; seat-butt first, shoes second and then gloves. If you are going to ride any distance at all, short or bibs are a must. I prefer bibs cause they don't have a waist to squeeze you in half, and you don't get that jersey/shorts gap. You get what you pay for. Expect to spend $75-$100 on some good long lasting shorts. Try on a bunch to find the brand(s) that fit. Find a saddle next. maybe your current one is comfortable, maybe not. Your butt will be the #1 reason you will stop riding or lose the motivation. If its uncomfortable, it will suck. fix that first. Chamois cream - try it out. Some people swear buy it, some don't. It's cheap. Feet are next. Get some cycling shoes and pedals. mtn bike shoes are fine and let you walk around some without looking like a duck. Get something that FITS!! Don't buy the super cute ones that match but don't fit! Buy the ones that fit. Your feet will be much happier. Socks - buy some cycling socks from the bike shop/Amazon/eBay. Not having a blister is worth the $20. Sunglasses can fit in here somewhere. protect your eyes. important. you can get buy with $10 knock offs for a long time. Oakleys are awesome and worth every penny, but until $150 comes floating in, wear knock offs. Gloves are a preference. I hate wearing gloves, but i know alot of people on the other side of the fence. $20-30 for nice gloves. Again, make sure they fit. Finally - jersey. Jerseys are better than T-shirts for a couple of reasons. They wick sweat alot better, so your shirt isn't always wet. they fit more tightly, so they don't flap in the wind. This doesn't sound like a problem until you have worn a flapping shirt for a few hours, and either its driven you crazy or rubbed some sensitive part of your chest raw. Plus they are very colorful and look fast. You get what you pay for in jerseys; more money, better quality, better fit, longer lasting. Arm and knee/leg warmers are the best and cheapest way to extend your limited clothing into the winter. you can layer a couple of jerseys, or use a base layer from some other sport. There is alot of movement and friction in cycling. you are supporting your weight on 4 points, so make sure they are padded and comfortable. try to minimize the friction. Getting a good fit is paramount to enjoying the rest of what makes cycling so fun. Good Luck

  • Estevan Brakus

    i absolutely loathe receiving gifts, or surprises of any kind really, and it's very difficult to explain without sounding wildly ungrateful, but i grew up in a house where surprises were not fun and good things, and gifts were ammunition to yell at me; no matter what i did, i could never be thankful enough or use the gift as often as my mom thought i should. i'd lay awake on christmas morning, just dreading going downstairs, because i knew there would be presents for me, and they'd purposely never be anything i really liked or needed, but i better put my happiest face on and pretend its the best thing i've ever seen or else mom's in the wine and crying about what a "sullen little bitch" i am. one year she got me a bike, which in fairness i had asked for, but she got a ten year old girl a four foot tall mountain bike. we lowered the seat as much as we could, but i still couldn't even sit on it. mom alternated between sobbing and screaming about that one for years, "you asked for that god damned thing!" and once i could ride it, there was no such thing as riding it enough. i'd go out every day with my friends from the neighbourhood for hours and hours, riding around endlessly, and when i'd get home "oh already? you're done? you know you asked for that god damned thing and its taken up space in my shed for years while you sat on your lazy ass?!?". sigh. most people's response is "at least you got presents!". yeah, it would've been hurt less if i hadn't. but i can't explain that unless you've lived through something similar, and i wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  • Chloe Torp

    > As such, I believe I do have a case to have a valid opinion. You don't. that's why this is so funny. > Someone who is more knowledgable than me may be able to correct this if it is wrong, but I think one can diversify their bitcoin wealth across multiple private keys, rendering your point incorrect. One could even possess bitcoin in locations unkown to the user with their actual possession contingent on some external event (like in a will for instance). Where are you going to hide them? A hole in the ground? You can make your private keys as inconvenient to get as you want. The associated price of recovering your coins could be astronomical too. That would be hilarious. Again to my original point, ACTUALLY securing your Bitcoin wealth is tedious and time consuming. > This begins as name-calling, transitions into a non-sequitur, then ends with an unbacked counterargument. "Bitcoin's [sic] will necessarily have more friction to insure," is just like, your opinion, man. That's not just my opinion. I suspect your bitcoins aren't actually insured. Moreover, telling someone they have committed a "logical fallacy" is not an argument. It's cute, but it's not actually engagement. Especially when a person's grasp of the fallacies os as tenuous as yours. > House insurance? Rental Insurance? If one can prove wealth was destroyed under an insurable claim, then why wouldn't he receive the commensurate payout? Just because most people use banks instead of going this route with their cash doesn't mean it is impossible. I'll let you argue that to your insurance company. > This is a very poor argument. I guess you have conceded the point. Yes. It was a poor argument because your argument was a crazy rant. I don't need to argue it. You're just wrong. You want me (as you say later on) to assume you not an idiot. But you're arguing against the basic functionality of a market with semi-rational actors. You can lie in that bed. I don't need to do anything else. > The refutation is that, absent inflation, Apple's stock would probably not be worth the same, it would probably increase, due to technological advancements. This is your point because you don't understand my point. My point isn't that Apple would be worth the same today as in the future. It's that it would be worth the same as the increases it currently has less the inflationary pressure. Thus, Apple would be worth... I don't know... 11% increase per year or whatever it is, minus the inflation during that same time. Very simple. I could engage with you on your level, but I would be assuming anyone who reads this is an idiot. I don't. I assume only one person in this exchange is. > I know I wouldn't do it because I think that a 500% ROY at a term of 50 years will not keep up with inflation. I'm not going to engage with the other part of this because it's non-sensical. You are a crazy person. But yes, a 500% ROI over 50 years would assume an incredibly reasonable level of inflation (about 3%). You shouldn't make that loan. Again, you can measure this against a benchmark. You wouldn't make that loan because the market has returned an average of about 9% per year. You lose 6% in the opportunity of not holding cash - a 4,100% increase. > I would absolutely lend one bitcoin on the same terms. That would be dumb for whomever took the loan. The person paying your loan back has the potential to go bankrupt simply because of the volatility. You'd likely achieve userous rates. Congrats! Why would a person take that loan when they can get a reasonable loan at a bank which specializes in the practice of loan making? The chances of you getting your money back on a Bitcoin loan are very very low, by the way. This is because you aren't a loan specialist, there is not really a very good legal framework for you, as an individual, to make that loan. The risk commensurate would be articulated in your potential returns. Good luck! Btw, my statement doesn't prove your point. You have no point there. Your arguing an absurdity. >This is not some inherent bug or feature in the nature of green paper, it is a direct result of monetary policies. It's a feature. And it's a feature that caused you to invest in Bitcoin. Well done Fed! > Under normal circumstances, bitcoin will retain its value while the dollar will not. This is a bad assumption. There are no guarantees anywhere. Bitcoin inflates all the time. > You keep saying I didn't do the math. You didn't, it's clear. > I did the math on that hypothetical in my head. You're consulting with a crazy. I'd at least use the back of a napkin. It will make your math more credible. > You asked me above how old I am. I can assure you I am old enough to not be swayed by juvenille tactics such as these. I would ask again. How old are you? You don't understand basic things. It's apparent that you either live under a rock, are a legitimate cray cray, or are 16. > I hesitate to engage with you further on an intellectual level. I am more than willing to have a respectful discussion, but your words are devolving into something other than this. I assure you that from your end, there has been no intellectual conversation here. You can accuse anyone of ad hominem. But you seem incapable of making arguments of any affect or reading refutations with an honest eye. The "argument" doesn't register on your pyramid because I wasn't making an argument. I was telling you that you weren't making an argument either - which you weren't. You were just saying words at me. > We can perform a simple thought experiment so that I can attempt to prove my case. Reading your stuff is like trying to parse an instruction manual for a 10k item bike. They are overwrought, and at the end, the bike doesn't look like the picture in the manual. Your thought experiments are terrible. You are the one that distinguished between monetary inflation and price inflation. You then said they are completely different things. You then went on to describe price inflation. You then told me that that was monetary inflation and that you had just shown how it was different than price inflation. I pointed this out. Now you're saying that your actual argument was that monetary inflation leads to price inflation. So we're back at the original point I made, which is that you don't know how inflation works - which I think is pretty clear by the circuity of your arguing to get back to my original point. I said, "Monetary inflation is uninteresting. Libertarians, in particular, like to claim that it is bad because it is bad. It is only "bad" in a world where price inflation becomes problematic." You have now told a story wherein monetary inflation leads to price inflation. Which... was my point. > The argument is over whether war is good for humanity or not. This is a re-casting of the argument. You do this a lot. You can argue all you want that war is bad. I don't live in that world. Bad/Good dichotomies are just kind of impossible to argue against or for. I believe war happens. The best you can hope for is a mitigation of damage. And yes, you made the argument about war deaths, trotted out an extraordinary example, then had to smell the poop you just made when I gave you the actual data. So your option is to re-cast the argument. That's fine. But it's dishonest. And yes, these times might be more turmulous than previous times. I think your argument is that in a world with no inflation, that wouldn't be true. I don't buy that. No one buys that. If you want to get into the foreign policy weeds, we certainly can. You know nothing about foreign policy, neither do I. I'm willing to bet experts would laugh at your notion that war would just kind of be a dissipate concern with no inflation. >I am aware that monetary inflation does not always lead to price inflation. I have never claimed that it did. The idea is that, ceteris paribus, monetary inflation is detrimental. The absence of price inflation is not the only metric by which to measure economic progress. It could be possible that without QE, America would have seen price deflation, thereby increasing the standards of living of the masses (particularly the poor). Lol, well, I guess we're back to arguing price inflation, despite your desire to disambiguate and only discuss monetary inflation. Price deflation might, at times, help the poor. It is also a sure sign of a waning economy. You will likely end up with fewer jobs, fewer people willing to spend, and a bunch of other consequences that you probably don't know about because you accept the Libertarian claim that deflation is *a priori* a good thing. Oh and yes, you are definitely a Libertarian of some sort. You asked to not have the political trebuchet lobbed your way. But it seems you have at least conceded that point.

  • Gunnar Rempel

    You've got enough models to run this as a decent Gladius, or a chapter specific Gladius clone (sternhammer, etc.) including auxiliary. You'd have to leave some models out and take allies. You could use some drop pods but they aren't absolutely required, I helped a guy earlier who was footslogging his sternguard and doing pretty well in his FLGS meta. Are your Vanguard wearing power weapons and shields? I'm assuming all of this list is already geared like you hoave it listed. If not you can swap gear around to be more effective. For the purposes of this list proxy your two flamer tacs as tac sgts and move your sgts with power swords another 8 tacs over. Just give them prettier armor, paint helmets and shoulder pad trim and such to match vanguard. Sternguard with just bolters are still pretty damn good and can get overlooked if you're just walking them up the field, but they've got 30" reach. Still, your first buy should be drop pods and some combi bits so they can take combi meltas/grav/plasma/whatever. I'll make you a Gladius but you can easily tweak it for the different Chapter formations/playstyles. Moving some tacs is the easiest way with your current models to take an Auxiliary, but buying a couple models here and there to add to the ones you have will allow you to swap in different auxiliary choices or run stuff like a RG Pinion wing that needs scouts and scout bikes. You just need to buy an armored assault box (tacs & rhino or drop pod) for your 3rd tac squad. I'd suggest sticking the extra 5 marines in either the Devs or sternguard, they'll be more useful there. Here's your Gladius @ 1200 pts: **Gladius Strike Force (1199pts)** Core: Demi Battle Company (759 pts) * Chapter master w/artificer armor, relic blade, storm bolter, teleport homer (185 pts) * 3x 5 man tactical squad w/flamers & teleport homers in rhinos w/dozer blades (125 pts each, 375 total) * 5 man devastator squad w/4x heavy bolters (110) * 4 man bike squad w/melta bombs on sgt (89) Auxiliary: 1st Company Task Force (440 pts) * 2x 5 man sternguard squads (125 pts each, 250 total) * 5 man vanguard squad w/jump packs, power weapons & storm shields, melta bomb on sgt (190 pts) **What's left out: 1 Whirlwind, 1 Predator, 1 Scout Squad, all your allies.** Take a look at the Codex and at the Angels of Death supplement for ways to take your whirlwind, scouts, and tank. There are a bunch of different ways to fit them in depending on which chapter tactics and chapter specific gladius clone you use. Your Custodes and Grey Knights as is are both just under 300 pts, you can ally in either one and play games @ 1500 pts. You can ally in both plus your sisters and play @ 1850 if you drop some wargear, but you'd be weak to flyers. You might want to remodel or model the new tacs with lascannons, heavy bolters aren't the best choice of devastator weapons. That said, you can probably get away with proxying them as any heavy weapon, people tend to give new players the benefit of the doubt as long as you're using heavy weapons as heavy weapons. You can even run the new Victrix formation, you've got enough models to run 4x sternguard/vanguard squads and they can't take transports anyway. Just run your captain as the named UM guy.

  • Pauline Davis

    Palmer is near downtown so you will be close to a pretty wide selection of great bars and breweries although if you are a foodie you may be disappointed as the area is not very diverse when it comes to taste. There is the Redstone Room and Daytrotter if you like live music we get some excellent up-and-coming bands coming through the area constantly. There is also RIBCO and Rozz Tox across the river. I-Wireless Center for the big names. The Codfish Hollow concert venue up north is a 10/10 blow your mind sorta venue, very special place. There are at least three good places to look for records in downtown Davenport that I can think of off the top of my head -- Ragged Records, The Source Bookstore, & Riverbend Retro, more in the surrounding area. All of our good video stores in the area are dead and gone but there is the Blue Grass Drive-In and a couple other theaters. There is the Analog Arcade bar downtown and I heard there is a new arcade bar opening in Rock Island (hopefully that does not charge $1 to play pinball) and the we also have a few comic books shops around town although I cannot comment on their quality. The entire surrounding area is known for antiques and collectibles of which you can find all kinds if you know where to look. There are street festivals going on all throughout the Summer in both Davenport and Rock Island. Vanderveer Park is not very far north of Palmer -- I like to go there on Saturdays and watch the LARPers beat the shit out of each other with sponge bats. If you like fishing we have a pretty big river right there. Sports is a big deal here to some people. We have some nice parks within driving distance, Wild Cat's Den comes to mind as well as the Maquoketa Caves. We have miles of great bike trails along the river and kayaking in the tributaries is perfect. The area also has some mildly interesting history of all sorts if you are into that sort of thing. Look into Chief Blackhawk, Buffalo Bill, Bix Beiderbecke, Fredlo Records, Arsenal Island, the Col Ballroom, etc. There was a prisoner camp here at some point I hear. All sorts of little factoids that give the area personality. Another great thing about Davenport is we are only a morning's drive away from Chicago. If you can't find it here, you don't have to go far to get it. I hope this was helpful for you, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Have a good one!

  • Jayde Yundt

    Story time! I work away on the oil rigs a lot of the time and used to have a Kawasaki 600cc Ninja. My wife was left on her own fairly regularly and would complain about not having many hobbies she could enjoy on her own. She enjoyed riding with me, so I decided to treat her to her CBT and full licence so she could make use of my bike when I was away. She took to it so easily, and I was just pleased she was taking up a hobby she loved, and taking care of my bike. About 4 months after passing her full licence I come home from a stint away, I'd been up north for about 8 weeks, and decide I fancy taking my bike out for a spin as it had been a long time. Weather was good, not too warm, dry roads, perfect riding conditions. Head out to my usual riding haunts, and the same as you - about 30 minutes I lift my visor for some fresh air and this warm fish smell smacks me in the face! I scoured the internet, and manuals I had, nothing explaining this smell. I hosed the bike down and put it back in he garage and think no more of it, maybe I passed a fish factory or something I didn't know about. My wife still really enjoys the bike, out for hours at a time even without me. Another couple of weeks go by and I decide to have a run myself. As soon as I open the garage door, that familiar smell comes back. Regardless, I went out for a spin anyway. I'm starting to wonder if it's something in the garage because the smell is so strong, but no one has been near the bike for the better part of a week. That night my wife comes home and BAM! I'm hit in the face again by this horrible fish smell - but she's not been on the bike today! I had it out whilst she was out with friends. I'm so confused at this point, and to start to ask her if she can smell anything. Nope, no idea what I'm talking about. She starts acting very defensive which gets my back up as it's an innocent question. Long story short, she'd banged half the neighbours whilst I was away, 8 weeks at a time, for the last 3 years - and before we were married. Turns out she'd tamed some strange just before I got back and had an undiagnosed STD that was causing the smell (although I'm pretty sure she was aware of the smell) TLDR; it's not coming from your bike. Your wife is a sloot.

  • Isom Cummerata

    It's been a really busy week! With dating lots of balls (chainsaws? torches?) in the air but none of them have really landed yet. Had a nice second date with this woman; our first date was mid-January so it took forever because of vacation, illness, broken foot on her part...but it was lovely conversation and we got along well. Talked about a third date Netflixing at her place. I see this as somewhere between casual dating/FWB. But I definitely have room for that in my life. I guess we'll see how fast the third date takes place! Also the OKC crush--The Sleeper Agent--got back to me 5 days after I emailed her that I really liked her! She said she was really busy but said she thought I was cool and she gave me her phone number. I think she's at a crossroads of sorts in her life so...hard to know how this one is going to go. We really do have great chemistry though. She said she'll have more time to talk on the weekend. Not much with guys. Just a few convos. There is another woman from Her that I met who is 52, gorgeous and a ton of fun. She said she's not ready for dating quite yet but invited me to a musical she had tickets for, which I thought was sweet. Oh, the weekend. Went to my friend's art show and then went dancing at this lesbian dance event which was very crowded and very fun. Danced and made out with this woman who pursued me on the dance floor, she seemed maybe on the younger side of my age range, and not usually my type (she was kind of the 'lesbian bike messenger' type) but pretty hot. We exchanged numbers and she actually wrote me back after I texted her on Sunday night! That's the first time that's ever happened after dancing. Probably lead to nothing which is fine. Then I went to my friend's house for the afterparty, really not my scene with all of these coked-up locals and European artists. But had a blast. Danced till 4. (damn you, DST!) Had a really intense conversation with my wife over the sense of loss that came up recently over our marriage. But it was good. Overall I'm feeling very confident and I think people were seeing that from me and responding all week.

  • Lisa Renner

    > ot an old bike. I'm leaning toward picking up this SV65 I'll admit I'm a noob and this is my first full motorcycle restoration project so I have little reference. But, I can tell you that not breaking the bank and repainting don't seem to go hand in hand if you want it professionally done. I'm having the tank, front wheel fairing, one body panel approximately 12" x 12", and the headlight bucket painted--not that many parts or even that much spraying overall. They are all to be painted standard Honda red and white colors--no candy or anything fancy. The one "hard" part is that I'm asking for the Honda wings to be painted on the tank, which I understand adds cost. Anyway, the lowest quote I got from a guy that seems to do quality work was $1,000. I also had some jokers tell me it'd be more like $3,500... No way I'm paying that much. I'm the type of person that likes to do as much as I can and doesn't like to pay for a service if I think I can do it. I've got the air tank, I've got the desiccant filter , I've got the other paint prep/masking supplies. The only things I'd need to buy are paints, a gun, and experience. Unfortunately, money can't really buy the last one [quickly] and I feel like it's one of those situations where I could pay a few hundred bucks and do a mediocre job myself, or pay somebody a bit more and be sure I'll get a quality job. The thing is, I still feel like $1,000 is pretty steep given the relatively small number of parts that I need done. I know that setup costs and prep may be a huge part of it, but jeez all the parts are free of dents, don't need work, and are already stripped. It doesn't get much easier and feels like a $700 job to me... What do I know, though. I may end up going with the $1,000 route down in Tacoma if I can't find anything better.

  • Cathryn Renner

    Storytime. Some 10 or so years ago, I was a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant in Canada. My employment options were severely limited due to my flimsy grasp of spoken English. I could read and understand pretty much fluently, but speaking, as any learner of a second language will tell you, is the real challenge. Poor command of English + no contacts + no academic accomplishments = you're fucked for work. I got a job selling ice cream out of one of those silly bikes with the icebox in the front. Every day I'd pedal that fucking bike for 10 hours or so (this was during the summer), selling ice cream to shitty kids for minimum wage. I was always a fan of technology, so I saved some of that ice cream money to buy myself a Palm Pilot. A Palm TE2, in fact. I was enamored with that thing, and every day I tried to find new things I could do with it. I was already at the time a pretty big Something Awful fan. Someone told me there were apps that would rip a page and save it to a palm-readable file, so you could read websites while offline. Wifi was still a pretty new thing back then (if memory serves me right, the TE2 didn't even HAVE wifi), let alone browsing the web on your phone. So finding out I could save my favorite website to read on that little tiny screen was a major, early "wow this is the future" moment for me. I saved almost all of the videogame and movie reviews off of SA (my favorite sections, along with the legal threats), loaded on this Palm, and would read them during that grueling bullshit ice cream-selling job. What was once a torture became much, much more bearable thanks to the comedic stylings of Lowtax and company. While I've mostly stopped reading SA some 5 or 6 years ago (same with their forums, haven't been there in ages), to this day hearing of Lowtax brings a smile to my face. It may seem dumb, but SA was literally the one thing making the shittiest time of my life more enjoyable. Ironically this was around the time I bought Alphabet of Manliness too lol. I also read AoM in between selling ice cream to little snot-nosed Canadian kids.

  • Laila Schuppe

    Two weeks ago I made a topquilt out of two Costco Down Throws for my girlfriend before she went on a bike trip. Harvested the down, and then used the fabric from one throw. Harvesting these raw materials separate took several hours when I was putting the down in separate plastic trash bags. She went on the trip (and I tagged along a few nights) and she was cold at her feet and around her shoulders. I'm fairly confident I used plenty of down in the footbox and measured length properly, just she sleeps in an odd way jamming/stretching her feet out pretty far, somehow making the quilt fit her as if she were many inches taller. I used it several nights ago myself and whenever I was on my side slightly curled so I wasn't peaking out, it was pretty warm. So, from this I would suggest: (1) yes, please make sure you get a lot of loft in the footbox for warmth, if you make a closed footbox. (2) While you should already be adding like 1 inch on each side for seam allowances, consider adding even more to ensure the quilt is big enough for odd sleeping behaviors and lost length due to loft arc. Two nights ago I began starting work on my quilt. I decided I'm going to give in and just use three throws worth of down so I don't have to worry about warmth. I will probably at some point make a new one for my gf that is larger and uses three throws worth of down. Two nights ago, instead of harvesting the down into trash bags, I just put the down from two throws into a slightly open third throw (which now looks like a smallish beanbag). This took far less time and I would suggest (3) you consider just harvesting the down into another throw to save yourself time too, assuming you are going to be making karo step.

  • Alisa Moen

    The area surrounding Copenhagen is pretty flat, so the hikes won't challenging at all. One day could be divided in to taking the metro to Kalvebod Fælled ( and and take a long walk or bike ride in the area, perhaps ending in Dragør The other half of the day go to Amager Beach The second day either take the S train to Klampenborg and go for walk in Jægersborg Dyrehave, which is a big nature park north of Copenhagen. Originally created a royal hunting grounds, so there are a lot of deer If that's not your thing, you can go to Roskilde, which not only has big cathedral and a great viking museum, but it's also a pretty beautiful place - read more about it here If that's not your thing, then Copenhagen city has lots of great parks I prefer Fælledparken and the ramparts of Christianshavn ( Assistens Cemetery is also nice

  • Sage Donnelly

    TRUE STORY: my wife and I were facing quite a bit of debt between the two of us with our student loans, I think nearly 50k, hers way more than mine because she went through a pretty expensive program in school. My parents make good money, but work long hours for it and stopped supporting my education/life once I got married. Her parents are also pretty wealthy but never paid for her education except I think textbooks some years. We graduate, wondering how we're gonna pay off this massive debt. One day, her exceptionally wealthy out-of-state uncle calls and says "I want to give you a graduation present, what's your login info for your student loans?" He goes in, and with a few clicks of the mouse he literally pays off half her student loans. We were stunned, my wife started sobbing. Thanked him profusely and told him we don't know how we'll ever repay his kindness. Few months go by and I've decided to sell my motorcycle. I post up on Facebook letting my friends and family know I'm selling it. Guess who sees the post? Her uncle texts me "hey I'd like to buy your bike, how much?" "Oh nice! Yeah I was looking to get $2600 for it but since you're family I can come down a bit on price." "How much is the remaining balance on your wife's student loans?" "Um… $17,000…" "Great. That's the price I'll pay for the bike then. It's a really nice bike, I like it." I'm staring at my phone on the verge of tears. He logs in the next day and drops her student loan debt to zero. His son swings by and picks up the bike. I don't think he's ever ridden it. — So anyway why can't you slackers be like me and pay off your student loans in a few short months?

  • Annette Kirlin

    Not sure if it's a true back stabbing but it felt like it. I was 13 or so. Went over to this girls house. She was in my group of friends and we definitely liked each other. We were hanging out in front of her house with her little brother. He was about 7. I was being as nice as I could to the little guy but he was just a nasty little shit. He kept taking nut shots at me which I would try and dodge. His sister kept telling him to stop. He wouldn't. Than she got a phone call and went inside. I wasn't paying attention and the little fucker nailed me. One of those "crawl up in your guts" nut shots. I grabbed him by both his shoulders and told him if he did it again I was gonna snap. He ran inside crying. His mother stormed out a few moment later telling me she was gonna kill me and I could never come back. I said nothing and rode off on my bike. The next day I got off the bus at school and this big fucker who was friends with us starts shoving me and threatening me. Pretty sure he was trying to hit that too. But my whole group of friends was all there heard how I "beat up Nicole's little brother" and I was black balled by all of them. Never once did anyone ask me what happened or why or anything. There were about 10 girls and 3 dudes in the group and I always felt this was the other guys pushing me out to better their odds. I ended up marrying one of the girls years later (not Nicole and we are still married) the big fucker went to prison for shooting at the cops so I feel like he got his karma in the end.

  • Eulalia Kulas

    I high-sided back in October, 2003. I was going slow. Proceeding through a stop sign and making a right turn, the back tire broke free and the bike went sideways facing the curb. At that point, if the rear tire regained traction I was heading for the curb, so I let go of the throttle. Well, the rear tire gained traction all right, and the bike flipped over. I was thrown upwards. I think my left foot caught the throttle side handle bar because the brake reservoir was broken and so was my left ankle. I came back down to the pavement on my left arm, breaking the wrist. I walked over and sat down on the curb for a few minutes. I thought I just sprained my wrist and ankle, until I decided to pick the bike up and heard the bone in my ankle crunch. I sat back down, made some phone calls and was eventually taken to the hospital. Of course, by the time I was healed up enough to get back on the bike (and the bike was fixed) it was winter. I don't remember it, but I must have rode the bike home from the shop after it was fixed up where it sat until summer. I do remember how nervous I felt just getting on it. I wanted to ride, but I was affraid. I remember starting with quick trips down the street. I also remember being deathly affraid to lean the bike into turns for fear that the bake tire would break free. I eventually replaced was was pretty much a brand new tire. It took a long time (pretty much the entire riding season, but I overcame my fear of falling over. It takes a lot of persistance and the WANT to ride. Start small. Work your way back in the saddle.

  • Immanuel Stehr

    I grew up in a family of pretty dedicated road cyclists, so when I was still pretty young my dad got me kitted up and out on the road with him. I thought it was kind of lame at the time, but I guess I learned to love riding without noticing. I stopped riding through high school because I didn't really have time to ride, but when I was about nineteen I wrecked my car doing idiot teenager things. This was around 2010, and the fixie-hipster aesthetic was in full swing and I bought into it heavily, so I picked up a yellow schwinn madison and rode it into the ground for like five years as a single speed. I couldn't be bothered to learn anything about bike maintenance though, and I was actually pretty terrified of riding fixed after trying a friends bike and getting kicked. Last year I moved to a new city and made a bunch of friends who all rode fixed, and they kind of peer-pressured me into switching over. I ended up falling in love with it, and over the summer I dumped all my money into building that schwinn up into a halfway respectable bike. I get a bit of flack from some of the wealthier fixie kids around town for riding a schwinn, but I love it and not everybody has piles of cash to drop on hand built NJS frames, you know? On a side note, I ended up going clipless when I gussied up my bike, and I essentially ended up getting hand-me-down pedals from myself. Turns out my dad held onto my old pedals from when he dragged me around as a kid.

  • Nicklaus Bauch

    Your 3 days in Taipei look pretty good, I'd throw in Raohe nightmarket too. Not sure what/where Hippo alley statues is, do you have a link? days 4-5: Jiufen takes an hour to get to by bus, and maybe 30 minutes tops to walk through (apart from the teahouse, it's not that special in my opinion). You can probably hit it and shifen waterfall in one day. I'd also recommend 孝子山 if you like hiking and aren't afraid of heights; the trail isn't hard, just a bit steep at the end. Day 6. I'd honestly recommend spending 2 days in Hualien (where Taroko Gorge is) - one day to bike along 七星coast (roughly 15km) and hit up the nightmarket, the other for Taroko Gorge. You can easily rent bikes at either end of the path, and it's well marked with '七星' on the road. Taroko gorge has shuttle buses that you can hop on and off of after buying the pass at the bus/train station. Big orange building, can't miss it. If you go to Taroko, check to see if Baiyang Waterfall is open on the gov. website. Best hike imo, but a lot of people like the easier scenic spots with the bridge and temple. Unfortunately, I haven't travelled around southern Taiwan enough to give any advice for the rest of your trip. You can google taipei railway for the high speed rail / train schedule. The Taipei MRT is a cheap and easy way to get around too (subway system), which uses tokens or day passes.

  • Haleigh Swift

    Wind wears you down if you ride highway at speed for awhile, but I haven't gotten a windshield yet... I've spent entirely too much in mods on [mine](, so I'll piece together cheaper mods that to me make the difference without spending the big bucks. On the cheap: Clutch upgrade to EBC CK1313 and Barnett CBR300R springs (removes the judder spring and gives you 5 full fiber plates) CBR250R ECU, Throttle Body and Bank Angle sensor (basically you'll get the power that the CBR250R has stock, the bank angle sensor eliminates CEL you get with the ECU swap, the throttle body is larger) Look into ManRacks for a rack to put on back for trips. I have a BBQ rack and it keeps bags up off the exhaust. Handguards unless you like replacing levers CRF150R folding steel shift lever fits this bike, folding lever helps minimize fall damage. I think that's a good start... Honestly, though if you aren't already you should join the [CRF250L Owners Club]( on Facebook. There is tons of information on that group. Everything from PDFs of the service manual to write ups on mods and dyno numbers of our bikes... It's a pretty awesome community.

  • Daisy Quigley

    Caveat: I'm a reasonably new rider (this is my 3rd year riding) and I'm pretty scared of riding on unsealed stuff. I have probably ridden about 3-4000km of unsealed road in the last couple of years. Here's my advice: - keep your shoulders down, elbows relaxed and loosen your grip. When you feel a wobble, you'll tense. Notice it, and consciously relax. Eventually, it becomes second nature. - drop your heels back. For me, at least, this transfers a bit of weight down which stabilizes the bike. If you want, stand up! - go as slow as you need to but don't stop - I usually ride in second or higher, not first because it's more stable. Do everything slowly and smoothly - open the throttle smoothly, brake slowly and smoothly on the rear first. - keep your feet on the pegs. It's easy to let your feet shoot out if you feel unstable (like when you were first learning to ride, I bet!) but keeping your feet grounded on the pegs will make you feel nice and stable - look far ahead. Don't worry about what's a meter in front of you. Nothing you can do about that. Look far ahead, anticipate what's coming. Ignore the road in front of you. My mantra: "noodle arms, look far ahead". Keep things relaxed, go slow and as you gain confidence; you'll get faster.

  • Trisha Rice

    I'm assuming by DH bike you mean full suspension. Here's a bunch of info. A [DH bike]({ts_2017-03-15_12:30:22}-ef0613b2fc7bb714-36E92EFA-A2CC-6741-CDB565B6979491D6) pretty much only goes downhill. Like, very down. Riding them around town or up a hill is horrible. I've done it before. It sucks. Then there's [Enduro]({ts_2017-03-15_12:30:22}-ef0613b2fc7bb714-36E92EFA-A2CC-6741-CDB565B6979491D6) bikes. They're really good at shredding down trails and they're pretty okay at climbing too. Riding one around town won't be great, but at least it's doable. Next is a [Trail]({ts_2017-03-15_12:30:22}-ef0613b2fc7bb714-36E92EFA-A2CC-6741-CDB565B6979491D6) bike. Good at most everything. Quick at climbing and very capable on descents. You won't be breaking any records pavement riding, but at least it doesn't feel like riding a boat down the the road like the above bikes.

  • Jany Rolfson

    I mean, they made it pretty clear that ride pokemon were an Alolan thing. If they do choose to carry it over, some things I would feel worth mentioning are that they didn't just replace HMs. Tauros was the bike, Stoutland was the dowsing machine, and Mudsdale helped you cross rough terrain, something that was featured in XY. Some things I'd like to see: Heatran Rock Climb: We've seen Heatran capable of walking on walls. Maybe Heatran can allow you to climb to other unexplored parts of caves, or walk across lava or something. Slowpoke fishing rod: I'd really like some sort of revision to fishing mechanics to spice things up, maybe the use of poffins as bait or something like that. Luxray X-ray vision: This will replace both Flash and Defog. Fog was annoying, both in and out of battle. While it was a nice touch as a pseudo weather effect, I'd have no problems with a convenient way of getting rid of it. Skuntank repel or Combee Sweet Scent: This would make Repels and repelling abilities/items obsolete, but ehh... =3= Or maybe we can engineer specific types of scents to make some pokemon less likely to appear, and others more likely, so that it makes finding rare pokemon easier.

  • Michele Grady

    Bicycles use a combination of many effects to balance, I think the most important of which is the rake on the front forks and the offset of the axle slightly in front of the forks. If you lean the bike at all, the forks will rotate the wheel into the turn, moving the center of mass and using the lateral acceleration from the turn to correct the balance. The gyroscopic effect helps, but if that somehow didn't exist I think bicycles would still be rideable. Riding a unicycle is much harder because of this, the rider has to shift their center of mass manually to maintain the balance, but now in two axes to also avoid falling over forwards/backwards. I'm not trying to shoot down your project, it looks awesome and with a revision or two that others have commented on I think your concept could massively reduce the unicycle learning curve to the point where most people could figure it out pretty quickly. I learned how to ride a unicycle a few years ago and while it was cool, the learning curve and required focus made it difficult to justify using it over a bicycle. Even if your system won't make it balance 100% on its own, simply making it easier and having the rider pick up the slack might be all this needs to take off. Great job overall!

  • Garrick Willms

    I like Daredevil and he's my main but not everyone will love the combo system. He has a talent that removes the combo system but I personally feel that playstyle on him is even worse. He also has a Radar Ping proc that was given a 4-second internal cooldown (which a lot of us on the Daredevil hero forums thought was an unintended bug) which basically now cuts his DPS in half. Unfortunate as even if it weren't there he wouldn't be topping any damage meters. His AOE isn't the best, so for leveling killing trash can be irksome. He has Rebounding Club and his Signature. You can also opt to use Street Sweeper as a Finisher which can do some AOE clearing. Pretty good for single target and a good travel power. Which I feel travel powers matter a lot when choosing a character. If you pick someone that runs or rides a bike, they have to maneuver through fences/obstacles whereas if you pick someone that flies or swings, they can just go over everything. Saves a lot of time when you're boss rushing or whatever. He has a pretty good rotation too & playing a character where you can use the signature so often feels rewarding (he has a talent that reduces the cooldown by 1-second for every combo point you spend... it goes super fast).

  • Toni Yost

    I was in high school and I spent all of my money ($500?) on a [polished Cannondale Killer-V 900]( and lent it to my best friend, pretty much my only friend at the time because he tipped his monster-truck 1986 Ford Ranger over while doing a donut. After a few weeks he informed me that he had left my bike in front of his grandma's house while he ran in for a sandwich and he's so sorry but it got stolen. I was devastated but I eventually got over it. A few months later I was talking to his girlfriend and she told me about how bad his drug problem is getting. She said he's selling things at a local pawn shop for very low amounts of money and not going back for them. She was giving me examples and mentioned that he even sold a shiny chrome colored bike that seemed really nice for $100. I contacted the Pawn immediately to ask if my bike was still there, they said it was long gone. I lost my best friend that day. I ran into him ~10 years later, went to his house for a cookout, met his kids and wife. He seems to be doing alright, but I'm mad at him for robbing us of our friendship that could have been.

  • Shaina Hamill

    I've become pretty fascinated over the last several years with Denmark (primarily Copenhagen). I had the opportunity to visit in October 2015 and it might be my favorite city I've ever visited. Most of this comes from being an urban planner and being astounded and jealous by the different values and standards that seem to be applied to planning in Copenhagen. The integration of bicycling into daily life for most of the population fascinates me. I've never felt as much freedom in a place as I did when I was in Copenhagen with a bike. While America (even dense NYC) shifted toward a car-centric mentality, Denmark went the other direction, and I think that is part of why Copenhagen felt like such a happy place to be in. That said, I would like to know if anyone on here has an opposing opinion to that. Most of my interaction with Danes has been professionally with engineers and planners who are preaching the gospel of Danish planning (or "Copenhagenizing"). I've never heard the other side. Is there one? Is there a political battle between those who want public spaces and cycle tracks versus those who want wider roads and more parking?

  • Dahlia Tillman

    Anyone have experience with title jumpers? This guy on Craigslist (Owner B) is selling a bike he traded his friend for (Owner A). The title is still in Owner A's name and is signed off on, but Owner B didn't want to register it because he thought he could flip the bike easily and keep from paying the taxes and title fees. I've got Owner B's name, personal phone number, email, address, etc. and it all checks out, so I don't think he's making a career out of curbstoning, I think he's just trying to make a little money under the table. I'm in WV and we're pretty lenient on titles; we don't require a notarized title, we don't need a notarized bill of sale, and we don't have to have the owner go with the buyer to the DMV... So if it's signed correctly by Owner A with all of his information, can anything really go wrong if I transfer it to myself and skip Owner B completely? (I plan on getting a notarized bill of sale, regardless, if only for my own records) Tl;dr - Title in previous owner's name, but not transferred to current one. It is signed off on and ready to be transferred to a new buyer though. I'm not in a state that requires a notarized title. Is there any risk?

  • Kayli Bashirian

    This board itself is a Palmer Pedalbay 50s, currently on loan from my bandmate. I wanted to try to fit as much as I can on this, and still have it be portable by bike. We'll see how that works out for practise later this week. If I decide I like it, I would buy my own and have to raise it in order to fit the powersupply. Chain is: Pitchfork - Polara - Phase 99 - Boss CE-2 - RAT - Joyo Tremolo - Flashback I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, even though I usually don't like sideway pedals, but they're all reasonable easy to press. It's basically my normal board minus a Soul Food and Boss DD-3, but eventually I would want to ditch one modulation pedal for a fuzz, just have to decide which one. So I guess the question for you guys is: how to you decide which pedal to use on a smaller board? I use all of them pretty evenly, so I'm having a hard time making up my mind, and I'm not the type to switch it up every second day. Alternatively, is there a small format multi-modulation pedal, preferably one with a second footswitch to cycle through modulation-types? If you have questions about a specific pedal or anything else, hit me up!

  • Karine Kessler

    big charity ride I remember being on last year. it has a fairly large hill about 5mi from the finish. the group of about 12 people that was still with me, was around for pretty much the whole second half of the 100mi ride, including two women on identical tri bikes. as we all crest the hill everybody just starts to coast and I stay in my power to just soft pedal on the downslope and then just keep up that speed on the following flat to the end of the ride. So there I am clipping along about 27mi and I hear some gnarly huffing and puffing behind me. One of the ladies on a tri bike was sucking my wheel. everybody else, including her friend were all a good ways back, but I suppose she was just going to catch some free time and draft a while. I drifted side to side while looking over my shoulder three times until she finally got the hint and apologized. normally I could give two shits about staying up front and punching a hole in the wind, but whenever I don't see anybody else coming up for a turn, and then they ride solo in the massive draft I provide. that's when I nope the fuck out of that situation and become a dick.

  • Bridie Stracke

    Totally! I've got my two dogs who are joining my journey with me(they already love road tripping) and we hike, camp, and cycle. I want to purchase a mountain bike instead of my road bike though, however it will be an ebike with a battery and assist motor. I think being able to mountain bike out in the wild in nature will be spectacular compared to just paved trail biking that I do now. Hiking is fun too, but I just feel so zen on a bike. Specifically the [magnum peak]( is what I'm getting. I also do photography but have not had tons of time lately between planning, weather, and other stuff(my instragram is @strayexplorer though if you wanna check it out). Ideally I want to be a photographer/blogger/vlogger/maybe web dev eventually for my living, but the market for those are pretty saturated so we'll see what happens when I hit the road. I'll also be updating my build soon on youtube and instagram so that's all gonna be fun for me to shoot too.

  • Marshall Dare

    Hey, /r/MTB. I'm moving to Colorado soon and with the new location I'm looking to get out more and be more active. I always used to love riding my bike when I was younger, so I want to try mountain biking out there where there are tons of mountains and trails to ride. I'm very new to high-quality bicycles. The only bikes I've ever owned were cheap, crap ones from Wal-mart. I'd like something specifically for mountain biking. I'm about 6'11" tall and around 200lbs (if that matters). My price range is $300-500 for the bike. I know that is pretty cheap for a good bike, but I'm very willing to buy used. I would like a few recommendations in case my local bike shop doesn't have the number one recommended bike for my situation. This $300-500 is purely for the bike. I know I will also have to spend money on a helmet, gloves, etc. That cost is not rolled into the $300-500 budget for the bike. Should I even start with a bike that expensive, or should I get one that is cheaper but that I wouldn't mind wrecking as I get used to the hobby? Any input would be appreciated.

  • Elfrieda Kerluke

    Here are a few that comes to mind * Body steering - no, your body has a marginal impact on the bike, the only way to steer is by using countersteering. * You can't brake in corners - yes, you can, but it is a more advanced technique not really suited for beginners. * That a mesh suite is good protection - no, it really isn't. The protective gear in those jackets move a lot and also mesh is pretty much wasted after a single crash. If you want to use mesh, please use proper body armor underneath. * That riding a motorcycle is super dangerous - actually no, it's quite safe as long as you wear proper gear, don't behave like an idiot and don't antagonize other vehicles on the road. * That it's just a question of time before you crash - jeez people, some people go their entire life without getting into anything major. * That you have to start on a 250cc - really tiresome myth, I started on an 800 and trust me, I haven't died or been involved in any accidents so far. I'm not saying it's bad advice, but the reason people starting out on a bigger bike get into accidents have more to do with them than the bike.

  • Constance Keebler

    They're actually pretty hard to ride, quite a bit harder than a super sport IMO. They may only be a 250, but they've got the proper super sport style riding position, brakes, and handling, which are the main reason super sports aren't good learner bikes. On top of that because they're a 2 stroke they're about as quick as a SV650 in a straight line, plus they have a ridiculous powerband to go with it. They have absolutely no power below 4k rpm, between 5-7k rpm they have about as much power as a 4 stroke 250, then at around 8k rpm they suddenly get on the pipes and will lift the front wheel in first and possibly second on power alone. Anyone who says an I4 is peaky has never ridden a proper 2 stroke, even the little 250s are nuts. In fact just about the only thing about it that would be good for a learner is how light and narrow they are. They're stally, smokey, uncomfortable dogs to ride at low speed, but get the revs up and they'll flick the switch and turn into a mini monster. They're an absolute blast, but no good for a first bike. Source: I own one

  • Gay Frami

    Man growing up a in mostly Mexican neighborhood and going to a mostly Mexican as one of the few white boys was great. Whenever I went over to a friend's house there was great food and a massive, dope family. Our neighborhood was chill, I mean there were parties like every weekend (you knew what was going down when all of the parking on the street was taken) and you might have to deal with bandas until like 1 or 2 in the morning on a Saturday. However nobody made noise complaints or anything, and that was especially great during the end of my high school years. Besides being able to throw parties, pretty much every Thursday my friends and I would have Thirsty Thursdays in my dad's garage. There were nights week after week where there 20-30 underaged, drunk kids spilling out of the garage into the driveway (hell my friend was even driving a 125cc dirt bike around the cul-de-sac one night), making noise, blasting music, ON A WEEK NIGHT, and there was NEVER a single noise complaint. Growing up around Mexicans was great.

  • Owen Hudson

    wife has had the ECO-2 for 2 years, not the same bike i know but they are both AJS keep in mind this was a £1200 OTR bike and she is doing her DAS this September so its not a long term bike. As for reliability, its a pretty simple machine so there isnt much to go wrong, had a problem with the side stand cut out after a few weeks but that was fixed on warranty the same day, only other problem was needing to clean out the carbs when she ran out of petrol, pretty easy job. Maintenance, very easy, nothings hard to get to, dosnt burn much oil either. Downside, winters been a bit hard on it but not really an issue if you use ACF50 and some Autosol on any rust spot that start to form Running, very cheap to keep on the road, tax and insurance are super low with outstanding mpg, biggest outlay on it will be the replacement chain in a few weeks. Really cant knock it, but it wont last like a YBR or CG will, so if its a long term bike your looking for id defiantly look at the jap bikes, but if you are just looking for somthing cheap to get you on the road then AJS arnt all that bad

  • Jan Wunsch

    It's whichever you prefer/can afford really. Do you have other road experience? (car, pushbike)? What I did was, with 10 years' car experience, I still just did CBT and got a CBR125 (well, CBF first but shitheads nicked it) and rode that for 8 months, then did Direct Access. Having said that, my experience was totally overkill. I did my test with a guy who just did CBT, mod1 and mod2 all in one, and he passed same as me, first time. The very best advice I can give you, is do the CBT and see how you feel after that. If you feel pretty comfortable riding around, go straight to A2. If not, get a 125 and practice, starting small and working your way to harder stuff. >Also how safe is it to go straight on the roads after a CBT Many will argue it isn't safe, the CBT is pretty lax. I would say it's up to the individual. I came out of the CBT fairly confident, hadn't been shouted at by the instructor, didn't make silly mistakes, so I went and bought a bike. If you feel you need more training, then get more training. Also, plug for /r/MotoUK

  • Neil Hahn

    First of all, thank you for your well-intentioned reply, I do appreciate it. >What if you dress the way you want to and stop worrying about what other people think? People seem to misjudge how much I care about other peoples' opinions. I just want to look right for me and express my personality. I am asking for suggestions, not judgement. >LEATHER IS GOOD ... which is why I picked a leather riding jacket with perforation (to stay cool and comfortable) and armor. I have two textile riding jackets from my sportbike days but think I'll make the move to leather. >...try on various riding gear. Whatever is the most comfortable is what you want... You make it sound like most bike gear is uncomfortable. Even my 1-piece leather suit is pretty comfortable, at least when ridden on a sportbike and the riding position that it puts you in. Comfort is a given to me. I care about style and a coherent look.

  • Alda Stracke

    Camera equipment comes to mind as a nice parallel. Camera shops call these people prosumers. Sure photos taken on a $5000 camera can be blown up to the size of a school bus, but why if no one is going to pay you for it? Even more so if you are still a lousy photographer. Do I have a nice camera, yes and if I do my job right I can make clear pictures print up to 60in which is perfect for hanging on my wall. But my camera would probably be most professionals back up to their back up if even that. I've been riding the same GT I bought 20 years ago as a kid; my new bike I'm piecing together is going to be a huge upgrade for me and still fall under $1500. More importantly I have researched, planned, hand picked, and scoured eBay for each component and am building the bike myself leaving my bike with more personality (you can read that as pretty and matching) than any replicated carbon storefront show piece.

  • Carlie Kirlin

    Applying for jobs; I am on a Term 1 contract (ok technically this is my fall/Easter break but still) that ends the break, so I need to find something else. Related to that will be trying to work on a portfolio, it's not standard in my neck of the woods yet, but I started one as part of an assignment for my teaching qualification last year, and I think it will be very useful in the job search. I also have a feeling I am going to have write the reports in advance for the teacher who is coming back from leave (that I have been replacing), since they are due in like a week or two into her getting back. That'd be around 130+ students and I don't know that I'm going to get paid for it... For fun: probably doing several brews (beer), as I haven't had much time to since school started and my private supply is getting pretty low. I'd like to take an all-day bike ride somewhere as well, and do a bit of tidying and working on some longer term projects.

  • Adela Wisoky

    I bike commute year round, 2 miles each way. The morning is fine but heading home around 4:30pm gets pretty hot. However, I still think it's manageable. I bike in shorts, a tank top and flip flops and bring a change of clothes. I keep shoes at work to change into. I keep baby wipes and a washcloth in my desk and do a quick wipe down while getting changed once I arrive. Occasionally a quick spray of dry shampoo. I also have a mini fan at my desk which gets turned on as soon as I arrive. Use a basket or panniers to carry your things - your back will sweat so much less if you don't wear a backpack. Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and take it slow to avoid overexerting yourself in the heat. My commute is short enough that my car AC doesn't do much until I get home anyways, so I always choose to bike unless it's over 110 or so.

  • Odessa Schmeler

    Say what you want about Adam but what he's really doing is introducing BMX to scenes that wouldnt normally give a shit about it. Whats he got like half a mil subs on YT doing his rap interviews? I dont know maybe i'm getting old but i think its pretty cool to see young black kids or latinos picking up BMX. Adam is a douche but because of his success all the companies he's tied to will start to rise and make more money. You know how it works, these kids see their favorite youtuber with a certain brand of tshirt or bike and they go out and but it too. To us that started riding before the TCU days and saw how cool he used to be to seeing him now as a big time youtuber its clear to see he's in full on douche mode. But you cant deny what he's doing. I'm all for seeing more kids on bikes and less on scooters.

  • Selina Considine

    Currently live here. It's a nice complex. However, it is not safe to walk outside at night. It's close to the university, but it borders on Frenchtown, which can be sketchy at night. My bike was stolen after being left out for a night (it was locked with a U-lock, and there are no cameras in the complex), and you'll see prostitutes on the corner of Dewey and Brevard if you're out after 1am. A prostitute was recently murdered a block down, and the case is unsolved. There is construction going on about 12 hours a day on weekdays that has been happening on Carolina street for the past six months. Catcalling is also pretty severe if you're a girl walking down Dewey. I would not recommend it to female students without cars. I also don't have an oven or bathtub.

  • Samara Bergstrom

    This can be seen as dangerous advise but I agree with it completely. What we do is in fact, dangerous. Let's not kid ourselves. We do it because the reward outweighs the risk. I binned it pretty hard in 2011. Broken back, hand, ankle, etc. I was back on the bike in I think 2 months? I used a cane and a larger boot on one foot and rode until the pain was too much. I had the same fears but I've learned the longer I "wait" for the fear to go away, the longer this imaginary fear grew. However OP, if you don't want to ride. Don't! Simple as that. You don't have to ride. If it's not for you anymore (riding on the street) than don't. But if you want to ride, and are afraid to, then I'm all with just jumping back on the horse as soon as possible. Start slow and ease into it, but start.

  • Kody Bartell

    Alright I'll keep the gym tips in mind. And oh regarding the bike, it's actually a really good bike. Since it is 2006 it had some problems when we first got it but I fixed them up. There's serious power behind it and I have aftermarket exhaust that makes it sound amazing. But for a starter bike, it might be a little too fast. If you have experience with mopeds or scooters, it shouldn't be any problem though. Actually, if you're looking into starter bikes, the Yamaha R3 and the Ninja 300 are some pretty good recommendations for starter bikes. They might not be fastest but they really hone your skills for faster bikes. They're not too expensive either there's some online for I think 3k in good condition but I've gotta double check

  • Catharine MacGyver

    I had a friend whom I considered like a brother, I always asked him to come over and hang. Mom always made food for him. He didn't live to far from me but sometimes would stay pretty late and had to walk and take the bus home. I would loan him my bike a lot of times just so he could get home faster but there was a time where he got my bike stolen for leaving it outside a liquor store. (We lived in a bad city) At that point he just kept avoiding me from there on and wouldn't bother talking to me anymore, didn't even tell me about my bike being stolen. One of our mutual friend had to actually tell me about it so I was left clueless for awhile. Crazy how close you think you are with someone and they're willing to throw away a friensship over a bike.

  • Marlin Smitham

    Calm down with your NIMBY accusations, dude. Broadway would mean MORE TRAFFIC FOR ME. Not less. I live closer to Broadway than to Sutterville and hardly ever go down there (except for Papa Murphys runs). But I want it there because it makes more sense (IMO), the roads are better equipped to handle the traffic, upper Broadway could stand to benefit from the development more than west Sutterville (which is pretty well built out) and because it would let mean easier access (particularly by bike) for me to the parts of West Sac I'd actually be interested in traveling to. And I agree it should be both, but let's be honest: we're talking about a decade-long process. The one that gets built first does make a difference.

  • Reanna Volkman

    I ordered a combination elliptical and exercise bike at the suggestion of my sister, and it's the best decision ever. I'm currently going through a divorce, and I've been too depressed to go to the gym and workout. However, now that I have that bike, I find it pretty easy to sit and pedal on it while watching TV after work. I'm doing about an hour a day, and it feels so good to be moving around. I've pretty much just been going to work and coming home to mope around and sleep lately, so I'm hoping the more at hime exercise I do, the easier it will be to.drag myself back to the gym. The worst thing about the bike was putting it together. Even the most hardened sailor would have been proud of the curse words I came up with.

  • Hassie Mitchell

    I'm absolutely 100% sure it was rider error! I had just left my house and was only about 2 blocks away, riding at about 25mph. I had enough time while making phone calls to check the scene. No loose gravel at all, no ice or water. Only one of 2 things caused my accident, and both were my fault. It was probably around 35-40 degrees (F). The tires I'm sure were still cold and didn't grip properly. Also, I was a pretty new rider with only a few years experience and knew nothing about Guardian Bells. If the bike didn't loose traction because of the cool temperatures, I'm sure one of those nasty road trolls got me because I didn't have a guardian bell to scare it away.

  • Garnet Gorczany

    I'm in a similar boat (ovarian abscess, but either way it was recommended that I not use tampons/cups/anything that holds blood inside). I swear by my Thinx underpants. They're a steep investment, but I'm pretty sure my two pairs have already paid for themselves. I need to replace one as I've lost a good bit of weight but it's a good excuse to finally purchase enough so that I can always have a pair dry and ready to wear. For $100 or so you can get three pairs to rotate through your cycle and supplement with reusable/earth friendly pads as needed (like for days where I'll be biking and I don't want to bike home in a day long used pair) Also scraping out the chunks is my gross guilty pleasure :)

  • Jessika Quitzon

    My Philosophy professor taught us Euthyphro by drawing a picture of a handsome dude in a toga and underneath it wrote: American Idols: are they idolised because they are great, or are they great because they are idolised. It's stuck with me over a decade later. He was a pretty awesome prof actually. He also told us about the bike he had when he was younger that kept breaking. He kept replacing parts and replacing parts then he suddenly thought "I had a bike, but if I've slowly replaced every part, is this the same bike or a new bike now!?" It blew his mind, and then he went to University, took intro to Philosophy and learned of the Ship of Theseus.

  • Rita Hudson

    I always wanted the RZ350, beautiful vintage two stroke street bike. It is exactly as awesome as I imagined, though I feel bad about putting miles on it as it is in pretty great condition, so I don't ride it as often as I should, which leads me to thinking I should sell it because there are 10 fucking bikes in my garage and I could use the room for a bike I would ride more. But then every person I talk to about it, "Used to have one of those, I've regretting selling it every day since then" kind of vibe. So we keep it. Anyways, I always want something different. All the bikes I have are perfect for what I need them for, but the lust for something new is always there.

  • London Robel

    On second thought, I don't tend to notice the vibration unless I'm holding the phone in my hand, which is what we're trying to avoid. This is fine since I ride most of the way no handed anyway, I need to have sounds off to save battery. My ideal solution would be either an additional sound setting for muting everything except hatching alerts, or have bike mode such that it doesn't make any sounds except hatching alerts. It's pretty much already disabling everything so there shouldn't be any generation of other sounds, and with me enabling sounds while in bike mode should probably only make hatching sounds anyway.

  • Mallory Kuhlman

    I'm a bit frustrated at the moment so take my opinion as a mixed bag; but I've only had my vivoactiveHR out of the box for ~2 months and it crapped out on me on Monday. Garmin support is being helpful and they're going to replace it for me, but since I started using it I've had to do 2 factory resets and now it won't even turn on. Otherwise it was pretty handy as it's pretty accurate on the outdoor, GPS-enabled workouts and will sync with pretty much any speed/cadence sensors on your bike. The heart rate data was nice to have as well. But with the technical issues, buyer beware (maybe other people have had similar frustrations too?)

  • Alexandrine Schaefer

    Had a similar thing happen to me this morning! Was turning from a stop into a mall and the entrance was like a sidewalk opening where the concrete starts about an inch off the ground. Rear tire slid out underneath me and my left front turn signal broke, bent the shift lever (but still works, going to have to bend it back later), some cosmetic damage, and a nice big 3x3x3" hole in the lower fairing. My frame slider basically snapped like yours and is hanging on by a thread. Pretty sure the frame slider made the hole in the fairing. Goddamn, I just bought the bike 3 weeks ago. I feel your pain man.

  • Quinn Schinner

    My route out of pioneer square whenever I'm there is: 4th ave, turn right on Battery, continue straight to 7th/Dexter. The time of day I usually find myself in Pioneer Square is later, but I've never been concerned about traffic on this route. I like this route because there is a climb with a bike lane for about 4 blocks (between washington and cherry), but then the rest is downhill or level. It's pretty straightforward, lights are timed well enough so you typically only have to wait at one or two lights. Occasionally I've made the entire stretch without stopping at all.

  • Eve Barton

    Having owned both a 2016 XV and now a 2017 Forester XT I can offer some insight. The XV was pretty fun, sporty, and good on gas. My main complaint was even in manual mode it has little fun factor. Getting up to highway speeds from a short on ramp with anything in the car was brutal. Traded the XV after 4 months for a FXT. World of difference. The power is much more noticeable and available. Easier with my mountain bike and hockey gear. Yes gas is a bit more expensive and maintenance will be more in the long run but the smile that comes over you when the turbo kicks in is well worth it.

  • Arlie Boyle

    > My British friend tells me constantly how easily offended Americans are in comparison to those across the pond - please don't ruin my image of foreigners with a sense of humor (humour?) unfazed by ridicule. Thankfully I'm not British, and I'm not offended - just pointing out a contradiction for your benefit. >Nobody just "recognizes" that gear dude I'd say the helmet is pretty unique (Scorpion Covert), and the jacket, gloves and shoes/boots are easily recognisable as bespoke bike gear - but maybe I am just more into gear than most.

  • Luciano Wyman

    I've been working out and counting calories for about two years now. I started out being just about able to walk around the block and now I can run 10k and do run 5k pretty regularly (3x a week or so). I'm not fast, 35min (+-) 5k. I can comfortably bike 22miles on actual roads. And I can swim around a mile and a half reasonably easily. Ragen's complete and total lack of progress is kind of shocking. When you compare her to so many reasonably fit folks who wouldn't even consider doing an Ironman, you realize how utterly delusional the whole IronFat project is.

  • Jessica Glover

    Thanks for the advice, both to you and u/NJDBC. I'm actually planning to stay on a low budget with this bike (it will never be my main bike, it's mainly for the fun of doing it). I'll see if I can find a used tubeless ready wheelset. For anything else I'll wait to get to see/ride the bike (I'll be away for a while more) and then decide. I was even thinking of going full Frankenstein. One of my buddies has a 27,5" fork laying aroundbso, if it fits with the frame, I might pull a 27,5/26. Would be fun, but it would probably come out to be pretty expensive...

  • Kacie Mills

    >SERIOUS RESPONSE Thanks. > I'm also a pretty fat, heavily tattoo'd, gun-owning liberal, and listen to a lot of Slayer, Slipknot, and Pantera... none of which is relevent to what I wear. ;-) I don't think that is true. Your beliefs and style preferences influence what you find good-looking and what you deem appropriate to wear on the bike. > Do what makes you most comfortable on yours I'd feel comfortable in a variety of clothes, just trying to narrow down the options.

  • Riley Balistreri

    Some background: AG is a semi-local company that makes bags, wallets, etc. out of used bike tires and the like. I've had mine for 3 years, which is a huge feat as I generally lose or destroy most wallets I own. It's pretty unique, and thanks to being damn near indestructible the only notable variations are a slight stretch in the inner pockets and some staining on the plastic DL cover. Other than that and a nick out of the top from a knife incident, it still looks brand new and probably will for many years to come.

  • Peter Runte

    I mean, thats the rider not feeling comfortable, not sure how thats a problem with the bike. Chances are her sidecar is out of alignment so it may pull at higher speeds and she doesnt like that. I live in Dallas, pretty well known for its shitty drivers and I've had no issues. No one honking or riding my butt and I drive downtown quite off. Definitely recommend staying in the right lane and out of the HOV lane though (made that mistake once, as Dallas has specific entrance/exits).

  • Marco Collier

    I did it on a standard road bike with the most aero wheels I had. I did it on the Watopia flat course and didn't do an organized ride. I did spend some of my ride sitting on a group ride that kept it at a pretty steady 3.0 w/kg pace which was a comfortable pace. I ended up getting 114 virtual miles in 5 hours and felt pretty fresh even at the end. My only advice - drink more than you think you need to, eat on a regular basis and don't forget to stand. When you jump off to take a leak stretch your hamstrings.

  • Sofia Jerde

    Hi! I wish I could tell you what bike it is exactly, but I can't seem to find any description on it. It's a Hussy bike with a basket out front. My friend is pretty sure she got it at Toys r Us. From my experience though, myself and everyone's that's tried to pick up my bike, needs at least two hands, and a bit of a grunt. Also, I'm not sure if this is due to the bike, but wind resistance, even just 5mph wind can make my ride drastically more difficult. And it's 9.7 one way :)

  • Crystal Hirthe

    > I could very well be that guy Wears VFFs, rides a Jones, has weird pedals. Chances are looking good that you're that guy. You seem pretty okay with that though, enjoy. Off the top of my head though, these look like they could be replaced with regular pedals and a half decent bike shoe with some stiffness. Other than that, maybe it's the angle of the photo, but your saddle looks wicked low. Good luck with the bike fit, hope the pedals help.

  • Ernie Welch

    To be honest, you could probably snag a great older model for less than $4k, but $4k will definitely find you a pristine model. Just a note, a lot of these older bikes will have been flogged, but they're pretty hardy and easy to work on; make sure they don't have too much dodgy aftermarket stuff on and that they've had regular oil changes. Apart from that, they're pretty bulletproof. Enjoy the search and new bike

  • Molly Ankunding

    I'm wanting to get a bike - haven't ridden in a few years but I'm a pretty big dude - 6'3" and 240lb, wanting something versatile - kind of sporty but can still go for longer rides with my dad's cruiser. I'm been considering maybe a super naked, like a Yamaha FZ-10 or something, and then being able to leverage it as kind of a sport-cruiser. I'd love to hear other bike recommends or if I'm maybe biting off too much bike with a litre bike - Thanks!

  • Clement Lubowitz

    I ride at night in the summer. Stay on The Loop, small roads, or roads with big-ass bike lanes and you should be pretty good. No guarantees, but works for me. Once you get a light up over about 600 lumens, the left-turners finally notice you and stop trying to kill you quite so frequently, and they're by far the worst offenders, IMHO. Traffic traveling in your direction is usually pretty cautious and polite.

  • Vidal Hane

    This is my fourth week consistently working out 3x a week. I was working out with the boyfriend on Monday, and he said my back was lookin' good, then he helped me with my push-up form. I haven't been able to bike as much due to the below-freezing weather. :sigh: _But_, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a [new bike]( either this weekend or the next.

  • Maxwell Mertz

    I have a 2013 BV350 with over 10K miles on it. It's great in the city like you'd expect a scooter to be but it's also a pretty nice long distance "touring" bike. I took it on a six southwestern (US) state ride in late 2014 and it more than kept up with traffic and was comfortable to ride for hours at a time. It doesn't accelerate like my motorcycle (Aprilia Shiver 750) but goes as fast as I've needed to on freeways and highways.

  • Ulices Marquardt

    I got pulled over while riding a bike by two different cops two nights in a row. First time was as I was making my last trip from moving out of my parents' house since I didn't have my own car and the second time I was riding home from work. It may not seem weird or anything, but I lived in an area where pretty much no one got pulled over and had been riding my bike super late at night (I worked restaurants) for about two years before that.

  • Gillian Labadie

    G&O reopened in a temporary location fairly quickly and just had a [grand opening]( for their new larger permanent location. Apparently they've been doing pretty well in the family/cargo bike market.

  • Dorcas Abbott

    Exercise in general? Or cardio? Tons of options to work abs and upper body without putting a lot of weight on the foot. For lower body... hamstring curls and back extensions come to mind.. pretty much any of the machines that allow you to work the muscles while still being seated! For cardio... I imagine a bike would put much less stress on your foot than running? Maaaybe row machine?

  • Davin Reichert

    At this point it's only [a petition]( Given the late-night closures the last two years and now this year, there is pressure to turn the south outer roadway into a bike path during the hours that it is closed (9PM - 6AM), but DOT has been pretty resistant to that.

  • Cheyenne Raynor

    I'm fixing up a Trek y-22 oclv that's been in my garage for years, and the front shocks(RockShox Judy XC) are pretty shot. I'm looking to get a set that's in better shape, but I'm a little confused on the specifics. Will that model fork have multiple variants? Or will any Judy XC work? Also, I am set on the Judy fork, even though it's old, because I'd like to keep the look of the bike the same.

  • Tristian Denesik

    Spent 6 months working to save up for my first motorcycle, owned it for 3 weeks and it was stolen from right outside my building in broad daylight. I found out pretty quickly who the thieves were, and I kept seeing pictures of my bike on their Facebook, but the police never did anything because it was a dangerous village and law enforcement rarely dares to venture in.

  • Alejandra Walter

    When I first got to uni I rented a road bike and joined the school's team for their first training ride of the season—80km trip with a snack stop in the middle. I had only done mountain biking before this and oh boy was it a journey. I had left my phone/wallet with someone who could stow it in their saddlebag so pretty much had to keep up or lose my stuff. Oh boy. Couldn't walk for days.

  • Otto Durgan

    Its pretty bike-able, but it wont be obvious. It can take a lot of trial and error to find the proper routes to get around. If I was to bike from my place to RiNo, I have a definitive route in my head that might not be obvious to someone that doesn't ride much. Google maps with the bike lane filter turned on really helped me map out how to get from point A to point B.

  • Monserrat Zboncak

    Where to begin.... 1. Played golf in the house 2. Rode my bike down the stairs in the house 3. Shouted at my teacher for shouting at me, later expelled. 4. Never did my homework 5. Prank called the police and didn't go well obviously 6. Stole golf carts and tricycles multiple times in a resort we use to head to every weekend. This is off the top of my head I'm pretty sure I did worse.

  • Daryl Barton

    With the multistrada i am pretty content. It is not the perfect bike by any means but it served me well and it's just got something. I have been able to ignore the new models because i am glad to have a non-lemon and i don't want to risk it. Also i am kind of scared l would get an africa twin or something if i sell it and have the money in my hand.

  • Marcelle Gaylord

    If you decide to go to Alcatraz you should book pretty soon since weekend tickets tend to sell out in advance. Also, I would recommend renting a bike and biking the Golden Gate bridge. It's a pretty casual ride and you could take the ferry back from Sausalito. Dolores park is also a nice place to sit down if you want a break from walking.

  • Lenore Larkin

    I had an AJS 125 Eco-2. It was surprisingly good for a Chinese bike. Parts are easy to get on the AJS website, nothing major ever went wrong with it to need them though. It started in -5 degrees once, but the choke lever is pretty crap. It's not the same model as mine was, but I'd genuinely recommend that bike to any learner

  • Ally Dickinson

    Anytime and if you find something and want a second opinion you can share that here and we can let you know if we think it's worth it. If you get to working on your own bike you can check out the sub /r/bikewrench to ask questions. Most of the folks there are pretty nice and are interested in getting you back on the road.

  • Helene McClure

    That's considered a hands-free, yeah. That said, a lot of learners here just use them anyway because "fuck tha policesssss" -.- The rule is pretty much "no devices while riding except your bike". Wristwatches are okay, but smartwatches aren't as a mate of mine discovered.

  • Eryn Runte

    I'm glad I had my little brother who is pretty experienced with it to help but I feel like I could have got it done myself, it may have took a little bit more time. If you take the prices odd the bike it's really nice to have a second person there able to hold the price while you work. I'd say gopher it!

  • Barry Nitzsche

    That's what a paid for a 2012 in 2017! Granted, all the components were upgraded. What is your CAAD 10 spec'd like? and Have you seen the CAAD10 Track bike, it's pretty dope. [Here's mine.](

  • Berneice Waters

    I hear you. I put Dusters on my bike polo bike because they're a little beefier, and I can get them pretty cheap. But I built wheels for most of my other bike. the only other Bontrager wheels I have are the Line Comps on my Remedy. a huge step forward in Wheels for Bontrager.

  • Kimberly Hermiston

    It fits me pretty well and I have a longer torso and shorter inseam than average for 6'4"...but take that with a grain of salt; I've been riding a too small bike for the past several years so my perspective on proper fit is probably off.

  • Elinore Hessel

    I won a free bicycle when I was a kid. They were having some sort of Bike Safety event at my school, plus some sort of bike obstacle course, bike races, that kind of thing. They did a raffle. It was pretty badass. That bike lasted a long time, too.

  • Camille Hahn

    Yeah, the mechanical stuff has been my favorite part about having a 40 year old bike. They're super testy at that age, but they're pretty simple, and it feels good to be able to fix something. Carbs are a bitch, tho. haha

  • June Kuhn

    Back in the 80's I won a raffle for a BMX Coca-cola bike. It was actually pretty cool, was all red with the coke brand on the front and sides. Don't have it anymore but now I wonder if that might actually be worth anything today had I kept it.

  • Brady Price

    I saw the aftermath a few years back. Dude on a crotch rocket hit an suv on deerfoot. Bike was in the engine block, he hit the top of the windshield and well... his bottom half was 30 feet from his top half. Pretty gory.

  • Maxwell Bins

    Pretty shitty that they didn't have a flag on the wire or at least someone watching the road. Could have been a car, bike, or literally anything coming through there. Can you spot a 1/4 inch cable while moving at 30 mph?

  • Virgie Farrell

    Owns a construction engineering firm, but drives a first gen Explorer Sport. Pretty sure the Go Pro on Jan's bike is worth more than that shitbox. None of which is relevant, just an observation.

  • Reed Durgan

    It's my dream to have enough space to make a home gym, especially for lifting! I do have a recumbent bike that I ride on at home and play video games, it's a pretty sweet setup!

  • Mina Durgan

    Meh. Yes, I'm aware there are bad parts of Southside near there but why jump to conclusions? It's a pretty easy drive or bike ride from most of Richmond, including Church Hill.

  • Emmitt Runolfsson

    This happened to me on a wet concrete path. I ended up losing traction and bike slid into a ditch while I got road rash all over my right side. I was pretty pissed at that kid.

  • Sage Welch

    Pretty much, i bike to and from school 4 times a week, which is a 15m chill bikeride each way. Was i correct in my recomp calculations?

  • Amparo Aufderhar

    I had an accident in 2008 have pretty much a whole titanium neck, I finally got a new bike April of 2015 and been going strong ever since =D

  • Mariane Kessler

    That's pretty rad. I've thought about doing this multiple times but haven't tried it yet. Are you riding a Z1000? Looks very similar to my bike.

  • Fletcher Jacobs

    I think it'll be worth it!! Say hi if you come down. I am a chick on a real/orange/white transition.. pretty unique bike.

  • Franz Friesen

    Australia was pretty much shit before the invention of the surfboard, the dirt bike, the 4WD and anti-venom

  • Piper Trantow

    My bike doesn't have a strap. Pretty sure it doesn't have a handle. But I'm not going to be two up so I should be fine.

  • Maudie Beahan

    The FTZ is a pretty bike.

  • Millie Adams

    She will, she has been drooling over the dolly and me bike at Walmart that has this exact seat. She'll be so surprised!

  • Bernard Beahan

    /unjerk > Ethiopia mrgoodkat said *"Next year you could try not being in Henan like a loser."* smexxyhexxy said *"So OP should join you in Ethiopia instead?"* I believe smexxy was saying that mrgookat was an even bigger loser because he was living in a place even less-civilized than Henan. Schoolyard shit-flinging and nothing more. --- > isn't exactly PC And here you experience "jerking". A circle-jerk is a kind of sub where people mock thing for the pure joy of mockery and nothing more. CCJ (this sub) is a circle-jerk. /而/china is populated with an even mix of ex-pats, armchair Sinologists who've never set foot in China, foreign-born Chinese who've never set foot in China, tourists, people generally interested in China, etc. By contrast, the contributors to CCJ are almost exclusively expats who *actually live in China* (or as in my case, did their time and got out). Having been in the guo for 6 months, you will have experienced many of the frustrations that expats experience daily. The endless calls of "hallou!", the scammers, the merchants who charge you extra, the *assumption* that all foreigners are rich, the girls hiding from the sun saying "I don't want to be a black woman", the bosses being very reluctant to hire non-whites, the competitive drinking, the locals being only interested in sleeping and playing with their phones, the kids and sometimes adults shitting on the streets, the rabid crowds that gather outside the supermarket when someone is giving away trinkets, the idiot drivers, the idiot riders, the gaping holes open on the pavement, etc. These frustrations build up and cause stress. Because we have to keep a professional face on things, we have to be careful about who we can vent our stress with. If we bitch about the locals in the office, there are enough english-speakers to overhear that it would be bad for our office relationships. We can vent with other foreigners but you need to be careful even in the bar. If a drunk local hears you bitching too much there *will* be a fight as some drunken dickhead seeks to recover the honour of his culture. If we bitch on FB, we'll just alienate our friends back home because A. they're all PC and PC-venting isn't very satisfying and B. *they can't understand*. Enter CCJ. A community of people *who deeply, deeply understand* what you're feeling. They understand your frustration because they too live it every day. They also understand that you *don't* hate China. Conversely they understand that you *love* China but it *still* pisses you the fuck off sometimes. The PC world expects us to accept cultural differences but the PC world is defined by pasty-white bay-area doyennes who've never had to interact with a non-white who wasn't wearing a suit and attending a reception at the governor's residence. So you're walking home from work (it's only about 10 minutes from the school to your apartment complex). You have to walk on the road several times because SUVs are parked on the footpath. On the corner closest to your office, there's a guy with an e-bike that has a boombox bolted to it and he's blaring insipid mando-pop at levels guaranteed to cause hearing damage to children under 10. There's a 4' x 4' maintenance hole open in the middle of the pavement of the next block. It's 9pm at night so there's no natural light and there's no street-light nearby. You're lucky in that you managed to spot the hole by the headlights of passing cars. On the next corner, there's another maintenance hole open on the roadway itself. There's a single cone "protecting" it but there's also an e-bike *in* the hole. No sign of a rider. You hope they're OK. An ebike nearly hits you as you complete your crossing of the intersection. On the next block, you're momentarily distracted and step in a very fresh pavement-pizza consisting of masticated noodles and reeking of baijiu. Your western mind giggles at the thought of a Rocky being puke-drunk before 9pm but then you remember that you've got vomit on your shoe. As you pass through the gate to your apartments, the security guards greet you and speak to you in Chinese, knowing full well that you can't understand anything beyond 你好 and 吃饭了没有? Then one of them says something and they all start laughing. Are they laughing at you? As you pass through the courtyard, you hear the pained wailing of a cat. You look over and you see a cat with its tail caught in a trap. The guy near it picks up a metal bar and beats the wailing out of it. You swallow a bit of bile as you enter the elevator lobby and then you slip on some oil that's leaking from one of the dozen scooters that're parked in the lobby. Fortunately you don't fall but there's a muscle between your legs that stretched a bit further than it usually does. *Every single one of these events actually happened (though not on the same night)* So when you get home, can your feelings be adequately expressed by saying *"Oh, the less-westernised aspects of Kaifeng have left me feeling upset today."* Or do you want to say *"FUCKING NONGS!"* --- > Don't fat-shame or make fun of women who don't shave their legs. That is a personal choice. As someone who currently weighs around 400 lb. I'll fat-shame as much as I like. Being fat is an expression of complete, abject failure at life, a life which is likely to be measurably-shorter than those of the non-fat people around. Being fat is not normal, it's not beautiful and it's not healthy. No amount of rationalisation will make it so. That said, you have to remember what I said way back when. This is not judgement. We're talking stereotypes, while having enough truth to come into being, are not a complete representation of anyone. The stereotypes are a convenient tool for some well-natured mockery. The mockery is stress relief, not genuine antipathy. There were 4 fempats in my town. One was a slim goddess, one an average girl, one chubby shortass and one landwhale bigger than me. They all became damn good friends over the 2.5 years I lived there. Not once did I mock them *personally* or even discuss body shape. --- > And who needs bougie Element Fresh in Henan when farmers are everywhere selling produce? Princesses who start to stress when they can't get their vegan, free-trade, organic pumpkin-spice chai latte, that's who! My point was that some people come to China with a romantic notion of what they'll find but soon discover that they can't live without the creature-comforts of home. In my case, I adapted. Weekly foot massages became my vice and they're one of the things I miss the most now that I'm back home! 60RMB/hr is fine when you're making 10000RMB/m but $60 when you're making $2000 can't be justified :-P --- > It's pretty easy to live in Kaifeng and not learn the language unless you study it diligently, which I have not. It's called pointing. I know it's not ideal, but I'm not one for teaching myself a new language while also working full-time. I know all about pointing! For my first three months, muslim noodle shop was my go-to whenever I had to eat without a translator. They were the only place with photos on the walls! > I'm not one for teaching myself a new language while also working full-time. Then you're a lazy tart! Life is so much more enjoyable when you can speak some of the language and it doesn't take a lot of effort to learn the basics. All it takes is listening to what other people are saying and asking questions. In the classroom I'd often hear the kids say a particular phrase. One day I interrupted the lesson "*That thing you just said, what does it mean?"* That day I learned 什么意思 (What does that mean?) and so from that point, when I'd hear it in class, I could slow down and repeat until the student(s) got it. At dinner I'd hear people bellow 服务员! which from the context was pretty obviously the word for "Waiter!" At the end of the meal I heard 买单 which means "I want to pay for the bill". My formal study was pretty minimal but just by having an active ear and not being afraid to speak shitty Chinese, not being afraid to have dinner 1-on-1 with people who don't speak English. I got progressively better. IMO the benefits of being able to communicate with locals outweigh the time/effort that I spent on learning. Were I to return to China, I'd definitely spend more time on actual proper study. --- Just to restate what I think is an important point, no one here is mocking you with malice. It's common across all cultures to "have a little fun" with the newbies and that's all that people were doing. We don't know you any further than what you write in your posts so it's actually impossible for anything here to be personal. Peace! /rejerk Fucking hell, Tina! How many times do we have to explain life in China!? Fill up your green backpack with dehydrated pumpkin spice, go back to Gayfeng, find yourself a rocky to carry your handbag and make that town your bitch! /unjerk Oh yeah, "Tim" is Tim Budong (sounds like 听不懂 which means "I heard you but don't understand"), the fresh-off-the-boat English teacher who doesn't know his 句话 from his elbow yet. "Tina" is the female equivalent. "Rainy" is the 18-25-ish yo Chinese girl who speaks a little English, spends all her day on her phone, has no aspirations beyond getting married (and a foreigner would be ideal because mixed babies are soooo beautiful). "Rocky" is the male equivalent who has a haircut that makes him look effeminate, dresses like Don Johnson in Miami Vice and spends his time torn between playing DOTA in an internet cafe and drinking fake Chivas mixed with green tea in the nightclub. If his parents are well-to-do he'll have a car and his wechat will be full of photos showing the brand logo on the steering wheel. /rejerk

  • Maximo Krajcik

    Here it is, an he makes a good point. Your calves will change if you spend a lot of time riding a bike, which he clearly did. There's really no doubt that the VR and EAR-ONS were one and the same, as far as I'm concerned. Several people here are pointing out the lack of a DNA connection as proof that they are not, but those Redditors must be very young, as criminologists have only recently begun to use DNA to link crimes. For centuries, if there was enough evidence to make a "scientific argument" to say that they were the same person then that's all it took. I made a list here. While many of the things in this list are common among criminals, keep in mind how rare it is for criminals to use hand-lotion, ransack, dump underwear on the floor in patterns, use dishes for "alarms," etc. Not many. -timeline adds up where they operated almost exclusively in one city at a time (there MIGHT possibility be some overlap--depending on which crimes are attributed to each--but even liberally blaming each for every single last strange crime in Visalia or Sacramento in that era only overlaps the timelines slightly) -it has been proved by DNA that the EAR was willing to move from Sacramento to Southern California to continue his crime spree, therefore it is not much of a stretch that he would have also been willing to move from Visalia to Sacramento for the same reason several years earlier (when the VR's face was seen by McGowen, it makes sense that he would have immediately fled elsewhere, in this case to Sacramento; when the EAR's face was seen in the aborted attack in Danville, it makes sense that he would have fled elsewhere, in this case to Southern California) -both were males -both were white -both were the same height -both had blue eyes (which is kind of rare) -both had blond hair (although during the EAR's spree, occasional victims described his hair as brownish) -neither wore glasses (wearing glasses was common back then before soft contact lenses took off in the 1980s) -both had a jutting nose -both wore the same shoe size -both were similar ages -both spoke with a high-pitched voice (which is kind of rare) -both spoke with no detectable accent (although the EAR apparently did try fake accents and stuttering a few times at one point during his spree…his victims were convinced that the accents and stuttering was very fake) -both were left-handed (which is rare, only 15% of the male population) -both operated in California -both operated in suburban settings -both operated in neighborhoods that were near the then-new Interstate highway system (presumably for a quick get-away) -both were very, very comfortable roaming at night (I realize that many, if not most, violent crimes occur at night, but virtually all criminals still ultimately sleep in a bed most nights when they're not committing crimes…yet both the VR and EAR-ONS spent so many hours outside at night that they absolutely must of had some kind of strange comfort/obsession with walking around living the nocturnal life outdoors) -both were serial offenders (and each offended DOZENS AND DOZENS of times, to the point that it looks like crime was some kind of obsession/craving/addiction for them…it's very rare for criminals to commit this many crimes, especially with so little valuable loot in return) -both were handy at breaking in without causing much noise or damage -both often used screwdrivers as their break-in tool -both were known to return to previous crime scenes (the VR struck the same homes more than once sometimes, and the EAR usually broke in once to case the home and learn its layout and then returned later to rape) -both performed home invasions when the homeowners weren't there -both also performed home invasions when the homeowners were there (always at night, almost always only when they were sleeping) -both spent a great deal of time at the crime scenes (I think that I once heard that the average burglary took only between two to three minutes...these guys were known to spend hours inside homes...not including the great deal of time spent hiking from the distance where they parked their cars at, hopping fences, etc.) -both escalated their crimes (the VR went from break-ins to kidnapping; the EAR went from raping to the killer ONS) -both might have been prone to sex crimes (the VR was presumably going to rape Professor Snelling's daughter before being foiled…it seems unlikely that he was kidnapping her for any other reason) -both seemed to prefer teenage girls as victims (the VR is well known for breaking into high school girls' homes and tried to kidnap Snelling's daughter; the EAR raped several teen girls, and I seem to recall that he usually raped the youngest females when he broke into homes when there were two or more teen girls/women present) -both removed teen girls from their homes to their backyards (VR took Snelling's daughter; the EAR took a couple of early teen victims outside as well) -both had no issue with committing murder (VR killed Snelling and tried to kill McGowen...also, several teen girls were killed in the area that he was never directly linked to) -both wore masks -both wore gloves and were amazingly good about not leaving a full set of prints at crime scenes, especially when considering how many crimes each committed -both were noted by law enforcement for wearing green tops (the EAR switched to blue jackets only after his police profile was released to the public) -both were known to ransack homes (very rare) -both operated alone (or at least as far as we know…the Maggiore murders and occasional other incidents may have had a second person involved) -both used hand-lotion at crime scenes (very rare) -both spent a tremendous amount of time doing surveillance -both stole bikes and used them to get to or from crime scenes -both operated near drainage ditches and presumably used the ditches as a way to get to and from crime scenes undetected (the VR was known to go into ditches to hide evidence linking him to the Snelling murder; the EAR's scent was picked up by bloodhounds in ditches) -both were linked to multiple vehicles used to flee scenes -both usually parked their get-away cars far from the crime scenes -both used dishes as alarm devices -both rarely stole much during their burglaries, often taking monogrammed jewelry of sentimental value rather than jewelry with real financial value -both liked stealing coins -both stole photographs of their victims -both seemed to have had a particular interest with rifling through people's underwear drawers -both fled a crime scene oddly by casually walking away instead of running (the VR on 1/18/76, the EAR-ONS on 8/29/76) -both were capable of fleeing scenes by running long distances -both were described as having an odd way of running (possibly slightly bow-legged or knock-kneed) -both were capable of fleeing scenes by easily hopping fences -both were handy firing guns while fleeing, even in the dark -both showed a great ability to evade capture many, many times over (extremely rare to have avoided incarceration as many times as the VR and EAR-ONS did) -both discarded items after attacks (items used by the VR in the Snelling murder were found in a drainage ditch; the EAR always discarded his masks after attacks) -both took summers off from their crime sprees -both taunted victims afterward (the VR wrote a message on a truck's rear-view mirror after Snelling's murder; the EAR called victims sometimes after the crimes) -both used the phrase "Don't hurt me" (if you read true crime accounts, only women use this phrase--male victims usually say something like "Don't shoot"…note the difference in verbage where males say don't-YOU-do-that while females emphasize don't-do-that-TO-ME) In addition, though my memories of these cases are fading now, I think there might have also been several other similarities. Correct me if I'm wrong: -the EAR-ONS definitely used to adjust the temperature on AC/heating units when he broke in; I seem to recall hearing that the VR did this sometimes -the EAR-ONS definitely raided people's refrigerators; I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the VR did too -the EAR-ONS made lots of hang-up phone calls; wasn't the VR suspected of doing this at one point too? -the VR sometimes used to steal things at one person's home and then placed those items in another person's home; I think the EAR-ONS did this on occasion as well, if I recall correctly -the VR supposedly left ladders out like he had climbed on roofs, and Snelling's window screen was found on top of a motor home; I vaguely recall that when the EAR was operating law enforcement officers canvassed neighborhoods of attack victims and some of the neighbors had reported hearing noises on their roof in the days leading to the attack The two main differences between the VR and EAR-ONS was that the VR was 20 pounds heavier, but back in the 1970s people rarely stayed heavy for long. Let's face it, the EAR walked and rode bikes so much while on the prowl that he could have easily shed those extra pounds quickly. The other main difference was that the EAR dealt more directly with people than the VR did, but that would be answered under "the crimes escalated" theory.

  • Nigel Harvey

    Living near a major tourist attraction has its downsides. After a while you become blind for the beautiful parts. You see them, but they don't strike you as beautiful anymore. They're just there, like they've always been. They're part of the scenery, orientation points. And there are tourists. Living inside the highest ranking tourist attraction ever isn't better or worse. After the Chinese and the Germans had pooled their money, their ingenuity, their robots and their cheap labor to build Cloud City, they still needed people. As if the city wasn't exotic enough, they need exotic people to man the shops and front desks. Efficient as they were, they *recruited* us from the poorest parts of the world. They paid my parents a hefty stipend until my 18th birthday and took me. They fed me, clothed me, sent me to school. I learned languages, math, physics, history, the whole curriculum like I was one of them. At 16, I moved on to Business School. At 18, I graduated as Service Generalist. We had one Engineer in our class, two SGs, seven Waiters, and seven Concierges. Aside from the Engineer, I got the short straw. I get send around the whole city. Well, around the whole German Side. I'm exotic enough for that, but too exotic for the Chinese side. They both want their servants to look like tanned versions of themselves. Exotic. The world calls that racist and demonstrates. I call it my job and smile. I was old enough to remember what hunger means. I see it every year when I go home for two weeks to see Mum, Dad and my six siblings. Four siblings. Daka died when I was ten and Jib when I was twelve. Even with the hospital, and the food aid, and the stipend, there was nothing anybody could do. Malnutrition, poor sanitation and malaria are a lethal combination for a young immune system. The wind pushed away my dark thoughts like it pushed away the clouds. I like the wind. Not for kicks like the base jumpers and hang gliders who circle around the Sports Tower. I like the cold breeze that cools you down and reminds you of being at five thousand meters, above the realm of birds. My phone chimed. Like me, my uniform, my education, it had been designed to be unobtrusive. "It's Hans. How can I help you," I answered using my business persona. "Ekeb, I have a job for you. A Concierge got her leg broken by a horse. I send you the address ... now. Got it?" "Carlos, that's on the Chinese side," I exclaimed. "Sorry, Ekeb. I have no one else to send. I know, you can do it. There's a bonus in it too. Now, dust off your Mandarin and get on the lift." I still cursed the ancestors of his ancestor's ancestors, in Chinese, when I heard the humming of disconnect tone. My supervisor is unusually efficient, like we all are. I needed a second to get my bearings. I was near the Herbarium. Few people came to see the Oldest Oak in the world. It's quite impressive. *Hotel Waldblick*, that is *Hotel Forest View* for you, was next to it. It had a lift to the center, like all skyscrapers. I went there, at a brisk gait, but not running. You don't want to upset the guests. In the lobby of the Waldblick, I passed by the front desk. The Chief Concierge on duty was an experienced lady. She was close to retirement age, maybe 38 or 39. Despite dealing with a guest, she spotted me. I nodded a good morning and went through the "Employees only" door. The lifts were right behind it in the narrow hallway. I got down to the lowest engineering level. The cross-over lift would be a few meters from the regular lift. Next to the entrance, I found a line of Engineers waiting. "Morning," I said. "Quite a crowd here." "Busted water pipe on the other side. One of the mains," a more talkative engineer explained. "I see. Near the Hotel Lotus Blossom?" "No. Sector three. Some idiot didn't secure a truck and it rolled around during the flip," he said. I inferred from his tone that said idiot wore a purple livery like me, not a grey coverall like him. "Did anybody get hurt?" "Fortunately not, but we had to dump about a hundred tons of water. We have to fly the Collectors for a few days." The Collectors were giant kites we flew from the top of the six highest skyscrapers. Water condensed on their surface and was drained through the tether. We had to lower the force field that kept our air pressure at sea level. No more hang gliding, no base jumping, no free climbing for a few days and we had to evacuate the top three floors, too. And I was heading for one of those skyscrapers. Great. The lift arrived and we streamed in. I've been in one of those some three or four years ago, but hesitated. The safety bars on the seats look familiar, but I couldn't really remember how to unlock them. "Take a Management Seat," my so-far anonymous conversation partner suggested and pointed to a row of white cushioned seats. They looked a lot cleaner than the greasy, slightly worn-out upholstery of the others. "Press here to unlock," he added and pointed to a pair of red buttons on the shoulders of the seat. I got in, lowered the bar and gave a thumbs up. The engineer I talked to radioed in that we were ready. The lift doors closed and we moved downwards. One of our tutors explained the sensations during a cross-over as that of a rocket launch, inverted. You go downwards: you get lighter and lighter. At some point, the entire lift flips over and you get heavier and heavier while going up. I would describe the sensation as sickening. The lift opened and the safety bars unlocked. I left, obviously a little green about the nose, and turned left to the regular lifts. After a few seconds, I noticed my mistake and turned. The two halves of the city are mirror images of each other. A part of this is physics: You want to have the city balanced, regardless which side is up. Another part is politics: Neither China nor Germany wanted to concede a "better" side to the other. I got out at the lobby and made my way towards the Lotus Blossom. The Concierge at the front desk eyed me with surprise, but was too busy to talk to me. After all, it was an hour after the flip. The Chinese side was the Day Side now, the upper side. It's quite common for new arrivals to watch the flip. Those who don't get sick find it impressive. I've done it a couple of times, but it gets old. During the dusk flip, you basically see how the horizon slowly rolls clockwise until the Earth hangs above your head. If the city is on the day side of the planet and the weather is good, you can see bigger structures like roads or cities. One gets used to that too. Now that I was outside, I felt like being in a whole different city, yet it was completely familiar. The buildings looked the same, the decorations did not. The bike rickshaws had different upholsteries and canopies, yet the bike part was the same. The sidewalks were the same, the banks of decorative flower looked exotic, even alien to me. Then there were the guests. I was used to seeing the tall Germans, most of them lean and fit, some lame and fat. Most of them tried to be as tanned as they could get, which I found at laughable pursuit as a child. Here, it was mostly short Chinese people. The women and girls carried their parasols everywhere, some even indoors. The men wore long sleeves and brimmed hats. Everything in an attempt to not get tanned. That I found laughable as well when I was younger. I gawked like a newcomer for a while, absorbing the sights and sounds and smells of the city. The subtle chime of my phone reminded me to get moving. I shook my head and hailed a rickshaw. The Concierge in the bike seat was nice girl named Lin. We talked a bit on the way to the Lotus Blossom. My Mandarin was accent free by the end of the trip. And I got her number. The front desk of the hotel was crowded. Guests approached it from a sides. I had to fight my way through. Being a head taller than the people around you helps tremendously. The other Concierges looked relieved. A few were part of the night shift who had to stay. The problem with the water pipe seemed to have delayed a few Concierges on their way to work. "Hello, my name is Xi. How can I help you," I addressed the first guest. For the next two hours we cleared the top three floor for the kites to be flown, booked new hang gliding courses, gave directions, while treating our guests like kings. After all, they paid my salary. A night in Cloud City wasn't cheap. Two weeks forced even the well-earning Germans and Chinese to save their money for a few years. I sent the night shift home one by one as soon as the day shift arrived. Most were quite embarrassed. All of them were surprised to see a tall black man as their shift leader. All of them were shorter than even the guests. It must have been a comical sight for the guests: Me, half African, half Vietnamese, ordering around the all-Laotian crew in flawless Mandarin. By the end of the day, I was tired. I met Lin for dinner. We watched the flip from the roof of a hotel. Even through the thick oxygen mask, the song of the Collector's tether and the sight of the world turning upside down was breathtaking. We parted with the promise of a second date. I immediately went to my dorm. Funny thing was, I crossed with the same group of Engineers. They were all dirty and wet and definitely not in the mood to talk. When I left the lobby of the Waldblick, it was as if saw the German side for the first time. I've been gone for only thirteen hours, but it felt to me like thirteen years. It was day again here and it looked beautiful. The clean roads, the buildings glistening in the bright sun, the flower, even the people.

  • Macy Schumm

    This seems like a fun one to list line by line and comment on! Forgive me if it's not amusing: >1. Reaching out to a girl who’s “just a friend” for a recommendation or advice on an issue he could easily Google the answer to because he feels like bantering. Especially if he's asking about her opinion on a gift he's planning to get for you, because it's possible that he's not a mind reader, has bad taste in female gifts, or just wants to go the extra mile and surprise you with something you weren't expecting. Or that he might actually enjoy talking to women whose opinions he values. >2. Giving a waitress or a bartender an obscenely large tip just because she’s hot AF. But if he's tip is too small, he's totally a stingy bastard and you should drop him like nuclear waste. If it's just right, he's also hiding the fact that he's tipping her because she's hot AF, and he secretly thinks you aren't. Because *REASON*. >3. Following a ton of hot girls on social media and beginning to feel like he actually knows them because he monitors their every post that closely. Which is totally different when you do it to a lot of hot guys on social media and begin to feel like you actually know them. Which is also worrisome. >4. Sending someone who’s not his girlfriend something blatantly provocative, like an article about sex or the porn industry, because he thinks she’ll find it interesting or whatever. Because grown human beings are incapable of talking about sex or the porn industry without it being a super secret message. >5. Logging a girl in his contacts folder under a code name to avoid detection when she call, texts, and emails. And you know because you got your tech-savvy male orbiter to force his password so that you could compare the number to every number you know. >6. Tagging another girl in an Instagram that reminds him of her or references a seemingly innocuous inside joke between them. Because inside jokes means he's inside of her. With his dick. Because *REASONS*. >7. Obsessively checking another girl’s social media feeds and getting way more excited about the non-girlfriend’s posts than he does about his significant other’s. "My co-worker is negative for cancer from her screening! She's going to be okay! Why are you packing my clothes?" >8. Confiding in or venting to someone other than his girlfriend when he’s feeling especially emotional because he craves the response he thinks he can only get from that other girl. Also known as "Why is my girlfriend being a crazy bitch, hey close person who is female, what does this shit mean? I don't speak insane woman." >9. Going out of his way to tell a woman he met or ran into the night before that she looked amazing or seems to be “doing really well.” Honey, your boyfriend isn't cheating. He's gay. >10. Purposefully neglecting to mention his significant other in conversation with the friends and colleagues he interacts with regularly so that many of them actually think he’s single. Because guys like hearing other guys talk about their SO all the time, just like women do oh wait, no they don't. >11. Diminishing his relationship as “not that serious” when in fact he’s cohabiting and maybe even engaged. He might just be a dick. Perhaps you should ask him where he actually stands? >12. Outright denying that he’s in a relationship to extend the flirtatious exchange he’s enjoying with some random girl on the train or at a bar, even if he has no intention of trying to hook up with her. He might just be a sociopathic dick. I would think you would've noticed that by now. Or maybe he's trying to flirt the bartender for a free drink. Not that a woman would ever try that. >13. Closing his eyes when he needs a minute to escape and daydreaming about the girl he’s crushing on because she’s his opium of the moment. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THIS? ARE YOU A WIZARD? >14. When something awesome happens to him and he chooses to share the good news with another woman first. "HEY MOM, IT'S NOT CANCER. STOP BLOWING UP MY PHONE." >15. Reaching out to an ex on a day that was once significant to them as a couple, like their anniversary or the day they first had sex. That's called "baggage," and you should probably have a talk about that. >16. Going out of his way to do something nice for someone who’s not his girlfriend, like hook her up with tickets to a concert or a reservation just because. It's called "networking," also known as the way favors are given so that they can be returned later for social benefit for both parties. Stop fucking lying about this one. A SO who everyone likes/owes favors to/has good things to say about is on the top of the list of things most women are looking for in a man. >17. Telling another girl that he’s thinking about her on a day that’s not her birthday or a holiday. Depends on the context. "Hey, I was thinking about that amazing massage I got from you. Can I schedule for another one next Friday? My girlfriend might enjoy one too." >18. Worse yet, texting her “good morning” just to say good morning. People do this? >19. Picking up the tab like it’s nbd when he’s out with someone who’s not his girlfriend because he wants to impress her or seem cool. Or maybe he's trying to flaunt his monetary standing in order to increase his perceived social worth, thereby increasing his social worth to you. Or maybe he's just a nice guy. >20. Giving another girl a “hope certificate” (i.e. some degree of reassurance that he’ll be on the market soon) by insinuating that things are rocky between him and his girlfriend when they’re definitely not. If you know about this you, it's a repetitive thing, and the other girl just didn't hear what she wanted to hear (which never, ever happens), you have more definitive problems than "micro-cheating." >21. Meeting up with another woman for dinner or a drink and insisting that it’s work related when asked by his significant other for context (and it’s not). And how do you know? All of these "mind-reading" catches are one of two things: he is either ACTIVELY cheating on you, or you're fucking crazy. It's not a case of *micro*. >22. Choosing to do something he knows his significant other would enjoy—like go for a bike ride, eat at a specific restaurant, or see a certain movie—with another woman, even when his girlfriend’s most likely available. THOU SHALT HAVE NO COMPANION BEFORE ME. THOU SHALT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES. THOU SHALT DESIRE NO OTHER BUT MINE PRESENCE. >23. Sending a photo to an ex that reminds him of a good time past because he feels like reliving that old memory temporarily. This is a difficult thing. Memories are still cherished even if they're passed. I'd never get back with my ex, but I remember a lot of things. I might even share a joke with her about something one day. Maybe. >24. Establishing secret code words and/or inside jokes with women outside his romantic relationship. ARE YOU A WIZARD? 25. Recommending that his girlfriend starts wearing a certain type of clothing because he secretly wants her to look like the girl he’s kind of crushing on. Or maybe that's his bag, baby. Maybe he wants you to wear the short red dress because he thinks YOU would look good in it, and he wants to devour the image for real. >26. Gifting his girlfriend with a bottle of the perfume his crush wears so she’ll smell like his latest fantasy chick. Or maybe he just likes the smell? >27. Keeping a piece of clothing that reminds him of an ex even though it’s definitely tattered or completely out of style. I keep stuff, but clothing is kind of odd. >28. Raving about how awesome some other girl is to his friends because it makes him genuinely happy to talk about her. THOU SHALT ENJOY NO OTHER'S PRESENCE BUT MINE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. >29. Downplaying a certain woman’s awesomeness whenever she’s mentioned around his significant other as if proactively doing damage control. Or maybe you're just a mind-gaming weirdo who reads waaaaayyy too much into things. Maybe he's just saying "I guess she's okay. But my girlfriend is way hotter.", AND THAT'S WHAT HE MEANS. >30. Asking for a girl’s contact information under the guise of potentially working together even though he knows there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be collaborating professionally. ARE YOU A WIZARD/ARE YOU YOUR BOYFRIEND'S MANAGER? >31. Following up with a “nice to meet you” message unnecessarily. ... what. You jelly as fuck, girl. 32. Spending all of his time engrossed in conversation with another woman at a party or event even though he brought his girlfriend as his date. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I GET TO MEET CARRIE FISHER BEFORE SHE'S DEAD!" >33. Mindfully leaving his wedding ring at home when he heads out with the boys (not so much because he wants to get lucky, but just because he wants to feel like it’s in the realm of possibility for him again). Or maybe because he's about to get smashed, toss his boys around, get thrown out of the bar later, and then challenge the biggest dude in his group to a wrestling match in the park. Maybe he just doesn't want to lose something precious? Maybe you're just FUCKING INSANE?

  • Katrina Toy

    >1. Reaching out to a girl who’s “just a friend” for a recommendation or advice on an issue he could easily Google the answer to because he feels like bantering. Or maybe he doesn't want to ask you because you're a psycho. >2. Giving a waitress or a bartender an obscenely large tip just because she’s hot AF. If he does this in front of you, then he's actively trying to get you to break up with him...let go. >3. Following a ton of hot girls on social media and beginning to feel like he actually knows them because he monitors their every post that closely. Is this three ways that he's cheating or three ways that he's slowly becoming a crazy stalker? >4. Sending someone who’s not his girlfriend something blatantly provocative, like an article about sex or the porn industry, because he thinks she’ll find it interesting or whatever. A lot of these are just him actively trying to have sex with other people. >5. Logging a girl in his contacts folder under a code name to avoid detection when she call, texts, and emails. If he has to hide it from you, it's because he knows he has too you nosy bitch. >6. Tagging another girl in an Instagram that reminds him of her or references a seemingly innocuous inside joke between them. I'm starting to think that contact with any vagina that isn't yours is off limits... >7. Obsessively checking another girl’s social media feeds and getting way more excited about the non-girlfriend’s posts than he does about his significant other’s. Again, I feel like your boyfriend might be a stalker. Have you talked to him about his obsession with another woman on social media? Does he pant and reach for a knife when you do? >8. Confiding in or venting to someone other than his girlfriend when he’s feeling especially emotional because he craves the response he thinks he can only get from that other girl. Or maybe you're just a fucking bitch who is emotionally abusive? >9. Going out of his way to tell a woman he met or ran into the night before that she looked amazing or seems to be “doing really well.” Is anybody else getting the feeling that the author is a needy fucking wretch? >10. Purposefully neglecting to mention his significant other in conversation with the friends and colleagues he interacts with regularly so that many of them actually think he’s single. Or maybe nobody asked about his love life? I would rather assume it's because you're a bitch and he can't take you out in public. >11. Diminishing his relationship as “not that serious” when in fact he’s cohabiting and maybe even engaged. At this point he's actively trying to find a way out of your abusive relationship. >12. Outright denying that he’s in a relationship to extend the flirtatious exchange he’s enjoying with some random girl on the train or at a bar, even if he has no intention of trying to hook up with her. Yep, he's definitely testing the waters for his new crazy free life. >13. Closing his eyes when he needs a minute to escape and daydreaming about the girl he’s crushing on because she’s his opium of the moment. How the fuck would you even know about this? Also, "opium of the moment"? >14. When something awesome happens to him and he chooses to share the good news with another woman first. Especially that stupid bitch he calls his mother. >15. Reaching out to an ex on a day that was once significant to them as a couple, like their anniversary or the day they first had sex. If only he didn't have to settle for a cunt like you. >16. Going out of his way to do something nice for someone who’s not his girlfriend, like hook her up with tickets to a concert or a reservation just because. Being nice to anybody that isn't you is a mortal sin I'm guessing, especially since you said he wasn't allowed to go to that Cubs game you fucking whore. >17. Telling another girl that he’s thinking about her on a day that’s not her birthday or a holiday. Really, would she get cancer if she didn't want attention? >18. Worse yet, texting her “good morning” just to say good morning. At this point somebody needs to recommend that this guy lock you out of his phone. >19. Picking up the tab like it’s nbd when he’s out with someone who’s not his girlfriend because he wants to impress her or seem cool. Or maybe he knows that she's strapped and didn't want to make her feel like a piece of shit. >20. Giving another girl a “hope certificate” (i.e. some degree of reassurance that he’ll be on the market soon) by insinuating that things are rocky between him and his girlfriend when they’re definitely not. Bitch, I think you're misreading the status of your relationship right now. >21. Meeting up with another woman for dinner or a drink and insisting that it’s work related when asked by his significant other for context (and it’s not). At this point, I agree, he's probably cheating on you. More than likely he's finding it difficult to break up with you because you'll accuse him of rape prior to slashing his tires or something. >22. Choosing to do something he knows his significant other would enjoy—like go for a bike ride, eat at a specific restaurant, or see a certain movie—with another woman, even when his girlfriend’s most likely available. 22 deep and I need a vacation from you too. 23. Sending a photo to an ex that reminds him of a good time past because he feels like reliving that old memory temporarily. Hey, remember when my life wasn't absolute garbage and I wasn't with a crazy bitch who's probably scratching my family out of photos with me in them? >24. Establishing secret code words and/or inside jokes with women outside his romantic relationship. You cannot have context for literally everything in a persons life you insane cunt. >25. Recommending that his girlfriend starts wearing a certain type of clothing because he secretly wants her to look like the girl he’s kind of crushing on. Or maybe he just doesn't want to go the grocery store with you in pajamas. >26. Gifting his girlfriend with a bottle of the perfume his crush wears so she’ll smell like his latest fantasy chick. I would need that and a bottle of viagra to even maintain an erection around you. >27. Keeping a piece of clothing that reminds him of an ex even though it’s definitely tattered or completely out of style. Especially when he wears his exes panties on his head. >28. Raving about how awesome some other girl is to his friends because it makes him genuinely happy to talk about her. He's sending you signals, take the hint you whore. >29. Downplaying a certain woman’s awesomeness whenever she’s mentioned around his significant other as if proactively doing damage control. Wait but you said... >30. Asking for a girl’s contact information under the guise of potentially working together even though he knows there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be collaborating professionally. Fuck him for trying to network! >31. Following up with a “nice to meet you” message unnecessarily. Fuck him for trying to network! >32. Spending all of his time engrossed in conversation with another woman at a party or event even though he brought his girlfriend as his date. I'm not gonna lie, I need to be as far away from you as possible after finishing this comment. This poor guy still has to go home with you. >33. Mindfully leaving his wedding ring at home when he heads out with the boys (not so much because he wants to get lucky, but just because he wants to feel like it’s in the realm of possibility for him again). Given everything I now know about you, I don't blame him. My life is actively worse simply from the knowledge of your existence. I can't imagine what a nightmare his entire waking life is with you in it.

  • Minnie Gerlach

    Hey good for you! This is a great start to be proactively thinking about your future and what you can do to get ahead. I give a lot of advice on these boards, so I'll lay out some of the most common things I see from Teens: **Relationships** - If you are interested in a girl, just tell her. I know that feels like a big risk and a gamble, and you worry about the repercussions of being shot down. However, conquering that fear of rejection is something that every guy needs to do at one point or another. Once you realize that getting rejected isn't a big deal, it's like a big weight off your shoulders when you talk to others. Think about it - If you get turned down by a girl, she's going to be nice about it. She's not going to want to hurt your feelings or make fun of you for it. Even if she does, then she's a jerk and who cares what someone like that thinks? Also, what rumors are they going to spread? "Nyah Nyah, Gintol likes girls - What a loser!" - The other part of the above advice is to not stay "friends" with someone you have a crush on for long. I think practically every guy gets to a point where he becomes friends with his crush, but he's afraid to blow it, so he never asks her out on a date. Then, he'll hang around and just be friends with her for several months, maybe even a year or two. All of that time is wasted since he should just ask her out. It's a win/win regardless of her answer. If she agrees to date you, then great! You win! If she turns you down, then you know she's not interested and you can turn your focus towards a girl who will be more into you. But by hanging around and being friends with them, you're just wasting your own time and energy on a girl that just doesn't like you like that. - Communication is key to all relationships (romantic and regular friendships). If someone is doing something that you don't like, talk to them about it, but talk about it from your perspective. Tell them how their actions or words impact your feelings. It's always okay to have whatever feelings you have. If someone else's actions make you feel a certain way, it's okay to tell them that and ask if they can change or if there's some sort of compromise you can reach. There are people who will just let things slide for far too long, and it ends up eating away at that person. They feel so bad and frustrated, but they haven't taken any steps to stop the other person's behavior. Don't ever be afraid to stand up for yourself and your feelings and wants. - Awkwardness. You will encounter a lot of awkward situations as a teen because you're going through things for the first time. The first time you try to ask a girl out will be awkward. The first time you kiss a girl will be awkward. The first time you have sex with a girl will be awkward. Outside of all that romantic stuff, you'll also just encounter awkward situations in everyday life. You'll get in big trouble for something for the first time and it will be awkward. Maybe your parents catch you doing something and that's awkward. Maybe your parents need to have "the sex talk" with you which will be awkward. The point of all of this is that *it's okay to be awkward*. You're expected to be awkward in these situations. No one is going to know exactly what to do as they face new situations for the first time, so don't be ashamed if you don't know exactly what to do or say. While you feel awkward, I guarantee you that everyone else has experienced awkward situations as well. **Health** - Eat healthy. As a teen you likely have a lot of metabolism and can eat a lot without getting fat. When I was a teen, I could eat unlimited food and I never gained a pound. But even if you aren't overweight, eating crappy food will still impact your health in a bad way. The cholesterol, sugars, and all the other bad things associated with bad food does have a harmful effect on your body and will drain your energy. Also, creating good eating habits now sets you up well for when you're older. Lots of people end up getting diabetes, having heart attacks, or other negative consequences of eating poorly, and they have these things happen when they're still relatively young. Having these conditions when you're 35-50 years old is too soon and is a consequence of eating poorly. While those ages may seem super old to you now, you have to imagine that if you live to be 100 years old, that means that you're suffering from these major health effects for over half your life. In fact, these are things that could cut your life from 100 years down to 50 or 60 years if they impact you enough. Eat healthy. That food pyramid they show you in school is right. Eat some meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains. Drink some milk for the calcium and you'll be in good shape. Don't get addicted to drinking soda. The sugars from that are terrible for your teeth and your overall health. Even juice has a lot of sugar in it and isn't very healthy. Water and milk are two good choices for you. You should drink a lot of water every day. If your pee is yellow, that means you haven't been drinking enough water. You want your pee to be as close to clear as possible. The more yellow it is, the more water you need to drink. - In addition to eating right, make sure you exercise. Especially in today's world of iPhones, iPads, computers, and video games, you have unlimited distractions that can keep you entertained and idle. You need to keep moving to stay healthy. Go play outside. Go for a bike ride. Play some sports with a friend or family member. As you get older and you don't want to "play" as much, go for a jog or a run outside. Staying active is also a good way to stay healthy for your whole life and to ensure that you live your full 100 years instead of cutting it short. **School** - Do well in school. This is your #1 purpose in life. I know it's long, boring, and soul-sucking, but it's very important. You may even find yourself asking "Why am I learning this? I'm never going to use this in real life?" And you know what? You're right. You will learn things that won't matter to you at all. I took physics in high school. Do you think I ever needed to know how to calculate the speed at which something falls? Do you think I ever needed to know how gravity works? I don't, but that's okay. You need to learn what you can and find what interests you. You need to do well so that you can go to college and get a good career. Don't ever give up on school no matter how difficult it is. If you're ever lost, talk to your teacher and ask them for help. Do your homework. Get good grades. - When you turn 16, I would recommend getting a part time job. Others may have different viewpoints, but I found it very worthwhile to work while going to school. It allowed me to make my own money which I was able to save up for a car. Then I was one of my few friends who bought their own car at 17. After that, I was able to save the rest of the money I made for college, and it helped me to graduate with very little student debt. It teaches you responsibility (both when it comes to keeping a job and when it comes to managing your money). It gives you a glimpse of what the real world is like, where your life stops being about school and becomes more about work. And it looks good on college applications and to future employers. You can talk about what a hard worker you are since you managed to work part time AND go to school at the same time. This sets you up real well for the future. - Lastly, when figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life, it's okay if you don't figure it out right away. You don't need to graduate high school and immediately know what you want to do. Take some time, explore your interests, and try to find a career that you will enjoy, but don't stress out if you don't have life figured out by the time you're 18. Lots of people in their early 20's change their career paths several times as they figure out what they want to do. So along those lines, make sure to have fun while you're a teen. Enjoy your summer vacations. Make friends with people. Go out and do things with people. Don't sit at home all day playing video games, but make sure to get outside and make memories. It's okay to play video games and waste time on the computer every now and then, but don't let it become your whole life. Go out and do things that are outside your comfort zone. Have fun, and learn what you can from the experiences you have.

  • Gabriel Cremin

    **Upcoming Events** Dec. 31: New Year's Eve at Colona American Legion Post 1233 (312 Broadway St., Colona, Illinois) Jan. 1: The Resolution Run (YouthHope's Moline Youth Center) Jan. 6-8: Bald Eagle Days (QCCA) Jan. 7: The Integrative Lifestyle Forum (Rhythm City Casino) Jan. 11: Davenport Parks and Recreation's Parks Job Fair (River's Edge, 700 W River Dr, Davenport) Jan. 13: Davenport Autism & Asperger's Conference with Dr. Temple Grandin (RiverCenter) Jan. 13-16: 16th annual Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard Weekend (Greater Quad Cities) Jan. 14: City of Bettendorf Presents Winter Carnival 2017 (Various locations across Bettendorf) Jan. 14: 5th Annual Icestravaganza (Freight House Farmer's Market) Jan. 14: Martin Luther King Celebration (Centennial Hall, Augustana College) Jan. 15-17: 25th Quad Cities Farm Show (QCCA) Jan. 18: 12th Annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Putt-A-Round (RiverCenter) Jan. 18: Guerrilla Girls at Augustana (Augustana College Centennial Hall, 3703 7th Ave, Rock Island) Jan. 20-22: Rod and Custom Show (QCCA) Jan. 28: Hand in Hand Chili Cook-off (Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds) Jan. 28: Jaycees of the Quad Cities Bridal Expo (RiverCenter) Jan. 29: 37th Annual Motorcycle Parts Swapmeet (QCCA) Feb. 3: Bacon & Beer Festival (RiverCenter) Feb. 3-5: Quad Cities Home Builders Home Show (QCCA) Feb. 14: Valentine Walk (Watchtower Lodge, Black Hawk State Historic Site, Rock Island) Feb. 16: QCA Bridging the Gap's Stand Down For Homeless Veterans (American Legion, 702 W 35th St, Davenport) Feb. 16: Bush Construction Presents Martini Shake Off™ (RiverCenter) Feb. 16-18: GAS Feed & Seed Fest (Village of East Davenport) Feb. 16-19: Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Adventure Show (QCCA) Feb. 18: Family Bird-Watching Trip to Credit Island Park Feb. 24-26: RV/Camping Show (QCCA) Feb. 24-26: Winter Iowa Senior Games (PepsiCo Recreational Center, Augustana College) Feb. 27-March 5: 5th Annual Quad Cities Restaurant Week (Greater Quad Cities) March 3: 2nd Annual Evening of Hope to Cure SMA (St. Ambrose University Rogalski Center) March 3-4: Daytrotter Downs (Daytrotter, Downtown Davenport) March 4: TPQC's Annual Red Ribbon Dinner (Radisson Quad City Plaza) March 9-12: Missouri Valley Conference Women’s Basketball Tournament (iWireless Center) March 11: Rock Island-Henry County Pheasants Forever Free Youth Hunt (Boyd's Birds Hunting Preserve, Hillsdale, Illinois) March 17-18: St. Patrick’s Parade Weekend (Downtown Rock Island, Downtown Davenport) March 19: Wick's Lake Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics Illinois (Jumer's Casino & Hotel, 777 Jumer Dr, Rock Island) March 24-26: Lawn and Garden Show (QCCA) March 24-26: National Congress of Old West Shootists (Radisson Quad City Plaza) March 25: PaintWar Tour (Davenport) March 30: Taco Dinner Fund Raiser for QCA Stand Down (The Viking Club, 1450 41st Street, Moline) April 1: Havanna Daydreamn' by The Quad City ParrotHead Club (RiverCenter) April 9: 19th Annual In-Fisherman Swap Meet (QCCA) April 16: QC on Tap (QCCA) April 23: 9th Annual Bridal Emporium (Jumer's Casino & Hotel, Rock Island) April 29: Masquerade: A Rivermont Collegiate Gala (Figge Art Museum) April 29: Dr. Seuss Family Concert (Adler Theatre, Davenport) May 1-6: Quad Cities Beer Week (Greater Quad Cities) May 6: Village in Bloom: Festival of the Arts (Village of East Davenport) May 13-14: Beaux Arts Fair (Figge Art Museum plaza) May 14-15: Scott County Kennel Club AKC Dog Show (QCCA) May 14-19: NAIA Men’s Golf National Championship (TPC Deere Run) May 29: Quad Cities Criterium (Village of East Davenport) May 30-June 3: Quad Cities Senior Olympics (1800 3rd Avenue, Suite 304, Rock Island) June 2-3: Rhubarb Festival (Aledo, Illinois) June __: Gumbo Ya Ya (The District of Rock Island) June __: Greek Cultural Fest (Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 4900 Kennedy Drive, East Moline) June 17-25: Quad Cities Museum Week (Greater Quad Cities) June 18: Ride the River Bike Ride (Mississippi River bike paths) June 25: Blossoms at Butterworth (Butterworth Center) June 30-July 1: 31st Annual Mississippi Valley Blues Festival (LeClaire Park, Downtown Davenport) July 3: Red, White & Boom! (Downtown Rock Island, Downtown Davenport) July 4: Firecracker Run & Parade (East Moline) July 4: Bettendorf Old-Fashioned 4th of July (Downtown Bettendorf) July 10-16: John Deere Classic PGA Tour (TPC Deere Run) July 13-15: Walcott Truckers Jamboree (Iowa 80 Truckstop, Walcott, Iowa) July 18-22: Rock Island County Fair (Fairgrounds in East Moline) July 28-29: Downtown Street Fest (Downtown Davenport) July 29: Bix 7 Run/Walk (Downtown Davenport) Aug. 1-6: Great Mississippi Valley Fair (Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds) Aug. 3-5: Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival (Rhythm City Casino Resort) Aug. 10-12: Tug Fest (LeClaire, Iowa and Port Byron, Illinois) Aug. __: Ya Maka My Weekend (The District of Rock Island) Aug. 17-19: AACA Central Division Fall Meet (Isle Casino Hotel, Bettendorf) Aug. 19: Floatzilla (Sunset Marina, Rock Island) Aug. __: Quad City Symphony Riverfront Pops (LeClaire Park, Downtown Davenport) Aug. 25-26: River Roots Live (LeClaire Park, Downtown Davenport) Aug. 26: Vettes on the River (LeClaire, Iowa) Aug. 17-19: AACA Central National Antique Car Show (Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center) Sept. 2-3: Rock Island Grand Prix (The District of Rock Island) Sept. 9: QCA Heritage Tractor Parade & Show (John Deere Pavilion, Moline) Sept. 9-10: Beaux Arts Fair (Downtown Davenport) Sept. 9: Row the Miss Regatta (Mississippi River in Moline) Sept. 15-16: Celtic Festival & Highland Games (Centennial Park, Davenport) Sept. 16: Taming of the Slough (Empire Park in East Moline) Sept. 16: Brew Ha Ha (LeClaire Park, Davenport) Sept. 16-17: Riverssance Festival of Fine Arts (Lindsay Park, Village of East Davenport) Sept. 22-23: Hot Air Balloon Festival (Rock Island County Fairgrounds, East Moline) Sept. 24: Quad Cities Marathon (Downtown Moline) Oct. 8: Apple Fest (Downtown LeClaire, Iowa) Oct. 26: Fright Night (The District of Rock Island) Oct. 28: Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5K Race (Village of East Davenport) Oct. 28-29: Boo at the Zoo (Niabi Zoo) Oct. 28: Witches Walk & Costume Parade (Downtown LeClaire, Iowa) Nov. 17-26: Quad City Arts Festival of Trees (RiverCenter) Nov. 18: Festival of Trees Parade (Downtown Davenport) Dec. 3: 19th Century Christmas (Butterworth Center, Moline)

  • Odessa Mante

    > 1. Reaching out to a girl who’s “just a friend” for a recommendation or advice on an issue he could easily Google the answer to because he feels like bantering. And if they're a mutual friend and getting a recommendation for the his significant other. News Flash google can't tell you what your significant other will and won't like. > 2. Giving a waitress or a bartender an obscenely large tip just because she’s hot AF. Or you know the service was exceptional, the Waitress went out of her way to accommodate you or he's trying to appear generous > 3. Following a ton of hot girls on social media and beginning to feel like he actually knows them because he monitors their every post that closely. Elon Musk got crapped on for not following women on Social media, now following hot women is a problem too? > 4. Sending someone who’s not his girlfriend something blatantly provocative, like an article about sex or the porn industry, because he thinks she’ll find it interesting or whatever. Some Women work in or care about said industries. Hell it might be they're really open about stuff? > 5. Logging a girl in his contacts folder under a code name to avoid detection when she call, texts, and emails. Yes because it's totally not going to ruin the surprise when you have a well known party planner or events coordinators name in your phone and your GF happens to see the alert and name. > 6. Tagging another girl in an Instagram that reminds him of her or references a seemingly innocuous inside joke between them. friends have in jokes and history. Oh and Sisters exist. > 8. Confiding in or venting to someone other than his girlfriend when he’s feeling especially emotional because he craves the response he thinks he can only get from that other girl. So what if it's the girlfriend that's caused him to be emotional? > 9. Going out of his way to tell a woman he met or ran into the night before that she looked amazing or seems to be “doing really well.” And if it's his Sister / Cousin etc. Hell it could be an ex client of his if he works in a rehabilitation career. Or even maybe an ex pupil if he's a teacher. > 10. Purposefully neglecting to mention his significant other in conversation with the friends and colleagues he interacts with regularly so that many of them actually think he’s single. Or a reason to mention them just didn't come up. I mean hell some of my friends just assumed I was still in a relationship before because there hadn't been an opportune moment to bring it up before then > 11. Diminishing his relationship as “not that serious” when in fact he’s cohabiting and maybe even engaged. I've lived with women (not in the same room but the same house) and I wasn't dating any of them lol > 13. Closing his eyes when he needs a minute to escape and daydreaming about the girl he’s crushing on because she’s his opium of the moment. And if he's a work and does it to daydream about his Girlfriend? > 14. When something awesome happens to him and he chooses to share the good news with another woman first. You mean like his mother or Sister. Hell finding out he's going to be a dad seems a bit redundant to tell his girlfriend first because I'm fairly sure she told him to begin with. > 15. Reaching out to an ex on a day that was once significant to them as a couple, like their anniversary or the day they first had sex. And if said ex isn't in a good place at that time? > 16. Going out of his way to do something nice for someone who’s not his girlfriend, like hook her up with tickets to a concert or a reservation just because. Or it's returning a favour or his Sister / a relation or you know it's not really going much out of his way at all > 17. Telling another girl that he’s thinking about her on a day that’s not her birthday or a holiday. How terrible that when a friend is going for major surgery you can't tell her she's in your thoughts that day because it's micro cheating or whatever now. > 18. Worse yet, texting her “good morning” just to say good morning. Sends text to friend at 6 am after said friend was very drunk the previous night. = next level trolling in real life. > 21. Meeting up with another woman for dinner or a drink and insisting that it’s work related when asked by his significant other for context (and it’s not). Well not everyone does business in an office and not work related doesn't mean it couldn't be related to the girls work > 22. Choosing to do something he knows his significant other would enjoy—like go for a bike ride, eat at a specific restaurant, or see a certain movie—with another woman, even when his girlfriend’s most likely available. Never bumped into someone in town and just spontaneously decided to do something? You're not a unit you're two people. > 23. Sending a photo to an ex that reminds him of a good time past because he feels like reliving that old memory temporarily. What is the memory is how he first met the girl he's now dating to begin with? > 24. Establishing secret code words and/or inside jokes with women outside his romantic relationship. In jokes happen > 25. Recommending that his girlfriend starts wearing a certain type of clothing because he secretly wants her to look like the girl he’s kind of crushing on. Hi have you hear of bedroom roleplay before? If I'm dressing up as Solid Snake she's definitely dressing up as one of the women from MGS >26. Gifting his girlfriend with a bottle of the perfume his crush wears so she’ll smell like his latest fantasy chick. See film stars etc > 27. Keeping a piece of clothing that reminds him of an ex even though it’s definitely tattered or completely out of style. Not all guys care about style it could be very comfortable > 28. Raving about how awesome some other girl is to his friends because it makes him genuinely happy to talk about her. So all those hardcore Clinton supporters were micro cheating on partners? > 29. Downplaying a certain woman’s awesomeness whenever she’s mentioned around his significant other as if proactively doing damage control. Or because he cares for his significant other's feelings and doesn't want her to feel intimidated by some super awesome girl whose a computer programmer and professional BMX stunt rider. > 30. Asking for a girl’s contact information under the guise of potentially working together even though he knows there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be collaborating professionally. Well you never know when it may come in handy such as calling someone for a job etc. > 31. Following up with a “nice to meet you” message unnecessarily. So being genuinely pleased to meet someone and wanting to know more about them is cheating? > 32. Spending all of his time engrossed in conversation with another woman at a party or event even though he brought his girlfriend as his date. And if it's a family thing? Or much else I mean his girlfriend knows most of the stuff anyway and being a couple doesn't make you a unit. hell his girlfriend might be off talking to other people too > 33. Mindfully leaving his wedding ring at home when he heads out with the boys (not so much because he wants to get lucky, but just because he wants to feel like it’s in the realm of possibility for him again). Or because he knows he's going to be getting drunk and doesn't want to lose the thing.

  • Waldo Strosin

    ###**[Road Rage](** “You know him?” Balthazar asked. Iron fist sped up. The other motorcyclist followed him. “Yeah, Logan’s a friend of mine. Why, do you want his number?” They didn’t have much time for introductions. A highway merger was ahead, and as they crossed that threshold, the newly-formed quartet realized that they weren’t the only riders on the road. Cars were overturned in her wake as she sped through the streets. The blonde madwoman zipped down the interstate, eyes wild, weaving in-between the cavalry of motorcyclists she’d managed to attract. An older, bearded gentleman sat behind her, looking as sinister as a man holding on for dear life could look. And above them, to the astonishment of our heroes - were two other girls, flying through the air of their own volition. Both with golden hair. Both very pretty. *That kid looks too young to drive,* Iron Fist thought to himself. *Do I know that guy?* Balthazar mused, observing the scholarly man, the token non-blonde on the team. *He feels familiar. Do I owe him money? Maybe…* *Alright, Usopp!* Sogeking decided. *You’re supposed to be a Mighty Warrior of the Seas, so act like it! You can do anything as long as girls are watching!* *I can’t wait to punch somebody again,* thought Logan. >**KREESE:** Alright, we’ve just got five new competitors on the scene. Mind explaining who some of these guys are, for the folks at home?** >**HOWARD:** Sure thing, Kreese! That’s Wolverine, aka “Logan”, joining team Dynasty Warriors… >**KREESE:** The one with the cow tits is Yang, the one with no clothes is Zoe, the other one is Aigis, and there’s a guy. >**HOWARD:** Shang Tsung, sorcerer of Earthrealm >**KREESE:** More like ‘Shang *Sucks*’! If he’s dressed conservatively, I’m not interested. Yang noticed the Warriors’ motorcycle. “Yo! You guys in DeathWatch?” “No, we’re just tourists,” Balthazar responded. “Lovely place, this city.” “Cool. Then I can’t let you get that rank-up before us.” Danny’s eyes widened when he realized what was about to happen. “Balthazar!” Balthazar took the hint and shielded himself with his cloak, just as Yang fired on him with both gauntlets. The bullets struck the fabric and bounced off in all directions, probably injuring passerby. “Whelp!” Shang Tsung chastised, striking his driver. “You lack focus! Drive, fool!” Yang had, in fact, let go of the handlebars entirely. The motorcycle weaved back and forth, shaking slightly as it slid to the right. A biker behind her swerved out of the way, colliding with another adrenaline junkie and knocking both off of their rides. Wolverine narrowly dodged the chump bouncing down the street, struggling to get closer to the enemy while beating off the goons on his six. >**HOWARD:** Ya know, something about Yang’s gun-crazy, bullet-firing antics, reminds me of my ex wife. Then again, all women remind me of my ex. >**KREESE:** That’s because you hate and fear all women. >**HOWARD:** Ha! Low blow, Kreese. But true. >**KREESE:** Now me, I’m more egalitarian. Man, woman, non-binary-identifying, I still wanna shove a shotgun up your ass and keep firing until it goes ‘click’. >**HOWARD:** How touching, Kreese. >**KREESE:** It’s just that I feel very strongly about this kind of thing. >**HOWARD:** Gender equality? >**KREESE:** No, murder. Aigis flew down to Yang’s level and extended a hand to right her bike as she assumed control of the steering once again. “Mistress Yang! Please remember to watch the road, human lives are at stake! Also, mine!” “Don’t call me Mistress,” Yang said, refocusing on the street ahead. “Makes me sound like a dominatrix. By the way, I’m gonna need you to clear out those cars in front for me?” “What cars?” Up in the distance, they could see cars appearing on the horizon. Driving towards them. Yang was unfazed. “*Pezzo di torta*! I’ll take care of this. You deal with the hangers-on, Aigis.” Zoe cut through the air with a cry of “*Brezzo Petalo*!”, and was greeted with the sight of six or seven the seven-digit exotics unfolding like sliced bread. Of course, they were still flying towards the two teams at breakneck speeds. A car with a severed front tire dragged along the ground, swerving to its side before rolling. “Car,” Balthazar noted, helpfully identifying the rolling car that was about to crush them. Iron Fist stood up, feet still on the pedals, hands off the handlebars, and met the vehicle halfway with his fist. The car crumpled up on impact and was violently shoved to the left, over Wolverine’s head, towards Yang’s motorcycle. Aigis caught the car and shoved it back towards Logan, who unsheathed his claws and turned it into scrap before it could touch him. Bits of metal clattered onto the road and tripped up the bikers behind them, sending them tumbling to the unforgiving asphalt. “Sogeking!” Iron Fist barked, “What’s ahead?” His trained sniper’s eyes narrowed behind the mask. “It’s a really big, wheeled thing!” “So, a car?” “Yes?” It was coming into view now. It was an 18-wheeler. Every car in its path was getting slammed off the road as it barreled into everything in its way, with reckless disregard for human life or property damage. So, standard DeathWatch fare. “You know,” Yang said, gunning the engine, “this whole thing reminds me of a great joke.” Shang Tsung had long since tired of her manic driving, and valuing his life over hearing the joke, he transformed. In an instant, he was Aigis, and he left the motorcycle to fly alongside his other two teammates, firing on the motorcycle-riding thugs behind him. Yang was oblivious. “So this guy is driving home when he gets a call from his wife,” she continued, heading straight for the oncoming truck. “And she says, ‘Are you alright out there? I just heard that there was a maniac on the road driving the wrong way!’” She fired into the air with one hand, pushing her own motorcycle onto its side as she slid underneath the 18-wheeler. “And he says, ‘Oh, I know. But it’s not just one maniac, it’s hundreds of them!’ Ha ha!” The truck barreled on, plowing mercilessly through the crowd of motorcyclists like a lawnmower through grass. The flying squadron turned their attentions to Iron Fist and Wolverine’s motorcycles and attacked, an assault of bullets and cutting winds. With Balthazar’s cloak, and Iron Fist’s chi, they deflected the attacks. Sogeking, however. “Ahem, excuse me, gentlemen?” he asked, as his sidecar became unhitched. “There appears to be a problem with my vehicle? Hello? Guys?”

  • Oran Heller

    Before I respond to this, I want to clarify that I am not here to start fights or offend. Please try to remember that while you read my response. Also, I am educated in the basic fundamentals of Feminism (girlfriend is reallllly into it and has explained at great lengths at my request). How old is the girl would you say when shes told that shes unsafe unless escorted? Would you say around 6 or 7 when they grab their bike and ride around their neighborhood with their friends after school? Do you think boys that age are told the same thing because they're just as vulnerable at that age? My folks hammered into me, as well as my female counterparts at that age, what threats may lurk around the corner and to never talk to strangers. I think you could probably agree with me, right? So when I'm riding my Schwinn to the 7/11 for a slurpee, I'd be vulnerable to the same threats in theory, but my parents, as well as the parents of my own friends, both male and female, all allowed us to roam the neighborhood to have some fun and be kids. Yeah, bad things can happen anywhere when kids are unsupervised, but I would disagree that just girls are told that they're subject to all varieties of threats. I might be a male, but that lesson did not fade and I still practice a heightened sense of active self awareness to stay alert on defense when my spidey senses are tingling. You could argue that once I grew up, that the threats faced diminished greatly due to my gender, but what if I'm built like Fogle? Easy target still, wouldn't you agree? Maybe I'm wrong, but I will ask an alternative question. Are girls told this around 13-14 on average? If so, wouldn't the same rules from earlier still apply to both boys and girls? Based on the fact that bad guys are known to venture all ovoer the place, from South Central to The Hamptons? In addition to that question, aren't most kids/teens told to travel with a buddy anyway? Even if they're not told by their parents, these kids/teens are almost never without their friends? Now, I am in no way saying that they're 100% safe outside the walls of their homes regardless of number of adolescents, but a parents main job is raise and protect their offspring so by teaching them active self awareness at a young age, it will grow with them. If you lived near an area near a seedy part of town, the kids would be warned not to go down there because of risk A, B, and C. However, kids are dumb and are going to go explore regardless... You know that much is true, unless you chain them to the cement floor in the basement till age 18. Let's talk about this feeling of being threatened really fast. Would it be a fair statement to say that both boys and girls might feel *threatened* just from being warned about the perils of modern society? Now, I understand the act of being threatened to be a active and direct action that targets one or more individuals. Do you believe that every time kids leave the house, they feel threatened by bad guys? Or would you say that that they're just more alert to watch for potentially dangerous situations and get out of dodge/call the cops because it could happen? Similar question, what would cause them to feel more alone than a male would? Adding to that, do you think our friend Fogle might feel the same and have his parents worries confirmed by being harassed? Do criminals only target females or would they steal Fogle's lunch money/rape him? First hand experience here, my buddy and I got jumped and our bikes stolen as young teens. It was terrible, but we learned where not to ride our bikes... I want to address your claim of a larger problem directed only at females based on the information you stated before this sentence. Based on the questions I have asked and information presented by us both, would it be reasonable to say that bad guys are going to target anyone they think they can violate? I would argue that by practicing a heightened sense of awareness would increase the chances of an attack being thwarted by analyzing where the threat is coming from and the quickest route away from the bad guys. Based on what you've said, it seems like bad guys are not one black/white group of carbon copies that you can change all at once, but rather a ton of bad individuals. That being said, I said in my earlier response that you can't change a society, no matter what fraction of the gross populous, all at once because its just not possible. But, cops can reduce their numbers through arrests and convictions. Wouldn't it be a reasonable statement that a common sense approach would be a highly effective way to avoid possible harm be it verbal or physical (Don't cut through South Central to get to the 7/11, people are getting beat up there...). You state that this is a feminist concern because we teach girls that their not safe alone. I mean, you could argue that no one is safe alone, couldn't you? If not, how is femenism going to combat this problem? Tell the girls they really are safe alone? So again, I respect what you're saying, but you start to generalize a little. Who is we? Who is teaching men that its okay to cat-call? Do you believe that men are the only ones that objectify the opposite sex? If so, do you believe that women don't harass men as well? Working in adverting, there have been countless times a female client has crossed that line toward myself and objectified me as a man? Do you think I enjoy having some lady business owner touch me and tell me that she'd 'love to see what I look like in just my suit jacket'? I do not believe that this is just a feminist concern, its a problem with individuals in a free society. In the same thought, is it right that a woman can beat a man in public and everyone around keeps shuffling by because 'he probably deserved it'? You know what result the opposite situation would yield. Every single person in this country was raised differently, you can change the individual, but not the entire populous. Coming full circle, what do you base your argument about female-centric fear around? Size of her frame? Is she a black belt? Is she an elderly lady in a wheelchair? All three of these examples can be flip flopped to the male side as well. I just would like to know how feminism is going to combat your arguement? What if you're more of a Ju Jitsu kind of gal? Couldn't you get some self defense training, along with males, to defend yourself from an attacker? Think you might still be overpowered? Wouldn't you opt in for a gun and some professional firearm training and if you liked marksmanship, could you turn that into a sport and have some fun? I'd appreciate if kept in mind that I'm not trying to start drama when responding. Thanks.

  • Blanca Ortiz

    1. Reaching out to a girl who’s “just a friend” for a recommendation or advice on an issue he could easily Google the answer to because he feels like bantering. - Can't be nice if you're in a relationship. Guess I can't ask my girlfriend's friend what movies she likes. 2. Giving a waitress or a bartender an obscenely large tip just because she’s hot AF. -Can't be attracted to other women while in a relationship. Have fun with those blue balls. 3. Following a ton of hot girls on social media and beginning to feel like he actually knows them because he monitors their every post that closely. -This isn't cheating or micro-cheating. This is creepy stalking behavior​. 4. Sending someone who’s not his girlfriend something blatantly provocative, like an article about sex or the porn industry, because he thinks she’ll find it interesting or whatever. -This could be creepy, but if I new a girl who was into feminism and it's connection to sexuality and there was an article by a porn star about how porn can empower women, maybe I'd send it. 5. Logging a girl in his contacts folder under a code name to avoid detection when she call, texts, and emails. - Yeah this is pretty bad. 6. Tagging another girl in an Instagram that reminds him of her or references a seemingly innocuous inside joke between them. -Wat? You can't even have friends? 7. Obsessively checking another girl’s social media feeds and getting way more excited about the non-girlfriend’s posts than he does about his significant other’s. -Not gonna lie, kinda creepy. 8. Confiding in or venting to someone other than his girlfriend when he’s feeling especially emotional because he craves the response he thinks he can only get from that other girl. -This one actually offends me. If I want to confide in someone about something, especially if it involves a SO, I should. Aren't men supposed to be more open about their feelings? 9. Going out of his way to tell a woman he met or ran into the night before that she looked amazing or seems to be “doing really well.” -Could be creepy, could be polite. 10. Purposefully neglecting to mention his significant other in conversation with the friends and colleagues he interacts with regularly so that many of them actually think he’s single. -Not great. 11. Diminishing his relationship as “not that serious” when in fact he’s cohabiting and maybe even engaged. -Maybe he's nervous? Is HuffPo saying men have to be assertive? 12. Outright denying that he’s in a relationship to extend the flirtatious exchange he’s enjoying with some random girl on the train or at a bar, even if he has no intention of trying to hook up with her. -This is one is legitimate. 13. Closing his eyes when he needs a minute to escape and daydreaming about the girl he’s crushing on because she’s his opium of the moment. -I like to think about hot people. I fully expect every gf I have to fantasize about Leonard DiCaprio, my more attractive friends, etc. 14. When something awesome happens to him and he chooses to share the good news with another woman first. -Maybe she's there or it involves her. 15. Reaching out to an ex on a day that was once significant to them as a couple, like their anniversary or the day they first had sex. -Kinda weird. 16. Going out of his way to do something nice for someone who’s not his girlfriend, like hook her up with tickets to a concert or a reservation just because. -Yet again, you can't be nice to anyone but the girl your currently dating. 17. Telling another girl that he’s thinking about her on a day that’s not her birthday or a holiday. -Goddammit HuffPo, can't even be polite. 18. Worse yet, texting her “good morning” just to say good morning. -This is innocuous. 19. Picking up the tab like it’s nbd when he’s out with someone who’s not his girlfriend because he wants to impress her or seem cool. -Whatever 20. Giving another girl a “hope certificate” (i.e. some degree of reassurance that he’ll be on the market soon) by insinuating that things are rocky between him and his girlfriend when they’re definitely not. -Okay, kinda legitimate. 21. Meeting up with another woman for dinner or a drink and insisting that it’s work related when asked by his significant other for context (and it’s not). -Not great. 22. Choosing to do something he knows his significant other would enjoy—like go for a bike ride, eat at a specific restaurant, or see a certain movie—with another woman, even when his girlfriend’s most likely available. Is this not full on cheating? 23. Sending a photo to an ex that reminds him of a good time past because he feels like reliving that old memory temporarily. -Nostalgia is BAD! 24. Establishing secret code words and/or inside jokes with women outside his romantic relationship. -Inside jokes are great, I'd love to be a part of one someday. 25. Recommending that his girlfriend starts wearing a certain type of clothing because he secretly wants her to look like the girl he’s kind of crushing on. -Physical feelings = sometimes bad. 26. Gifting his girlfriend with a bottle of the perfume his crush wears so she’ll smell like his latest fantasy chick. -Get over yourself, your being paranoid. 27. Keeping a piece of clothing that reminds him of an ex even though it’s definitely tattered or completely out of style. -Serial Killer behavior. 28. Raving about how awesome some other girl is to his friends because it makes him genuinely happy to talk about her. -Happiness can only come from your SO. Maybe that's why I am so depressed. 29. Downplaying a certain woman’s awesomeness whenever she’s mentioned around his significant other as if proactively doing damage control. -I just don't care anymore HuffPo. 30. Asking for a girl’s contact information under the guise of potentially working together even though he knows there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be collaborating professionally. -Shut up. 31. Following up with a “nice to meet you” message unnecessarily. -Fucking hell, you can't do anything with other women. 32. Spending all of his time engrossed in conversation with another woman at a party or event even though he brought his girlfriend as his date. -Goddammit, whoever wrote this is clingy and paranoid. 33. Mindfully leaving his wedding ring at home when he heads out with the boys (not so much because he wants to get lucky, but just because he wants to feel like it’s in the realm of possibility for him again). -? In short, this is terrible and now I have AIDS.

  • Hermann Lowe

    Hey stranger, I completely empathize with your reaction. Also, there's no need to apologize, I think writing things out is therapeutic for coming to terms with everything little by little. I'd like to share my experience with you as I'd written it. It's literally copy&pasted (with some edits for privacy) from a word doc I wrote in autobiography-type form when I was living in IV the following fall and dealing with the trauma, and after I had already been in a scary car accident earlier that year, so please excuse the melodrama. I'm actually a little embarrassed of it now but it was helpful at the time just to get my feelings down and give myself some perspective, so I hope you can take something from it even if it's knowing that many of us felt/still feel the same. >I was only 18 and in the home stretch of my first year of college when the shootings happened. I'm still 18, but I feel like something simultaneously hastening and halting just happened to the dwindling time I had left of my childhood, and it’s hard to say if this place will be able to recapture the intoxicating, novel vibrance that kept those fleeting feelings of anxiety and homesickness away during my first year away from home. >I loved this place. The people I’d met, the reckless ambition and reassuring comradery. I still do. It seems as if we’re all here trying to prove something to someone, raw works in progress trying to make someone proud by jumping through every stupid hoop put in front of us on the way to vague, far-off goals many of us haven’t even begun to flesh out yet. But it’s easy to forget we’re not always in control, and it’s easy to forget fate can sway in any direction no matter how intently you keep your head down. >That Friday afternoon after eating a late lunch in one of the dining commons on campus, for some reason I'll never understand, I met a girl. It was a brief and admittedly uneventful interaction that only happened because a mutual friend, my best friend **** whom with I had just spent the last hour griping about the fast-approaching finals workload, needed to return something she'd borrowed for a themed party. I think it was a black bow. >A little while later we walked over to meet the owner of the bow on the way to the exit of the dining commons. We never sat down to join the girl or her two friends in their booth since we had already eaten, so instead I hovered awkwardly over the three strangers eating their meals, waiting for a window to introduce myself as **** made small talk with them about their plans for the three-day weekend. After that was done and the bow was returned, we said our goodbyes, nice-to-meet-yous and see-you-laters, and I would have probably never given it another thought if things didn't turn out the way they did. >As we turned to leave I caught a look from the girls at the table to my best friend ****. I quickly realized it was one of those looks I wasn’t supposed to catch, that told me the group of girls weren’t lost on our not-so-subtle relationship that was just beginning. I pretended I didn’t see it and avoided the subject during the bike ride back to our dorms. >I felt embarrassed. And that was it. >The girl that owned the black bow was one of the victims of the shootings that night. She died just a few hours later. >That night, I remember waking up and looking out of my dorm room window that overlooked one of the main streets feeding into IV, watching a mix of about 10 squad cars and ambulances speed by, lighting up the street and filling it with noise. Something about that particular moment felt extraordinary, and I was beginning to fear IV’s volatility, and I began to worry about moving into an apartment the following year. >Was it another “riot?” Impossible. It wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. >I didn’t know why, but I knew I was relieved to be in my dorm, despite feeling lame for not having set Friday night plans. The friends I’d made had all went home for the long weekend. I had napped to catch up on sleep. I missed dinner and the opportunity to plan a night in IV. I was safe. >But I didn’t expect the aftershocks. >Suddenly, I felt embarrassed and guilty for ever worrying about the small things I could control. My first year ambition and motivation to work died along with those victims. I re-evaluated every choice and reconsidered doing anything that was remotely unpleasant. Why would I put myself through the stress of working hard in my classes, if everything could be taken from me, too? >Suddenly, I felt anxious about the things that were seemingly never up to me: security, health, the actions of other people. That feeling is the most troubling. It was an overdue lesson I didn’t subscribe to, and I know that feeling won’t go away until I accept it. >I felt angry at the swarm of media that were ruining the place I had just begun to love. I felt annoyed at how the shooting became fair game for small talk at family parties the next time I went home. >I felt selfish for wanting privacy and routine over the chance for spreading national awareness and solidarity. >I felt upset at friends who didn’t feel the way I did, because they went home for the weekend and avoided the secondhand trauma. I became annoyed and jealous of the incoming class who ran through IV the next fall with the same excitement and security I felt was just stripped from the community. >I felt guilty for wanting them to go through that, just to understand. >I felt strange for being impacted so heavily by the fucked up chance of meeting someone the day they die. There has to be a reason. >I replayed everything in my head countless times. I am coming to terms with the fact that there aren’t always answers for things out of our control. And that’s okay, so long as we remember to look up once in a while, to appreciate the good things that weren’t up to us in the first place.

  • Ian Tillman

    A quick guide to Tinder: (This guide is irrelevant for good-looking young men.) 1. Hit the green button 100 times while doing something productive. Swiping is slow. "Aha, but shouldn't I be choosing the best looking womyns that I want to fucks wiz zem?" No. No you shouldn't. Because here is the why: Your chance of fucking these women is 0.0% Then you swipe right and your chance of fucking goes all the way up to 0.000001%. You might have missed the background information/rules of Tinder; firstly that it will promote women who like you to the front of your list. Second that you only get 100 swipes/day. And thirdly, the women who like you back will reflect very accurately your own SMV back at you in an undeniable and clinical way. If lots of 3's and 4's like you, guess what ... 2. Use 'super like' on a low value target, but that still has some appeal for you. Ideally you will be the only one doing so. 3. **Do Not** let your self esteem be in any way linked to Tinder, or anything you have online for that matter. A really good Tinder profile gets about 15 matches per 100, in that case your game would be "do you want to sleep with me?" 4. Setup your location settings and age group - this can filter out the shitty prospects who are miles away and the Post-Wall hags. (i.e age range 18-30, distance 0-50km's.) Interestingly, some guys set the minimum distance to 20km's (or ok Miles, w/e) to avoid the complications from women who live close enough to 'drop in'. 5. Do be C&F, Tinder is an excellent way to practise your live game in spare time. "You're on my to-do list" can be fun. Personally I have been ramping up my asshole game so as to minimize my clean cut, nice guy image. It works. The rules of your live game generally apply here; outcome independent, DO use abundance mindset, DO ask a few questions to give the impression of screening prospects e.g, "what's your percentage of naughty/nice?" -That worked well, it turns out she was an escort. I fucked her for free :)) Remember that ANY female can quickly have 50 guys in her conversation list; *differentiate or die.* 6. Photos: This has been covered in every Tinder guide. **Because it's bloody important**. One - you with a good looking guy on one shoulder and a good looking younger woman on the other. Two - At the beach or on a surfboard. If you are inland, substitute with something less good. (snowboarding skating w/e) Jetskis are an excellent choice too. Three - With a dog. Preferably the doggy is licking your face or something cute. Four - You with Abs. You can be subtle about it; sitting on a kayak lets it seem natural and a coincidence that we can just happen to see your body. Four, Five and so on: More social proof, more sports, more of you going-out-and-doing-something-awesome. Pretty girls looking at you adoringly never hurts. Your car or bike if you have a sexy one. No family saloons, see below. The ultimate photo is you at the beach with a dog and Abs. Photos part two: This is a fuck App so avoid **anything** that makes it look like you are a dad with kids - or that's what your after. You on the couch, mowing a lawn, investment banking and bouncing a baby are all killers. Photos part three: if you're unsure of what to put on Tinder, copy what women put up - it's invariably social proof and a hiking or beach photo with a dog. If your profile looks like what women are putting up, with added T, you are doing it right. You are welcome to go to tinder right now and count the photos (of womyns profiles) with 2,3,4 people in them; count the doggies; count the beaches. Women look at context more than you do. And a side note: some of you have no photos of yourself doing cool stuff. **Go fix your life ffs**. Are you going to wait for an internet guide to be printed for that, too? 7. Adjust your bio so that is says something short and witty, leaving it blank is bad form. (I had to go check mine, its as follows: I just want to meet cool people and have fun and drink too much on the weekend is that too much to ask? - it's a bit long.) 8. Text game rules apply: Do not show neediness, do be sexual, don't text her heaps all day or she'll know you've got nothing better/no-one else to talk to. 9. Do move her off Tinder quickly, if you go for the number and she doesn't bite she's playin' you, dawg. /next Otherwise you can master the game to such an extent that you suggest a meeting point and time, *without* ever trying for her number. If she will not show or, won't even agree to meet you then that's **great!** You just avoided wasting time with a validation whore, and avoided making yourself an attention slut. Yay! 10. As per all the above, DO escalate quickly. **Life is short, and it's just Fucking Tinder.** BONUS LEVEL: Setup your Friday night dates 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. 6pm is no show, Miss 7pm goes well, so you relocate her to somewhere with alcohol while you call 8pm and quickly spin her a social proof/solidarity story about how your an awesome guy "my friend is in trouble with his gf cos they moved in together wayyy too fast, he wants to drink and pizza tonight but would it be ok if we raincheck cos I really want to meet you? ...Ok, thanks for understanding you're awesome!" I'm sure you all noticed how that story says that I am the pillar in my friends life, have a huge amount of integrity, have no neediness, I would *never* ditch my old friends for a new one, and that I naturally expect her to be still available and keen to meet me in a weeks' time, right? And that is precisely how it went down. **Life is short, and it's just Fucking Tinder.**

  • Jimmy Considine

    There was actually a funny post just recently, to the effect of "I love going out, getting trashed, and fucking chicks, so what's wrong with that?? Get off your high horse and stop judging me!!" Reading the thing I couldn't tell quite how tongue-in-cheek the guy was being, but it got me thinking: you know, it is kind of ironic that, though TRP claims to be a self-improvement sub, so much of what goes on here (maximizing the male sexual strategy) revolves around the consumption of alcohol (i.e. the more you drink, and the more she drinks, the more likely you are to realize your strategy and get to sex). But then, at the same time, you're basically consuming a poison that puts on weight, has all kinds of negative physical side effects (my hangovers got VERY bad, at the end), and as for looking and feeling your best, yeah, alcohol ain't so great. Thing is though, if I took ALL the men who'd ever come to the Red Pill, and then, took ALL the women that all of these men had ever slept with, and put them all in a giant bucket (so millions of women here, I'd assume), and then I said "OK guys, now go back through all these women, and anytime you had a single alcoholic beverage at any point during your 'seduction' of this girl, take this girl out of the bucket. Sorry, she doesn't count." I wonder, how many women would we have left? I know for me, before I got sober, the number would have been next to zero (and I was well into the triple digits at that point, all of those women nailed while I was buzzed or drunk or, in some cases, even totally blacked out). So yeah, for all the theory that's tossed around on this sub (GREAT theory, I will say, this sub has changed my life for the better in so many ways), at the same time, I can't help but think that so many guys come here, absorb some useful knowledge (at the abstract level), tell themselves "OK, got it, abundance mentality, now I'm gonna go out, be cocky and funny and self-assured and non-needy, and I'm gonna GET LAID!!!!" And then they drink (a lot), find a girl that night who also drank a lot, they fuck, and that's it, another notch. Whoopie-fucking-doo. "Thanks TRP!! I learned so much!!" Repeat the process ad infinitum. Don't get me wrong, drinking was great (and God bless the people that are young and can still do it, if I could still do it and have the life I want I'd be doing it to, believe me). I loved every minute of it, starting at 19 and running right up to 34, when I finally realized I just couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't drink and manifest my health and career goals simultaneously, it was one or the other. So the drinking had to go. Tried to moderate, that lasted about 10 seconds, and so sobriety it was. And then, for the first time, it was like: shit, now I have to get these girls into bed SOBER, how in the hell am I gonna do that?? (Since I'd never done it before, nor seen it done, I thought it was basically impossible, that alcohol was THE necessary ingredient to any seduction.) A few short months later though (after I started dating again, about 18 months into sobriety), and lo and behold, I cracked the code, and started going out, having dates, having fun, and hooking up, all without the booze (I also stumbled onto a ton of core Red Pill principles, all on my own, a few years before I found this sub, talk about enlightening... When I finally found TRP then, it was like coming home...). And then it was like: goddamn, I wish I'd learned this skillset when I was a teenager, maybe I could have skipped the whole booze thing entirely (since I only drank to get laid in the first place). So yeah, definitely think a SOBER RED PILL sub would be a great idea: fact is, when you're drinking you're using the training wheels, and while it can be great for a while, letting you coast down the hill without any real effort, never really learning how to ride the bike, at some point you're gonna have to cut down the booze (or drop it entirely), you can't party like a rock star forever, and then you've got these guys who were in exactly the same position I was in, like "OK, no more booze, now what? HOW do I this??" TRP has mentioned here and there things like "Don't use alcohol as a crutch to get laid" etc but I don't think the point is driven home nearly enough: **if you can't get the girl without the booze, then really, YOU CAN'T GET THE GIRL.** It's the booze getting the girl, not you. And something else they don't tell you: **once you lose the booze, YOU MAY REALIZE YOU DON'T EVEN WANT THE GIRL IN THE FIRST PLACE.** Re: AA, if you're in and out of the program, trying it for a bit, then drinking, then back in the rooms, then out drinking again, it means your "bottom" wasn't low enough. You have to have had a REALLY bad experience, like life-threatening usually, before you'll come into the rooms and stick it out. **Everyone's low point is different, for me it was the simple recognition that I was wasting my life, and if I kept drinking, I was never going to accomplish any of the things I wanted to accomplish.** For others, it's losing a job, or a spouse, or (God forbid) killing someone in a car accident etc. Trick is to get sober BEFORE you're hit with that awful, terrifying bottom, the true hell of having done something that can't ever be undone. Realize that, the longer you drink, the greater the likelihood that that moment will come, and then you'll get (and stay) sober pretty quick. Anyone want to start a SOBER RED PILL let me know, I'll be first in.

  • Shanie Veum

    I tried commiting 4 times from age 8-16. Cut many times, I even burned my heals with matches. I was an only child until I was 8 and my brother was adopted. I craved attention and felt I had lost my 2 best friends. Some things that I feel influenced my spiral. Firstly I have depression but the symptoms are not daily anymore and haven't been for several years. If your child has depression don't be an asshole and this it's your child's boyfriends/friends making them suicidal. This is what my mom thought. My mom asked me when I was 5 if I wanted to play piano. I said yes and she foolishly asked me if I would commit to playing the piano forever. I was 5, I said "yes". For 2 years I liked it and then it was hard for me. Instead of letting me quit (I was passionate about soccer and played that from age 5-16 and even coach now) she forced me to play through tear until I was 14. All this time me begging her to let me quit. My self esteem plummeted at a young age and I felt I was never good at anything. I still do despite being a straight A college student and eventually I pulled very good grades in High School and won a national singing competition my sophomore year. She never let me play karate, skate board, etc. she said it was too "dangerous" and I was a girl. Idk if this was also her reasoning. I grew up in an LDS home and you guessed it, I'm bi-sexual. I grew up thinking gays were sinning and once I realized I was attracted to women at 14 I was in despair because I hadn't felt those things for men. For a while I even thought I was a-sexual. I was caught sending nudes to a very pressuring boy and she flipped her shit but even more so when she found out I had KISSED someone. From the age of 14-18 I didn't have a phone. 4 years for a childish mistake. Like. . . Prison time for mistakes many kids make. My depression stemmed from my morbidly depressed first boyfriend. . . At least, my mom believed that for 6 years. My grades suffered as my self esteem and depression got worse so I couldn't see my friends. My mom had me go to a therapist that was Mormon because anyone else wouldn't understand. I was prescribed a medication that didn't have any side effects which also meant it wasn't helping me but my mom was anti-medication in the first place. A few month after being 16 I tried to commit suicide by ingesting rubbing alcohol, taking shrooms and then cutting my wrists and putting them in warm water so platelets? wouldn't form. Anyways, one of my friends who was trying to hit me up for sex actually, figured something was wrong and called the police. I was fine, didn't end up cutting and took a negative pee test. The worst mistake my parents made was sending me to a rehabilitation center in Utah that get donations from the LDS church and spreads it's propaganda. My first girlfriend when there and she was their because she is a lesbian. Literally. Her parents found her with beer once and decided it was enough to get her away from girls (that was dumb) and she was sent there. I essentially "thrived" because it was all about survival. I just put my feelings and emotions, became calloused and rigid and graduated high school early. Until yesterday I thought my mom was a relatively sane person. She was well educated, she adopted me, I thought she loved me. But in a half drunken state I realized that she actually abused me. She made me pursue things she wanted me to pursue. She made me wear swim shoes for 7 years, she made me sit in a car seat until I was 10 (it embarrassed me). She never taught me how to ride a bike so I had training wheels until I was 10 and I begged her to teach me. She made me shower naked at the city pool (open stalls) essentially so I would stop taking swim lessons. She read my personal journals and to this day, after being a staunch anti-medication freak texts me and my husband to recommend I take medication because she feels I am going to ruin my marriage. My dad is an aerospace engineer and just didn't get it. He didn't understand how fucked up it was or maybe that it was happening and honestly when I turned 8 our relationship deteriorated too. My mom adopted me and treated me like an animal that didn't do the tricks she wanted me to do so she got mad. Many "experts" say that if you want to have kids you are already a better parent than people that have "accidents" and so on. I don't think that is true. This biggest mistake I see parents or even spouses make is not listening. Listen until your ears bleed if it means saving a relationship or a life. As a child my wants and intentions were pure and inexpensive. If my mom had let me live an even semi-normal life I would have had a much better life experience. Now I am 21 and haven't cut for 2 1/2 years and I am finally living.

  • Alexander Roberts

    Answering the ones I have knowledge of: 1. Always try to walk on the left where possible. There are [Braille trails](, which seems to be what BCC like to call them. Try not to walk on those (though why would you want to?). 2. Footpath 3. Cafes all make coffee from espresso here so if you ask for a "coffee", you'll be looked at like an idiot by most baristas. A long black sounds most similar to what you want. 4. If you're going to be out in the sun for more than 30 minutes, put on sunscreen. I think most people just try to avoid the sun though, especially in summer. 5. I don't think there's any problem with using water refilling stations. At local parks, we have taps that look like [this](, which obviously shows where humans drink and where dogs drink. 6. Most places get away with an EFTPOS minimum, where if you don't spend the minimum (usually $5-10), you have to pay a surcharge. I'd say just try to avoid places that have a surcharge no matter what - they're cunts. I've gotten by with 90% card for the last five years or so and I think most people do the same. EFTPOS is the norm. 7. ANZ is fine. There's not too much difference between the big four banks (Commonwealth, Westpac, NAB and ANZ) in terms of bank and ATM availability. If you want to change, do some research on interest rates and whatnot. 8. Yeah, we got hills. 9. There's fines for littering and I've seen people get done for throwing cigarette butts relatively often. I wouldn't say we're exceptionally clean though. 10. People jaywalk a bunch, but please stick to crossings until you (a) don't get confused with the flow of traffic and (b) know the area. There's always ample crossings regardless, but people regularly jaywalk in front of police without a problem. 11. I've never been a fan of Aldi. Try Coles or Woolworths and see if they're more to your liking. Most people here shop at supermarkets. 12. Kmart or other department store. There's a range of reasonably cheap clothing stores here too: Cotton On, JayJays, etc. We've also recently got a couple of Uniqlos in the city and at Indro, which have pretty good clothing for cheap. 13. Wear shorts everywhere. Pretty sure churches don't care what you rock up in, as long as you're there. I'm not a religious person though and different churches may vary on how fancy you should be. 14. Gumtree is still fairly scummy, but it's the more popular one here. Only thing I know people get off Craigslist here is weed. 15. OKCupid seems popular, also Tinder. 16. Check Gumtree or just print at Uni. 17. Most likely. 18. Wear a maple leaf on your lapel. You wouldn't want to be mistaken. 19. Try Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly, Auchenflower. All fairly close to St Lucia with as good a public transport system you'll get around here. Can't really comment on rent prices there, but from memory, those areas are always going to be cheaper than St Lucia. 20. Can't comment on other cities, but I always did think we had nice bus and bike infrastructure here. 21. Probably get a refresher. Learn to drive manual if you don't know how, as it's more common here. Try No Yelling - I had a good experience with them and they're often recommended around here, though your experience may vary with who you get. 22. I probably couldn't live without a car, even though I take public transport into work five days a week. Driving is fine, as long as you don't drive in peak hour traffic, you'll get everywhere on time. Don't drive to uni though, parking's shit apparently. Watch out for people not indicating or using headlights while raining. 23. I wouldn't know. Only thing I've ever heard about it is a Sikh guy who managed to get the law changed to allow him to wear a turban. 24. Woolloongabba. If a delivery place asks for your town/city, Woolloongabba. 25. 0400 000 000 is how we do it. 07 0000 0000 for landlines. 26. Edit it? Dunno, get an Android. 27. Never tip unless you're at a fancy restaurant and the waiter/waitress was the absolute best you've ever had. 28. Not sure. I've used Ebay whenever I need something from one of those types of sites. 29. No, it's not a gimmick. It's brekky/brekkie. And Maccas. People will give you a pass because you sound foreign, but seriously, the item on the menu at Maccas is called a [brekkie wrap]( 30. I imagine you'll pick some up regardless. Anyone foreign I know has. If you try to avoid it and end up sounding posh, maybe some girls/guys might be into it? 31. Mostly people try to avoid talking to strangers. Not really sure what you mean by alone vs groups. I feel like most people are trying to get from one airconditioned place to another in a hurry right now so that might add to the sense of us being introverted. Hope you enjoy yourself here!

  • Beulah Kautzer

    My brother's a rapist. When I was growing up, he was an abusive shit in general. Disrespectful, argumentative, and insulting to my parents. I knew he did wrong things- hell, he beat me up on a daily basis when I was a kid, despite punishments from my parents. My parents were not slouches either- both of them were career US Army, with near fifty years of service between them. (They had us late.) They made sure we had a good childhood- how many other kids can say they went to Germany twice a year (To see Mom's side of the family, as she was German) and have that be a -normal- thing? But he felt entitled. To anything and everything you can think of. He begged from my grandmother to get material goods. TV, a new bike, you name it. He stole from me, from my dad, and threatened me on a regular basis- including once shoving a shotgun in my face. And that wasn't the worst, but it sort of sets the baseline here. When I was 13, the police knocked on the door, and told us they were going to his school to arrest him. I found out later that he had been caught on a wiretap admitting that he had kidnapped, raped, and sodomized a girl about my age (He was 16.). The police did interviews in the neighborhood. He was smart and slimy enough where he looked good to parents, so he baby-sat regularly. They think, but they could never prove, he did things to younger girls. I think my dad wanted to kill him. My mom, well, she tried to buck up and support him while acknowledging what he had done and making sure I knew it was wrong. Things changed. My dad got distant and even more moody. My mom tried to be normal, and treat him like he was coming back from a mistake. They got him a good lawyer. He plead guilty to the charges, so he was tried as a juvie. My dad said flatly that the lawyer said he would not last in prison- he was too pretty and too young. So instead he got Juvie until 21, for being a rapist of a thirteen year old girl. We visited every week. My dad tried to be a dad. My mom put on a brave face. But the stress ate and ate and ate at them both, and it came out in the home life around me. I wish it had been different, in many ways. My brother would also loudly blame my parents at times- during visitation, or in hateful letters or insinuations over the phone. It wasn't his fault. His parents had raised him that way, you see. My mother, who had survived breast cancer, ignored the early warnings she had gotten through bloody urine and other things. She admitted to one person that it had been because of stress involving my brother and his shit. It turned out to be ovarian cancer, terminal. She died a week shy of my 16th birthday. My birthday was her funeral. I hate my birthday. More so, I hated my brother- he had brought my family to ruin. My dad got more and more distant. More and more withdrawn and prone to fits of fury and hate. Christmas and holidays turned into some mockery of the family love and good dinners we had. I hate holidays to this day because of those years with my dad, dealing with his moroseness, with his sadness and all-consuming anger. My dad never really moved on- his son was a rapist, his wife dead because she was too stressed from the rapist's shit. I enlisted in the military to get away when I was 18. I don't know if he blamed me or not, but my dad stopped talking to me, too, after all the shit my brother had done. My dad finally broke about four years ago, and shot himself in his front lawn. I have his things in my closet, including the gun he used. I don't feel right getting rid of it, and I don't feel right keeping it. It bears too much darkness, of an old man broken by the evil of his oldest son. I called my brother that day- I had to look him up via his job on facebook and give the manager my number. When he found out, he immediately began to howl crocodile tears and claim he loved my dad. How this wasn't his fault. And then moved into how it was my fault, because I blamed him for our mother's death. All of a sudden I was struck with a sudden weariness. All the love and support, care and attention, and he's still the victim, it's not his fault. He's a rapist and a scumbag, and my mother loved him despite of it. My father tried, encouraged by my mother, and failed. And now I have no family who accepts me, tainted by the association of my rapist brother and my dead parents who refused to disown him. On top of that, he's now married. With two kids. Of all the fucking insanity. I wish to fuck I could end this with a loch ness monster joke, or narwhals or some other reddit meme shit. But no, this is my life, and this is the result of a shit person who destroyed a loving family. TLDR- my parents tried to love, and they died.

  • Dayna Wilkinson

    So first of all don't feel like you don't belong there. 90% of the kids at that school are there because there mom is married to a rich guy. And I'll also bet a lot of the kids are there because there father is good at throwing a ball, or has a good singing voice, or is good looking. In other words those kids, and their families, don't have anything special about them that actually makes them better than you. It is just a flip of the coin that we live in a society that values singing ability and throwing ball ability as opposed to bike riding ability or drawing ability (or whatever skill you have). One of the ironies of life is that when we look at ourselves and the things that make us special every single one of us go "yeah but that just comes easy to me, it doesn't actually matter. I really wish I could XXXX" Professional football players say that wishing they were good at business. Business men say that wishing they were good at art. Artists say that wishing they were doctors. What I suspect you are really having trouble with is not having good friends there yet. It has only been a few months and you have been dealing with a lot of changes, you haven't had time to really start making connections with people there. But that is going to change with time and as you spend less time moving in and getting used to a new city, and more time doing the activities you really like and socializing with people who share those same interests. It isn't a quick fix, but you can be sure that it will happen given some time. And don't worry about the east coast vs. west coast thing. You just be yourself and you will find people who like you for you. Do talk to your parents about your step-siblings. They are acting like assholes and their dad needs to have a conversation with them about that. It isn't a "they are in trouble" thing, its a "listen he is part of the family now" thing. A few words of advice I wish I could have given to my 14 year old self that are unrelated to your post, but damn if I could have told my 14 year old self to do this I would pay a million bucks for the chance: 1. Take every opportunity to learn. The more you put into school the more you will get out of it. And i don't mean just reading your text book a hundred times, I mean when you come across something interesting in your text books research it yourself, ask your teacher about the research you have done. Dive deep. 2. I really liked television, and video games at your age but I wish I had gotten out and been more social in pursuing that. It took a while for me to realize that what I really liked about those things was the narrative, the story. And there are a lot of great opportunities out there to explore those ideas. So, whatever you are interested in, really do it, and hang out with people who like the same thing. 3. Learn to dance. Girls. love. guys. who. can. dance. I mean things like salsa. I thought it was so stupid when I was 14. I thought it was so stupid when I was 15. But if you pick it up at 14 or 15 then by the time you are 17 or 18 you are, very literally, going to have gorgeous girls WAITING for the chance to dance with you. And 90% of success with women is getting their attention in the first place.

  • Napoleon Cassin

    I live in a Tier 3/4 city in eastern China. Overall, I'm pretty unhappy here. In general, my students are actually pretty good - the university has given me mostly English majors, and like /u/bestmindgeneration mentioned, many of them have never had a foreign teacher before, so they were excited for that and many of them seem to genuinely like me. It's kind of awkward to have that many 18-year-old girls with obvious crushes on me, though. I'm sure that giving me English majors was strategic on the university's part, since at least they'd be motivated (for the most part). However, our textbooks are hit-or-miss; for some of my classes they're all right, but for one of the classes the book was so bad that I had to stop using it because it was just full of mistakes. While my teaching hours weren't too bad (I had ten 90-minute classes per week last semester, and it should be down to eight this semester), my classes are big, averaging about 30 students per class. This means that giving individual feedback both in and out of class is difficult if not impossible. While the administration has for the most part let me do whatever I want in class, there were a few episodes of them throwing fits over totally pointless things, and communication from them can be unclear at times. Living here is tough at best. I have a university-provided apartment (with utilities paid) that's livable, although that's all I'd call it. I really like cooking, but it's very difficult to do here because of my limited kitchen and very limited availability of ingredients. Cooking for yourself can make food very cheap, but I end up eating the same thing over and over because I don't have the means or ingredients to do otherwise. I'm lucky enough to have some lovely neighbors, one of whom speaks decent English, but overall communication with people here is basically impossible (despite the fact that I do speak basic Mandarin), even when they speak English - I've had quite a few misunderstandings with English teachers at the university for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me. I get stared at a lot (there are very few non-Chinese here) when I'm out, which doesn't exactly motivate me to go out. Transportation is a huge pain because I live right next to a major highway, and I'm not too keen on having to take a bike or e-bike on there in order to go anywhere. The bus system here isn't bad, but it's basically unusable for me beyond the two routes near my apartment because there are no useful maps. Then there's having to use a VPN for Internet, which pretty much always works, but is usually pretty slow. There's also nothing to do here in town that I'm aware of (though I don't know almost anything because there's no way for me to know about anything). There are moments when things are nice, but those are exclusively in the company of those few Chinese colleagues here who have actually gone abroad and understand what living abroad is like. I suppose in the long run this is a good experience, but right now I can't say that I'm enjoying myself.

  • Judd Kuhn

    Ok; first i must say that some are really scenes between them and others are more ... references to their relationship (one scene in particular is interpletable and i'll explain why it is a KiriAsu's scene) . Anyway starting from th first episode we have :1)in the first episode, before going to meeting with Kikuoka, Kirito receives a message from Asuna about the upcoming date between them and he smiles gently (as i said first some scenes are more references to their relationship and you even can interpretate them, for me are KiriAsu scenes) 2)in episode 2 the girls complain how Kirito and Asuna are always together both in ALO and at school 3)as you said the phone call with Asuna in episode 7 4)after Aki said Kirito to remember the people he saves, he recalls when he saved Asuna from Kuradeel and the chat with Asuna the night before; in particular he remembers a phrase of Asuna : "tell me if you need everything at all". Now as i said this is interpretable and now i explain why for me it is a romantic scene : in LN it isn't said who Kirito thinks, in phantom bullet manga he remembers all his comrade, instead in anime he thinks only to Asuna (the first difference). You can say it is only a flashback that it is frequently used in anime, but for me this values for the scene with Kuradeel and not for the other scene about the night before. In other words Kirito recalling that phrase of Asuna(for me!) means how she is important to him and how she is always present to help and calm down him; even if she isn't physically near him, the thought of her is enough to calm him (as i already said, this is my opinion and probably it is even stupid) 5) in episode 8 there is a scene of Asuna many worried about Kirito to the point of the forget to heal Klein (even this is a reference, you can consider it like you can't) 6)Kirito's bike license plate in episode 14 (sadly in this episode they have cut the scene between Kirito and Asuna in Agil's shop) 7)in episode 15 Asuna thinks that she wants to see again Kirito before to go to Kyoto (probably this is an adaption of when Kirito thinks that he wants to see Asuna in RW before she must go to Kyoto, but in anime they have changed it and it is said from her and not him) 8)the date between Kirito and Asuna at Agil's shop in episode 18 (i love that moment) 9) in episode 18 they go to buy their house at 22 floor (in LN this scene is only hints, in anime showed in particular) 9)after the battle of Sleeping Knights against the boss, they go to celebrate to Asuna's house and Kirito and Yui arrange their lunch and leave them a note of congratulation(when Asuna pick it , she blush a little and brings it near her) 10) the final scene in episode 24 as you said where Kirito tells Asuna to remain with him forever. I think there are even the scenes where we see Kirito and Asuna with the ring despite of marriage system in ALO. Also more or less they have adapted all scenes between them, aside that in episode 14 but it was in context where they cut many scenes.

  • Makenzie Bauch

    >So disabled people have disabled spots because they're better than everyone else? People on welfare are on welfare because they're better than everyone else? I never said this. My point is that bikes don't have to use the roads at all, its a privilege-that can easily be taken away- and they are deciding that we should accommodate them. Roads are meant for cars and trucks not bikes. If bikes want to use them don't expect to be treated any different than any other car or truck on the road. by expecting everyone accommodate them they are saying "I have other options other than this but I chose this and now everyone has to accommodate me". It is not a privilege to be disabled nor is it to be on welfare >Cyclists are run over and die every single day. so are pedestrians on the sidewalk, and people driving etc. here are some numbers from 2014: 4,884 pedestrian deaths by cars, 32,675 deaths by car accidents, 113 cyclist deaths by cars. So it seems like cyclists aren't dying daily to vehicles, not even a third of your claim. Most of the articles I read when a cyclist dies/hit by a vehicle there is one of two things behind it: 1. the biker did something stupid like running a red light or ignoring other traffic rules like 18 wheelers turning right and not giving it room like other vehicles do. 2. something that it wouldn't matter if they were in a bike or car, the accident was going to happen one way or another ie distracted driver. Most of the time it isn't something where they did everything right and only because they were on a bike did they get injured or killed. >Mild inconvenience at best say you owned a store and some guy moved in from asia somewhere and you spoke nothing of his language and he spoke only his. He now comes to you store every other day and tries to ask questions about stuff and won't leave until you answer the questions so you have to go and get someone from down the street who happens to know the language to translate for you. sure it seems like a mild inconvenience but truthfully that guy is refusing to follow the world around him and decides it easier to inconvenience everyone else rather than fitting it. - this is something called being a stuck up as*whole >Look, sometimes to merely level the playing field you must give special treatment to some groups that start off in a worse position. but the playing field was already leveled when they were not on the streets. The sidewalk is for non-motorized vehicles like bikes and pedestrians. Also there are bike lanes for bikes to ride in and not bother traffic as long as you follow lights and such. If you don't use the already leveled playing field and choose to put yourself in a harder area and demand it be leveled to you, well there is a thing for that, VICTIM COMPLEX. Just like when a girl decides to fight to be on the boys soccer team because the girls team is not challenging enough for her, and then complains when the boys team is to rough-yes this is very rare and I wouldn't use it if i didn't see this happen first hand.

  • Ole Strosin

    Hi im from The Netherlands. There are a lot of refugees here, in fact, there is a village with only 200 dutch citizens and 400 refugees. An asylum centre is directly located at the road where I bike everyday, most of the time you see pakistani, syrians and pakistani. They often play music and hang out in big groups in front of the centre's. Children love to play with a football and I once donated a few balls I had. Generally speaking they are good people and live in good conditions, in fact, they get everything for free, money for clothes, food, free residence, free sanitary accomodations, they even have an xbox you can lend for two hours (on request). I know a particular family thay has lived here for already 9 years, and all those years they have been in these centres, they did not flee from war or had any reason not to go back to their homecountry, so they were ordered to leave. They didn't want that and consulted a lawyer who told them that if she became pregnant they couldnt send them back, she is now at her third child, and those children have only known life inside those asylum centres and dont know their native country. They have decent phones and drive around in a Mercedes Benz, acquired through illegal work ofcourse, since they're not allowed to have jobs. They even get money for brand new furniture. They are most likely going to stay here permanently since the children are fully integrated and the government feels guilt. I know these people and seen the children grow up. I dont blame them, they took advantage of a broken system that benefits their family, but a lot of people do blaim the government for being so easy on these people. A lot of native dutch people are really poor and live of second hand food stores, in those second hand food stores you wont find refugees, only natives. They feel like the government is looking out for strangers more than their own citizens. There have been some cases of gropings and sexual intimidation here. Most of the refugees are men above 18, and when a woman walks they are often very vocal and sometimes even pushy, a lot of women and girls I know avoid walking past the asylum centre alone.

  • Lizzie Huel

    Bike had no brakes and no chain on it. 11 year old me and a friend were like, "dude. Let's ride the bike down this hill." Me: "No man! That's messed up!" Friend: "come on, I dare you! I'll do it first!" He goes, slides his feet the whole way, no incident. Feet are brakes apparently. This hill has a trail down it, and is easily about 50-80 feet tall. (Guesstimation!) Pretty steep too. It also bisects a road, and people generally are going to fast down the windy road. I get it rolling. Picking up speed. Homie is down at the bottom to tell me if there's a car coming or not. (Shouldn't have trusted him. He couldn't see shit.) I've picked up about 10 MPH in the first bit. Friend: "Wait! Don't go! There's a car!" If I wasn't thinking about how I was going to die, I would have yelled back at him some very profane phrases. He tries to get them to stop, and I've nearly hit terminal velocity, and my short life is flashing before my eyes. (Worst experience of my life, by the way. I fucked up a lot before that, so seeing it all a second time sucked.) The car had to be going almost 50 before it slowed down. It was going about 30 at the time of the collision. Now, the best part is that I didn't get hit. I hit the car. That's right ladies and gents. This unlucky bastard hit that bitch's car at a faster speee than she was going. T-boned that bitch. I did a front flip over the handle bars and landed face first on the asphalt. The next part is still flabbergasting. These two gorgeous 18 year old, busty ladies jump out of the car in cleavage showing tank tops, and some fine boots shorts. Girls: "oh my god! Are you ok???" Suddenly got a whole shit load more manly. I was fine. Girls came up and gave my horny, prepubescent bitch-ass hugs and kisses for almost ten minutes straight. If it weren't for the adrenaline in my system I'd have had the biggest erection my 11 year old self could handle. Got to school the next day, and I was the king of the classroom for weeks. All the homies were jealous. 11 year old me had more game than I do now. TL;DR 11 year old me went down a hill on a bike with no way to stop, T-boned a moving car with some nearly nude 18 year old ladies in it, damn near got my dick sucked, ended up one of the most popular kids in school for a long time. Bitches got jealous.

  • Emily Gleichner

    I used to work as an apprentice in a secondary school when I was 18/19 and I actually had to leave because of this. Some female students started making accusations about me to try and impress their friends. Very serious accusations. "I had to take a plan B" level serious. They were proven false after a couple of weeks but the damage was already done. I was let go by the school and couldn't return because parents didn't want me working near their children. My bike was egged and vandalised by kids, and even my coworkers had started treating me differently a couple of days after the accusations were made. No other schools would accept me as an apprentice, either, so I had to abandon it all. I felt so alone. A group of five 15 year old girls squashed 1 1/2 years worth of work and dreams in 3 of the longest weeks of my life. It drove me to attempt suicide twice and I fell into a deep depression. I still get called a pedo every now and then when I venture out far enough. I've never been able to talk about it to anyone because there was never any way that I could possibly be the victim. Even after it was proven false I was still blamed because "I must have done something to make them do that". Nothing ever did happen to the girls afterwards. The parents backed up their kids even when they admitted they lied and the school even issued an apology to them and the students. Life just isn't fair sometimes. I'll never be able to teach kids about science and fill them with the wonder for the world that I used to have. I'll never be able to do what I loved. The time I spent there was there was the best of my life but I know deep down I'll never be able to feel that fulfilled again. I'll never be able to do what I'd dreamed of, all because I'm a man

  • Dandre Mertz

    I'm 38 and quite different, but it's weird because it's not like you forget being a teenager. If I put mind to it, I can remember the adrenaline of running in a track meet, or trying to be cool to show off to girls like it was yesterday, even though it was really 20 years ago. I still feel like skirting my responsibilities and going for a bike ride or watching 'edgy' cartoons for 3 hour stretches. But, my general attitude has expanded and shifted. So those desires and drives, as well as attitudes and values I had as a teen are still there, but that's only a portion of my perspective now, whereas it was my complete perspective back then. For example, I still know what it feels like to have the world at my fingertips and a wide open future, however, I'm now more realistic about my limits and thus goals and options. Part of me wants to be impulsive, but my experience has tempered that. I remember what my 18 year-old libido was like and how consuming it was, but now my biology and experience has made sex a bonus, rather than a driving force. I was pretty self-absorbed and thought in more libertarian terms, like "If it doesn't harm others, who care what Joe does..." but now I care if Joe is a jackass because I am concerned about my community. If my neighbor treats his yard like shit, I didn't care as a teen, but now it affects my property values and the condition of the neighborhood. I don't want "bad role models" for the neighborhood kids or my own kids. In other words, as a teen I was focused on me, but now I am focused on the community - however, I try not to judge too harshly. I guess my whole message is that you do change as you age, but it's not a cut and paste job wherein you forget your teenage years. Instead, you remember what it was like to be a kid, but your perspective expands and you start to change what you value and how you choose to behave.

  • Bridgette Jast

    I did this too! It was back in my high school days. I thought owning a motorcycle would bag me all the girls. Only problem was that my dad was in a really bad accident back in the '70's. His body completely healed, but his relationship with motorcycles did not. Therefore I was forbidden from riding or owning one. However one day we were chatting in small gas engines class, and a classmate said that his uncle had an old Honda in his barn which hadn't been ridden in 15 years that he would let go for cheap. ($175 USD in the year 2010) I expected it to be a total basket case, but I was obsessed with the TV show "American Pickers" at the time, and thought it would be fun to sift through an old barn and take a look at it. Turns out the bike a Honda CB 500 twin. A 1974 model I believe. Nothing too valuable but a cool little machine. It was also in very good shape. The guy parked it because he felt he was getting too old to ride, and it had carburetor issues. Now my brain in wired to make bad impulse buys. This has been a problem for me for a very long time. The bike turned out to be a great purchase, a carb rebuild kit plus some new tires and she ran great! However I totally ignored the fact that my father would cut my head off if I bought it home. So it sat in our school shop for a few months. I couldn't take it out because I couldn't get a motorcycle license, register, or insure the bike without my parents knowing since I was under 18. I ended up desperately selling it to a friend at the end of the school year for $300. I think I had $350 into it after buying some other parts. So not too bad of a loss. Those short trips around the school grounds on it in front of all the girls made it $50 well spent in my teenage mind. If I ever move to the city I would totally buy another bike. Maybe someday.

  • Eleonore Leannon

    This reminds me of when I was hanging out on the driveway with some friends getting ready to go smoke a couple bowls and this kid on a bike rode up. Mind you I was in the front hall of my apartment getting a blowjob from a girl who was having me review her college entrance essay. I told my friends I was pooping. Reality. Blowjob. Anyway I came downstairs and see this kid. He was maybe 2 years younger than us, we were about 17-18 at the time. Obviously he had some sort of mental handicap and we weren't complete assholes so we kind of talked to him for a minute. Apparently they had been already for like the 15 minutes I was getting blowies. He explains to us everyone calls his Stubs and we ask why. He shows us his hand and hes missing the top halves of his four main fingers and goes thats why. We kind of freak out and ask oh my god how did that happen. And he explains that there was something stuck under the lawn mower and he reached under to get it out and that happened. We are all saying "damn that sucks man why didnt you turn it off and..." and out of nowhere the kid just blurts out "DO YOU GUYS WATCH ED EDD AND EDDY?!?" and before we can even answer he just yells "BUTTERED TOASTTTTTT!!!!" His attention quickly changes to two girls on bikes across the street and my friend and I start telling him they were checking him out and waving at him. He asks if we are serious and we say fuck yeah man go for it. We never saw him again. I like to assume he got mad pussy that day.

  • Wilton Emard

    When I was 17/18, I wanted a bike to impress people. After school (late night) I'd take the L train to Canarsie in NYC with girls I was dating and would purposely run into thugs. Ruthless looking dudes, mostly older, wild & reckless. Most of the time, they were thugs I knew from junior high or through my brother - we'd hang out through the ride and let each other know we'd have each other's backs etc etc. I was never a thug myself, but I had a, I guess, tribal relationship with many of them. Very rarely, the thugs I'd run into sometimes would be strangers that I'd square up with if they got shady. Those made for some interesting rides. To make up for the fact that I didn't have a bike, I created my own way of "impressing people," and that was to show I was "connected" within the thug culture in our community. "Brotherhood" shit. I don't do any of that now (at least not with thugs any more), but this post just made me think back for the first time of that era of my life and really laugh at how funny and easy girls get when you signal the right things to their brains. I encourage everyone to ride a bike, regardless of age. God knows the average male needs a dash of edginess in this low-T, politically correct world. Good post

  • Marjory O'Hara

    He's right. I can't argue with anything he says its all correct. Maybe we can quibble about degrees. As a CHP cop he probably saw more than his share of nasty motorcycle accidents. So maybe he has an exaggerated sense of the probability of that outcome, but there is no denying that it IS a possible outcome. Most riders, I think, appreciate that there is a risk and that the slightest mistake can lead to massive consequences. But then there is something about the experience that is so enjoyable that we feel compelled to dismiss the negative, a very big negative, and go for a ride anyway. We learn to dial it back and keep ourselves in check. I'm not sure if I would have survived at 18 on a motorcycle. Also, at 18 in college I would recommend the cool car, much more useful for girls. You can't take girls home on a bike, you would need gear and a helmet that fits her, and women just aren't generally interested in motorcycles. You'll meet far more men than women with a motorcycle. I would recommend this as your car:

  • Rocio Hudson

    At 15, my friend and I were on vacation in a beach town in New Jersey. We had met 2 girls that we liked and wanted to sneak out with them so we could make out and maybe even touch their boobies. The issue was that there's a curfew of 11 pm for anyone under 18. We met up with them on the sidewalk a block from the beach, us on our bikes and them on foot. As we tell them that we should go sit on the beach, a police SUV turns the corner and puts his lights on as he approaches us. The girls immediately run and the cop speeds up and follows them. We go in the opposite direction when another cop car turns onto this street and spots us. We make the first left and I veer into the bushes of the second house on the street, pulling my bike over with me. My friend keeps heading down the street and gets stopped by a third cop car at closest intersection. After a few minutes, I get a text from my friend that we won't get in any trouble as long as I come out of my hiding spot and we go right home. I revealed myself and the cops escorted us home and didn't even wake my parents up to tell them what we'd done. So I kind of escaped and relied on the cops to be true to their word. Might not have the same trust to do that today

  • Liliane McClure

    It is for me, too. But I seem to build muscle mass more easily than other girls/women I've known and I apparently have a decently large lung capacity. I just remember my childhood best friend who I could easily best in nearly every physical activity we did. Even though we did all sorts of outdoorsy stuff together and spent almost every day riding bikes or playing soccer or hiking or whatever else have you. She was still a pitiful runner. I still outbiked her even though she had a much nicer bike than me. I put her to shame in pushups. I would always outswim her even though she had more access to a pool than I did. In PE she consistently ran a mile at 11:30 while I usually ran it somewhere between 8 and 8:30. And she didn't even walk, she just ran *slowly*. She wasn't sedentary at all! And she was perfectly healthy. And she wasn't fat. She truly just did have shitty genetics. She was short and couldn't put on muscle mass to save her life. I can't vouch for the lifestyles of the other girls I've known who ran similar times to her, but I can definitely do so for her. (full disclosure, this is when we were 14/15 and not 18, but AFAIK the vast majority of girls are done with puberty at that point, we certainly were).

  • Matteo Goyette

    Everyone has to start somewhere right? Well here I am my first time selling my panties. It's about time! I had to wait till I was 18 and I've been craving to do this!!! I have been looking at the other beautiful girls on this site and getting really turned on. I want to buy someone else's panties because they are such gorgeous SLAY QUEENS!!! I hope I can deliver a product as good as them. I will try my best! These will be worn for how ever many days you want, but I will be mountain biking and grinding my pussy into my bike seat so it can get pretty STRONG. Especially when I'm racing my bike. I masterbate daily and love to do so in my panties just thinking about someone loving my cum, makes me come faster and harder. I will do requests if you message me. Love to hear from you :) $50 for two days of wear $5-10 for special activities $10 for each extra day wear. Comes with tracking code. Please use GiftRocket. Panties will be sealed in a ziploc bag and will ship FOR FREE in a plain, discreet padded envelope with a handwritten thank you note from Canada. :)

  • Everardo Quigley

    Everyone has to start somewhere right? Well here I am my first time selling my panties. It's about time! I had to wait till I was 18 and I've been craving to do this!!! I have been looking at the other beautiful girls on this site and getting really turned on. I want to buy someone else's panties because they are such gorgeous SLAY QUEENS!!! I hope I can deliver a product as good as them. I will try my best! These will be worn for how ever many days you want, but I will be mountain biking and grinding my pussy into my bike seat so it can get pretty STRONG. Especially when I'm racing my bike. I masterbate daily and love to do so in my panties just thinking about someone loving my cum, makes me come faster and harder. I will do requests if you message me. Love to hear from you :) $50 for two days of wear $5-10 for special activities $10 for each extra day wear. Comes with tracking code. Please use GiftRocket. Panties will be sealed in a ziploc bag and will ship FOR FREE in a plain, discreet padded envelope with a handwritten thank you note from Canada. :)

  • Arthur Williamson

    Everyone has to start somewhere right? Well here I am my first time selling my panties. It's about time! I had to wait till I was 18 and I've been craving to do this!!! I have been looking at the other beautiful girls on this site and getting really turned on. I want to buy someone else's panties because they are such gorgeous SLAY QUEENS!!! I hope I can deliver a product as good as them. I will try my best! These will be worn for how ever many days you want, but I will be mountain biking and grinding my pussy into my bike seat so it can get pretty STRONG. Especially when I'm racing my bike. I masterbate daily and love to do so in my panties just thinking about someone loving my cum, makes me come faster and harder. I will do requests if you message me. Love to hear from you :) $50 for two days of wear $5-10 for special activities $10 for each extra day wear. Comes with tracking code. Please use GiftRocket. Panties will be sealed in a ziploc bag and will ship FOR FREE in a plain, discreet padded envelope with a handwritten thank you note from Canada. :)

  • Roma Tremblay

    I was 8-18 years old in the 80's. In the first half of the decade I'd leave my house after breakfast on weekends /Summer and not be home until the streetlights came on. I lived on the very edge of a town with a population of about 50,000 people so my time was spent either in the forests of fields outside of town fishing or building forts or riding my bike all over town and doing random shit. (Side note: like every other kid my age, we found the vast majority of our porn abandoned in the forests and fields.) The second half of the decade was high school so it was all about trying to bang girls and driving around looking for nonexistent parties that were be taking place somewhere outside of town every damned weekend.

  • Rosalinda Haag

    Brah, Im 28, moved here from seattle last year. This is my experience. •Expect the girls here to add 2-3 points (on a 0-10 scale) to themselves. •Single moms are everywhere. Every girl has a kid or two here. •Curvy means obese. About average means fat. Athletic means she did yoga 5 years ago, once. •Girls 18-23 are looking to get out of here as fast as possible. 24-27 are looking to go out, bang and not have anything serious. 28+ are just lol why would anyone date someone that old lol. My suggestion would be to steer away from online dating out here unless you are looking to have nsa sex with chubby ugly chicks, support a single mom or date a girl that has been the town bike and everyone has had a ride.

  • Miracle Hills

    That same reasoning is used by Egyptian Muslim mothers to mutilate the genitals of their daughters. It's also used by African tribes to do it to all of their children (boys and girls). Just because something is part of culture, doesn't mean it's right. Slavery was part of American culture, should that have stayed, because it was "sacred" to some people? It's not a nanny state when it's protecting the bodily rights of people when they can't consent for themselves. A nanny state would be forcing everyone over the age of 18 to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

  • Shaina McKenzie

    I anonymously bought one of our cart pushes a brand new 24" bike because he rode to work on a rusted 18" girls bike with rotted tires. I never saw it again. He continued to ride that rusty 18" to work. Felt bad but I guess sometimes people don't want random charity.

  • Valentin Kuphal

    he drove off, one of the loggers said, “Who was that guy?” “It was the Pope,” another replied. “He’s in direct contact with heaven and has access to all wisdom.” “Well,” the logger said, “He may have access to all wisdom but he sure doesn’t know anything about bear hunting! By the way, is the bait holding up, or do we need to go back to Massachusetts and snatch another one?” A guy goes into a bar, orders a drink, and begins complaining to the bartender, “This circus gig is a nightmare. Every day, I shovel elephant turds... piles and piles of pachyderm poop. What a terrible way to make a living.” The bartender replies, “If you hate the job so much, why don’t you quit?” The guy is shocked, “What? And leave showbiz?!” A screenwriter returns home after a long evening’s work of waiting tables, only to find his house a pile of smoldering rubble. Policemen and firemen poke grimly through the remains. The writer leaps out of his car and runs over to a detective. “Oh my God! My house! What happened? Where are my wife and children?” The cop says, “I’m sorry sir. I’m afraid your agent came to your house, slaughtered your family, burned your home to the ground, and then danced on the rubble in hobnailed boots.” The writer looks at the detective, excited, and says, “My agent came to my house?!” Satan visits a film producer and offers her a deal: “I’ll insure that your next film is a billion-dollar-grossing, sequel-spawning, blockbuster hit. All I require in return is that your husband’s soul, your children’s souls, and THEIR children’s souls must rot in Hell for eternity.” The producer thinks for a moment and says, “What’s the catch?” A minister, a doctor, and a literary agent are all playing golf. As they approach the third tee, they notice that the foursome in front of them is playing very slowly. These guys are helping each other line up their putts, they all stand around while each other hits, and they’re generally taking far too long to play golf. By the time the minister, doctor, and agent make the turn, they’ve had enough, and complain to the ranger about the slow play. Patiently, the ranger reveals that the foursome is a team of blind firemen who lost their vision while entering a burning house to save an entire family, and their eyes were singed. “We let them play for free,” he explains, and asks the group to be understanding. The minister feels terrible, and insists, “I’ll offer a prayer for each of them and their families.” The doctor says, “I’m going to give them free medical treatment for their bravery.” The agent screams, “CAN’T THEY PLAY AT NIGHT?!” A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch. “I couldn’t help noticing how happy you look,” she said. “What’s your secret for a long happy life? “I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day,” he said. “I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods and never exercise.” “That’s amazing,” the woman said. “How old are you?” “Twenty-six,” he said. An estate agent parks his brand new Porsche in front of the office to show it off to his colleagues. As he’s getting out of the car, a truck comes speeding along too close to the curb and takes off the door before speeding off. More than a little distraught, the estate agent grabs his mobile and calls the police. Five minutes later, the police arrive. Before the policeman has a chance to ask any questions, the estate agent starts screaming hysterically, “My Porsche, my beautiful silver Porsche is ruined, it’ll simply never be the same again!” After the estate agent finally finishes his rant, the policeman shakes his head in disgust, “I can’t believe how materialistic you estate agents are. You lot are so focused on your possessions that you don’t notice anything else in your life.” “How can you say such a thing at a time like this?” snaps the estate agent. The policeman replies, “Didn’t you realize that your right arm was torn off when the truck hit you.” The estate agent looks down in absolute horror…. “Oh my God!” he screams, “Where’s my Rolex?!” A man walked into the produce section of his local supermarket and asked to buy half a head of lettuce. The boy working in that department told him that they only sold whole heads of lettuce. The man was insistent that the boy ask his manager about the matter. Walking into the back room, the boy said to his manager, “Some [email protected] wants to buy a half a head of lettuce.” As he finished his sentence, he turned to find the man standing right behind him, so he added, “and this gentleman kindly offered to buy the other half.” The manager approved the deal and the man went on his way. Later the manager found the boy and said “I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier. We like people who think on their feet here. Where are you from, son?” “Canada, sir,” the boy replied. “Well, why did you leave Canada?” the manager asked. The boy said, “Sir, there’s nothing but whores and hockey players up there.” “Really!” said the manager. “My wife is from Canada!” The boy replied, “No shit??? Who did she play for?” A man is walking along the shore, and finds a bottle. When he opens it, a genie appears and thanks the guy for letting him out. The genie announces, “For your kindness, I will grant you one wish, but only one!” The man thinks for a minute and says, “I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, but I’m afraid of flying, and I get seasick on boats. So I wish for a road to be built from here to Hawaii.” The genie reflects on this for a while and finally says, “I don’t believe I can do it. Consider all the work involved... the pilings needed to hold up the highway would have to be incredibly long, just to reach the bottom of the ocean. Think of the massive amounts of material that would require! No, it’s way too much to ask.” The man ponders again, and says, “Well, I’ve always wanted to understand women. I wish for you to explain them.” Without hesitation, the genie replies, “So, do you want two lanes or four?” Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other man pulls out his cell phone and calls emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can I do?” The operator in a calm, soothing voice replies: “Take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the hunter says, “OK, now what?” A university American football coach walked into the locker room before a game, looked over to his star player and said, “I’m not supposed to let you play since you failed math, but we need you in there. So, what I have to do is to ask you a math question, and if you get it right, you can play.” The player agreed, and the coach looked into his eyes intently and asks, “Okay, now concentrate hard and tell me the answer to this. What is two plus two?” The player thought for a moment and then he answered, “4?” “Did you say 4?” the coach exclaimed, excited that he got it right. At that, all the other players on the team began screaming, “Come on coach, give him another chance!” A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes, and bows down in prayer. His friend says: “Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man.” The man then replies: “Yeah, well we were married 35 years.” On reaching his plane seat a man is surprised to see a parrot strapped in next to him. He asks the stewardess for a coffee where upon the parrot squawks “And get me a whisky you cow!” The stewardess, flustered, brings back a whisky for the parrot and forgets the coffee. When this omission is pointed out to her the parrot drains its glass and bawls, “And get me another whisky you bitch.” Quite upset, the girl comes back shaking with another whisky but still no coffee. Unaccustomed to such slackness the man tries the parrot’s approach, “I’ve asked you twice for a coffee, go and get it now, or I’ll kick your ass.” Next moment, both he and the parrot have been wrenched up and thrown out of the emergency exit by two burly stewards. Plunging downwards the parrot turns to him and says, “For someone who can’t fly, you’re a lippy bastard!” A man walks into a store to buy a Barbie doll for his daughter. “How much is that Barbie in the window?,” he asks the shop assistant. In a manner she responds, “Which Barbie? We have Barbie Goes to the Gym for $19.95, Barbie Goes to the Ball for $19.95, Barbie Goes Shopping for $19.95, Barbie Goes to the Beach for $19.95, Barbie Goes Nightclubbing for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for $395.00.” The guy asks, “Why is Divorced Barbie different from all the others? “That’s obvious,” the assistant states. “Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s house, Ken’s car, Ken’s boat, Ken’s furniture.” It was in a bar in midtown Manhattan and the Frenchman and the American were talking about love over some dry Martinis. “Deed you know, sir,” the Frenchman said, “that een my country thair are 79 different ways how to make the REAL, passionate luff?” “Do tell?” said the American. “Well, that’s amazing. In this country there’s only one.” “Just one?” the Frenchman said, condescendingly. “And what eez that?” “Well, there’s a man and a woman, and…” “Sacre bleu!!” exclaimed the Frenchman. “Numbair 80!” A Frenchman has a pet – it’s a giant snail. He loves his g

  • Arno Herzog

    1. Way Down East (1920) 2. The Great White Silence (1924) 3. The Eagle (1925) 4. Seven Chances (1925) 5. The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed) (1926) 6. A Throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash) (1929) 7. Limite (1931) 8. Le Million (The Million) (1931) 9. La Chienne (The Bitch) (1931) 10. Me and My Gal (1932) 11. The Goddess (Shen nu) (1934) 12. Judge Priest (1934) 13. Peter Ibbetson (1935) 14. Sabotage (1936) 15. The Lady Vanishes (1938) 16. Babes in Arms (1939) 17. Dance, Girl Dance (1940) 18. Mrs. Miniver (1942) 19. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) 20. Spellbound (1945) 21. The Stranger (1946) 22. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) 23. Angel Face (1952) 24. The Big Sky (1952 25. Summer with Monika (Sommaren med Monika) (1953) 26. Beat the Devil (1953) 27. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) 28. Animal Farm (1954) 29. The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) 30. Oklahoma! (1955) 31. The Man from Laramie (1955) 32. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1955) 33. Some Came Running (1958) 34. The Young One (La joven) (1960) 35. The Exiles (1961) 36. One-Eyed Jacks (1961) 37. The Exterminating Angel (El angel exterminidor) (1962) 38. Winter Light (Nattvardsgasterna) (1963) 39. Mary Poppins (1964) 40. Hombre (1967) 41. The Devils (1971) 42. The Hired Hand (1971) 43. Wake in Fright (1971) 44. F for Fake (Verites et mensonges) 45. The Towering Inferno (1974) 46. 1900 (Novecento) (1976) 47. Sleeping Dogs (1977) 48. Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du) (1978) 49. Christ Stopped at Eboli (Cristo si e fermato a Eboli) (1979) 50. Diva (1981) 51. Three Brothers (Tre fratelli) (1981) 52. The Draughtsman's Contract (1982) 53. Local Hero (1983) 54. The Last Battle (Le dernier combat) (1983) 55. Utu (1983) 56. The Official Story (La historia oficial) (1985) 57. Wall Street (1987) 58. Housekeeping (1987) 59. Dead Ringers (1988) 60. RoboCop (1987) 61. Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) 62. Landscape in the Mist (Topio stin omichli) (1988) 63. Story of Women (Une affaire de femmes) (1988) 64. The Accidental Tourist (1988) 65. Drowning by Numbers (1988) 66. Field of Dreams (1989) 67. Say Anything (1989) 68. Reversal of Fortune (1990) 69. Jacob's Ladder (1990) 70. Naked Lunch (1991) 71. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) 72. Candyman (1992) 73. Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (1992) 74. The Age of Innocence (1993) 75. Muriel's Wedding (1994) 76. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) 77. Toy Story (1995) 78. Shine (1996) 79. Fireworks (Hana-Bi) (1997) 80. Boogie Nights (1997) 81. Deconstructing Harry (1997) 82. Happy Together (1997) 83. Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime) (1997) 84. Fast, Cheap and Out of Control (1997) 85. Mother and Son (Mat i syn) (1997) 86. Tetsuo (1989) 87. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) 88. Pi (1998) 89. The Idiots (Idioterne) (1998) 90. Sombre (1998) 91. There's Something About Mary (1998) 92. The Big Lebowski (1998) 93. Audition (Odishon) (1999) 94. Taboo (Gohatto) (1999) 95. Rosetta (1999) 96. The Wind Will Carry Us (Bad ma ra khahad bord) (1999) 97. Time Regained (Le temps retrouve) (1999) 98. Attack the Gas Station! (Juyusu seubgyuksageun) (1999) 99. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 100. Toy Story 2 (1999) 101. Nine Queens (2000) 102. The Captive (La captive) (2000) 103. Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets (Ali Zaoua, prince de la rou) (2000) 104. Meet the Parents (2000) 105. Signs & Wonders (2000) 106. Traffic (2000) 107. Dancer in the Dark (2000) 108. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) 109. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 110. Amelie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain) (2001) 111. Kandahar (Safar e Ghandehar) (2001) 112. The Piano Teacher (La pianiste) (2001) 113. The Son's Room (La stanza del figlio) (2001) 114. Moulin Rouge! (2001) 115. Monsoon Wedding (2001) 116. Fat Girl (A ma soeur!) (2001) 117. Mulholland Dr. (2001) 118. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) 119. Lantana (2001) 120. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) 121. Gangs of New York (2002) 122. Russian Ark (Russkiy kovcheg) (2002) 123. Bowling for Columbine (2003) 124. City of God (Cidade de Deus) (2002) 125. Talk to Her (Hable con ella) (2002) 126. The Pianist (2002) 127. Adaptation. (2002) 128. Far from Heaven (2002) 129. Chicago (2002) 130. Hero (Ying xiong) (2002) 131. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 132. Distant (Uzak) (2002) 133. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) 134. Irreversible (2002) 135. Bus 174 (Onibus 174) (2002) 136. Elephant (2003) 137. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003) 138. Oldboy (Oldeuboi) (2003) 139. Goodbye Lenin! (Good Bye Lenin!) (2003) 140. Osama (2003) 141. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) 142. The Barbarian Invasions (Les invasions barbares) (2003) 143. Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003) 144. The Best of Youth (La meglio gioventu) (2003) 145. Lost in Translation (2003) 146. Head-On (Gegen die Wand) (2004) 147. The Consequences of Love (Le conseguenze dell'amore) (2004) 148. Moolaade (2004) 149. Downfall (Der Untergang) (2004) 150. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) 151. The Passion of the Christ (2004) 152. Collateral (2004) 153. The Aviator (2004) 154. Million Dollar Baby (2004) 155. 3-Iron (Bin-jip) (2004) 156. Crash (2004 157. Sideways (2004) 158. A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiancailles) (2004) 159. Tsotsi (2005) 160. Brokeback Mountain (2005) 161. Live and Become (Va, vis et deviens) (2005) 162. Paradise Now (2005) 163. Cache (Hidden) (2005) 164. The Constant Gardener (2005) 165. Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno) (2006) 166. The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) (2006)- Added 2007 167. Apocalypto (2006) - Added 2007 168. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) 169. Once (2006) 170. The Queen (2006) 171. The Host (Gwoemul) (2006) 172. The Prestige (2006) 173. Children of Men (2006) 174. United 93 (2006) 175. The Last King of Scotland (2006) 176. Babel (2006) 177. Volver (2006) 178. Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 179. The Departed (2006) 180. Paranormal Activity (2007) 181. There Will Be Blood (2007) 182. La Vie en Rose (2007) 183. Into the Wild (2007) 184. Atonement (2007) 185. Surfwise (2007) 186. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) 187. No Country for Old Men (2007) 188. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le scaphandre et le papillon) (2007) 189. The Hurt Locker (2009) 190. Slumdog Millionaire (2008) 191. The Dark Knight (2008) 192. Let the Right One In (Lat den ratte komma in) (2008) 193. WALL-E (2008) 194. The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom) (2008) 195. The Wrestler (2008) 196. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) 197. The Class (Entre les murs) (2008) 198. Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) 199. Gomorrah (Gomorra) (2008) 200. District 9 (2009) 201. Avatar (2009) 202. An Education (2009) 203. Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire (2009) 204. The Hangover (2009) 205. In the Loop (2009) 206. Fish Tank (2009 207. Inglorious Basterds (2009) 208. The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschicte) (2009) - 209. Senna (2010) 210. Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) 211. Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia de la luz) (2010) 212. Black Swan (2010) 213. Inception (2010) 214. The Social Network (2010) 215. Monsters (2010) 216. Four Lions (2010) 217. True Grit (2010) 218. Of Gods and Men (Des hommes et des dieux) (2010) 219. Toy Story 3 (2010) 220. The King's Speech (2010) 221. The Artist (2011) 222. A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin) (2011) 223. Drive (2011) 224. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) 225. War Horse (2011) 226. The Descendants (2011) 227. Hugo (2011) 228. Le Havre (2011) 229. Shame (2011) 230. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) 231. Bridesmaids (2011) 232. The Tree of Life (2011) 233. The Kid with a Bike (Le gamin au velo) (2011) 234. The Cabin in the Woods (2012) 235. Wadjda (2012) 236. Amour (2012) 237. Lincoln (2012) 238. Django Unchained (2012) 239. The Act of Killing (2012) 240. Life of Pi (2012) 241. Les Miserables (2012) 242. Argo (2012) 243. Skyfall (2012) 244. Blancanieves (2012) 245. Gravity (2013) 246. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 247. The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza) (2013) 248. Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adele - Chapitres 1 et 2) (2013) 249. 12 Years a Slave (2013) 250. Nebraska (2013) 251. Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) 252. American Hustle (2013) 253. A Touch of Sin (Tian zhu ding) (2013) 254. Ida (2013) 255. Under the Skin (2013) 256. Citizenfour (2014) 257. Leviathan (Leviafan) (2014) 258. Boyhood (2014) 259. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) 260. Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) 261. Whiplash (2014) 262. The Theory of Everything (2014) 263. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

  • Graham Fahey

    My father hardly ever spoke about Uncle Tommy, I guess it was just painful for him. They fought for the resistance, back when Brazil had conquered most of southern Mexico. American Special Forces came in specifically to train the rebels. All he ever said was, “Tommy was the best damn soldier I ever met.” They had a falling out just after the rebels and the Mexican Army pushed the Brazilians out of Villahermosa. They had to be rebuild the country to its former glory. The fighting was over, but Tommy had lost his home, wife, and three children. He had nothing left, so he went to find more war. There was always more war. That was almost 20 years ago. I always loved to hear the old war stories. They were the only time I got to hear about my and his exploits. Yesterday a package came in the mail for me from “Thomas Gonzales”. I haven’t opened it yet. I know what is inside and to be honest I am afraid. This is the life and skills of a man whom I have never met. A man whom I hold in such high esteem and is the reason my father is alive. The reason I was able to be born. The man who was my father’s brother, and his savior. I fear that I will open this package and lose the heroic figure I have always revered. I fear that he will be human. I shake the thoughts from my head and cut open the package. My father is sitting next to me, my mother across, and my little sister plays with her dolls. My hands shake as I pull open the box. Inside is an eyedropper and an envelope with “from Thomas” written on it. I open the envelop and pictures of my family through the last 18 years spill out. My mother and father at their wedding. My mother pregnant with me. Me learning to ride a bike. My little sister’s birth. The picture that stood out most was identical to a picture that my father carries around in his wallet. My father, uncle, two cousins, and my aunt laughing together in a living room. The living room I am sitting in right now. I pull a letter out of the envelop and begin read it aloud. “Dear Angelica, We have never met, so I want to start with an introduction. Hello Angelica. I am your uncle Thomas Gonzales, but everyone calls me Tommy. You may call me whatever you like. Your father and I did not part on the best of terms, but I owe him everything. Because of my own selfish desires, I left when he needed me the most (Rico, for that I am sorry). I am lucky that your father went through the effort of finding me and keeping me updated on the most recent events in your lives. He is the brother I have, but never truly deserved. If you are reading this, it means I am dead. I have no children of my own, so I wish to pass my skills and experiences to you. I have lived a heavy life and I do not hand these over lightly. In fact it may be best that I let my skills die with me, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I wish to give you a fair warning and to urge you to throw the last of me down a drain and let it die. I have seen horrible things, had horrible things done to me, and done horrible things. I am the worst of humanity, but I also believe that I am the best. I spent my life fighting for what I thought was right, and that is what I pass on to you. You will receive my past experiences, my senses of justice and duty, my black belt in Jiu-jitsu, and all of my training in the modern theatre of combat. You will also receive a memory of where I have stored all of equipment, to include my suit of XD5 power armor. My associates will contact you soon after you open the storage unit, if you open the storage unit. I feel as though I should warn you again. For peace, I fought. For peace, I lived. For peace, I died. And even though I lived for peace, I am still a monster. I give you all that I have to pass on, because it is all I know. I lived a very hard life, but if you are anything like your father you will be strong enough to handle it. Rico once told me, ‘As long as there are dark men in this world, other men will need to stand and become its light. The unfortunate truth however, is that no matter where good go they will always find bad men waiting.’ I know he adapted his words from a quote the Americans gave us, but it never made them any less true. I left my family, your family, to fight for peace. To keep death away from ever coming to them again. No matter what choice you make Angelica, you will always have my love. From Tommy” My little sister is too young to understand what I just read aloud, but the rest of my family is looking at me with a mix of fear and anger. Did my uncle realize what he was asking a 16 year old girl to do? I sit silently in though, no one says anything. I realize that in my short 16 years on this planet, I have seen many injustices and had many done to me. I think of how I can no longer turn on the news without seeing headlines that steal my breath: “Turkey massacres remnants of Chinese Government; Ignores cries of surrender” “Tensions rise in Australia and separatist and loyalist come close to blows” “Death squads in Los Angeles continue to slaughter protesters; Claim to be keeping the peace” “Humanitarian aid team missing after attempt to search ruins of Moscow for survivors; origin of Nuclear Missiles still unknown.” It sickens me. I know what I have to do. “I need to think,” I lie as I throw everything back into the box and head to my room. I sit down and begin to write a letter to my little sister, telling her where I am going and why I have to go. I write a letter to my friends, telling them never to forget me. I write a letter to my parents, telling them I am sorry and not to blame Tommy. All of my letters make it clear, this is what I want to do. It is what I have to do. I pull the stopper on the eyedropper and let the liquid flow it into my eye. I dream about the things my Uncle Tommy has done. I see bodies left to rot in the streets, friends gunned downed, the charred remains of children being clutched by their parents as though enough tears will bring them back to life. So much training. Always either fighting or training. So much evil in this world… No… Evil is relative. Evil is not real. I will become evil, but it will be for good. Then a new dream comes. This one is so much worse than all the others. The air looks like it feels heavy, but I can’t feel the air. I am walking down a street but I cannot see very far. Smoke and ash linger in the air. I look to the stairs to my left. There is an outline of a small boy and a ball, but nothing is there. I scoff at it and bring myself back to scanning my surroundings. No time to marvel at the physics behind a bomb shadow. I travel another 100 feet before Anubis calls a halt. “My Geiger is going crazy, the XD5 can’t get us through this, let’s go another way.” I hear the familiar sound of rocket fire and everything goes black… I wake up in my bed, sweating. I have just seen the last moments of my Uncle’s life. How do I know these tactics and names? It doesn’t make any sense, but I just know. I remember the headline on the news from a few weeks ago about humanitarian aid in Moscow. The abused masses revolted and the damn Rooskies nuked their own people. Rooskies? I don’t use that word. I’ve never heard it before in my life. This will take some getting used to. I look at my clock. 1 A.M. is as good a time as any. I silently dress and sneak down the stairs. Our stairs have always been creaky, but I don’t make a single noise. It’s instinctive now I suppose. I stop before entering the living room. The lights are off but someone is definitely there. “Rico?” Rico? What the hell? I guess a lot more got passed down than I thought it would. “I mean, Dad? Why are you awake?” “Your mother thinks you shouldn’t go, that it’s not your job. I know you Angel. I knew you would accept my brother’s skills. I am proud of you, and I love you” He whispers. “Thanks dad. I love you too, please give these to everyone” I whisper as I walk to him and hand him my goodbye letters. I head out the door and walk to the shipping container my Uncle prepared at the nearest warehouse. I input the combination and push open the door to see my new arsenal. A voice comes on a nearby radio: “Hello Little Angel, this is Odin. I see you have activated your cell and I’m sending a chopper to your location. Please don the uniform in the crate below this radio and await your ride, call-sign Hermes. Your Uncle was Honos, for the Roman god of chivalry, honor, and military justice. What am I to call you?” He was speaking English. I never learned English but I could understand him just fine. More gifts from Tommy. A smirk begins to form on my lips. “Odin. I will be the angel that leads the souls of viscous men into the fires of hell. You may call me…. Satan…”

  • Obie Keebler

    And now, driving on the right side of the road because they can, it's /u/TheMightyBox72's team... # Team Everyone Hates Aizen! *** **The man of steel, the caped crusader, he's returning to his roots, introducing...** # Clark Kent, a.k.a [Superman!]( *** Theme: [Czarface ft GZA - When Gods Go Mad]( Sign up post: [Here.]( Research: [Action Comics #1,]( [Action Comics #2.]( Background: Superman. Just the name alone carries a huge weight behind it. These days, Superman is often thought of as things like the iconic super hero, an American icon, and even one of the first super heroes! It's that last part that's important here, since we're taking him back to his first two comics, Action Comics #1 and #2. In those issues, he didn't have any special powers beyond flying-he only had his physicals. But even like this, he's still a force to be reckoned with, capable of lifting cars, outrunning an express train, and durable enough that nothing short of a tank round can penetrate his skin! And what's more, unlike our modern Superman, he doesn't seem to be quite as hesitant at throwing his weight around... *** **The Spirit of Vengeance, avatar of Zarathos, Hell on wheels, it's...** # Johnny Blaze, a.k.a [Ghost Rider!]( Theme: [Tech N9ne - Dysfunctional (Feat. Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko)]( Sign up post: [Here.]( RT: [Here.](] Background: Johnny Blaze was a motorcycle stunt performer, until he made a deal with the devil in an attempt to save his father from cancer. Needless to say, this didn't work out quite like Johnny hoped for, and he wound up being in the service of the devil and the host to Zarathos, a demonic spirit of vengeance that was originally an angel spirit of justice. Upon realizing Zarathos true roots, Johnny broke free of the devil's control, and now rides as a free man. As Ghost Rider, Johnny has very high strength and durability, but the real star of his abilities is hellfire. Able to [easily incinerate regular people,]( he can even use it to enhance any vehicle he rides, like [his bike]( or [a truck.]( The only thing that he lacks would be his penance stare, but even without that ability, Ghost Rider is one tough customer. *** **Master of the Infinite One-Sword Style, The God of the Sword, bodyguard to Angela, it's...** # [Mifune!]( *** Theme: [Diabolic - Introvert]( Sign up post: [Here.]( RT: [Here.]( Background: Originally working for the De Niro Crime Family, Mifune wound up deserting them when he was assigned to either capture or kill a young witch named Angela, instead vowing to protect the little girl, no matter what. And as the master of the [Infinite One-Sword Style](, Mifune is an excellent bodyguard. Using this style, Mifune starts each fight by tossing his many katannas up into the air, where they become stuck blade first in the ground. Using his heightened spatial awareness and his impressive speed, Mifune can then use the various blades to launch attacks from seemingly impossible angles, overwhelming his enemies from every side. With skills such as these, Mifune is well deserving of being called the "God of the Sword". *** **The Modern Ninja, the Dragon Ninja, listing all of his titles would take too long, it's...** # [Ryu Hayabusa!]( *** Theme: [Warriors Orochi 3 OST - Ryu Hayabusa Theme]( Sign up post: [Here.]( Wiki page: [Bio,]( [abilities.](,_equipment_and_titles) In addition, the cutscenes for Ninja Gaiden I and II can be found on YouTube as well. Background: Son of the legendary ninja Jo Hayabusa, Ryu Hayabusa was born into the Dragon Lineage legacy and trained to walk the path of ninja, until at last he was worthy of the name Hayabusa! However, this would all change when the Hayabusa clan was attacked by samurai and fiends, including the death of Ryu's best friend Kureha in front of his eyes. From there, entrusted with the legendary Dragon Sword, Ryu walked a bloody path of revenge against the fiend who committed the attacks, and all others who proved a threat to his clan, his country, and even the world. Ryu's got pretty much every base covered. He's fast enough to dodge bullets with ease, strong enough to split a fighter jet, durable enough to tank a house collapsing on top of him. Heck, he's even survived being [chopped in half](, since he also has a healing factor. In addition, he also numerous weapons, from shurikens and a bow with exploding arrow to a scythe and warhammer-and that's barely scratching the surface! And finally, Ryu also has the ability to use Ninpo to do things like launch fireballs, bolts of electricity, and blasts of ice amongst other abilities. With all this, it's no wonder he's earned so many titles. *** **The titular teammate, his goal is godhood, the one everybody hates...** # [Sosuke Aizen!]( *** Theme: [MF DOOM feat RZA - Books of War]( Sign up post: [Here.]( Due to various changes, his respect thread isn't really applicable here. Background: From a young age, Aizen had been strong. But he wanted to be stronger, strong enough to be claimed as a god. And with a carefully weaved plot that took more than a century to execute, he might have achieved that goal, even, if it weren't for one Ichigo Kurasaki... As a sponsor, Aizen can uniquely buff his teammates by taking control of their five senses, allowing him to direct their attention where he wants it and send warnings and/or messages in a non-obvious manner. In addition, he can also send his team a maximum of four gigais, which are basically disposable bodies with regular human durability that his team can temporarily put their souls into to use as a way to have extra "lives". And of course, we can't forget his impressive strategic mind, which allowed him to keep his entire plan under wraps from a massive organization. Now, if only he wasn't such a condescending dick... *** And with that, it'stime to start your engines and get ready to Scramble! Here, only on **ScrambleShock! TV**!

  • Jarvis Lynch

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  • Kiera Stiedemann

    Okay OP. Now I'm home and the kid is busy with Paw Patrol. Here goes: 1. Don't plan on bringing a car. If you'll even be allowed to drive, you will want to buy one here. They're insanely cheap, and besides, the metro is fantastically reliable and you can get anywhere faster using the trains than trying to drive it. 2. Cancel or suspend your American cell phone. As u/Ttran778 pointed out, you can do that without charges. Your provider will try to sell you on an international plan, don't listen to them. It isn't worth it. When in Japan, do as the Japanese do....use a Japanese phone. There are three providers here: Softbank, Docomo, and AU. I suggest Softbank because if you get your phone stuff at the booth on base, when you are moving out of Japan, with your PCS orders they will cancel your contract with no fees. If you use anyone else, they will charge you a significant amount if you have to cancel early. 3. Get your tourist passport. Someone is going to chime in with "but you can travel on orders to Japan." Yes. Yes you can. But you can only travel on official government orders. You aren't supposed to use the same set of orders going on leave at Christmas. People do it all the time, and every time I go on leave I bring my orders just in case Customs officials get twitchy, but get your passport. Plus, flying internationally is way cheaper when you're already out of the states. It'll cost you like, $250 to fly to Thailand. Tourist passport, not the no-fee one. You can only use the no-fee one when executing official government orders. 4. Get renters insurance before you leave the states. Not to sound like a shill, but I freaking **love** USAA. They will cover your personal belongings if they're in your barracks room or a friend's car. They cover your entire seabag--including costs of patches and sewing those patches on--and have a laptop clause that includes drops, spills, and theft. You can also add yourself for car insurance even though you don't own a vehicle here. They have a special clause for it, non-owner status or something. What this does is over time increases your "good driving record" --however if you are a man under 25 years old this might be more expensive than you're willing to pay just to have an improved driving record. Anyway, shop around, see what insurance options are available to you. USAA will go above and beyond to take care of you though. 5. Download "Japan Travel" App -- fantastic for the metro. Also google translate has an app that allows you to take pictures of kanji and will translate it for you. There are a few yokosuka base specific ones, one that has the base bus route and times on it, I found those useful for the first few weeks/months I was here. 6. Speaking of transportation...a bike is great. Seriously. I rode that thing until I was super pregnant and the doctor told me to stop "because you might fall." I can get anywhere on base faster with my bike than with my car, because I can never find parking. When I was on the tugs some of the crew would keep bikes at work and drive to base and then bike wherever they needed to go on base. 7. Banking. Okay, call your bank and tell them to flag your account as you're going to be going overseas. If you use a debit or credit card on base it shows up as being from....Cleveland? I think? Somewhere stateside. Then when you go off base and use your card, it shows as being in Japan. Transactions that occur within a few hours or days of each other make it look like someone stole your info. Also worth noting that Japan has this thing about buying on credit: they don't do it. It is normal for people to pay their gas/electric, rent, bills, and plus do all their shopping, with cash. (the exception to this is Okinawa which is like American Lite...everyone there speaks English and probably 30% of the locals married or had a baby to an American at one point...the taxi drivers and some stores even take dollars instead of yen.) Anyway, regarding Japan's anti-card shopping: What ended up happening is sailors would deploy and have to pay several months worth of rent in cash up was a problem. So enter GI Billpay: all your bills get sent to them, they total them up and make one big withdraw from your bank account, and pay them all for you. In cash. I highly encourage you to check them out. There's a monthly fee of like, ....$7? Very worth it, IMO. 6. The food. Be adventurous and bold. Some stuff you might not like (for instance, Natto gives me the urge to vomit like that girl in The Exorcist). But if you don't at least have an open mind about trying something, you're gonna miss out on a lot. Curry is amazing here, it's different than Indian curry. CoCo Ichiban's....the Ramen (please go somewhere else other than Red Door Ramen, it's so subpar but all the sailors go there because it's right outside base; they have no idea that there is even BETTER ramen elsewhere in Yokosuka). Sushi-go-rounds are awesome. Japanese sushi is not like this American thing with tons of cream cheese and avocado and I don't even know what that fake fish shit was they gave me when I went to a sushi place in San Diego. It's way better here. Try it. I thought I hated sushi but I had Japanese sushi and it's ruined me forever. I'll never be able to eat American sushi without wistfully muttering about "when I was stationed in Japan...." 7. Don't take a taxi from the airport. It's about 60 miles and a 2 hour drive (yes, two hours: distance and time are not the same as everyone here drives in KM per hour and the max speed on the highway is like 80 kmph which is not even 50 mph). Sign up for the [Yokosuka/Narita Shuttle Bus]( ALSO apparently my info about the Barracks was different than what tTran sailors are in the barracks in the set up I described, but I don't know if you're on shore duty you may be in a different barracks building. That's all I can think of at the moment. Holla if you have more questions. And get in touch with your sponsor. 7th Fleet takes sponsorship super seriously because we know how hard the transition to a foreign country can be. Oh one more thing: anything you need can be bought at the NEX or from Amazon. So don't freak out about needing to stock up on stuff before you PCS. I know of one lady who brought like a year's worth of her kid's favorite cereal in her packout because she was afraid she'd be unable to get it over here.

  • Talia Weimann

    We advise sailors to not publicly post their commands as it makes it easy to dox you. PERSEC and all that. Iwa is small. It's a marine base mainly and the wing just move down there a few months ago. Expect the rules regarding liberty to be strict because you're with mostly marines. The NEX is small, but you can get anything you need from Amazon. When Mr Bgw Was there in 2012, the barracks were super old and limited--I suspect they have changed that with the wing's arrival but I'm not sure. Don't plan on bringing a car. If you'll even be allowed to drive, you will want to buy one here. They're insanely cheap, and besides, the metro is fantastically reliable and you can get anywhere faster using the trains than trying to drive it. Cancel or suspend your American cell phone. Bring in a copy of your orders and you can do that without charges. Your provider will try to sell you on an international plan, don't listen to them. It isn't worth it. When in Japan, do as the Japanese do....use a Japanese phone. There are three providers here: Softbank, Docomo, and AU. I suggest Softbank because if you get your phone stuff at the booth on base, when you are moving out of Japan, with your PCS orders they will cancel your contract with no fees. If you use anyone else, they will charge you a significant amount if you have to cancel early. Get your tourist passport. Someone is going to chime in with "but you can travel on orders to Japan." Yes. Yes you can. But you can only travel on official government orders. You aren't supposed to use the same set of orders going on leave at Christmas. People do it all the time, and every time I go on leave I bring my orders just in case Customs officials get twitchy, but get your passport. Plus, flying internationally is way cheaper when you're already out of the states. It'll cost you like, $250 to fly to Thailand. Tourist passport, not the no-fee one. You can only use the no-fee one when executing official government orders. Get renters insurance before you leave the states. Not to sound like a shill, but I freaking love USAA. They will cover your personal belongings if they're in your barracks room or a friend's car. They cover your entire seabag--including costs of patches and sewing those patches on--and have a laptop clause that includes drops, spills, and theft. You can also add yourself for car insurance even though you don't own a vehicle here. They have a special clause for it, non-owner status or something. What this does is over time increases your "good driving record" --however if you are a man under 25 years old this might be more expensive than you're willing to pay just to have an improved driving record. Anyway, shop around, see what insurance options are available to you. USAA will go above and beyond to take care of you though. Download "Japan Travel" App -- fantastic for the metro. Also google translate has an app that allows you to take pictures of kanji and will translate it for you. There is a Shin station in Iwa fairly close to the base. Shin-[station name] means the Shinkansen uses those tracks. The Shinkansen is the bullet train, and I used to ride it regularly from Yoko to Iwa when my husband was in Iwa on det. You can get to anywhere in Japan within ~6 hours from Iwa on the Shin. Tokyo Disney? Hogwarts and Universal Studios? WW2 historic sites like Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Over to Fukuoka to take the ferry to South Korea? The Ice Festival up north? Fuji? Wherever you want to go in Japan, the Shin is the shit and will get you there. Speaking of transportation...a bike is great. Seriously. I rode that thing until I was super pregnant and the doctor told me to stop "because you might fall." I can get anywhere on base faster with my bike than with my car, because I can never find parking. When I was on the tugs some of the crew would keep bikes at work and drive to base and then bike wherever they needed to go on base. Banking. Okay, call your bank and tell them to flag your account as you're going to be going overseas. If you use a debit or credit card on base it shows up as being from....Cleveland? I think? Somewhere stateside. Then when you go off base and use your card, it shows as being in Japan. Transactions that occur within a few hours or days of each other make it look like someone stole your info. Also worth noting that Japan has this thing about buying on credit: they don't do it. It is normal for people to pay their gas/electric, rent, bills, and plus do all their shopping, with cash. (the exception to this is Okinawa which is like American Lite...everyone there speaks English and probably 30% of the locals married or had a baby to an American at one point...the taxi drivers and some stores even take dollars instead of yen.) Anyway, regarding Japan's anti-card shopping: What ended up happening is sailors would deploy and have to pay several months worth of rent in cash up was a problem. So enter GI Billpay: all your bills get sent to them, they total them up and make one big withdraw from your bank account, and pay them all for you. In cash. I highly encourage you to check them out. There's a monthly fee of like, ....$7? Very worth it, IMO. The food. Be adventurous and bold. Some stuff you might not like (for instance, Natto gives me the urge to vomit like that girl in The Exorcist). But if you don't at least have an open mind about trying something, you're gonna miss out on a lot. Curry is amazing here, it's different than Indian curry. CoCo Ichiban's....the Ramen, Sushi-go-rounds are awesome. Japanese sushi is not like this American thing with tons of cream cheese and avocado and I don't even know what that fake fish shit was they gave me when I went to a sushi place in San Diego. It's way better here. Try it. I thought I hated sushi but I had Japanese sushi and it's ruined me forever. I'll never be able to eat American sushi without wistfully muttering about "when I was stationed in Japan...." Get a hold of your sponsor. I don't know what airport they'll fly you into so you need to figure out how to get to base from the airport. Every other base has a shuttle bus. Iwa may have a bus or maybe the duty driver will come get you. Generally do not take a taxi though because likely they won't refund you for it.

  • Wanda Rohan

    >Traditional Thai masculinity is based on humility and stoicism. No it's not. You made that up. You pulled it out of your asshole. >This is why all males were/are expected to spend a portion of their lives as monks. Not since the 1850s in which the practice began to be less regular. Even so "being a monk" is the equivalent of being a Choir Boy in Catholicism or Alter Boy, or even just going to Catholic school during Catholicisms dominance throughout Rome and other parts of Europe. In other words, "required to be a monk" for a few years, was basically "got to the only form of public school we have". When *actual* schooling began this all but ceased to exist. >but the traits of a monk are still very highly valued in Thai society. The men in your video are not humble. Again, come here and live and speak the language (like I do) then see how full of shit your misconceptions are. Everything in Thailand is false humility - saving face. All smiles are fake. All compliments are disingenuous. Everything is an exercise in providing a polite "Wei" and a "mai pen rai". Losing face in public is considered worse than rape or murder (which is why confessing to guilt will literally cut your sentencing in half, like a recent Thai tour director who confessed to raping a farang girl AFTER she fell off a mountain and broke her spine trying to gt away from him. Sentence cut down to five years max). Come here and tell those motherfuckers they aren't humble. You'll be met with the classic Thai come-back, "You don't understand Thainess (Thaidee). And you know what? You *don't*. Everything is based of false premises - you have a Westernized, romanticized few of Buddhism and Asian culture. Get this through your skull - *it ain't like that and it never has been*. Everybody looks humble when they're too poor and malnourished to be anything else. And that's where people's false perceptions of these cultures come from. They think back to National Geographic covers that pre-date their birth. >You see the world through a western lens. Nope - that's you. You have a classic romanticized media-filtered view of Asia and Buddhism, which is not *nor ever has been* true. >You see women changing their appearances to be more western as an improvement. Women here *aren't changing their appearances to be more Western*. Where does this bullshit keep coming from? They don't give a fuck what's happening in the West. Let me break this down for you based on the crap I hear from people who apparently sit in a chair all day and don't ever put their ass in a plane seat... **Whiteness** All Asian culture is fucking obsessed with whiteness. Good luck finding any product here that isn't "10x whitening" whatever (I can't even find deodorant that isn't marketed that way). Yet, Americans (specifically) having an absurdly self-involved American-only view of the world, **of course** think Thai women (or any Asian for that matter) must be trying to be Western. First of all - get over yourself. Asian people don't give a hoot in hell about you over there in America. Secondly, it has nothing to do with white people or Western culture, and everything to do with thousands of years of Asian culture. You see, the richest people in Asia were able to stay in-doors, never having to toil in the fields. They lived a pampered lifestyle. Their pale, light skin became synonymous with their wealth and status (often "god-like" for royalty). And, likewise, tanned, dark skin became associated with peasantry - dirt, uncleanliness, and so on. This social construct has perpetuated into modern times. Dark skin is seen as dirty, while light skin is seen as beautiful. Even the most beautiful Thai girls will be shunned by Thai guys if their skin is too dark (and many Thais have naturally Mexican-brown skin). But Americans will go, "Oh what a shame, we've tainted their culture". Give me a fucking break. **Plastic surgery (specifically breast enhancement)** This is not to look more Western, this is because guys like girls with big tits, and Thai women have some of the smallest breasts on the planet. You know who they're actually trying to emulate? JAPANESE and KOREAN who typically have pretty big, shapely breasts. Again, has jack shit to do with American culture. I don't care so much about big tits, but Thai people are obsessed with them. If they see their friend in a bikini. They'll say, "Oh, you look so beautiful! But, you need to get breast operation, because they're too small - then you'll look perfect!". It's just normal. **But I have no idea where this nonsense about "facial" surgery is coming from**. Sometimes, like Korea, they get surgery on their eyelids to make it have that crease (that's a trend out of Korea by the way, not America...that's for Asian eyes only). That's about it. I don't know barely any girls with plastic surgery on their face, where people are getting that is baffeling my mind. Look, here's three girls I literally just pulled off my timeline - randomly. Friends of mine. No "westernized" faces. Besides the occasional nose job I see (rare) this is the norm. So let's let that myth die. >You see Thai men imitating others as a resurgence. I disagree. Weight lifting is weight lifting no matter where you are in the world. Are they supposed to weight lift the THAI way? How the fuck do you do that? Thailand = bike culture. You know how long it's been since I've driven a car? Two years - exactly how long I've lived here. Barely anybody drives cars. You can't look dope riding on a Scooter - so you buy Harleys, and Triumphs, and Kayasakis, and Ducatis, and Stallions. What are they supposed to do, man? Go get themselves some Thai-only motorcycles? What other griipes do you have? Don't get nice tattoos if they look too Western and stop wearing baseball caps? Fuck off with this bullshit.

  • Juwan Vandervort

    downloaden, fullur, kaufen, Panda, please find the book, kapitola, lese, litterär, berättelse, uten signering, zakup, värde, NUUTbook, Format, líta, gjennomgang, Formats, tablet, okna, kirjakauppa, Geschichte, länk, lesen, lukea, allemand, Formats, sem pagamento, Spaans, syttyä *** ## ► [***Light on Snow (year 2004)***](https://////////// ◀ *** MACKER BES BEST PURERSH' Hendrey Finn is a during the most secret called by a stifrigina, and when they are change pits no matter. He does she was the few complicated out of the ground. 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  • Ettie Dickinson

    The police do not exist to serve and protect We the People. They exist to enforce the will of the dynastic plutocratic families, the corporate oligarchs, and the international banksters, many of whom are zionists (like the neocons and members of AIPAC) and/or members of secret societies, upon We the People. Terence Crutcher's Police Shooting & Racial Bias in America. Video shows Tulsa police killing beloved father with hands up after his car broke down. 'I Can't Breathe!' - Disturbing Video Before Man Dies In Jail. GRAPHIC VIDEO - Cops Shoot & Murder Suicidal Man Then Lie And Say He Was About To Attack Them Oklahoma cops pepper spray 84-year-old woman. This version includes all cameras in all angles, as well as shows the discussion among the police regarding the best way to lie and cover up their mistakes. Graphic Video Shows Cops Savagely Beat 16-yo Boy for Recording Them Arresting His Parents. Racist & Illegal: Justice Department Slams Baltimore Police for Targeting Black Residents. VINDICATION FOR BALTIMORE POLICE CRITICS — BUT NO ACTION. Meet Abdullah Muflahi: He Filmed Alton Sterling Shooting & Was Then Detained by Baton Rouge Police. New Mexico jail guard abuses woman. A Woman Just Livestreamed Police Killing Her Boyfriend — Then Facebook Deleted the Video. Violent Delaware police officer receives lucrative resignation. A cop caught kicking a man in the face on camera just got paid $230,000 to resign Mother beaten by cops for reporting cop's rude behavior. New Video Emerges of Alton Sterling Being Killed by Baton Rouge Police. Footage provided to The Daily Beast shows Alton Sterling being repeatedly shot by police officers after he was pinned to the ground. FURIOUS White cop beats & Tasers a 15 yo Black girl for riding her bike. Cops Hold Man Down And Sic K 9 On Him After Beating Him For Dancing In A Parking Lot! Awarded $100K. City Outraged After Watching Cops Kill a Man in a Wheelchair on Video and Escape Charges. This is Trauma: Erica Garner & Ramsey Orta on Coping with the Aftermath of a Police Killing. “I’m Dead, I’m Dead” Unnerving Video Shows Cops Taser Handcuffed Man Until He Dies. Bombshell Interview: Cop Reveals That “Planting Evidence And Lying” Are Just “Part Of The Game”. US Police Vs. Good Police: A Comparison. Shocking Video Shows Cops Beating Man In San Francisco. Cop Walks Free After Killing Unarmed Man. Retired Army General Says He’s ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ After Brutal Arrest by Police. Woman Publicly Sodomized in Gas Station Parking Lot by Cops Because they 'Smelled Weed'. ‘If you snitch, your career is done’: Former Baltimore cop says he was harassed, labeled a 'rat' after attempt to root out police brutality

  • Ericka Blick

    I work as a teaching assistant for a college physics course. Last year, there was this one student who just made my skin crawl and he eventually was dismissed for behavioral infractions, and I'm honestly glad that he was, because he genuinely made me concerned for the safety of other students. We'll call him Eric. Eric was a freshman electrical engineering student in my intro physics lab. I don't really know how to describe Eric without sounding like a jerk. He was one of those guys who was nerdy but not smart, he was quirky but in a way that was creepy rather than endearing, and he had little of a social life not because he was introverted but rather because he was a completely horrible person to everyone he met. I wouldn't say he was dumb, in fact he had above average scores on his ACT and placement exams, but for whatever reason it didn't show in his coursework. The first thing I noticed is that he would stare at his female classmates. Not like an unhinged thousand-yard stare, it was like this thing where he would try to force them to make eye contact with him. And he would do this for minutes at a time, several times per 3-hour lab period. And then there was how he would treat his female classmates when they decided to be polite enough to talk to him. He would arrive several minutes late to class and immediately try to insert himself into a lab group containing one of the girls he liked. If he was rebuffed he would just sit at their table anyway and start copying their notes. I would try to divert him into a group with male students, but he would just try to get back to the girls. It became so much of a problem that we ended up having to implement pre-assigned lab teams. When we put him with some people who seemed to be his friends, he would do a little better at staying on task, but would still periodically try to slip over the table that the girls were working at or would alternate between staring at them and playing with his phone. As the semester wore on, the stories I would hear just got worse. I heard students say that Eric would stalk them on Facebook and try to get people to give him phone numbers of the girls he was obsessed with. At its worst, he would stand outside the door to the classrooms that his crushes were in, sometimes for over an hour, waiting for them to get out of class, so that he could follow them around campus. He must have done this to over a dozen students in the four months that he was there. Sometimes it was people who knew him, sometimes the girls he was stalking didn't even have a clue who this guy was that was texting them at night and following them between classes. Then there was the things he would say. The first time I had to dismiss him from the lab was when he called a Japanese-American girl a "quota cunt nipper", it would not be the last time I would have to ask him to leave. On several occasions he would refer to his female classmates as "bitches", or ask if his friends thought that so and so over at table three was a "slut", and would frequently tell his friends that he was very sure that the only reason he thought his female classmates were doing well in the course was that they were having sex with other guys in exchange for them doing her homework. On Facebook, he would post equally horrible things. On an almost daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day, he would post these tirades calling his female classmates drunken sluts, fantasize about spiking people's drinks with sleeping pills or poison at sorority parties, and would frequently complain that the university was showing favoritism to Asian students, and that he was only doing poorly in his courses because "the Asian girls" were conspiring to academically sabotage him and other "smart, sensitive white guys" in order to improve their own grades (which is ridiculous, our university has a policy against competitive grade curves). He would frequently (as in, almost daily) bemoan his continued singleness, to hear him tell it he was a "kind gentleman" who couldn't find a girlfriend because all of the girls at our college were only interested in manipulating him emotionally and taking advantage of his "intelligence", whatever that was supposed to mean (I graded his papers, he didn't really have any). I heard plenty more horror stories. He would invite himself into parties and try to rub up on girls who were dancing or who looked like they'd been drinking. He would lurk in the lobby of the dorm buildings, waiting for the girls he was stalking to come downstairs. That he would slash people's bike tires. That he would carry a knife around with him at nearly all times (he often did have a knife in lab, unfortunately we were not allowed to confiscate it). That he was thrown out of game night club for having a meltdown when he was beaten in a Smash Bros tournament. That he was caught masturbating in a bathroom in the library. I don't know how much of this was true, but it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of it was. Late in the semester, I was volunteering at a campus crisis hotline, and I received a call from a female student. Apparently this girl was sort of friends with Eric, and they had been hanging out watching TV in her dorm when Eric started trying to grope her. I told her to contact the police. She must have, because Eric disappeared before the end of the semester. And I'm glad he was gone, because this guy was one bad day away from becoming the next Elliot Rodger. Sorry that this went on so long. The moral of the story is this: if you spot creepiness in college, trust your instincts and stop it ASAP, because it's only going to get worse and could easily get to the point where it hurts someone.

  • Liza Kautzer

    TITLE: American Horror Story: Desert 3 MAIN ACTORS: Lily Rabe, Matt Bomer, Denis O'Hare CHARACHTERS YOU BRING BACK: Aliens from Asylum, maybe have some shots off WWII and a mention of Arden. Lily Rabe plays a young woman who has escaped a colony. After graduating from nursing school, Rabe volunteers to help with the Korean war. Instead of being sent abroad, she is placed at a military base in the Nevada desert. There, she meets and befriends an officer, played by Evan Peters. Denis O'Hare plays a physicist who helps develop the nuclear weapons they test nearby. O'Hare has a moral conflict, especially when he learns that real humans are being placed in the mock town they are testing at, instead of mannequins. Lily Rabe spends a few days at the base hospital, and is told that she is being transfered to a higher security ward. Here, it is revealed that the military has access to a wide variety of aliens, bizarre creatures, and paranormal objects. The story follows Rabe performing tests, medical procedures, and autopsises on these things. Peters and Rabe soon fall in love. However, their relationship is strained by the fact that they have many secrets they have to keep from each other. Evan is beginning to learn about the nuclear capacities of the US and USSR, and just how destructive a nuclear bomb would be to either nation. Rabe can not tell Peters about her work, even though she is deeply disturbed. There is a subplot with Rabe's sect and her family members. Since they live downwind of the nuclear fallout, many of them begin to get sick, and some of their children are horribly deformed or have severe mental issues. Because the testing is not disclosed to them, their only explanation is that there is evil and sin within the colony. Matt Bomer plays the leader of the sect, with Sarah Paulson as his first wife. Taissa Farmiga, Finn Wittrock, and the little girl who played Priscilla are their children. Bomer decides that because Sarah is starting menopause, and they have failed to conceive for ten years, he needs a new wife. Alexandra Daddario and Lady Gaga, play best friends from Philadelphia on their way to visit Vegas. Their car breaks down, and the colony takes them in. Bomer falls in love with them, and against Sarah's wishes marries the two women. Scandal erupts when Frances Conroy (Sarah Paulson's mom) and Kathy Bates are discovered trying to provide contraceptives to the women of the colony. Recent miscarriages are blamed on them. Wes Bentley, Bomer's brother, is discovered having a romantic affair with Daddario. The relationship is abstinent, as Bentley is a devout Mormon, and the two mostly walk around the woods, write each other poems, etc. Nevertheless, Bomer is enraged. He declares that Conroy, Bates, and Bentley, will be sentanced to death by blood retribution (which involves things like cutting a person's tongue out and disembowelment.) Meanwhile, Finn Wittrock is actually playing his most fucked up character yet. Bomer finds out that he has been abusing his siblings. Instead of reporting him to the police, Bomer tells Finn to pray for forgiveness, and since Daddario is "ruined", Finn has permission to marry her. Season Finale: Despite vowing to never return home, Rabe decides to visit the colony with Peters, so she can provide shots and medical care to the residents. They find the colony in poor condition. Because people continue to get sick, all of the community leaders except Bomer have gone to Salt Lake in hopes of finding a solution. Bomer refuses Lily's offer to provide checkups for the colony members, and insists she simply provide vaccinations. While Taissa is alone with Lily, she reveals that Wittrock is a pedophile, and has expressed interest in taking one of her friends as a second wife. Lily tells Paulson, who is outraged. The two of them decide that the only way to stop the abuse is to kill Finn. After debating, Sarah says she will kill Finn, because she feels guilty for not realizing what he did. Bomer and Peters decide to go for a day trip. They invite Finn, but he insists he stay so that he can propose to Taissa's friend. All of the women in the colony now know about Finn's pedophilia, and agree to help Paulson kill him. Wittrock is invited over to the friend's house so they can have a date under her mother's supervision. Meanwhile, Bomer and Peter's car breaks down after they stop nearby for lunch. They borrow the bikes of two missionaries, and begin to bike ten miles back to the colony. Sarah enters the dining room, and stands behind Finn, prepared to slit his throat. Upon hearing Finn's screams, Bomer runs in to the house, and shoots Sarah. Peters, equally confused, shoots Bomer when he sees Sarah's body. Rabe and Peters flee back to the base. When the elders return several days later, they blame Daddario and Gaga for the murders, accusing them of trying to eliminate their in-laws to gain more power. The two are forced to walk back to town. When they attempt to get help from social services, they are deemed mentally unstable, and are sent back to their family on the East Coast.

  • Arjun Hauck

    Her smile burned into Charly's mind right away. She stood up to extend her stay at the reception and the way she walked told him and everyone around, that she couldn't care less about them. On her way back she caught Charly's eyes. "Is there some supermarket or anything to get stuff for breakfast?" It took Charly a moment to process that someone just talked to him. "I can make you some pancakes, but you will have to pay for the ingredients." Little did he know that he impressed her with his charming and demanding answer. It was the first time in her life that someone didn't offer her something for free. "Sounds great." She answered with a warm smile that heated up Charly like a hot bath. "Are those enough?" She tossed him some coins. Charly calculated and came to the conclusion that she gave him enough to cook pancakes for a whole class. "See you tomorrow for breakfast then!" Charly tried to shake his mind free of her and went to his room. It was empty, he was the only one in a room with 12 beds. The reception made a mistake and assigned him an empty room instead of the one full with snoring guys. It was then and there, after 60 days that his mind became vivid. It was better than any movie; close to what people three years later would call 'virtual reality'. He jerked off wildly, thinking of the slim asian girl, her perfect smooth skin, full lips and that smile - full of.. _LOVE_ They met the next morning in the hallway. "What a nice breakfast you made this morning." It was her smile again that made him understand that it didn't matter that he messed up. "You didn't tell me at what time. I didn't want to make them and then you will sleep until lunchtime. They would be cold." She laughed. "I will make my laundry, do you have anything to clean? The machine will be half empty otherwise." "Puh, yeah look at me. I do, but you will have to wash your stuff at least two times, cause mine were only cleaned by the rain I encountered on my way." Charly couldn't believe his luck. This woman paid him for not preparing breakfast and now she will even make his laundry. _She must be an angel from heaven._ "What are you up to today? Steven and I will take a look at the city. Do you want to join?" She asked him straightforward. _Someone wants to hang out with an ugly fish as I am?_ "Well, uhmmm... Sure I will join. Steven was an American who visited relatives in the Netherlands and stopped in Helsinki to enjoy his finnish friend's deep fryer. Like Charly he had a rather long beard. Together they looked like travelmates. Charly couldn't remember to having ever had such a pleasant time with a woman as on that day, if he could only controll the rambling sensation in his stomach area. At one point Steven got tired of the two lovebirds. "Fuck you Sophia and Charly." He stood up and jumped around them spreading all the chips he had like a madman who tried to light a house on fire with gasoline. The sea-gulls gathered around them. First Sophia screamed and laughed the purest laugh that Charly ever heard, then, as the birds didn't attack, but built a white circle around them, they hugged and as their lips met, the sensation in Charly's stomach exploded. He realized that all this time he wasn't running away from anything. Instead he went out to look for something. Something he would never find in the busy everyday working life, although it was the most important thing to him. The thing, that is the sense of life in his opinion. He looked for the one and only _true love._ The next few days were the best days he ever had. The two lovebirds spend day and night together. They were inseparable like chewing gum and a college desk. Until it was time for Sophia to fly back home; time for Charly to go back to his yellow bycicle and proceed to Russia. The rainy night helped disguise their tears and sadness as they said good-bye with a pinch of hope. Sophia spend the time in the bus to the airport looking out of the window. She thanked the universe for the great last days. She was sure that Charly's plans were way too big for him to come back to her, although he promised. _He is on a long journey. He will find someone else on his way. A guy like him will never be alone._ Charly at the other hand, had to check his bike and get some more spare parts before entering mother Russia. The whole morning he felt as if someone ripped out his soul. He was an empty shell; a shadow of himself. On the way to the store was a library and he remembered someone telling him: "In Finland you can always use the internet in the libraries for free:" He made sharp right turn, crossed the red light, locked the bike and speeded to the first computer he saw. The internet was slow and it took him a few tries to open his mail. _Please, let it be a real mail-adress. It can't be a fake. Please_ "Hi, i managed to cross mongolia and the other countries. will be with you in no time. Sorry. Don't have so much time at the moment. need to go on. We will catch it up later ;-)" It was the longest day in his life. He wasn't hungry, couldn't sleep and felt like he drank two bottles of vodka and had been beaten up by three bears in a cold rainy night. She was so far now and he could still see her opening the fridge, entering his room, hugging him....

  • Geovanni Quigley

    General Retrospective: I watched 623 films this year, not counting shorts or repeated viewings (I only watched three films twice), and 499 for the first time. It was a big year for me. I only really started getting back into movies in 2014. I joined Letterboxd at the end of that year and started keeping a diary in the middle of 2015. I would say that is the point where I started becoming more and more serious about movies as a hobby. Last year I went to theatre to see about 47 movies, including five at the local international festival. This year, however, I went to the theatre to see 90 movies. I saw 13 at the the festival. I only mention this because I think it highlights my largest viewing habit, which is primarily newer films. Not counting re-watches (any movie I've seen at least once previously to this year) I only saw about 85 films this year that were from before I was born (1993). If I classify that period as 'pre-history', it's a major blindspot for me. Letterboxd tells me, not that I need it to, that I rate films from the 40s, 60s, 70s and 80s higher than any other decade. All this means to me is that I am only watching the highest rated movies from those eras and not too unsurprisingly enjoying them. This is something I really wrestle with though because doing so makes me feel like I am checking movies off a checklist most of the time. Maybe that will change if I delve deeper in to those respective eras. But this is why I gravitate towards newer films more and more, and films from working filmmakers, because there's sense of cultural urgency surrounding them. I don't know if this will change in 2017 or not but I hope it does.   **Best-of-the-best**: Into the Wild, Dogville, Network, Raging Bull and Come and See **Filmmakers who changed my world in 2016:** Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog, Paterson), Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven, Velvet Goldmine), Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher), William Friedkin (Sorcerer), Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy), Wong Kar-wai (Fallen Angels), Mike Leigh (Naked, Happy-Go-Lucky), Steven Soderbergh (Contagion, Solaris, Ocean's Thirteen), Krzysztof Kieślowski (Red, Double Life of Veronique), Robert Altman (McCabe and Mrs. Miller, 3 Women), Dardenne Brothers (The Kid with a Bike), Pedro Almodovar (Volver) **Non-English speaking Directors I really got into:** Christian Mungiu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days), Asghar Farhadi (About Elly), Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Winter Sleep), Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth), Mia Hansen-Løve (Things to Come), Maren Ade (Toni Erdmann), Céline Sciamma (Tomboy) **Documentaries I fell in love with:** Citizenfour, The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence, Touching the Void, Thin Blue Line (I watched way fewer than I thought I did :( ) **Movies I watched again and confirmed as favourites:** The Breakfast Club, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Jackie Brown, Drive, Inherent Vice, Dead Man, Miller's Crossing, Rushmore **Everything else I really liked:** Eyes Wide Shut, Elephant, This is England, The Killers, Paris Texas, Le Cercle Rouge, Battle Royale, Wake in Fright, Oslo August 31st, Prince of the City, The Holy Mountain, Last Temptation of Christ, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Host, Hustle & Flow, 25th Hour, Fish Tank, Certified Copy, Suspiria, The Abyss, Manhunter, Strange Days, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Waking Life, United 93 **The funniest movies I watched this year:** Easy A, Four Lions, Damsels in Distress, Roger Dodger, Chasing Amy, 24-Hour Party People **Worst-of-the-worst:** Sabotage, Me Him Her, Singles, Dune, Conviction, Limitless, White God, The Impossible, Crazy Stupid Love, Big Trouble in Little China, SubUrbia, The Watch, The Perks of Being a Wallflower **Misunderstood:** Limits of Control, Cruising, Evil Dead (2013), Wetlands, Cat People (1982), London Road, Hardcore Henry, My Blueberry Nights, Solaris (2002), The Girlfriend Experience, Unfriended **Movies I never would have watched before this year:** Stranger by the Lake, Deep Blue Sea (2011), Wuthering Heights (2011), Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Jane Eyre, Martyrs, Coriolanus, Audition **Best of 2016:** Paterson, Toni Erdmann, The Handmaiden, Sing Street, Certain Women, The Neon Demon, Everybody Wants Some, La La Land, Arrival, I Daniel Blake, Hail Caesar, Son of Saul, The Hateful Eight, Tower, OJ: Made in America, Elle, Nocturnal Animals, Hacksaw Ridge, Loving, Pete's Dragon, Julieta, The Unknown Girl, Graduation, American Honey, 13 Hours, Swiss Army Man, Green Room **Never want to think about it again:** Bad Santa 2

  • Kaylah Bode

    Jesus fuck, talk about the Try Hard of all Try Hards. Let's just start with the fact you bough a Harley, the laughingstock of the motorcycle world. This is a company that has refused to innovate since before the fucking transistor was invented. Common pin crank motors are still hanging on, and they haven't been "modern technology" for nearly 100 years. So what was it that sold you this lump of pig iron anyway? Was it the Heritage™? Talk about marketing fucking genius, whom ever came up with that one at Harley deserves a medal or something, "Hey guys! I just figured out how to sell obsolete shit to morons for twice the price!" I tried to search for the bhp rating for a brand new Sporster, but I couldn't stop laughing. I got as far as the "Stage 4 tune 100 hp dyno test" results and had to go breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes. We are nearly two decades into the 21st Century and HD still needs thousands of dollars poured into it to fall short of where my 17 year old bone-stock Honda with less displacement is. And before you start banging on about HD build quality and materials, just don't even try. My old girl is considered a spring chicken at 74K miles - and it has *never broken down, ever.* Okay, in all that time it did have one minor leak, the ancient o-ring on the water pump cover finally gave up the ghost and had to be replaced. Harley can't even deliver a Sportster to a major motorcycle magazine without problems. The Sportster bought by Revzilla was puking oil from the day they took delivery, the new 500s suffered multiple catastrophic brake failures when reviewed by, well, everyone; oh, and the bigger bikes have been under recall for the better part of a year due to brake failures. Harley isn't even a motorcycle company. Go into most HD dealers and they have as much, if not more floor space devoted to HD branded shit that has nothing to do with bikes. T-shirts, beer mugs, HD frozen processed food, even HD toilet seats.... although that last one seems rather appropriate considering how utterly shit their bikes are. HD is the Starbucks of motorcycles, they don't sell good bikes any more than Starbucks sells good coffee - what they sell is an image. Don't have a personality? Not a problem, you can buy one pre-packaged and shrink-wrapped at your local Harley dealer. But I digress, I'm not done pointing out how shit the bike is yet. Oh yeah, I've got more. Why is it that Harley can't seem to make a bike that both runs *and* passes emissions? They tune these lumps of leaky excrement so damn lean to pass emissions that they will overheat and barely put out any power from the factory. HD even took to jacking up the price by about $2,000 just to give customers an "accessory allowance" that they were strongly encouraged to spend it on new jetting or tuning and Screaming Eagle™ pipes just to make that lump of crap run right. By the way, HD got slapped down for that practice recently and had to buy back all the aftermarket ECUs still at the dealerships and pay a massive fine to the EPA. It will be interesting to see how they manage to make a bike that runs now. Then there is that whole American™ Made™ Pride™ Eagles™ Fuckyeah™ circle jerk. This from the company that makes all their body work in India or China, the suspensions are imported, the tires are imported, the electronics are imported, even the engine designs (for the ones that run) were imported along with most the oily bits. Soon the whole thing is going to be assembled in Mexico anyway, so I can't even give HD riders shit about only having a chassis and a bucket of American fasteners. Shit, there are Goldwings out there that are more American than a Harley. The only people who buy these antiquated smog-machines are people with more money than personality or brains, or maybe ones with a leather fetish who like dressing as pirates on the weekend while posing outside the Starbucks. Harley Davidson: Turning gasoline into noise without the side effect of horsepower since 1903.

  • Katheryn Mraz

    *Tl;dr at bottom of comment.* Waited in line 45+ minutes to meet the pro motocross racer I looked up to as an aspiring teen, I'll name drop, it was Dean Wilson (Scottish Canadian kid, talented). At my home track of Washougal, Washington there was quite the line. *I fuckin' idolized the hell outta this guy and his riding,* wanted to model a lot of myself after him. Anyhow, get to the front of the line, one person in front of me, and then take off after an autograph, picture and handshake. So I step forward to meet Dean, his agent approaches me [in between Mr. Wilson and I] and to my dismay, says no more time for 'fans'. (Again, no one behind me.) So blonde comes running up, petite, boobs, etc. She steps in front of me after Dean puts on his hat and shades, yells "oh my god! Dean you're incredible!" Agent visually checks with Dean, I stand there broken, and Dean goes and gets a T-shirt and his mx goggles hanging off the side of a chair near the bike manufacturer's truck. He hustles back to meet her and gives her the gifts, she hugs him and they begin a loud conversation, agent looks at me and says "you can go now." I walked away in a damn fury, like holding back little bitch tears and rage. Skate thru the pits late heading back to meet my ride (about 15 min walking time away). Walk past American Honda tent, no bikes, no mats that bikes and motostands go on, just a few wood autograph chairs sitting randomly about under the tent alongside their large truck. I'm still in a disappointed and pissed mood, staring at the grass about 20 or 30 feet to my right and shifting back to the green right below me. I hear a voice call out to me (didn't notice footsteps or anything, pro races are 100% over and should have left probably awhile ago). "Hey, buddy. How's it goin'?" The voice said. Seething mad, I said "waited in line like an hour or something to meet Dean Wilson, but he's stupid and some girl with boobs wooed him and the lady that worked for him more than me. I was the only one left that wanted to talk to him." Not looking in any direction but away from everything to hide my watery eyes. "Well, I'm sorry, man. That happens with people sometimes, and Dean is kind of a dick too." The male voice told me. I respond with, "yeah, how'd you even know?" He tells me "I ride with him sometimes, and see him every week. Just get to know people after a while." So sort of confused I slowly turn my head and stretch my shoulders in the voices direction, coming from my left... And it's American Honda sponsored (at the time) factory rider and one of my biggest role models, #29 ANDREW SHORT. I'm at a loss for words, which is ironic since I was just upset and talking to him unknowingly anyways. I go to speak and nothing comes out, light air and hardly audible crackling from my larynx, just completely shocked and no breath to speak with. "Well, it was good talking to you. Sorry about Dean, but we gotta start packing up for the next national. You want a jersey and a water or something to drink?" I dumbly nod my head with an amazed expression still plastered on my face. We chat for a few seconds more before he invited me on the truck, he gave me an energy drink can that had water in it (they drink on the podium, but you can't tell the difference from a few feet away), and a few badass gifts and shook my hand. Andrew will forever be a top notch human to me and I've idolized him regardless of his career success since (and before that honestly). I went back to the truck with my driving party to everyone's disbelief and slight dismay for missing out. "I thought you wanted to meet Dean Wilson, dude!" One of my buddies exclaims... "I did" is all I responded with. ***Tl;Dr***: Waited a long time to meet one of my teenage sports heros, he personally blows me off for a skirt, I get picked up by another pro sports athlete. Moral of the story? Have boobs.

  • Armand Jerde

    A good friend of mine at work mentioned how he spent 5 hours watching the Lord of the Rings Marathon on Christmas Day on the exercise bike before his legs gave out. I thought this was quite a neat idea actually, and mentioned that if I had the space for a bike I'd totally consider the same thing when I'm watching TV. Then he went on to mention how he needs to lose weight to gain the confidence to ask a girl he's been fawning after out. Now he's a rugby player and a good looking guy, but I'm not going to deny he could stand to lose a few pounds. I told him that he should lose the weight to better himself and feel good about himself and his health, but not just so he can ask her out, because she should be interested in him and not his weight, standard friendly response. During the course of this conversation he consumed 2 cans of Dr Pepper and a cappuccino with sugar (easily ~350 calories in about 45 minutes of just drinks). I asked him if he can considered diet drinks or sweeteners to help shift some of the weight, and explained to him that 3,500 calories is about a pounds of fat etc. "Oh no, there's too many carcinogens in them. Plus some of them actually tell your body to stop burning fat and make you stop losing weight." "...Okay I can't comment on the carcinogen one other than it's been widely disproven, but do you honestly think that the sweeteners cause your body to not burn fat? Where would you get the energy from then? If you had no fuel in your system so your body was burning fat for energy, and you drank a diet coke, where do you think your body would get the energy from then if there's none in the coke?" "It would just stop burning fat. It would make you ill and you would probably faint." "...Then why aren't thousands of people fainting daily? Who told you this?" "My doctor" "...They didn't really did they?" "No. I lied. *goes really defensive* but I always lose more weight drinking sugar and full fat than no fat anyway!" "Well if that's what works for you. It's possible that the full fat Cappuccino fills you up a little more and so you eat less and that creates a slightly bigger deficit." "...OH well yeah that might be possible. But you need at least 2000 calories a day, all the labels say it." "Everyone is different, heights, weights, ages, activity levels, they all matter in determining what amount of calories you can eat for your own body. My maintenance to not gain or lose any weight is about 1500 because I'm short. My BMI is healthy right now but at my highest weight of 140 pounds, borderline obese for me was totally healthy for someone else. You need to learn your own body." "BMI is all bullshit anyway for the majority of people! It doesn't take into account muscle mass at all! It's boring old 1800's logic that hasn't been improved." "Actually unless you're an athlete that trains 8 hours a day or something, BMI is pretty accurate for most people." "It says that all American Football players are obese!! It was in the news!!" "...They are mostly all athletes with huge muscle mass... but that doesn't mean a couple of them aren't overweight. They bulk up to make themselves harder to push around remember." "Whatever, you don't know what you're talking about." Seriously couldn't believe that he wouldn't accept anything I had to say. I wanted to help him, everyone always asks me how I'm losing so much weight without much exercise and when I try to explain they just go "Well none of that stuff actually matters you must just be naturally skinny or your metabolism has sped up." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  • Clarabelle Weissnat

    $6,000 (+ like another 1-2k in miscellaneous related expenses) Girlfriend dumped me after I lost my job, she kicked me out of our apartment, so fuck it. I drained our joint account and bought a motorcycle, and all the associated gear, etc. Loaded up two backpacks and started riding. I've got a lot of friends and family all over the place, so I usually had someone to stay with. One of the funniest memories is when I crashed with my buddy 1000 miles from home, and he insisted we go golfing at his country club. I didn't have any club appropriate wear (and my buddy is a huge guy, none of his stuff fit me), I didn't have my clubs. So here I am looking more like the grounds keeper, playing 18 holes. Apparently the club manager had to have a talk with my friend about that the next week, and I'm not allowed back unless properly dressed. Oh well, I've been back there since (with the appropriate attire), it's a nice place. I met a nice girl in Minnesota when I was staying there with my cousin. I ended up staying with her for like a week. That was pretty freakin awesome. I was so close to Canada I decided one day "fuck it, let's make this an international trip". So I rode up to the border, and was promptly turned away. Didn't have my passport. But the border guard said there was an old service road that didn't have a check point. So I found that and ended up in canada. Also didn't really think the whole "different currency" thing through. But fortunately a lot of places took the american dollar. Stayed in canada for a day, had poutine for the very first time, and smuggled a bottle of maple syrup back into the states illegally, but the legality of it honestly didn't cross my mind. Sometimes I couldn't make it to my next friend or relative and would just find a nice little patch of grass to park on. I just slept on the ground once in a while. I even got caught in a nasty thunderstorm one night somewhere in Nebraska. I threw a rain tarp over my bike and turned it into a makeshift tent. I actually got some sleep that night, but it wasn't very restful. Almost died a handful of times. Even laid the bike over once a little ways outside of Denver. Shout out to Dave the trucker with the bright red big rig. Thanks for getting me to the gas station man. The bike was a little banged up after that, but still ran just fine, so I pressed on. (Oh, and I was completely fine too, wear your safety gear fellas.) The mountains did a number on the engine. That was my own fault, I knew you're supposed to tweak the carburetor before high altitude riding, but I figured it couldn't mess things up too bad. The mountains were beautiful, but I had one or two close calls and decided the mountains on two wheels aren't for me. Made it to LA, dropped the bike with a mechanic and bummed around for a couple days. Would have stopped in Vegas, but I'm really not a huge fan of the town. Took highway 101 all up the coast. Made it to Seattle. Fell in love with the whole area. Definitely going to buy a second house there if I can ever afford it. Funds started getting low so I ended up making my way home. Stayed with a friend looking for a roomie, found a new job, got back on my feet. Good times. Would absolutely do again if I suddenly found myself with nothing going for me. Was a lot cheaper than I expected too.

  • Marcelina Boyle

    , Riddle Solution Answer Database, How to Motorize Your Road Bike | Outside Online, from evil pillow, Dormitory: Dirty Room : Snooze Alarms: Alas! No More Z's: Evangelist: Evil's Agent : Alec Guinness: Genuine Class: Desperation: A Rope Ends It : Semolina, Charles Baudelaire - Selected poetry in translation. To A Creole Lady. In a perfumed land caressed by the sun. I found, beneath the trees’ crimson canopy,, Baudelaire , Charles - Selected Poems: In translation, I wanted to share a piece about where the student argued the point of God vs Science with his professor. ‘Let me explain the problem science has with religion.’, Riddle Solutions Answer; Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? C: What kind of dog keeps the best time? Watchdog: What time of day, when written in a, Darkness on the Edge of Town Joe R. Lansdale is the toast of Italy, a hot property in Hollywood, and an inspiration to a generation of horror and thriller writers, Tenchi Muyo! GXP - Captain Seina Yamada (DVD 3) 2004-06-01 (from $6.78) Tenchi Muyo! GXP - New Illusions (DVD 4) 2004-07-13 (from $14.48) Tenchi Muyo! GXP, How to Motorize Your Road Bike All those rumors about pro cyclists using hidden motors to win races? Here are their options., Manga Index - Manga Fox!, Download movie American Horror Story. Watch American, American Horror Story. An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch, Albert Einstein: God vs Science - Yes-23, Browse all manga alphabetical order. Hundreds of high-quality free manga for you, with a list being updated daily. Naruto manga, Bleach manga, One Piece manga, Air, Tenchi Muyo! GXP (TV) - Anime News Network, Fun with the English Language - Lifesmith, Darkness on the Edge of Town - Texas Monthly, Images4Sale - The #1 Image Site on the Net!, TOP STORES. 1. CATFIGHT SUPERSTARS; 2. Girl Next Door Bondage; 3. Peko Lux Picture Sets, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](, [](,

  • Bruce Kihn

    You weren't lying in your title. I'll tackle them one by one. >Is the idea of bicycling or skateboarding from USF to downtown Tampa (despite the distance), out of the question due to safety risks? Depends on what you mean by safety risks. Do you mean traffic wise or do you mean crime wise? Traffic wise, it is going to be fairly dangerous, though not impossible, to get from USF to downtown. Crime wise... eh. Probably fine in the daytime, but I wouldn't want to be caught on a bike in the area to the immediate west of USF after sunset. If you want my advice, though, I personally wouldn't attempt biking from USF to downtown just because of the distance, which it sounds like you're already aware of. >And how is the rest of Tampa? It's fine. There are better cities in the world but there are much, much, much worse cities. I'd rate Tampa as a fairly average American city. >I'm very keen on getting a handgun because I feel like pocket knives aren't enough, but USF is very strict against owning a gun on campus. I really feel no need to have any weapons on me when I'm on campus. The worst thing that ever happens is people trying to hand shit to me as I leave the library. That said, I'm a 200 pound plus guy with a full beard and for all I know, you're a 95 pound petite girl. So I'm not gonna tell you how you should or shouldn't arm yourself, but I will say, you don't have to live on campus anymore during your first year at USF. So if you really, really want to own a gun, just live off campus. You'll just have to leave it at home (or in your car, when you get one) during your classes and other times at USF. (Or just conceal it and don't let anyone see it. But I didn't *officially* say that to you.) >How is skateboarding received in the city? In the city, not USF? Meh... I don't even like it *at* USF, so I'm not really one to answer that question. >How bad is it to get around by bus? Fucking. Awful. I once decided to take the public bus home from a Lightning game and it took me 2 hours to get home. For context, I can drive to Amalie Arena in about 20 minutes without traffic. That said, the bus system in the USF area is rumored to be fairly decent, though I've never used it. >I'm sort of baffled that no train exists in the Bay Area Yeah, that's a topic for another day. Every time a group puts it on the ballot, it gets voted down for one reason or the other. The last time it was on the ballot in Hillsborough, it was a county wide vote for a service that really only would have served Tampa and a few of its immediate suburbs. How do you think it was received in the more rural parts of the county (Plant City, Lithia, etc)? Not very well. >I won't have a car for my first 6 months to a year living in Tampa Make it your biggest priority. They'll let any old piece of shit on the road in Florida, so if you have to get a car from a police auction, so be it. But it'll make life so much better (until you realize how shitty the parking situation at USF is).

  • Thurman Kunde

    "Tag on ya soul everybody's got a price, acid acid change yo life" -Bounce "Ain't shit change, just the numbers on the cane" -Church "Nigga never ever gonna miss you girl get it understood, you looking good, mind and your body gotta equal girl, how your soul hangs low like the bottom of your red shoes, and I think it's Louis Vuitton too"- 222 "In a land beyond living, all things are possible isn't it insane to think this really all started from a molecule" -D.R.U.G.S Intro "2012 is here still a different type of fear it's material and i ain't talking fashion, beleive in what you want cause no one knows or seen what happened" -MRAZ "Ladies know your worth, for you are Mother Earth the universe is inside of you and you birth kings, Queens......Look inside and realize you are a goddess cause there's no us withougt you mothers" -Get Yours "Myself in 5 years, that's the only one ahead of me" -Church "I am redesigning the mind of the masses that fear a black man with tattoos and bandanas but when a white man wear tattoos and bandanas and joins a bike gang it's all cool with the balance"- Amerikkkan Pie "Money can't buy happiness, dummy, it is happiness" -Inf Beams "Rather be American psycho than American idol" -D.R.U.G.S Intro "Everybody's a snake, that's why I try to keep the grass cut" -Regular and Complex "Life's a matter of preference, who's to say that hell isn't heaven" -Church "Terrorist experiments, Americas full of shit uh, blinded by skin color, blinded by his lover"-Death "Sometimes I still get stressed but I just smoke one and count my blessings"- Smoke Break "At times I feel like fuck religion because religion is division"- D.R.U.G.S Intro "It's too easy to be ignorant just lay back and think a bit" -222 "Government love guns till they aimed at you"-Amerikkkan Pie "Fuck the police though we smoke it like it's legal" -Thug Waffle "Do you ever notice that in the Bible whenever God had to punish someone make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Do you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? The whole existence spent praising with God, always being the one leaving dipped in blood. Is it possible that God does not like you? He never wanted you" -D.R.U.G.S Intro They will always be my favorites so sorry about the long list but they are so motivational and intelligent in my opinion

  • Eliezer Greenholt

    Two for the price of one: Soon after I moved to Philly, I was trying to find my way on bike through North Philly to Temple University. There were a bunch of middle aged guys sitting outside of a subway station on Broad. Guy shouts, "Nice bike!" I say thanks. He says, "Ya know, if this were a couple hours later, I'd steal it." Hey, at least he was honest... A few years later, I was in Istanbul, by myself. I'm walking on Istikal Street on a Sunday night, doing the tourist thing and looking for a bar. A guy walks up to me and starts talking to mebin Turkish. I say, "Sorry, I don't speak Turkish." He lights up and says, "Oh, are you British or American?" I tell him American. He starts talking up this bar around the corner, which has live music, just one block over off Istikal. I say, "Sure" because I'm a dumbass and trust strangers too much. He leads me to a totally normal bar, but takes me upstairs behind a giant metal door. Once he opens it, there are dozens of women in lingerie. Now, I'd heard of this scam before-they charge exorbitant amounts for alcohol as a front for prostitution. The manager greets the guy who brought me in with a huge smile and shakes my hand. On either side of us, they sit down two girls. The girl beside me is really attractive and from Moscow. I buy her one drink and intend to take off after that. When the first drink is gone, the guy who brought me in tells me he'll get the next one. During the second drink, the girl misinterprets something I said as "Is your father in the Russian mafia?" The correct answer was yes and she started bawling. So, i buy her a third drink. And a fourth. After the fourth, I call for the check and the waiter and the guy who brought me in do a little fake conversation in Turkish. The guy who brought me in leans over and says, "I don't know why the bill is so much. Can you pay your half?" My half comes to 1080 lira, about $540 at the time. I give them my credit card, thinking I can call my bank the next day. They say, "Sorry, we don't take cards. Ahmet will walk you to the atm." After going down the steps and leading me in disorienting circles through back alleys for ten minutes, Ahmet shows me where the atm is. As I walk past him, I take off sprinting around people. Probably ran for ten minutes. Never went back to Istikal Street.

  • Lukas Harber

    When I was 16, there was this girl I has a crush on. We knew each other well, and she liked me, too, but I didn't know if she *liked* me. My heart knew that though I was still so young, I couldn't see myself with anyone else. I toughened up and asked her out on a date. She agreed. I was over the moon! We were heading to the local, somewhat shabby, club that evening, and we danced all night. In the darkness, I looked deep into her eyes, and our gazes met. We knew we were where we were meant to be. I kissed her, I embraced her. We didn't want to let go. We swiftly caught a cab to my place. It was expensive, but it was worth it! I opened the door, and we rushed to the bedroom, stripping off our clothes, and as soon as we got there, I went down and lovingly and delicately licked her out. I was a virgin before this, and I was not dissappointed. We had a long night of loving sex, and it went on until dawn. We then slept in to noon. We ended up falling in love, and we'd dated for a few years when she became pregnant. It was the happiest moment of my life. 9 months later, I am the proud father of one special little girl, and she the mother. We decided it was time for a change, and we moved out of that little town, and into the suburbs of a big city. It was lovely. The American dream. Barbeques, parties... We taught our daughter to ride her bike on that street. :) We were happy. My daughter had a boyfriend, and, in a bitter-sweet situation, she'd become pregnant at 17. By the time it was due, she was 18, and we all drove to the hospital so my little girl could deliver her little one. One little boy later, and we were headed back to our beautiful house. I was a grandfather, and only 42! I was so happy that I'd be around for so much of my grandson's life, and his children, and maybe even his grandchildren. I made sure that my daughter wouldn't get a worse lot in life because of her son, and she and her boyfriend moved out two years later. We'd visit them often, and they'd come and visit, too. Our house was brilliant for the summers. My grandson loved it. Then, one day, when the wife and I were driving our grandson to his baseball game, I spotted a familiar woman, my age. I slowed the car. I looked at her, and then I looked at my wife. I rolled down the window. "Where did you go on our date?!", she said. "Oh." That was awkward.

  • Deborah Bogan

    From what i've seen / heard and the friends i have in the US, American High School is the WORST time in their lives. It's full of cliques and people being assholes and there's not formal uniforms there? So people get picked on for basic stuff like clothes and stuff? It really does sound horrid, but at the end of the day you have to realise you're never going to see them again and you have the rest of your life ahead. Even my best friend from the private school i went to here I havent spoken to or heard from in like a decade, and the bullies and douchebags i can't even remember the names of. I was bullied for 3 solid years when i first moved from Scotland to that English private school. I was bullied for my accent, and being Scottish, and being overweight (which i was at 10-12 then grew to over 6ft later). I HATED life in those rough years, but things got better and i pushed myself to join clubs and groups and better myself. I did loads of exercise and joined the sailing team and stage crew and Combined Cadet Force and soon had an active social life, despite being really shy from all the years of being bullied. I was tall and athletic and got a lot of attention from girls, which i had no idea how to respond to and most of the time i just wanted to go for a run / bike ride or play on my computer, not go to the movies with a girl i had no idea what i was meant to do with at the time :P I'd suggest exercise really sounds like your best option atm. Even 5-10 mins a day. It helps with the depression, and helps get you back in shape, which in turn builds your confidence, which in turn helps the depression etc etc. Then when you have some confidence back you can start going out and looking to socialise. Volunteering i've found is a good way to meet people and make friends. I tend to volunteer at the charity shops in town. You meet a lot of interesting customers in those shops, and the other people that volunteer tend to be really nice people, not selfish or shallow or petty, like high school kids can be. Either way it gives you something to do with your time and gets you out of the house, rather than just sitting and stressing about stuff, which depression tends to make us do.

  • Armando Reilly

    Not OP obviously but I'd still like to answer it. [Spoiler] I think that in this show some of the actors are good and some are really bad, unfortunately a Nick can never compensate for how a Chris ruins an episode, Alica is also very clearly a very talented actress. And this is a permanent thing apparently for this show, it feels so often that you are watching a AAA production that is mixed with some weird college B movie. That being said I think the main problem is the writing, and with that I don't mean the general way the story goes, the ideas are good, some really good, but the details, the way they want to get to the story cornerstones just doesn't work for me. A few examples: * the mother lighting the hotel signs * Chris whole Storyarc could have been sooo good but the way to get to the last few episodes (when they met the american kids) was so bad * the mother that takes Nicks water (why is this weird and "unrealistic" family spawning from thin air in the house he stayed for at least a few hours, it makes no sense. Did they travel threw the night with a small child an are then shocked that the only house with light is occupied or did they just chill over in the next room while he spend half the night there? If they wanted to get Nick to the point of nearly dying of thirst just have him robbed, this weird way of having them be "not bad people" just didn't work. Even better just let him walk for 2 days and drink it all. * Brings me to the next point, really there isn't a single working car? Or a bike? * The Cartel members leaving the car shooting the mini-heard Nick traveled with. What were they trying to do? Why did they charge forward until they were only 3m away from the zombies and why did they both forget how to walk backwards? That's on the same level as the girl in the main series dying to her 2 friends wrapped in a plastic foil, just really really bad writing. And what was Nicks plan in this scene? And there is so much more, all these little things (and some big plot points) really make it so hard to enjoy a series that because of the setting should be my favorite.

  • Jaiden VonRueden

    Harley-Davidson vs. Honda/Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki vs. the Euro-bikes. After Indian Motorcycles collapsed in the 1950s, HD was the only American bike left in town, and that meant that any protectionist/nativist/Buy-American feeling automatically benefited them. The first waves of Japanese motorcycles were small-displacement machines and a totally different beast from the full-sized Harleys, but in the 1970s the Japanese started building some serious, hyper-comptetent motorcycles (the 1969 Honda CB750 is a perennial example) and it looked like Harley might have some serious competition after 20 years without it. Instead of investing in new technology, though, Harley-Davidson elected to double-down on the marketing, and now they focus more on selling a lifestyle - the fantasy of being a "Harley guy" or "Harley girl" - than they do on the specifications and performance of their motorcycles. H-D *can* make a quality product - look at the V-Rod - but the market spoke and people wanted the classics. Still, some people love them, and there's something to be said for the fact that all the Japanese 'cruiser bikes' - the name for that kind of motorcycle that Harley makes - are in some way imitating Harley, rather than the other way around. The Japanese bike-makers, on the other hand, have to compete with each other constantly - none of them can rally around the *hinomaru* and call the others foreign invaders, so they have to fight over quality, price, and features. The different makers have their fans, of course, but the lack of loyalty means more hustling and (in my opinion) a superior product. As for the Europeans, all their technology is proprietary and almost impossible for anyone but a company technician to really fix, so buying a Ducati Monster or a Beemer R-Nine is a little like getting married - you can't fool around with anyone else. Disclaimer: I ride a Yamaha.

  • Ottis Bahringer

    > He changed a singular to a plural. I was extending that definition to most motorcylists. Maybe you just dint get that. jesus dude, his post was a proposed edit to the title of this thread: "car almost takes out [two] motorbikes". your segue of a reply is why people are downvoting you >Your second point is not the opposite of mine. Just bcs you have to be hyperaware doesnt mean it excuses not paying attention to smaller vehicles. Imagine if the truckers did the same thing. "I see only small trucks or sedans, I dont see hatchbacks, its on them". Being on the road is for everyone. Stop appologizing for their mistake. Point to motocyclists and say be more careful bcs "your in danger on a motocycle" and i would call that fair. Doesnt exempt the other side from checking their mirrors before lane change. I'm not apologizing for anything, I just thought I'd add in my guess as to why people are always riding into us >I am not American FYI. And cagers is not about making people feel stupid just a discriptor. I have ridden over 200k kms on everything from a puny 150 cc into the himalayan mountains to riding a nice BMW across Canada and I dont think you own being a motorcylist bcs you ride an antiquated Harley. And rest assured nobody riding a '61 ironhead is being lumped into being a motorcylist, usually they just think you have SPS issues. I don't even know what an SPS issue is, so you'll have to educate me on that, but my shitty ride is pretty much the textbook definition of what people think of when they think of loud douchy motorcycles. if you are trying to shame me for being a harley douche myself, well, you missed the ball by a mile on that one; while I certainly love my old girl, she is a piece of shit and I only love her because she was my first bike and I spent more time wrenching her than riding her, as is the harley way.

  • Shanon Bosco

    Again I don't really care about permits or laws, I'm just saying that the total number of guns and people having access to them is the problem. Where do you think criminals obtain their guns? The vast number of them are stolen from acquaintances or in the form of burglaries. And it's not only "traditional" criminals that obtain their guns in this way, about 40% of homicides happen among family and friends, in most cases using a gun that was already in the household. And we're totally ignoring the high rate of suicides using firearms which far more likely to kill you than using other tools. >It's not my gun that would cause someone's injury, it's my desire to have a gun. Well that's kind of what I'm getting at. It's the gun culture that causes these problems and it's really hard to change culture. I know I won't change your mind but I posted this story on reddit before and it baffles me to this day: A few years ago my uncle had an american exchange student, a girl about 18 years old, staying at his house for 6 months. One Saturday evening my aunt and uncle were out having dinner with friends, she stayed home. At about 11 my uncle got a very hysteric call from her and the only thing she said was "There is some one out there, Where do you keep your gun??". After she calmed down she explained that she locked herself up in the bathroom after she saw someone in the garden. Naturally her first instinct was to look for a gun and from her experience in the US she assumed everyone keeps a gun somewhere. We live in Germany and of course my uncle doesn't own a gun or even knows anyone who does. Next morning they find out that it was the neighbor's kid who drunkenly went through the wrong gate, looked around and then left the garden realizing his mistake. They found out because he left his bike in the front yard. If my uncle owned a gun, there's a good chance that kid would be dead.

  • Pat Gerlach

    The whirring engine of the motorcycle slowed to a stop as I pulled up to the shopping center. I flipped down the kickstand and dismounted the bike along with Nym. "Check in with me here every hour, mkay?" She nodded her head, and a wide smile emerged across her face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handful of yen. I put it in her hand, planted a kiss on her forehead, and watched her rush off into the mall. She had been training hard, and she deserved a bit of relaxation. *We both did.* For the day, I decided to dress in a warmer attire. A plain t-shirt beneath a gray hoodie and a beanie to match. I entered through the automatic doors and was hit with a mashup of scents. There were simply too many individuals to keep track of. I took a deep breath and continued to walk. *Relax. There's no enemy to fight. No peering eyes to avoid. Just relax.* Relaxation hadn't come easily to me since childhood. Time had thought me the tough lesson of preparation. However remaining in a state of constant preparation would exert more stress than one could handle. The sweet scent of coffee drifted out a bookstore to my right. *Just what I needed.* I ordered a large black coffee from the barista behind the counter, an American girl from the looks of her curly blonde hair. I sat at a table with *A Feast for Crows*, George R.R Martins fourth installment of *ASoIaF* series. For a while now, I had been working out the minor details of the Young Griff storyline. I read page after page, quickly becoming absorbed in the novel. /u/YandereLobster

  • Lexus Reichert

    I can sort of answer, but I didn't write it. Charlie Brooker did. I'm a teacher, buckle up. The thematic elements are all there. It's a George Orwellian Society. Information is controlled, just like the American president actually fucking believes his own words right now. The electricity is is generated for, it is theorized, the city. "Get on the bike, or get punishment! Now!" Bing didn't use the complacency juice box. He didn't comply like the other girl did for Wraith Babes. Judges are chosen through a casting call. Sometimes they see hundreds of auditions before finding someone. I've been a lifelong member of the stage in hs and beyond. They saw me completely consume the available source materials, and live like the characters might have. I got leads and parts all the way up. The entire series is a modern day Twilight Zone. It is fully intentional to make clear that today's technology can destroy us, completely and wholly. Other episodes in the series have hopeful endings. This, and the majority of all 3 seasons, do not. Hope this helps!

  • Jan Huel

    I was born dead. I once helped give a blind woman her sight back and help a cripple walk by praying for them. I've had the police threatened to be called on me about 7 times, and only about three times were they actually called (For trespassing, theft, and running some blonde bitch over with my bike) in two different nations, and I've still never been caught. (Learn to fast talk, it comes in handy, BELIEVE me. Don't worry, I left that life of crime behind. But if I ever see that blonde bitch again...) I've been mugged twice, and all I ever lost from both was a skateboard. I'm dating a Russian orphan who was trained in martial arts by a man who was trained by Chuck Norris. My ex-pastor is an ex-gangster. I climbed a Colorado flat iron with nothing but my bare hands. I stole a 120 year old rosary. I convinced a 16 year old girl I was 18 when I was 13, and I still have no clue how I did it. I staged dived at a punk show when I was 16 (Best day of my life, highly recommend it) I explored Mayan ruins and drank liquor made from a protected plant on the bus rides in between when I was 17. Also when I was 17, I fingered some girl and received a bj from her, and lost my virginity to her, all in the middle of a street. Oh, and we also had sex on a beach, and a church. I pet a wild sea turtle and shark somewhere in Mexico. (Also highly recommend; the beaches there are INCREDIBLE) I once crossed the Mexican/American boarder with- You know what? I don't think I should confess that one... I also leave the toilet seat up occasionally.

  • Juvenal Raynor

    I have a nice story to share: A few years ago my uncle had an american exchange student, a girl about 18 years old, staying at his house for 6 months. One Saturday evening my aunt and uncle were out having dinner with friends, she stayed home. At about 11 my uncle got a very hysteric call from her and the only thing she said was "There is some one out there, Where do you keep your gun??". After she calmed down she explained that she locked herself up in the bathroom after she saw someone in the garden. Naturally her first instinct was to look for a gun and from her experience in the US she assumed everyone keeps a gun somewhere. We live in Germany and of course my uncle doesn't own a gun or even knows anyone who does. Next morning they find out that it was the neighbor's kid who drunkenly went through the wrong gate, looked around and then left the garden realizing his mistake. They found out because he left his bike in the front yard. If my uncle owned a gun, there's a good chance that kid would be dead.

  • Hipolito Bosco

    Thinking about this some more.. if money were no object, I'd decide whether or not I'm building a canyon carver or a bar hopper, then either put together an XR750 framed clone, built with a Race-Tech forked, dual 4-piston brakes up front, and build an 88" Dyna-killer with S&S wheels and pistons, Sputhe cases and Axtell barrels, Branch heads, Mikuni HSR45, and an Andrews tranny. Or, if I wanted to spend a bunch less, I'd pick up an EFI 1200c and pop everything in a Paughco rigid with with cams, tuner, and Bassani RRIII, 13 spoke mags, and have the heads worked by Branch-O'Keefe. Then I'd still look like a monkey fucking a football as a 6', 275lb guy on a ~~Skirtster~~ *fine American made Harley Davidson*. Just giving you a hard time I found a long list pic of my Ironhead hot rod when I had Thanksgiving dinner with my roomie from the 80s. The pic doesn't show a whole lot of the bike sadly (it's a pic of a bunch of us getting gas), but once I gave it scanned, I'll post it so people will shut up about me talking about girl bikes.

  • Hallie DuBuque

    We had a gypsy kid in the first grade who was totally out of control. He was always on trouble, either harassing sexually one girl at our class, or threatening others with a knife or bow and arrow. I was afraid of him because he lived just by my street. But one day was kinda cool. We were eventually allowed to got to school by bike only if we all had our bicycle helmets. He didn't get one but his parents gave him an American football helmet (size way too big) and he was allowed to use it. We had our class divided to two groups and sometimes the other group got home early and counterwise. We were on class, the window was open, this gypsy kid was outside, climbed through the window with his helmet banging all over everywhere, got his head in and shouted "MISS TEACHER DID WE GET ANY HOMEWORK?!", and the teacher just told him to get the fuck off.

  • Beatrice Kautzer

    Injuries =/= beatings. Huffpo never mentioned the assaults. Period. The news could have showed the guy getting hit with the bike lock, the men and women being beaten with clubs, the girl being pepper sprayed, the old man being dragged from his car and beaten/pepper sprayed. They chose not to yet every time a Trump supporter punched a protestor it got a 4 minute segment. Literally everyone and their mother came out against the Dylan Roof shooting if that's what you are talking about although he was a registered democrat so maybe you are talking about something else. Same thing happened with the San Diego attacks. American children chased down and beaten in the street by foreign nationals. American flags burned by foreign nationals. Cars attacked and damaged. None of it shown.

  • Bartholome Davis

    This is fucking hilarious... I copied and pasted the text in case it gets taken down. >STRAP BAND AIDS TO YOUR NIPS CAUSE SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! This glorious piece of sweet sweet American muscle will put hair on your peaches so strong you can clean a grill with your sack. Worried your sack isn't big enough to clean the grill? As soon as you turn this bad girl on you're guaranteed to grow 2 sizes on your pecker pouch. She's got a small block 350 that runs so good you'll think it's a Kenyan and sounds so good you'll get light headed cause all your brain blood will rush straight to your boner. Gasoline?....Pfffft, this bad bitch runs on hulk piss! She's a little beat up but you're not perfect you ugly fuck. Looking to trade for a dirt bike or cash money. Rock, Flag and Eagle.

  • Trycia Brakus

    Stranger Things just kinda gives me similar vibes. Here are some similarities: - An evil being threatens a Podunk American town inhabited by a young boy and his friends - A surreal world of darkness lies beyond the tiny town - A group of four friends go on an adventure to investigate and combat the supernatural - Protagonist falls in love with a psychic girl (who wears a pink dress) - The final battle is fought through extremes ties of love and friendship - There's a kid with a baseball hat that rides a bike and always carries food with him That being said, things get pretty surreal. If you're a fan of movies like The Goonies or E.T., give this series a watch.

  • Annie Hegmann

    I used to work with a girl who ran drugs for a certain bike gang/club and was neighbors with a member of the same gang. Being neighbors with him was an interesting experience. Not going to name names but they weren't the typical 1% biker gang. They all rode sports bikes and were all African American. Some of you should have an idea of who I'm talking about now. Anyhow, were absolute menaces in a city I used to live in. A couple of them rode Hayabusas and would just straight up outrun cops whenever they tried to pull them over.

  • Jackson Abernathy

    Minecraft legos, lots of books, clothes, boots, Shark blanket (its like a mermaid tail blanket, only it's a shark that looks like its eating the kid. She's interesting)Educational dinosaur toys, Minecraft stuffed animals, any random obscure stuffed animal, American Girl Doll things, bike accessories, all the crafts. This is for a 10 year old.

  • Aliyah Quigley

    Can I chime in from the other side of the coin? I was the pretty little girl on a pedestal to be ooed and awed at, and the only girl in my family. But, seeing how my life turned out? I think I would have almost *preferred* to be the overweight awkward red-headed kid instead, because unfortunately for me, I also happened to have a good brain in my head, and caught on to a lot of the N-bullshit at an early age. I was basically my mother's doll. I was supposed to do anything and everything she said without complaint, sit there quietly and just look pretty, let her play with my hair and dress me up in colours and frills, and not get too dirty when playing outside. There was a time in the sixth grade where they were measuring me against the door frame to see if I'd grow tall enough to be a runway model. Instead, I talked back, I argued with her, and always made a point to highlight unfairness in our family and stand up for myself. I climbed trees, rode bikes, and got my cuts and scrapes, I fought with my brother, and while I was likely conditioned to like pink and dresses at an early age, I started rejecting it around age 10-11 in favour of comfy clothes in black, white, and grey. I 'fired' her from brushing my hair by then because she always pulled at it until I was screaming, and I also fired her from cutting my hair too, preferring to let my bangs grow long with the rest of my hair. Her thoughts on my preferred hobbies included arts & crafts, and she would buy me gifts along those lines right into my late teens, but I actually preferred writing my stories and playing violent video games on the computer. I sincerely doubt my mother ever saw me as a person at all. If you asked her today about her daughter, all you would get is various insults about me; That I was a selfish, spoiled brat who refused to talk to her in order to hurt her. That I was a horrible child growing up, that I made her house a mess, that I was irresponsible, always gave her attitude, etc. etc. etc. You would never actually get to know me as a person amidst the complaining, because she actually has no idea who I am. If asked specifically, she probably would fail to even get my *age* right. I'm a girl gamer (Less FPS, more casual these days though), I *hate* being dolled up in public for the superficial attention it gets me and would prefer people get to know me before they see me (Thank you Internet!), because seeing me has almost always changed how people treat me. I hate being waited on hand and foot, and treated like I'm fragile or that I can't do anything, and I am determined not to be someone's trophy wife. I'm very independent and I have self-respect stacked a mile high, which is why I don't put up with an ounce of bullshit from anyone. I'm chronically depressed, have regular bouts of insomnia, and am looking to get tested for ADHD due to many problems focussing at work, since I was never tested as a kid. I enjoy fixing things and taking things apart then putting them back together again, so working in IT seems to be one of my callings. I love writing and painting, though I struggle with actually doing either due to some invalidation in my early life thanks to my parents, but my fanfic is coming along just fine these days anyway. I have a lot of trouble with relationships due to my trust being destroyed early on, being objectified by every man I've ever taken a chance on, and being used and abused and thrown away by them time and time again. I can seem like a timid person when you first meet me, because I do tend towards shyness in public and with new people, but get to know me and I have a supremely twisted clever sense of humour that will catch you off-guard. And this is just a summary of who I am and/or the kind of person I see myself to be. I've been on the planet twenty-nine damn years, and my parents don't even know the half of it. Because I was born pretty.

  • Ova Osinski

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  • Maynard Becker

    Dude, remember when Eggman threatened to make someone's skull "go up like fireworks" with explosive implants while they were on an operating table, and Eggman was wearing surgical scrubs and grinning? Remember when Scourge gloated to Sonic that all it would take is *one bad day* to make Sonic like him, and then later when everything is going wrong for the good guys, he explicitly recalls these exact words? Remember when Ian Flynn brought Tails Doll into the comic as a sleeper agent for Eggman to sow chaos and confusion before mutating into a hellish monster once it was found out? Remember when Silver was rewritten to be really likable, and had a distinct character arc where he started out trying to kill Sonic on the spot (and being really kill-happy in general) and ended up bringing the traitorous Geoffrey back to the good side just by talking to him when his teammates just wanted to fight him? Remember when Sonic was roboticized, so Knuckles roboticized himself to fight Sonic, and it was really well drawn and wrecked a lot of shit? Remember when they brought out the bike from Shadow's game, and when someone asks why he takes such pains to trick it out when he can just run faster, he just admits he likes bikes? Remember when Eggman just *unceremoniously gunned Sally down with a turret? *

  • Mason Haag

    The Toys you have are more than enough. I don't even know what you have but I was in the same boat with spending a dramatic amount of money on my two boys toys who are 8 and 6. R/c cars, power wheels, action figures, hotwheels and a bunch of tracks that go with them, Tonka and Brother trucks, as well as equipment for baseball, tennis, football, soccer, badmitten, skateboards, bikes...the list goes on. With so much stuff to keep them occupied, they couldn't make up their minds as to what they wanted to play with and seemed distracted all of the time. Also, they were terrible at picking up after themselves. Eventually, my wife and I said enough and began to take the toys left on the floor and put them away where the boys couldn't find them. Do you think they even noticed? Hell no. so we started putting toys we noticed were not being played with away as well. Once the toys were contained to their room we started rotating toys. An amazing transformation took place when their toys were limited. they began to play and interact with each other in positive ways. Roleplaying became prominent. They liked to act out their action figures and make up their own characters. Do a lot of drawing and reading. They make up songs together and end up laughing more frequently. The toys they play with the most these days are a Mario and Luigi doll, plastic swords, and nerf guns. They still have their Legos, Hotwheels, and some action figures but their toy supply is less than a quarter of what it was last year at this time.

  • Gregorio Beer

    I used to have a little Kawasaki 440 twin motorcycle, vintage 1979, and I took a winter to doll it up some. I went through it head-to-toe. It was the first year that Kaw switched these little bikes from a drive chain to a belt. There had always been an odd slap when shifting; turns out that the front belt pulley had been loose for a long time and the inside lobes of the pulley were badly "egged out" and worn. I mixed up a copious gob of JB Weld and buttered the lobes liberally, filling the voids between shaft and pulley. I put a large washer over the end of the shaft and tightened it as tight as I could get it. I left it for a week in a heated garage. Worked perfectly (I wasn't worried about ever taking the pulley off again) and was still holding up just fine when I got rid of it!

  • Joey Kunze

    I thought the reason for laying her down was because you potentially stop sliding so far... For instance let's say you stick with the situation and hold on, braking distance going 60-0 is over 100ft for most bikes. but if you just dump her it's possible that you won't slide 100ft. Like throwing a stiff rigid barbie doll (bike) compared to a rag doll (person)

  • Jon Gutkowski

    I definitely second SVdP! My old Parish SVdP used to distribute toys and it was wonderful. You might consider accepting gently used bikes. Those were big ones that the kids really wanted. We did a little bit of clean up and maintenance on them and they were always big hits. I also agree with needing to accept them unwrapped. Unless you make wish list tags "i.e., elmo doll for 5 year old" that gets taped on, then you'll need them unwrapped so you know what age/sex they should go to.

  • Adam Kemmer

    I had a similar experience. Big fat doll who was hanging badly by the looks of her bikes into a plastic bag which strains out all the chunks and the liquid just ran all over her and then all down the bus.

  • Lorena Skiles

    Jesus christ. McPhee was like a rag doll. Bastianini nearly lost his legs then did a forward roll into the path of Navarro and got fuckin creamed. Its lucky that those bikes weigh so little.

  • Conrad Zulauf

    My grandad rode bikes and had many accidents during his time (crashing into walls etc). Luckily he was always drunk so he rarely got badly injured. Rag doll!

  • Hyman Rolfson

    Yes, we always set everything up. Honestly it's so much fun for myself and my husband. Bikes, doll houses, screwdrivers and stickers lol

  • Coby McClure

    #PART 2 ###Sex **[7/10]** Most of the 7/10 rating here is due to the number and variance of positions that we get to see in this scene. They manage to put in standing doggy and cowgirl on chair, which are two of my favorite positions to see a girl in. Let's take a chronological look at the scene and I'll share my remarks on each portion as we go: *Shower Blowjob/Sex* First off, we have the pre-sex sex where TC gets a blowjob from Autumn and fucks her a little bit in the shower. Personally, I'm a huge sucker for the pre-scene sex because it gives you the sense that the male talent can fuck the girl whenever he wants, which is a huge turn-on. Also, oftentimes, the girl is caught off-guard and goes from being surprised to taking it in her pussy within minutes. The spontaneity and suddeness are mainly why I really like it. Unfortunately, Autumn's blowjob during this portion is piss-poor. She barely gets TC's dick in her mouth and spends most of the time just giving him a shitty handjob rather than using her mouth. I will say that the fucking part of this portion was pretty good as he pounds her while she leans up against the other side of the shower. *Masturbation* This part is kind of another miss for Autumn. In my notes, I put down that the audio began to bother me a little bit, especially at the part where she starts crying out. Once again, I'm not against vocal feedback, but I think this girl's wailing is just over-the-top. Furthermore, we get to see her blowjob skills put to the test again (surprise, she fails miserably). She spends most of the time sucking the tip of the dick, sometimes retreating to halfway up the tip. Even when she tries to go for more of his penis, she barely gets 50% of the way down his shaft. In universe does this blowjob look pleasureable. I will say that I liked [the shoes]() she wore during this. It's just a shame that she took them off before the prone blowjob part that follows this section. *Prone Blowjob* Well, there's not much to say about this part of the scene other than it's a total trainwreck. She's on her stomach giving TC a "blowjob" where she spends most of the time sucking the tip of his dick and using her hand to lightly jack the rest of his length. It looks just as awful as it sounds and I'm sure that the male talent is not enjoying it much either because he ends this section in a speedy 2.5 minutes so he can cut right to the missionary sex. Skip this portion if you have trouble keeping it up through the whole scene. *Missionary* This is an alright part of the scene. Nothing too bad, but nothing very good either. To my surprise, she actually starts off this portion a litle bit more quietly than the second half of her masturbation portion, which gave me some hope. Unfortunately, at about 30:30, she loads up the pornstar track and begins to play it. This is when I really started to be irritated by the audio and especially the audio levels. Luckily, the next position is reverse cowgirl, which is probably among the top 2 positions in this scene. *Reverse Cowgirl* For some reason, it seems that there are some girls that just love to be on top. Autumn appears to be one of these girls because she seems to love using her full bodyweight to slam down on TC's dick and also seems to like being mounted with her legs spread while TC jackhammers her pussy. She gets pounded both hard and soft in this position and seems to really love it. While the ever present audio issues are still around, the fucking in this portion sort of makes up for it. *Doggy on Bed* After the pretty good reverse cowgirl portion that we got, we are unlucky enough to be "treated" to a round of doggy. While I do like that we get a shot of her face as TC pushes a dildo in her ass, we also miss the first few seconds of penetration when TC puts it in her pussy. In this position, Autumn's ass is shown off, but so are the [stretch marks]( on both her back upper thighs. She gets pounded somewhat hard in this position, but not as hard as when she rides reverse or normal cowgirl. Overall a fairly mediocre part of this scene, which sucks because most girls love doggy and often name it as their favorite position. *Side-saddle* I don't actually know if [this position]( is called side-saddle, but I've also near heard of a consensus reachd on what to call this position so it's just side-saddle to me. Personally, I think this is a position that is more for the participants' benefit than the viewers' benefit. This is because you can use this position to get quite inside the vaginal canal without having a big ass or thighs get in the way. Also, if you close the girl's legs with this position, there is an increase of pressure inside the vagina. Lifting the leg up (which happens in the second half of this part) is better for the camera but doesn't feel as good for the guy. Ultimately, this is when I started to become really tired of her screeching and began to consider other scenes to finish to. Luckily, I did manage to make it through to the next position, which is undoubtedly the best in the entire scene. *Cowgirl on Chair* This is the best position in the scene by far. You might wonder why, so let me explain the main benefits of cowgirl on chair: * Great angles to capture the action When we think of cowgirl, we usually think of the classic cowgirl positions where the male is either lying flat on his back on the bed or sort of sitting up against the headboard. Unfortunately, for the breast-oriented viewer, these angles are often filmed from the back and you generally only get to see the girl's ass bouncing up and down without face or tits. If the scene is well-filmed enough to get the male talent a camera for some POV action, it's often difficult to capture the penetration, the bouncing breasts, and the face all in shot. Furthermore, if they are fucking really hard, the camera is often somewhat bouncing around with all of the motion. Sitting up against the headboard alleviates some of these issues, but, due to the promixity of the girl, it is still very difficult to capture her face and tits in the same shot, leaving the viewer at the mercy of the male talent's camerawork. Cowgirl on a chair solves all of these issues by allowing cameras to be aimed at both the front **AND** and the back of the girl. We get to see the full motion of the girl bouncing up and down on the male's cock all in one continues shot. Additionally, we can even supplement this with a view of the back or a view from the POV of the male talent should we have enough cameras. * Using all of the weight to fuck Porn scenes, especially with amateurs are often filmed in hotels where the provided chairs are often meant for one person to sit in, not two people to fuck in. This ties in with the next point a little bit, but what often happens is that girls end up pulling their feet and resting it on the male's thighs as they ride him. What's great about this is that it is a visual demonstration that the girl is putting her entire weight on the guy's body and riding his cock with it. Unlike cowgirl on the bed, where the force can be distributed among the girl's thighs to the side of the guy's legs, chair cowgirl's limited space and close promiximity generally force the girl to lean fully on the guy. * Forced closeness and increased skin-on-skin contact Like I said in the previous point, the chairs aren't meant for two people to fuck in. When you try to do that in the chair, you naturally get forced to get closer than you might otherwise get in cowgirl. This is especially true if the girl is relatively small when comparedto the guy. He can basically set her up on his dick like his own personal fuck doll, which is really great. Going back to Autumn, we've already established that she's the kind of girl that likes to ride and she definitely rides in this positon. In cowgirl on chair, we get the best view of Autumn's ass and tits shaking as she bounces up and down on TC's cock while also mainly hiding the stretch marks on her abdomen, thighs, and ass. It's really the best of both worlds. *Cumshot* I won't talk too much about this since Autumn takes a pretty average-sized load to the face, but I wanted to bring up something that I'd like to see more of. I don't remember if it was this update or the update before, but ECG has started adding a ["Cumshot Countdown"]( to the top left of the scene for the viewer to synchronize his ejaculation with the male talent. I think this feature is pretty innovative and I'd like to see more scenes make use of it. To sum it all up, the sex is slightly above average, but with the omnipresent Autumn audio and some not so great positions/angles, I'm giving the sex a 7/10, ###Production Quality ***[6/10]*** This is honestly where I am most disappointed in ECG. You'd think that, for a site that has been in the biz for close to a decade now, they'd know better than to leave the audio in the scene like this. With a girl as loud as Autumn, they really needed to level balance the audio to a point where you cn actually hear the sex/dirty talk happening. It's not very enjoyable when I have to turn down the volume so much I can barely hear what's going on. Also, with the audio levels that are reached in this scene, there's a ton of clipping at the higher dB levels. The audio (which is half of any scene) for this update in general was tinny and grainy, leading to a pretty poor viewer experience. One more thing also, at 32:50, there is a very jarring cut during reverse cowgirl. It actually took me out of the immersion of the scene for a couple of seconds before I realized what had happened. The audio issues in this scene bring it down to a 5/10, but I'll give back a point for Cumshot Countdown, which I really like.

  • Enola Armstrong

    LIST - 01M1 Day One & 01M3alt Flying Drone [STEMS] - 113BPM Walk Into The Light (Stems) - 118BPM Everything Will Be All Right (Stems) - 126BPM Boom Box (Stems) - 130000_Pop_Rock_Classical_Videogame_EDM_MIDI_Archive[6_19_15] - 130BPM Sara (Stems) - 135BPM Never Look Back (Stems) - 139BPM Every Night I Dream Of Dancing (Stems) - 162. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)_P-LTM(H'W) - 162. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)_P-SNP.II - 162. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)_P-TGST - 162. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)_P-TUA - 162. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)_P-WN - 168BPM Desolation (Stems) - 169BPM Defy (Stems) - 1901 - 1M01 MAIN TITLE (UNUSED) - 2 Bags Parts - 2008 - Voices (Multitrack) - 2014 Swedish Rivera - Bad Chick (Stems) - 2665_Trias - Onslaught (RP) (Author) - 3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone - 311 - Beautiful Disaster - 38 Special - Hold On Loosely - 800000_Drum_Percussion_MIDI_Archive[6_19_15] - 800000_Drum_Percussion_MIDI_Archive[6_19_15].zip - A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) - A Perfect Circle - Judith - Abandon Kansas Remix - ABANDONER 154bpm - Abroadfeststems - Absolomb - ACDC - Back in Black (Live) - ACDC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live) - ACDC - Fire Your Guns (Live) - ACDC - For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live) - ACDC - Heatseeker (Live) - ACDC - Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live) - ACDC - Hells Bells (Live) - ACDC - High Voltage (Live) - ACDC - Highway to Hell (Live) - ACDC - Jailbreak (Live) - ACDC - Let There Be Rock - ACDC - Let There Be Rock (Live) - ACDC - Moneytalks (Live) - ACDC - Shoot to Thrill (Live) - ACDC - T.N.T. (Live) - ACDC - The Jack (Live) - ACDC - Thunderstruck (Live) - ACDC - Whole Lotta Rosie (Live) - ACDC - You Shook Me All Night Long (Live) - Ace Of Base - Don't Turn Around - Ace Of Base - Happy Nation - Ace Of Base - Lucky Love - Ace Of Base - The Sign - Ace Of Base - Wheel Of Fortune - Acuna - Feel My Fucking Drop EP. [Promo Audio Recordings]_mp3 _ - Adam Lambert - Another Lonely Night [121] - Adventure Club - Fade (Ft. Zak Waters) - Aerosmith - Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith - Cryin' - Aerosmith - Dream On - Aerosmith - Livin' On The Edge - Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith - Mama Kin - Aerosmith - Pink - Aerosmith - Rag Doll - Aerosmith - Same Old Song and Dance - Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith - Train Kept A Rollin' - Aerosmith - Walk This Way - AftershockStems - AFTERSHOCKSTEMS (1) - AH FEELING STEMS - A-HA - Take On Me - Aiden Francis - Million [Released 124Dmaj] - Aint No Mountain High Enough Marvin - Gaye and Tammi Terrell (stems) - AIR SHIP STEMS - Alanis Morisette - Head Over Feet - Alanis Morisette - Ironic - Alanis Morissette - You Outta Know - ALAYLMSTMS - Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper - Poision - Alice Cooper - School's Out - Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice in Chains - Man in the Box - Alice In Chains - Them Bones - Alien (WAV) britney spears - Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal - ALIEN BRIT DEMO (Vocal Stems) - Alien britney spears - Alive In The Fire - Remix Stems - AllLiesStems - Alone - 96 BPM 5-4 Time - alt-J - Breezeblocks - America - Daisy Jane - Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Andrew W.K. - Party Hard - Animal - Animotion - Obsession - Another Land - Mastered STEMS - AnotherLonelyNightStems121BPM - AntiheroStems - AOKILPHORIZONSRMXPARTS - Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock - Apple Music Loop (94BPM) - Apple Stems - Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine - Ariboko - Stems - Armistice - Artifact - Cry [Beatport 126Fmin] - Ash - 91 BPM - Asia - Heat Of The Moment - ASTR-Bleeding-Love-Stems - Astronaut - Rain [Released 130G#maj] - At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor - Atlantis Stems - Atlas Genius - Molecules - A-Trak - We All Fall Down [ 126] - ATTMAX_Ephixa_Stems - AUDIO_FI - AUR CHALE FILES - Autograf - Dream [105Dmin] - Autograf - Running - Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces - Avicii - Fade Into Darkness - Remix Parts - Awolnation - Sail - AWOLNATION-woman-woman-100bpm - B&P - MakBeat Remix Contest - B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone - B_P_Stems - B-52s - Rock Lobster - Baby One More Time - Bacchanalist Stems - back_forth_remix_stems - BackToMe-Stems-97bpm - Bad Company - Shooting Star - BAD-KIDS-REMIX-STEMS - BBts-98-bpm-remix-parts - Beastie Boys - Gratitude - Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys - Sabotage - Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want - Beatport_Remix_Package-Chasin-Sander_Van_Doorn - Beatport_Remix_Package-Kairo_Kingdom-One_Two - Beatport_Remix_Package-Skrillex-Bun_Dem - Beatport_Remix_Package-Zedd-Spectrum - BeatportRemixPackage-MajorLazer-AerosolCan - BeatportRemixPackage-SevenLions-DaysToCome - Beats + FX - BeatTheSunriseStems - Beck - E-Pro - Beck - Feel Good Time - Beck - Gamma Ray - BeenWaiting-Stems-120bpm - believeremixparts - Beliy Plashik (Multitracks) - BeTogetherStems - Better Side of You ( VOCALS) - Betty Who - Somebody Loves you - Big Chocolate - Blue Milk - Big Country - In a Big Country - Big Fat Bass - BIG PEOPLE P - Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl - Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol - Mony Mony - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - White Wedding (Part 1) - Billy Joel - Big Shot - Billy Joel - Captain Jack - Billy Joel - I Go to Extremes - Billy Joel - It's Still Rock N Roll To Me - Billy Joel - Miami 2017 - Billy Joel - Movin Out (Anthony's Song) - Billy Joel - My Life - Billy Joel - Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel - Piano Man - Billy Joel - Prelude-Angry Young Man - Billy Joel - Pressure - Billy Joel - Say Good Bye To HollyWood - Billy Joel - Scenes From an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel - She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel - The Entertainer - Billy Joel - The Stranger - Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire (1) - Billy Joel - You May Be Wrong (But You Might Be Right (But You're Probably Wrong)) - Billy Squier - Everybody Wants You - Billy Squier - Lonely Is the Night - Billy Squier - The Stroke - Billy Squier - When She Comes to Me - Black Eyed Peas - I`ve Got A Feeling - Black Sabbath - After Forever - Black Sabbath - Into The Void - Black Sabbath - NIB - Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath - War Pigs - Blaster & Synapse - Galaxy Ride [Released] - Blind Melon - No Rain - Blink 182 - The Rock Show - Blink-182 - Aliens Exist - Blink-182 - All the Small Things - Blink-182 - Always - Blink-182 - Dammit - Blink-182 - What's My Age Again - Bloc Party - Helicopter - Blondie - Atomic - Blondie - Call Me - Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie - Heart of Glass - Blondie - One Way or Another - Blondie - Rapture - Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Spinning Wheel - Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius - Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue ™yster Cult - Burnin' for You - Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla - Blur - Song 2 - Blur - Theres No Other Way - Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan - Tangled Up in Blue - Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley - Exodus - Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley - I Shot The Sherriff - Bob Marley - Is This Love - Bob Marley - Jammin' - Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley - One Love - Bob Marley - Redemption Song - Bob Marley - Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley - Stir It Up - Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Bend Down Low - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Burnin' And Lootin' - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Coming In From The Cold - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Kaya - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley and the Wailers - No More Trouble - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Small Axe - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) - Bob Seger & The Silver Buller Band - Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Her Strut - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Turn the Page (Live) - Bon Iver - Beth Rest - Bon Iver - Calgary - Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX - Bon Iver - Holocene - Bon Iver - Lisbon, OH - Bon Iver - Michicant - Bon Iver - Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver - Perth - Bon Iver - Towers - Bon Iver - Wash - Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory - Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi - It's My Life - Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me - Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi - Runaway - Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born to Follow - Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name - Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart - BoomerangfeatNileProtoolsmultitrack - Boris Dlugosch feat. R¢is¡n Murphy - Never Enough [Beatport 125Amin] - boss-walkin-remix-stems - Boston - Fore Play Long Time - Boston - Hitch A Ride - Boston - More Than A Feeling - Boston - Peace of Mind - Boston - Rock and Roll Band - Boston - Smokin' - Boston - Something About You - botcstems - bottomless-pit-stems - Bounce That Comp Stems - Bow Down Stem Pack - BoysNoizePiloCerebralStems130 - Brain - 127 BPM - Branchez - Dreamer (feat. Santell) [128Cmaj] - BRASS KNUCKLES FEAT. JOHN RYAN - WATER GUN STEMS - bread stems - Break The Ice (Stems Pack) (wav) - Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane - Breathe Carolina - Blackout - Breathe Carolina Hit and Run - BrettJohnsonfeatMikeyV-RunawayBPM124 - BrightLightsStems - Britney Spears - 3 - Britney Spears - Baby One More Time - Britney Spears - Break The Ice [WAV] - Britney Spears feat. T.I. - Tik Tik Boom (Remixes) 2014 {FLAC] - Brothers Keeper Stems - Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen - The River - Bruno Mars - Grenade - Bruno Mars - Grenade [WAV] - Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [WAV]

  • Lia Harvey

    - Bruno Mars - Marry You - Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 - BTW Stems - Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch - Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth - BUNJI GARLIN _ CARNIVAL TABANCA STEMS - Bush - Comedown - Bush - Machinehead - Butane & Stephanie - It's Time To Jank [Beatport 124Cmaj] - Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night - C.O.T.P Stems-134bpm - Caesars - Jerk It Out - Calvary_Remix Parts_128bpm - Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo - Let's Go [Beatport 128Emin] - CaptainxChico-PREMASTERS - Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting - Catch Fire - CausticCat - Penteract [Released 110] - CellarStems - Cerrone - Supernature - Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good - Champions+Stems - Charmed life STEMS - Chasing Lions Stems - Cheap Trick - Hello There - Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (Live) - Chemical Brothers - Galvanize - Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago - Feelin' Stronger Every Day - Chicago - If You Leave Me Now - Chicago - Make Me Smile - Chris Domingo feat. Miss T - Say [122 A#min] - Chris Wallace - Remember When - Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk - We Are Tonight - Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera - Your Body - Chromeo - Tenderoni - Chrystian - Hands Up - ChuckieBobbyPumaMainstageParts - Chumbawumba - Tubthumping - Cicada-Stems-102bpm - Circus - Cloud Nine Holly Drummond Stems - Cmon - Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry - Colder - Midnight Fever (feat. Owlle) [Beatport 100Amin] - Coldplay - Clocks - Coldplay - Clocks multitrack - Coldplay - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Multitrack - Coldplay - Fix You - Coldplay - Fix You - Multitrack - Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay - In My Place - Coldplay - Shiver - Coldplay - The Scientist - Multitrack - Coldplay - Violet Hill - Coldplay - Viva La Vida - Coldplay - Viva La Vida - Multitrack - Coldplay - Yellow - Collective Soul - Shine - Come As You Are (Remixes) - Coming Home Is Bittersweet Project - CONTACTSOMEWHEREStems122bpm - Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (Instrumental Stems) - coopa dan question ah de year - Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On - Countdown - Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows - Angels of the Silences - creation-rmx - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born On The Bayou - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Commotion - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (Original Version) - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Heard It Through The Grapevine - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle (Studio Multitracks) - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' Band - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop the Rain - Criminal - Crucify-stems-164bpm - Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Cut Snake - Echo [Wavo 123Cmin] - CutSnakeEcho - Daft Punk - Derezzed - Daft Punk - End Of Line - Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Daft Punk - Technologic - Daft Punk - The Grid - Dangerous Woman (Stems) - 134BPM - Dannic & SICK INDIVIDUALS - Feel Your Love [Wavo 128Amin] - Danny_Darko_Redrum_RemixContest_Stems_120bpm - Danzig - Mother - Dark Horse (Stems) - datsik - katana - Dave Angel - Portrait [Beatport 125A#min] - Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching - David Bowie - Blue Jean - David Bowie - Fame - David Bowie - Golden Years Stems - David Bowie - Let's Dance - David Bowie - Modern Love - David Bowie - Moonage Daydream - David Bowie - Space Oddity - David Bowie - Suffragette City - David Bowie - Young Americans - David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - david lynch - good day today - Day By Day - 99BPM - Daylight remix parts (2) - DCMB REMIX PARTS - Dead Kennedys - California šber Alles - Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys - Police Truck - Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs A Ladder Stems - Dear+Life+STEMS - Deep Purple - Burn - Deep Purple - Highway Star - Deep Purple - Hush - Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple - Space Truckin' - Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo ('99 Remix) - Def Leppard - Bringin' On A Heartbreak - Def Leppard - Foolin' - Def Leppard - Photograph - Def Leppard - Rock of Ages - Dennis Cruz - Zoo Project [Beatport 123Amin] - Dennis Lange - Heroes Remix Contest - Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth - Derek and the Dominos - Layla - desiigner panda - Devo - Girl U Want - Devo - Through Being Cool - Devo - Uncontrollable Urge - Devo - Whip It - dia - Die Young - DIFFERENTOLOGY - Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain - Dio - Holy Diver - Dire Straits - Money for Nothing - Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits - Walk of Life - DirtyMamaStems128 - DisarmYouSTEMS128bpnm - DJ Shadow - Enuff - Djerem - Never Look Back [128A#min] - DJ-KHALED-STEMS - Do What You Like Stems - Don McLean - American Pie - Don't Regret - DONT-BLAME-LUV-127BPM-32BIT-48K - DontStopRemixStems126BPM - Doobie Brothers - China Grove - Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music - Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin - Dr Who - Howell Stems - Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang - Drake - Hot Line Bling (Stems) - DreamerStems128BPM - DREAMSTEMS - Drillbit & Storme - Memory Card [Released] - DrivingBlindStems - Drop Dead Beautiful - Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Drop-That-Low-Stems - Duffy - Warwick Avenue - Duran Duran - Girls On Film - Duran Duran - Hungry Like A Wolf - Duran Duran - Rio - Eagles - Hotel California - Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane - Eagles - One Of These Nights - Eagles - Take It Easy Multitrack - Earth, Wind, & Fire - Shining Star - Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon - Echostems - EC-twins-compass-remix - Eddie Money - Shakin' - Eddie Money - Two Tickets to Paradise - Edgar Winter - Free Ride - Editors - Munich - EDX - Cool You Off (RMX-Files 122BPM) - Eiffel 65 - Blue da ba dee - Einmusik - Sleep Talk feat. 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  • Esta Shields

    Eleazar could not speak the language well, being a foreign man on American soil. But there were many other things for him to be grateful of on this occasion. For one, though his suit jacket did get resigned to a black Google branded backpack, Mountain View was a cool enough city to allow him to comfortably search the neighborhood in his button-up shirt, slacks, and suit vest. He strode across a yard, and sized up the last house on this rich, beautiful street. A woman’s corpse was at the front door. A bag of groceries in a reusable bag were beside her, and keys clutched in her dead hand. Eleazar pitied her, of course, but was also relieved because he would not have to break a window, or hammer down the door in order to search it. His breath quickened as he heard a peal of laughter, and with renewed urgency, he tested the keys in the door until he found a match, and entered the hall. A child sat, alone, on a wide leather sofa in the large living room. A device, an iPad, played some colorful video for her. She seemed versed enough in technology that she found battery sticks to attach to the tablet, as she would not have had enough electricity in the last 29 hours to keep it going indefinitely. Cookie and cracker and juice packages were piled in the trash can, and only toys were strewn around the floor. “Hi.”. Eleazar crouched low to the ground, though his back cracked with the effort. He smiled anyway, and let the girl look over him and fully consider him. “You didn't knock.” So he took a step back towards the hallway, and knocked his knuckles against the hardwood floor. “Hello?” “Who’s that?” “I’m Elea.” He smiled gently to her. “May I come in?” She was a little flustered - maybe the adults she knew never indulged her demands so much. “Yeah.” “Are you Kim?” he asked. He was very sure she was, because there were plaques of her with her name on some of the shelves, some for soccer, some for little Daisy Scout awards. She nodded. “Would you like to see friends?” He asked. He had no children, but did have (had?) headstrong nieces and nephews, who demanded to be treated like adults with choices. Kim nodded again, and quickly started grabbing up some of the things around her - a school workbook, the iPad and batteries, a hairbrush. Eleazar packed as well - found some still-good fresh food in the warm refrigerator, and some bread and canned food. He hated feeling like a thief, but he also could not let resources go to waste. Kim looked finished, and he took her hand to lead her away. “Wait!” She seemed to remember something, and ran into another room. Eleazar followed, and found himself in a rich, sun-lit home office, with a powered-off computer and walls of books. On the floor was a congress of blonde plastic dolls. There were 9 sitting in a semi-circle, facing the big maple desk. “You were playing?” Eleazar asked, speaking as slowly and simply as he could. The tiny girl nodded as she found a bright pink bag, and carefully organized her plastic dolls in them, so that all of the doll heads faced up, and could breathe. “I’m the president, and they are my helpers.” After she felt the dolls were secure, she looked back at the room, particularly at the computer. Some doubt crossed her face, and she looked up at Eleazar. “I haven't seen Dad, or Nana.” Were he talking to an adult, he could have given her a straight answer. But he had looked at the walls, the books, to glean some kind of insights about Kim’s parents. A NASA plaque and highly theoretical math books in one cabinet, and books on languages and foreign treasures on the other. So he said, honesty, “I do not know. But we can look.” He did not go through the front door, though he locked it from the inside before seeking another exit. He found the back sliding doors and locked them after him, then offered Kim a piggyback ride. It was easy to distract her as he hurriedly moved through the front yard, because a helicopter flew in the distance above, and didn't give the girl cause to look back at her dead Nana at the door. “Where we going?” she did ask, as they turned out of the street. “There is…”Eleazer struggled for the words, “a flying cloth, in yellow. Could you look for it for me?” The task made the girl brighten, and she straightened up and looked over his bald head with more keenness. He knew where he was going, of course, but the girl still shrieked minutes later when she saw the yellow flag flying over the fire station, a pleasant five block walk from her house. When Kim spied a local child playing in front of the firehouse, she squirmed and complained, until they were close enough that Eleazer felt secure in letting her down and letting her run the rest of the difference. Besides the young children playing in the firehouse driveway, there was a teenage boy studiously organizing cots and sleeping bags in the main hall, and some elderly adults organized at a circular table, passing papers between them and hotly discussing the management of the town, given the current situation. Who was to mind the orphaned children, in the long term? Would it do to tear up the parks to make gardens, or would the food infrastructure in the rest of the state hold? What duties should the remaining police and fire officers hold, and would payment be enough to motivate them? He was distracted by the spirited debate such that he didn’t recognize a familiar voice until it had called for him twice from the chief’s desk. “Mister Bayu?” “I apologize, Ms. Lopez, I didn’t hear you.” He smiled in apology as he approached the desk, but then gestured to the girl and her council of dolls. “I found Miss Kim.” The woman gasped, and looked past him to confirm. “Thank God. And thank **you**." She stood up and shook Eleazer’s hand firmly. Lopez dressed casually now, but still squeezed his hand just as firmly as ever. “You have your own concerns, but you have helped us so much.” “There is not so much I can do. You have done much to help me, and I am happy to help yours.” He handed Lopez the keys to Miss Kim’s house, and she made a note of them before putting them in a safe box. The food he placed on the desk. He hitched his corporate Google backpack up on his shoulders - it was a gift from Janet herself, from earlier in the week, from when he met with her team and discussed the possibility of partnering with his relatively modest information network company back home in Gondar. He didn't know if he could continue to call himself the CEO, though he did, in his heart, doubt there would be anything of his company left if he returned. She turned to a map of the neighborhood, hanging from the wall, and held a yellow highlighter to it. “Can I strike off Cornell Drive?” “Yes. I will try the last block.” She touched his shoulder, before he had the chance to turn away. "Wait. The Caltrain to San Jose will run tonight, at 8. Then it is a short walk to the airport. They are trying to organize enough pilots and fuel to get people to their homes.” She spoke with authority, but then again, nearly everyone left did as well. “I doubt they can take you as far as Africa right now, but perhaps New York, or Georgia?” He smiled, grateful she would be so considerate of him, even when she herself was in need. “Thank you. But I am not so much in a hurry, and would prefer to be of use.” Lopez looked at him, perhaps measuring him, but then just nodded and let him be. She then turned back to her work, communicating with other volunteers via her radio. Curfew would be at sunset, and everyone would return here and plan for the following day. Perhaps, after he finished with his search, and electricity and water systems were properly reestablished, he would ask the elders if he lead the effort to build gardens. He loved to help, of course, but his hands itched for something of his own to shape and build once more.

  • Estevan Heathcote

    **1964** 104. 2120 South Michigan Avenue - The Rolling Stones (1964) 105. Abigail Beecher - Freddy “Boom Boom” Canon (1964) 106. A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke (1964) 107. Across The Street - Lenny O’Henry (1964) 108. A Hard Day’s Night - The Beatles (1964) 109. Ain’t Nothing You Can Do - Bobby “Blue” Bland (1964) 110. Ain't That Just Like Me? - The Searchers (1964) 111. All Day + All of the Night - Kinks (1964) 112. Any Time At All - The Beatles (1964) 113. Around + Around (Chuck Berry cover) - The Animals (1964) 114. Around + Around (Chuck Berry cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 115. Any Way You Want It - Dave Clark Five (1964) 116. As Tears Go By - Marianne Faithfull (1964) 117. Baby, I Need Your Loving - The Four Tops (1964) 118. Baby Love - The Supremes (1964) 119. Baby Please Don’t Go (Big Joe Williams cover) - Them (featuring Van Morrison) (1964) 120. Baby What’s Wrong? - The Downliners Sect (1964) 121. Beg Me - Chuck Jackson (1964) 122. 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Give Him A Great Big Kiss - The Shangri-Las (1964) 160. Glad All Over - The Dave Clark Five (1964) 161. Gloria - Them (feat. Van Morrison) (1964) 162. Goin’ Out of My Head - Little Anthony + The Imperials (1964) 163. Goldfinger (from ‘Goldfinger’) - Dame Shirley Bassey (1964) 164. Gonna Send You Back To Walker (Timmy Shaw cover) - The Animals (1964) 165. Go Now! (Bessie Banks cover) - The Moody Blues (1964) 166. Good Golly, Miss Molly (Little Richard cover) (live, Live At The Star Club-Hamburg version) - Jerry Lee Lewis (1964) 167. Good Times - Sam Cooke (1964) 168. Grown Up Wrong - The Rolling Stones (1964) 169. G.T.O. - Ronny + The Daytonas (1964) 170. Have I The Right? - The Honeycombs (1964) 171. Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker (1964) 172. Hold What You’ve Got - Joe Tex (1964) 173. I Ain’t Got You (Jimmy Reed cover) - The Yardbirds (1964) 174. I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party - The Beatles (1964) 175. I Feel Fine - The Beatles (1964) 176. If I Fell - The Beatles (1964) 177. I Get Around - The Beach Boys (1964) 178. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Muddy Waters cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 179. I’m All Alone - Shep + The Limelites (1964) 180. I’m A King Bee (Slim Harpo cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 181. I’m A Loser - The Beatles (1964) 182. I’m Cryin’ - The Animals (1964) 183. I’m Into Something Good (Earl-Jean cover)- Herman’s Hermits (1964) 184. I’m The Face - The High Numbers (The Who) (1964) 185. I Only Want To Be With You - Dusty Springfield (1964) 186. I Should Have Known Better - The Beatles (1964) 187. It Hurts To Be In Love - Gene Pitney (1964) 188. It’s All Over Now (The Valentinos cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 189. It’s Alright - The Kinks (1964) 190. It’s Gonna Be Alright - Gerry + The Pacemakers (1964) 191. It’s Over - Roy Orbison (1964) 192. I Wonder - The Ronettes (1964) 193. Jay Walker - Fabulous Blue Jays (1964) 194. Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun) - Del Shannon (1964) 195. 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Out Of Sight - James Brown + The Famous Flames (1964) 213. Penetration - The Pyramids (1964) 214. Please Don’t Wake Me - The Cinderellas (1964) 215. Please Please Me - The Beatles (1964) 216. Poison Ivy (The Coasters cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 217. Precious Words - The Wallace Brothers (1964) 218. Rag Doll - The Four Seasons (1964) 219. Remember (Walking In The Sand) - The Shangri-La’s (1964) 220. Ride The Wild Surf - Jan + Dean (1964) 221. Rock + Roll Music (Chuck Berry cover) - The Beatles (1964) 222. Rock Me Baby - B.B. King (1964) 223. Rosalyn - The Pretty Things (1964) 224. Shake - Sam Cooke (1964) 225. Sha La La - Manfred Mann (1964) 226. She’s Not There - The Zombies (1964) 227. Silence Is Golden - The Four Seasons (1964) 228. Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones (1964) 229. Stay Awhile - Dusty Springfield (1964) 230. That’s What Love Is Made Of - The Miracles (1964) 231. That’s Where It’s At - Sam Cooke (1964) 232. The House of The Rising Sun (traditional folk ballad cover; arrangement: Alan Price) - The Animals (1964) 233. The Phantom Guitarist - Laurie Wade’s Cavaliers (1964) 234. The Times They Are A-Changin’ - Bob Dylan (1964) 235. The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) - Betty Everett (1964) 236. The Sounds of Silence (Original verison)- Simon + Garfunkel (1964) 237. The Way You Do The Things You Do - The Temptations (1964) 238. Time Is On My Side (The Kai Winding Orchestra cover) - The Rolling Stones (1964) 239. Tobacco Road (John D. Loudermilk cover) - The Nashville Teens (1964) 240. Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry cover) - The Yardbirds (1964) 241. Turn On - Don + The Good Times (1964) 242. Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters (1964) 243. Victor - Dick Dale + His Del-Tones (1964) 244. Viva Las Vegas (from ‘Viva Las Vegas’) - Elvis Presley (1964) 245. Voice Your Choice - The Radiants (1964) 246. Walking In The Rain - The Ronettes (1964) 247. Walk On By - Dionne Warwick (1964) 248. Wendy - The Beach Boys (1964) 249. Where Did Our Love Go? - The Supremes (1964) 250. Wishin’ + Hopin’ (Dionne Warwick cover) - Dusty Springfield (1964) 251. Wish Someone Would Care - Irma Thomas (1964) 252. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) (Bo Diddley cover) - The Birds (1964) 253. You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry (1964) 254. You Really Got Me - The Kinks (1964) 255. You’re A Wonderful One - Marvin Gaye (1964) 256. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ - The Righteous Brothers (1964)

  • Dereck Homenick

    (late to the party, but thanks for the prompt; I used it for an assignment today) BLEET BLEET BLEET the alarm clock bleeted, unmercifully. I reached into the darkness, fumbling for the knobby snooze, ever so gently, pressed down. The alarm clock cracked, plastic shell splintering, sending tiny chips of shattered electronics to rain, tinkling to the hardwood. Unbidden, a frustrated groan slipped from my lips, rumbling into the face-mashed pillow. *So much for sleeping in*. As I stood, there was a moment when the warm weight curled next to me was Henry, but the instant passed, leaving only the familiar hollow ache of remembrance in my chest. The orange blob stood, stretched, back arching over four legs, and padded with me to the bathroom. *Carpet*, I thought. *If I live through this, my next place will have carpet*. I stuck my finger through the gap in the bathroom door where a knob had existed, for decades probably, until I’d accidentally twisted it clean off a few days back. This ridiculous strength had only just begun to rear its muscly head, and had been nothing but a nuisance ever since. Unfortunately, it seemed to be getting more extreme as the week wore on, turning daily life into an absurd game of unexpected clumsiness and destruction. I eyed the toothpaste warily. “Colgate,” it read, mockingly. A memory of staring, bleary-eyed, at an accident; a Pollock-ian blast of minty color splattered across a bathroom wall. Presently, I scooped the tube gently, like a kitten. My palms were sweating. Toothbrush in other hand, I angled the paste at the bristles, and carefully, reconsidered, moving the whole affair over to the clawed porcelain tub. I took a deep breath, and instead of squeezing, I just thought about squeezing, willing my neurons to have mercy. Paste smushed out, four inches of white snake curling onto and past the waiting bristles. The excess sloughed off, splattering into the tub below. I smiled. Baby steps. All told, I made it through the morning basically uneventfully (we aren’t discussing the milk carton “incident,” honestly,* that *could’ve happened to anyone). I found myself humming, softly reminiscing, imagining pieces of the westward RV trip we had planned before Henry’s stroke. But this shallow stretch of good luck obviously couldn’t last forever. On my way out, I softly turned the deadbolt home, gently torqueing the key. Beyond, past the brownstone steps, across the street, from behind my car, she emerged. In that ridiculous costume, she was entirely unrecognizable. But, who else? “Whyyyyy,” I moaned. “Are you wearing that in front of my house?” My breath puffed, translucent, whisping into the pink dawn. Gloria looked completely unashamed to be in public in such a state. Her slumping curves were encased in an ill-fitting pajama suit, grey. She had stitched a white cowl to its neck, which covered her head and left only her mouth and brown eyes exposed. Atop her head, two stupid black ears stuck up. Flesh colored tail flopped lamely from her butt. On her chest, a wide ‘P.’ Her left hand held a bulging, visibly heavy Macy’s bag. “I’m a possum,” Gloria explained. As if that was even my question! “Possum Lady,” she continued, needlessly. “I’m working on the name.” I squinted at the letter on her chest, twisting my lips into a sneer. “It’s supposed to be an O. ‘Opossum.’” I gave her another appraisal. “You certainly look like a dumpy opossum.” “Well,” she said smiling, missing my jab entirely. “Nobody pronounces the O. Here,” she continued, extending the Macy’s bag to me. “I made you one, too. You can get it tailored or sew an O on yourself. I didn’t even think of it, but it’ll probably be better if our costumes don’t match exactly.” I made no move for the bag. *This is so typical. We get one measly superpower and it’s off to the races*. “I am NOT wearing anything that looks like what you have on. Let alone, getting that thing tailored! ” “Take it!” she insisted. Inside her stupid opossum hood, her mouth twitched slyly. “Mom said you have to listen to your elders.” “Fifty *years* ago!” I countered. *Unbelievable*. You’d see stories, headlines of identical twins separated at birth, reunited decades later to discover extraordinary similarities permeating their lives: matching degrees in octopus sociology, wives with the same first and middle names, the same esoteric choices in breakfast cereal. Maybe this only happened with twins who’d been separated? *If only*. “Mom never told us who was older.” I took the stupid bag. Eyes, cut from a matching white cowl, stared up at me from within. “And in any case, I’m not running off to be some super hero.” I unlocked the car. “I’m going to work.” I breathed in, held it. Breathed out. Gently, to not rip the door from my car, I tugged the handle open, tossed the stupid bag in the passenger seat. “Georgia.” Gloria’s voice was flat, unrelenting. “Just *think *what we might be able to accomplish once we understand this blessing!” “Blessing?!” I hissed at her. “You think God gave us these stupid powers? A damn opossum bit us when we were throwing out the garbage and now I can’t even open a milk carton without changing my clothes, and *you want to call this a blessing?!*” My glare bounced right off her damn smile. “See, nobody pronounces the O.” I slumped into my car seat and shut the door. “I’ll call you,” she said bending over, muffled through the passenger window. I stuck the key in the ignition, and with a tiny peep of sheering metal, twisted it off. I stared blankly at the shorn nub of nickel and copper, and cursed. The tears welled, threatening to spill through my makeup. *If only Henry were here*. I could hear him. *“Coulda been worse, doll. Mighta been a chicken bit ya. Least opossums’re strong, ‘parrently.”* I phoned work. *That doesn’t make sense, Henry*. “Car trouble,” I informed, dabbing away the tears. “I’ll be in on the bus. Yes. Okay.” I got out of my car, and since I didn’t want Jerry to see a damned opossum costume in my car, I took the Macy’s bag. Walking east, to the bus stop, I called the locksmith. “Hey Jerry,” I said. “Yeah, my car this time. Okay. Great, thanks Jerry.” A crisp gust swept the street, buffeting across the blank faced buildings; the death rattles of a moribund winter. At the bus stop, two others sat, a young couple. They were skinny, unkempt, unslept, and homeless looking, with wolfish eyes that raked my figure. “Whatchu got in the bag, Gramma?” the male asked as I approached. I ignored him, eyes on the bus lumbering around the corner. Good timing. But I heard ruffling fabric behind me, the youth standing. I watched the bus approach, but the sour stench of his breath was hot at my neck. He grabbed me by the arm, pulling, sharp fingers clawing into flesh, his sinewy strength hauling me sideways. Stumbled, I stretched a hand out to counteract my fall- and struck him in the sternum, hard. The blow launched him, hurtling his form backward, upended, over the bench. I arched an eyebrow at the girl, who looked completely frazzled, eyes darting frantically between me and her overturned waif. “*HHHHHHHHHHSSS*,” I hissed, not unlike a damn opossum. And they were gone, tripping over themselves down the sidewalk. The bus ride was uneventful. *Possum Lady*, I scoffed, looking into the bag.

  • Macie Cummerata

    My little sister had been unusually kind to me today. When I drove her to school, she spoke existentially. It was strange, that kind of talk coming from her. She was a relatively simple little girl. She occupied her time outside of school with dolls. Her favorite, which she carried with her during the car ride to school when she started talking, wore its brown hair in pig tails like she did. The resemblance was uncanny if not concerning since she often used that same doll as a vicious gladiator to play with my old action figures. "Bubba." "Yeah, Kaley?" I flipped my turn signal on and exited from the freeway. "Have you ever wondered about what you'd do if I wasn't here one day?" Now, if someone my age had asked me that I'd be concerned. If a Junior in High School was asking about how people would react to them being gone, you'd wonder if you should sit them down to see if they're okay. But a little nine-year-old? Well, kids can certainly be depressed, but it wouldn't be as scary as it would from someone older. It would just be strange, like the kind of weird questions kids ask, not dissimilar from when he'd once heard her ask him what a 'rim' was (and she was not talking about cars). "Uh..." I acted like I had to check my blind spot as we approached the drop-off lane for her school to stall for time. "Well, Kaley, I'd be very, very sad, of course." She twirled the hair on her doll around a pencil nervously. "Yeah, but you'd be okay wouldn't you?" She looked up across the back seat into the rearview mirror at me, big green eyes gently probing for a blessing to go. "Eventually?" Now I was getting a little concerned. "Yes, Kaley. One day, I'm sure. But a person never forgets someone that they love very much, like how someone loves a sibling." I thought very carefully about how to respond. If she was feeling bad about herself, maybe she just needed reassurance? "You're my sister, and I will always wish that your smiling face was around. I love you very much and never want you to be sad, let alone gone altogether." I was extending an opportunity for her to open up about what might be plaguing her. "No, Bubba..." There were only a few cars in the line in front of us, and she hadn't gotten out of the car to run into school yet. "What I mean is... well..." "Kaley, I love you a lot, alright? I would be devastated if you were gone." She furled and unfurled the plastic follicles around her pencil, again and again and again. She often did this with her own hair. It was a nervous tic that she'd picked up amongst the stresses of our household. It reminded me of how our mother used to neurotically pick at her own hair during my father's bouts of anger. That was before she took her own life. "If I chose to go find another family, like, just pretend, okay? If I chose to find a different family, would you be sad because I left you alone?" Now I *really* didn't know what she was talking about. Was there some CPS agent that I didn't know about that was probing her about whether or not she wanted to go live with some foster parents? No, that wasn't right; I wasn't 18 yet, so someone would have been talking to me as well. "I would always just want you to be safe and happy, Kaley." A teacher opened the back door for her to get out. "Now have a good day at school." The car ride after school was silent. Kaley was acting weird, that was for sure, and I considered calling her therapist. Whatever the case was, I would probably be asking her to sleep in my room tonight like we'd done before when our father was drinking. I never had a reason to suspect he laid a hand on her, but I never had a reason to suspect that he wasn't capable of doing such a thing. So she was used to me grabbing her little hand and walking her back to my room to go to sleep for the night. "I love you Bubba, okay? No matter what..." I would definitely be ringing her therapist when we got home. Kaley's words were scaring me now. Had my father actually done the unspeakable? "If I only get one choice, okay, and after that I forget I ever had a choice, okay, then I want you to know that I'm thinking about you when I make that choice, okay Bubba?" I didn't say anything in response to these nervous words. My knuckles were white as we pulled into our neighborhood and I considered driving straight to a police department instead because of the fear that whatever my dad had done, he would do again if I took an eye off of her. I wouldn't need to. Cruiser sirens greeted me just one street away, and it appeared the department had picked up on my mental distress signal. Three Police cars surrounded my house, and an ambulance was loading a body-bag on a stretcher up. I knew who was within the plastic. "Stay in the car, Kaley. Do not get out." I went to speak with an officer approaching my car. Suicide. My father had shot himself when the police arrived at his house to serve a warrant for his arrest. Apparently they discovered that my Mom's suicide might not have been a suicide. He'd had a stand-off with them for about ten minutes before going out to the yard and blowing his brains out. The woman in front of me, dressed in blue and reppin' our city's PD, had very sad eyes when she told me the news. I myself didn't care about my father's fate, but only what would become of my sister's. "Well..." The officer looked over into my camry, watching as Kaley's face absorbed the horror in front of us. "You turn 18 in a week. If you have some place to stay in the meantime, we can put her in your custody. It's either that or foster homes." She delivered this decision as if it was bad news. "Now I know that's a hard choi-" "Absolutely. That. That's what we'll do. I'll get a job at my buddy's Dad's store and split rent with a friend of mine that graduated last year. I'll get food stamps and whatever. I'll do whatever I have to." I pleaded with her now. "Just please don't separate us." The woman frowned and nodded. "Okay. But..." She looked me in the eyes and then back at Kaley. "I have to ask her what she wants, you know." The day's events suddenly hit me like a truck. Kaley had been talking all day about some fantasy she seemingly conjured up that would whisk her away from the plight of our family name. My stomach turned and twisted, and I feared that she would choose to start again. The woman approached my car and got Kaley out. They sat on the sidewalk and talked, Kaley never taking her eyes off the doll in her hands. I stood by nervously, still outside, still unable to set foot in that household that was now empty because it would have meant stripping my gaze away from my sister. She eventually looked up at me nervously. The officer looked at me with a similar gaze and patted Kaley on the shoulder, encouraging her to go to me. Kaley walked over carefully, not looking at the house behind me but not looking at me either. Her eyes were fixated on the silly little doll in her hands, its hair wrapped around her finger. When she reached me, I crouched down and gentle grabbed her shoulders. "What's up?" "I choose you, Bubba. I'll stay."

  • Krista Kling

    DC Maryland and Virginia So I started drafting up and realized there was a lot so I used the help of the intranets to help me explain. Although white as a mug (ha) I'm an actual DC native so actually using these is not uncommon and doesn't sound (that) unnatural (I mean it can esp if you're talking to random people who think you're pandering to their culture) but here goes: Bamma – was a negative way to refer to a person. Now it's just a common way to just describe someone you're not familiar with. "them bammas lit! " Guh = frustrated, in disbelief " Guh, my chick is pregnant"  Jo, mo, son, slim, cuz -  a term when addressing people. "Mo, let me jack" Bent = confusing someone for doing something dumb "nah homie, I ain't steal your Jacks, you got me bent" Blown = angry, frustrated, pissed off " I was mad blown when they canceled the event"  Lunchin/loafin = fooling around, joking around, not paying attention. And when someone does something dumb. "yo, you almost got hit by a car you lunchin'" Kill *mo* = i.e. you need to relax/chill, stop doing what your doing "kill Mo,  coming round here asking for tree fiddy" Ji – more of a filler word, similar in meaning to almost, kinda, really "Yeah dude came by and ji mad, son,  he only had tree fiddy" Chiefin, a jack, a black = chiefin (smoking, blazing), jacks (cigarettes) "we chiefin ova here, come swing through" Bum = as a noun it signifies a homeless person, or someone who doesn’t dress well. As a verb, it means to ask for, as in a freebie or handout “Let me bum a cigarette off of you." Jone = to talk about/insult someone lightheartedly, ex. Your momma jokes is a form of joning. (ex. “Boy, shut your Pop Eye the Sailor looking self up.” Other person would reply, “Oh, so you jonin.”) – Jonin normally leads to a back and forth dialogue of insults judged by he surrounding audience until one person cedes the victory to the other. It can bring people closer together and end with laughs, or tear people apart and end with fighting. Bake, cook, roast, heat, fire, fry, light = more common forms of saying “jone” "he just said your daddy suck dick, don't let that man fry you like that" - Bum joint = unattractive, not well dressed, derived from the lyric in a song,  Rolla = derived from a gogo song, normally applies to female who are considered loose sexually aka women who get around and sleep with a lot of men . (Historical association: Papa was a Rolling Stone)  bobble head = A female who gives a lot of fillatio, Analogous to the motion of a bobble head doll.  bop, blow = relates to teh sexual act of giving fillatio Bunny, bun = attractive person (Analogous to PlayBoy bunny), can be used to identify male or females (never said this) boo joint = significant other, not yet a titled relationship Ace, ace boon coon, main man 100 grand = best friend, ride or die, person who has your back (i.e. best interest in mind) How you gonna act? and So I mean what’s good then? = Basically is a more subtle way that boys ask females to sleep with them. Kirk = get angry, lose control, throw a temper tantrum (ex. “When my mother found out that I failed Math, she kirked.”) Vicious, tuff = really nice looking, Similar to dope, hot, etc. Sice, Syce – to get excited, to instigate, to make something bigger then it really is (ex. “When I found out I won those concert tickets, I was syced.” Or “They would not have fought, if his friend had not syced the situation.”) Geekin – super excited, act out of character (“We were so bored, we started geekin.”) Goosin – paying close attention to someone, eye stalking them, Derived from the length and flexibility of a goose neck. Ex. If a pretty girl walks by and you turn/break your neck to look at her, then you are goosin. (never said this either) Mug – euphemism for M*****F***** (ex. “I can’t go to the club with you, I’m broke as a mug.”) (ex. “105 degrees is hot as a mug.”)  Sike naw – I’m just playing/kidding/joking/lol. (ex. “Do you like my dress?” Other person responds, “Nope. Sike naw, it’s ji cute, where did you get it from?”) Aight bet – answer or agreement in the affirmative.  (ex. “I’mma be at your house in 30 minutes.” Other person responds, “Aight bet.”) True – acknowledgment of a situation, acknowledging that something is possible to believe. (ex. “You know Joe became a rapper right?” Other person responds, “Truuuu.”  Booskie, trueskie, earlyskie – simply adding “skie” to the end of words Book someone – exchange numbers. Derivative: adding numbers to your phone book. (ex. “Slim she’s cute, if you don’t book her I will.”) Go ham, go smack – act out of control/out of character High sydiddy aka bougei = acting like you are of a higher socioeconomic class then the people around you. (Historical association: bourgeoisie) Crankin (2 meanings) – More commonly used to mean: get real hype, or play an instrument really well, Analogous to “rocking out”. Other meaning, refers to sexual intercourse.  Beat ya feet = one of the original forms of dance to gogo music. Similar to a dance off, a circle would form around people “beating their feet” to admire their skill and tactic. Chop = type of dance to gogo music. Commonly seen at gospel gogos. Chop shop ( 2 meanings) = when a big group of people starting chopping (dance) at the same time taking over the dance floor; also refers to a place where stolen cars are taken a part to be sold for parts In the Cut = located somewhere out of sight e.g. When people go to smoke, they find somewhere in the cut to do it. I.e. You won't be able to easily find someplace if its in the cut. Westbumbaf*** = in the middle of nowhere aka in the boondocks Dip = to leave a place (secretly). (ex. “My mother said I couldn’t go out tonight, but as soon as she turned her back, I dipped out.”) Ghost = to disappear froma place or situation quickly. (ex. “I did not want my uncle to see me at the bar, so as soon as he walked in, I was ghost.”) Keep i5 a 100 =Pronounced “a hunnett”; means to Keep it real, authentic Goon = hood boy, gangsta in the making Crazies = normally refers to a portion of the DC homeless population with mental disabilities. (ex. Homeless man walks up to you on the street and starts yelling out of nowhere. One would respond, “I gotta getaway from these DC crazies.”) or, a person walking around butt-naked on the street who clearly needs some mental help, is a crazy. Fakin lyke = not being real with someone, not being good with your word. Derived from a gogo song lyric, “She be fakin lyyyke, turkey bacon.”   “Or whatever" – commonly and overly used by women as a filler, similar to the way “like” is overused in a sentence. (ex. So he said he was going to pick me up, or whatever. But I didn’t want to go out with him, so I told him I’m about to go chill at my best friends house, or whatever.”)

  • Clemmie Kovacek

    Omg welcome to the crazy ride that is kpop! 1. I can recommend some stuff, I don't know what you're into so I'll just cover a broad spectrum. SHINee are veterans with great vocal and performance skill and consistently fun songs and dances. Standouts being [Married to the Music](, [View](, and [Dream Girl]( though there's plenty more where that came from in their repertoire. Infinite have also been around for ages and are known for their sharp in sync dances and dramatic sound. Standouts being [The Chaser](, [Bad](, [Back](, and [The Eye]( VIXX has the theatrical and dramatic niche down pat. Their dances are always awesome and thematically appropriate and their songs are really interesting. If you like your music darker and story-driven, VIXX has you covered. Check out [Error](, [Voodoo Doll](, and [Fantasy]( BtoB is known for either their silly and fun songs or their touching ballads, and nothing inbetween. They're not as strong dance-wise, but they make up for it in vocal talent and skilled rappers. Stand outs are [You're So Fly]( and [WOW]( [check out that dance practice]( on the fun side, and [It's Okay]( and [LUV]( on the ballad side. Up10tion is a new group but they've got really good dances and general fun and sill. Check out [So Dangerous](, and [Attention](, and then there's [this performance]( on Immortal Song (a classics song covering show) that made me pay attention to them. It's fantastic. Monsta X is a hip hop based group, a little similar in sound to BTS. They've been doing really interesting things sound-wise with their two most recent comebacks [Fighter]( and [All In]( and always put down strong performances. I'm gonna add MADTOWN's [OMGT]( because it's ridiculous and I love it. Good luck getting this out of your head. On the girl groups side, Ladies Code is fantastic, they have this mysterious sound they're going for now. [Galaxy]( and [Rain]( are the songs they've put out so far as a trio. If you're into a darker and more mature sound then Fiestar is the way to go, [Mirror]( and [One More]( do a good job showing their sound. SPICA are is the resident vocal oriented group, they're all older with a more mature sound but their songs tend to be really good, like [Tonight]( which has that tumblr aesthetics blog feel and [Secret Time]( And there's SISTAR with their consistent sexy concepts. They usually do either dramatic and classy [I Like That]( or summery and fun [I Swear]( That's probably too much already I'm so sorry for the link spam. Have fun exploring the regions of kpop though there is so much to offer! 2. I have no idea, I don't really follow Suju at all. I know the not-okay shit a lot of them have pulled like Siwon, Kangin, and Shindong, but I don't know anything about Leeteuk. 3. There's the [KNK ghost prank]( that's become iconic. There are a lot of variety shows out there that show the members just hanging out. There used to be a good one called Sesame Player, the [MBLAQ]( and [Infinite]( seasons were really awesome and basically just consisted of them hanging around and playing dumb games, but it's also rather old (and MBLAQ is no more unfortunately). [BtoB]( and [VIXX]( at MTV diary which is just them with their own camera fucking around. BtoB also has a bunch of behind the scenes short bits shot by managers called [the Beat]( which works because they're all idiots. All of them. 4. Take a guess xD BtoB is my trash group, but all the ones I mention are ones whose music I really like. And I agree with you on BTS too. I've been into kpop since 2010 so a lot of my favourite groups tend to be older.

  • Billie Bartell

    > Today I ask you forgiveness. Ohhhkay, let's see what it looks like when your mom asks for forgiveness. > I'm sorry for not knowing how to be the mom you need. Ah, the good old “I'm sorry your standards are impossible.” > For getting angry and exploding. All the times desperation gets at me. So she's abusing you because she's desperate? I believe her. That she's desperate and pulling every ace out of her sleeve to get you to do what she wants. So basically it's your fault for being difficult. > I wish I could get to your heart and know that you receive me in it. I know that this probably sounds nicer in Spanish(it is that language, yeah?), but even with this translation it comes off as a guilt-trip. She only wants to know if you're still capable of loving her, the heartless monster that you are. Also, gotta love the way this sounds like she wants to tear your heart open. Maybe after that she planned on sacrificing it to some dark deity or something. > Today I remembered that when (My molester and rapist, nice choice mom) was born, the doctor wanted to operate me. He didn't want me to have more children. Yes, that evil doctor didn't want you to exist! No, it has nothing to do with health and the fact the next pregnancy might seriously affect you, your mom or both. Nuh uh. Evil doctor is evil. > But I wanted to have you. I wanted to wait for my girl. Oh how magnanimous of her. She's psychic too, which is always nice. Funny how a lot of Ns have this superpower. I believe her though, that she desperately wanted a girl. Whether she wanted to birth herself a barbie doll, a best friend or someone to compete with is something I can't decipher right now, but she did want HER girl, dammit. Also, she's pretty much telling you that if you were born a boy, it would've been a bad thing. > I wanted you to be born even if everyone said it was a mistake. Oh my god this is a horrible thing to say to your child, adult or not. Everyone said you were a mistake!? Really!? Everyone!? Or is it that people advised your mother against yet another child because she doesn't have the financial means to raise all her kids properly? But fuck it, she really wanted HER girl. > When you made it to a life of anguishing poverty. Even then I went out to the street and decided my kids wouldn't be missing anything. I don't know if I made it. But the poverty has nothing to do with your mom, of course. And yeah, the kids wouldn't be missing anything... except their mother. Pretty big hole right there. Also, note how she's still unsure if she made it or not. If she did anything wrong or not, but she does form it in a way that implies she did the best she could. > But I know it's been a continuous fight against a train that sometimes goes too fast. It's her against the world! The universe! Or in this metaphor's case, the train. I'm going to be a nitpick here and point out that the train was only sometimes too fast. Meaning most of the times it was fine to deal with. Meaning she could've done more most of the time, but she just didn't. She just sat on the front of the train merrily and enjoyed the ride. > I wanted that at least you were never missing food. Maybe that's why I was missing so many times. But I gave you fooooood and it was so hard for me to do even that much! > I'm sorry for not protecting you enough. Not protecting him enough? You have to fail pretty hard for your child to be repeatedly molested. Sounds to me like she didn't protect her kids at all, and the rare times she did, someone should've taken a picture of it, framed it and hung it upon a wall. > I wasn't what I proposed to myself, everything for you. If I'm reading this right, she's reiterating that your standards are too high for her and that you demanded perfection of her. > When you're so exiled from everything around you I want to change that. I do it in the only ways I know. But none of it works. Aaand she's literally telling you you're a leper for changing your gender and that she wanted to change that. Because who cares about your decisions. She's also telling you she's never going to stop trying to undo your gender change. She's just going to try finding brand new ways to harass you about it. > When I give up, like a spring it impulses me to try again. It makes the environment unnatural and my mouth becomes garbage that drops irreparably. So when she gives up she doesn't really give up. This sounds like nonsense, but underneath she's telling you that when she gives up on trying NICELY, she goes nuts like this. It's also totally none of her fault. And you should get over it, because there's no repairing it. > Sometimes I wish you told me what you want me to do. What's the password. What would be the right answer, the motivation you need. It's a bitch when your laptop or computer locks you out and demands that password, yeah. Oh, wait. We're talking about a human being here, not a machine? Yeah, okay. Here's free help from a quasi-IT expert: the password is “Treat me like a human being.”. Got it? No? Too long to remember, I see. > I wish I had more bitterness to give, mire to give or say. Am I reading this right? She's wishing she wasn't so nice!? Or is it that she's trying to paint herself as a martyr? > I wish I could approach and hug you and feel the love so much, but you reject me. With fury I find unwillingness and even anger, then I see the repercussions of this life. Translation: I wish I could get my Nsupply from you, but you reject me. This pisses me of very much and you should feel bad. Woe is me, my life is hard. > I receive them with resignation but it doesn't mean that inside me there isn't hope remaining and the faith that it will be that way soon. So, basically, she's enduring the repercussions of her choices, and her solution is to keep doing what she's doing and have hope that THIS time, it will work as intended. Yeaaaah there's a saying about insanity and repetition this reminds me of. > Maybe that answers to your answer that you never give but that I always guess in your eyes on why I haven't given up and left you alone. I... what? Oh, I see. Whatever you think might be the reason for her behavior, it's wrong.

  • Thelma Emmerich

    TRUTH: Whαt’s the longest you’ve gone without tαking α bαth or shower? If αnyone in the room ϲould be your slαve for α dαy, who would it be αnd whαt would he/she hαve to do? Whαt do you do to let someone thαt you αre interested in know thαt you like him/her? For the guys: hαve you ever worn lingerie? For the girls: hαve you ever worn α joϲkstrαp? If you ϲould be born into history αs αny fαmous person who would it be αnd why? Hαve you ever been αrrested? If you were the opposite sex for one dαy, whαt would you look like αnd whαt would you do? Who in the room do you think would be α bαd αnd why? If you hαd to spend eternity with one person in this room, who would it be? If you αnd someone else were the only people αlive on eαrth, who would you piϲk the other person to be? Desϲribe the best dreαm you ever hαd in full detαil? Mαke α list of αll the people you hαve liked in the pαst αnd ϲurrently like now? Ask α girl if she were α guy whiϲh girl in the room she would dαte. (do the sαme to α guy) Hαve you ever gone α whole dαy without weαring underweαr? Whαt is the most embαrrαssing thing you've done? Would you mαrry your bf/gf? Do you reαlly love your bf/gf? Whαt is the stupidest thing you've done beϲαuse someone dαred you to? Whαt is the stupidest thing you've done on your own free will? Whαt is the strαngest dreαm you've ever hαd? Rαte everyone on α sϲαle of 1-10 Whαt's your ideα of α perfeϲt dαte? When did you hαve your first kiss? Whαt is the question thαt you do not wαnt αnyone to αsk you in this gαme? Whαt is the meαnest thing thαt you hαve done to someone? Hαve you ever lied to your girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, αbout whαt? if you won α lottery of 100 million dollαrs, whαt would you do with the money? If you woke up one dαy αnd found thαt you hαve beϲome invisible, whαt is the first thing thαt you would do? Hαs αnyone ever seen you piϲking your nose? Whαt wαs the nαstiest joke you ever plαyed on someone? Hαve you peed in α pool? Whαt αre your worst hαbits? If you ϲould hαve αnything in the world, whαt would it be? DARE: Go to the kitϲhen αnd seleϲt α ϲondiment for the person to eαt, preferαbly nothing thαt needs to be ϲooked Hαve the viϲtim stαnd outside in the yαrd singing α ϲhildren's song αt the top of their lungs Mαke the viϲtim smeαr peαnut butter under one αrmpit αnd jelly under the other. Then, two pieϲes of breαd wipe the PB&αmp;J from their αrmpits αnd they must eαt the sαndwiϲh Trαde pαnts with the person on your right Imitαte αnother plαyer αnd hαve everyone try to guess who you αre Put αn iϲe ϲube in your underweαr αnd leαve it there until it melts Go into the bαthroom αnd mαke α toilet pαper shirt. You hαve to weαr it for the next two rounds Remove αny four αrtiϲles of ϲlothing αnd leαve them off for three rounds. Shoes αnd glαsses don’t ϲount Creαte α mystery drink for the viϲtim to drink. The viϲtim must tαke αt leαst two swαllows Kiss α given person for α given αmount of time Find something edible in the kitϲhen for the person to eαt thαt isn't meαnt to be eαten strαight Hαve your viϲtim run αround outside sϲreαming something totαlly inαne. An exαmple being hαve I guy go ϲhαnting "I αm womαn, heαr me roαr!" Dαre α guy to put on full womαn's mαkeup or let the girls do it Go out on your porϲh αnd sing the "I'm α Little Teαpot" song Dαre α mαle plαyer to let αll the girl plαyers remove his shoes αnd soϲks so they ϲαn pαint his toes with nαil polish. He must remαin bαrefoot until the gαme is over αnd hope he hαsn't lost his shoes αnd soϲks while plαying. Push α penny αround the toilet seαt with your tongue Hαve α guy put on α brα stuffed with soϲks αnd wαlk αround in it pretending he is α femαle, his ideα of α femαle The person being dαred must piϲk α guy αnd thαt guy must do thαt girls mαkeup with α blindfold on Kiss the first person thαt ϲomes in through the door Go outside αnd run αround, while sϲreαming ‘my husbαnd/wife hαs run αwαy, pleαse help’ Ask for permission the next time you need to use the bαthroom Ask out the first person thαt ϲomes into the room Do the hokey pokey in the middle of α ϲirϲle of plαyers αnd sing the song thαt goes with it Aϲt out α pαrtiϲulαr ϲommerϲiαl αd Mix different types of sαuϲes αnd eαt the result Go out, stop the first person you see αnd sαy ‘I love/hαte you’ For the rest of the gαme, blurt out αn exϲlαmαtion rαndomly Exϲhαnge α ϲlothing item with the plαyer on your right Give α piggybαϲk ride to the plαyer on your left Moonwαlk αϲross the room Go outside αnd mαrϲh down the roαd, singing α song loudly Aϲt like α gorillα for 1 minute Cleαn the toilet with α toothbrush Go to the neighbor's house αnd tαlk to him or her for 5 minutes Liϲk the floor Write α letter to someone you hαte αnd send it Continuously tαlk for 3 minutes without stopping :)

  • Annabell Rowe

    Scene based on Baccano! EU (Claire Stanfield) He loved trains. He loved that loud, brash whistle announcing his presence at every city. He loved the long cloud of dark steam looming behind him like a spectre. He loved the rails- those lovely rusty bars that made for a wonderful face grater whenever he had to haul an unpleasant passenger outside for...a word. Claire sighed and patted the hull of the black and gold steam engine before him. It was a shame, a real shame he had to leave her behind. The Flying Pussyfoot, a beautiful luxury transcontinental that he'd had the opportunity to drive just once and only once. Well, he grinned, that one trip had been a pretty wild ride though. "I hear they're going to scrap 'er soon." An old man leaning against a pillar spoke. He wore a guard's uniform, but he seemed to be quite weary of work. He held a smoke in one withered hand, puffing away. "Yeah?" he asked, admiring her gold lined panels, "Beauty like that? She's barely getting started- not even reached her first birthday yet." "Are you crazy?" the old man muttered, "No way any man's gonna ride a cursed train like that again, new or not." "Cursed?" he turned away from the train. He shoved his hands in the pocket of his trenchcoat, grinning at the oldtimer. "Really." "Yeah, yeah, cursed!" the old man squinted up at him. He waved his walking stick, "Don't laugh! You used to hear tell of this monster that travelled with the trains- Rail Tracer they used to call it. Ha! Like that's any scarier than what happened on its last journey." "Yeesh, I heard about that." he tilted his head, "A few murders here and there, right?" "More like a whole lot of murders everywhere, maniacs in every car." the old man insisted, "You'll do yourself good to stay away from that train, young man." he paused as a slow thought trickled into his mind, "Wait...who are you anyway? Some kind of inspector? Y''s actually not allowed for normal folk to walk around behind here." The old man started to lever himself off the pillar. "Oh don't worry! I'm not normal folk, that's for sure." Claire smiled. He walked over and clapped the old man on the shoulder. In a brief moment, his smile grew wild and crazy, just for a split second, "I used to be the Rail Tracer!" The old man swallowed. Claire moved away and turned towards the train. "U-used to be?" "I've given myself a new name recently." he said, "Had to." he blushed as his thoughts wandered a bit. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, "See, there's this girl I'm going to meet in New York...I'm going to ask her to marry me! Can't do that with a name like Rail Tracer, can I?" He turned abruptly and saw the old man sidling towards him from behind, cane raised. He didn't speak, just grinned all friendly-like. The cane wobbled and sank back to the ground. Claire stepped away, heading slowly towards the high fence at the end of the yard. "Still...I love trains, you know. That's why I went on them, killing on them, killing wherever they brought me. For the money and the Families sure, but I'd do it all just for the journeys really. Just love 'em. I wouldn't abandon them for anything...but her I suppose. My lovely, silent doll." He reached the fence and scaled it with a cat-like rapidity, balancing perfectly on the narrow wires at the top like an acrobat. He looked back at the pale-faced guard. "Hey, old man! Don't tell anyone I said all that, alright? It won't do for someone like me to get a soft reputation..." He leapt down the other side of the fence and walked into the city beyond. The old man cursed, muttering under his breath, "I don't even know who you bloody well are..."

  • Alayna Mraz

    > Dan Nessel - Father, Husband, Boy Trapped in A Man’s Body, Lover of Equality, Hater of Stereotypes, Enjoys Venturing Into the Unknown . > * Call them dolls, call them action figures - whatever you call The Wonder Crew Buddies, they are cute and come dressed in superhero gear. The best part, each buddy comes complete with a matching mask and cape for the kids. Wonder Crew Buddies will be available from PlayMonster starting in January 2017. [I’m calling it, for 2017, being compassionate, caring and kind is the new macho thing for boys!]( > * Who ever said that loving fashion dolls and loving coding have to be mutually exclusive? Of course girls can be into their fashion dolls and still love to program and code. The brand new Siggy Robot from SmartGurlz ($108) encourages girls to learn programming by asking them to program their Siggy Robot (a self balancing scooter) so they can take their fashion doll for a ride. [The best of both worlds - fashion fun and coding!]( [The culture is so steeped in feminist idiocy and the attendant ugly woman project of training girls to grow up into ballbusting men (and of shaming men to become supplicating nancyboys) that it seems perfectly reasonable and normal for the regular dad on the suburban street to crow about reshaping his daughter into an androgynous weirdo with a penchant for throwing balls… but still like a girl.]( > > In 15 years as a BSA leader I never heard dads speak so proudly as when saying that their daughters were tomboys. > This is something I've seen a lot, and yes a lot of the fathers are beta weaklings, but I think there are other factors at work. General infantilization in culture; beta fathers want to preen about kid achievements (KICKASS LACROSSE STEMGIRL WHO LOVES STAR WARS) but what are they going to say about a ballerina who wants to grow up and be a mother? That would mean accepting that the daughter has to grow up for real, and face biological and emotional realities, and the fathers can't even do that themselves. > --- > The problem is now that girl power and its inextricable flip side of boy humiliation is so ingrained institutionally that it has established itself as a vicious circle - a self-replicating virus that is near impossible to root out. The institutions promote high achieving girls and high-T, androgynizing sports and activities among girls (really, [credential accumulation in traditionally male oriented activities]( while defining boyhood as essentially pathological. ([That they're encouraging unnatural traits among girls which come naturally to boys is not acknowledged and no attempt is made to resolve the dissonance]( So girls go on to acquire lacrosse medals and largely useless BA degrees in high numbers and pursue dead-end rat race careers as a higher form of credentialing while boys are given chemical lobotomies and have had [their drive and initiative muted]( - and as a consequence their achievements are curtailed ab initio.

  • Delpha Jenkins

    I’ve been twice to Japan and explaining it all would be very long, so I’ll just mention some of my favourite places: **Takasaki**: I read that it was a ‘good day trip from Tokyo’ and I wanted to see the hometown of the daruma doll, so I added it to my list while I was there. It was a bit hard to find information about the city and how to get around, so I didn’t really know what to expect (the information isn’t hard to find if you know how to look, but it was my first trip ever and my planning skills could be improved). Apparently it’s only a ‘good day trip from Tokyo’ if you have a JR Pass, because I spent 4h that day on the local train there and back. So I showed up at Takasaki Station with little more knowledge than *there is a temple called Shorinzan Daruma-ji that is cool and you need to take a bus to get there. Also a big statue.*. As you can imagine, that didn’t help much. The Information Center wasn’t yet open because I had woken up early, so after trying all the station exits I finally found the bus stop area. I was totally lost and I asked a man for help on getting to the temple, as he was talking to me his bus arrived and it waited for him to finish helping me out before leaving. At least now I knew which bus to take and shortly after a woman sat down next to me, excited to see a foreigner in her city, and started talking to me the whole bus trip in Japanese. Of course I didn’t understand much (anything) but it was nice nonetheless. Anyway, so the temple turned out to be amazing, one of my favourites I’ve been to in Japan, the garden was really nice and another group of old ladies gave me lollies. There are few buses so when I bought my daruma at the temple counter the man there gave me a map to a nearby station. I got lost anyway, I ended up walking to the station with a girl (she had my same name!) and the train was very old. The doors wouldn’t close properly (they were manual doors rather than automatic) and it kept doing very strange squeaking noises. Anyway, it still wasn’t even noon yet as I arrived back to Takasaki Station so I had plenty time ahead of me. The Information Center was now open and finding the next bus was much easier. The ‘big statue’ was indeed very big, Kannon standing high above the trees in the middle of a mountain. I hopped off when it looked like I was close enough and walked there through a small shopping street with a few souvenirs and old houses. I could go inside and climb the stairs to the top inside the statue, with great views of the city and mountains around. I also bought there my first omamori lucky charm which was great. There was a big sign with a map and it looked like there were some caves further down the road, so I walked for around 20min until I found them. They were also really great and there was a Japanese garden next to them with a statue of Urashima Tarou. Definitely one of the best days of the trip and overall maybe my favourite city in Japan. **Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum**: really great museum, free guides who were really nice, beautiful houses and buildings… I spent the whole day there. **[Mt.Shosha](** and **[Kurashiki](** are both also in my ‘Top 10’ list, but I’ve written about them over on my blog so it would be easier to just link to the trip reports rather than talk about them here.

  • Julianne Graham

    Now hang on there pardner >most (SBs) don't really get that much out of sex . This is not true in my experience. Granted vaginal contractions, loud moaning, back sweats and eyes rolling in the back of the head, darkening of genitals engorged with blood, red flushes above breasts, are not locks for sexual enjoyment. But I believe they indicate a hefty amount of physical pleasure. With that said I have had a few ladies attempt to perform acting skills. What is key is to find out WHY a woman pulls this with a man. Some ladies have never had an O. Some have genitalia that are difficult to directly stimulate. SOME don't like the loss of control or the thought of a man having power over them (these are the ones you run from). > Do we realize it but appreciate fine acting skills ? Yes I realize it it's obvious over time. No I don't appreciate it or appreciate games like these. A woman who experiences physical pleasure and orgasms with a man will be very receptive to the man initiating. AND the lock to tell if a woman is sexually satisfied with you is HOW she initiates sex with her man. It's all in her build up to sex. A woman who is not getting anything out of sex will have foreplay all around the man. She will attempt to only stimulate the man not herself. Conversely a woman who is INTO THE MAN and Orgasms will seek to do that again. She will stimulate herself (rubbing herself against you, touch herself) and also be receptive for the man to enhance her pleasure. Women who are great actresses will never go about the foreplay like a woman who is experiencing pleasure. Why bother? It's not for her it's for him. >Do we kid ourselves into thinking that those squeals of passion aren't practiced ? I have fallen for this once or twice. But by second time around it's pretty obvious if its acting. Example: Any kind of teasing pain during foreplay or sex will likely be responded to positively due to the endorphin rush. Women who are truly in the throws of passion will not even mind a smack on the ass for example. But a woman who is in a mental state simulating arousal will physically respond vastly different to a smack. >Or do you accept that she just "isn't into you " but are happy to have the opportunity to make love to a hot young girl and leave it there ? NO NEVER. I demand all my lovers be into me completely or it ends right there. I don't care how hot. But in my experience hotness IS NOT correlated with sexual theatrics. But again my experience. >My current SB falls into this group. In spite of my vast skills ,she provides me with the physical presence ,but not the emotional one . You need to upgrade. There is nothing like the emotional ride of a girl who is into you. I have sampled the polite sex or pity sex given out by girls who for whatever reason did not become aroused by my skills. It's just not worth it. There is a DEEP connection with the physical sharing that comes from mutually satisfying sex. And while I can enjoy a physical release. I won't enjoy the after time if the session is not mutual. As older gents with busy lives we get so few times to share ourselves. Why on earth cheapen that experience with the human equivalent of a sex doll?

  • Isidro Douglas

    Hi. Just your friendly internet interlocutor. Take everything with a huge grain of salt. But, here we go: Don't start with "Elijah Beadle" or at least shorten it to just his first name. But, don't do that either. The best thing to do is to start with a type. We don't know what an Elijah Beadle is, though we might be curious if your cover is intriguing enough. We do know what a quiet student is; we can picture a shy farm boy. Hell, even "twenty year old Elijah" tells us more about him. I kinda get a sense that he might be a quiet, introspective scientist type from that first line, but I'm reaching and reaching means I don't buy. Sidebar: Why is he confessing in the back of his chemistry notes? Is that integral to his story? If not get it out of there. Blurbs need to be tight. You're not telling the story, you're signalling to your people, the readers looking for this story, that this is the story for them. Sidebar 2: Careful with clauses. It's like a Russian doll set of ideas. Your second paragraph has your idea embedded too deeply. Yes, we need to know that Elijah is just a saintly Pilgrim going through his life until temptation strikes. Don't make us hunt for that nugget. We need that to feel for him. Drop some of those commas and write it directly. That will make the impact of how he's already doing everything right---until he's tempted like Eve in the Garden--that much more dramatic. (Can you believe she gave up Paradise for an apple?) Don't keep the mystery of the "alluring intellectual" away from us. We know about Rebecca. Who is this tempting him away from her? We need to know because we need to make a snap judgement, namely: What we would do in the situation. We don't care about him graduating, journaling or even the fact that this happens in the sunny Southern US. What we need to hear about is how he must not throw away everything he's worked so hard for, especially after giving up so much, including his sanity by dating this townie girl who he knows isn't right for him. We need to know it's too much of a risk when he's this close to having the life he wants--one of safety and security. We need to know that he would be a fool to fall for the one that got away or the one that left him behind, whichever the Temptress is... Then, we will crave the ride of watching how he gives it all up anyway...for love. The story sounds good! Good luck and keep writing!

  • Virginie Kiehn

    Was a fun ride! Kind of sad that nothing could have been done about Shivra, but I'm under the impression that he committed suicide in that bit at the end? I was scared for Kasumi when Shivra's barrier got reactivated. But, surprisingly, Shivra didn't directly do anything to her. Yeah, she almost fell to her death and all that jazz. And yeah, that could've been it for her. However, even more surprisingly, Sern swooped in to save the day! Virgil's confrontation with Law was far more even than I expected it to be, but I really wasn't surprised that Law came out to be the victor. I mean, he *is* the more experienced one of the two of them. I couldn't help but laugh at Candy contemplating whether or not she should strip down naked for her fight. The girl was worried about showing off her goods like that and quite frankly, I can't blame her. Those goods aren't for *everyone* to see, after all, hehe. What I laughed about most, however, was how willingly Ksaksa let himself be the voodoo doll for Needles to pierce. I guess the guy's just so used to pain that a puncture wound here and there doesn't even faze him. ~~Still wanted the Candy fanservice to be included in this chapter though. Boooooooo.~~ As for what Kasumi would do now, the obvious thing would be to mourn Achilles for a bit. I think she probably figured out what happened to him. Not in detail, of course, but just enough to figure out that he died. Kasumi would probably stick around for a while longer to gather her thoughts. I'm guessing that she's eventually going to find out about Reather's demise, so that's all the more reason to stick around and help out Blound get accustomed to the daily grind of being the man-in-charge (correct me if I'm wrong here, haha). Losing Reather must've been a heavy blow to Cowtip Island's police force and having forged a relationship with some of the people there, Kasumi feels a sense of responsibility to lend them a hand. That being said though, she most likely has other commitments to attend to after this whole fiasco of events, so she isn't going to remain in the island for *too* long. One thing about this Shivra situation that will stick with Kasumi is the fact that he was experimented on and that not many people were aware that the experiments were even happening. If you ever make that a plot point you'd want to expand upon in the future, you can count Kasumi in!

  • Nicola Nolan

    Fully answering everything! 1. Not my fav genre (it's second to last in my list of genres, only above ecchi), I usually link it to stupid and irrealistic fighting and battle shonens anime (that bores me). 2. According to MALgraph: Cowboy Bebop, Air Master and Nanoha (weird, it's more a mahou shoujo), Unbreakable Machine Doll. 3. It's Valkyrie drive: Mermaid, and was a pretty enjoyable ride. I usually like yuri/action mix (I liked Akuma no Riddle and Soul Eater NOT too). 4. Strenghts is being a good "change of pace" when mixed as secondary to other genres. 5. Too much fixation of "macho" values like fighting and muscle power, and totally boring and irrealistic fights. 6. No, of course. 7. [Maki Aikawa](, and can be a very good MC in a school-type anime. 8. [Soushu Innocence]( from Akuma no Riddle and [Overdrive]( are both pretty good songs, I like their "hard rock" style. 9. The steam-punkish setting of Unbreakable Machine Doll is so good. I really liked it for being something fresh and original, and not overused in other anime. 10. [This fight]( from Air Master is always awesome, in it's half-realistic start and going to hype-but-not-magical peak. 11. "There comes a time when a girl outgrows her sailor uniform" from Kill-la-kill is a good quote. 12. [This]( is the perfect mix of sakura and making fun of action anime. 13. Not into senyuu. 14. Female leads, usually it's a sign of a less "macho" action anime. 15. Heavily grounded in realism. It's why I prefer Hajime no Ippo to most action/shonens anime. 16. Following MAL genres: Murcielago, γ aka Gamma, Teppuu. All if them are a mix of action and other things (drama and yuri for Murcielago, Yuri and comedy with Gamma, Sport and slice-of-life for Teppuu). 17. Madhouse. 18. Realistic fights that don't user superpowers.

  • Ashly Bergstrom

    You still got this girl, she just freaked out. Honestly it is a complete non-issue. You came up and introduced yourself, super suave btw, connected to her, looked her up on Facebook, added her, chatted her, got her number, you guys are texting and she was reacting to you. She's already had sex with you in her mind already, like many times. You just need to stop caring what this chick thinks. Girls don't even know how their brain works. Girls have attention issues because they are emotional. They have a complete inability to think properly and they don't trust themselves. Women blame everything on others. The girl jumps your dick then tells you that you took advantage of her, she was drunk, etc... and this is not only because they fear slut shaming, women are like that in general, women hate taking responsibility for anything. Now, you can find that rare bread of woman that has the capacity for logical thinking but in dating she still wants to be the attention deficit chick that just goes along for the ride. So, if you are taking full responsibility for her, her job is to follow along. The life of the crew is the responsibility of the captain, if something happens to the crew, it is the captains fault, so the crew's job is to follow orders, if the crew knew better than the captain, they wouldn't need a captain. Your girl is still yours, just re-initiate the chat. Don't try to connect though, just ask her out. Don't to the "Hey! How are you?" "Anything new?", that is connection. Go for binary responses "You kept me hanging last time. You need to make it up to me. Doll yourself up, I'm taking you for XXX. Won't accept no for an answer" follow-up with "what do you say?", she will ask the timing and such, if she says no, you go "Wrong answer. Try again miss.", "I want to take you out, I need a yes from you", she will say yes eventually, who doesn't like being pursued? Your dick gets hard when a girl wants you. Chicks get wet when guys want them.

  • Beth Stanton

    >You feel secure and confident if you eat bacon, do sports with your bros, ride your dirt bike and do other stuff that makes you feel manly. You would never touch a doll or care about talking about feelings. Okay, but what if you were born as a girl, but with the same masculine mind? You don't connect with women as easily as you do with boys and all their female interests are stupid. You don't want no stupid dolls as gifts, you want cool action figures. Simple as a female you eat bacon you do sports with your bros you ride a dirtbike things that make you happy. You hate dolls and you dont care about your feelings. >Your parents force you to wear dresses instead of jeans and you aren't allowed to play in the dirt. They call you "she" or "her" all the time although they should know that you are a boy and it's like they are insulting you on purpose. Your parents are assholes. Do it anyway. Who cares. They wont let you wear jeans rip every dress you have and dont put on clothes. Wtf will they do? They dont want you to play in the dirt? go play in the dirt. What will they do? So far you have zero reason to start taking hormones to change from a girl to a boy. >They call you "she" or "her" all the time although they should know that you are a boy and it's like they are insulting you on purpose. **Now why is this girl a boy? So a women cant enjoy eating bacon playing sports riding dirt bikes? Isnt this you creating Gender stereotypes?** >This whole gender thing is about letting people choose their gender freely. GENDERS ARE NOT REAL. They dont exist. They are all in your head. We have biological sexes but after that there is nothing else men and women can do the same things. Men can play with dolls. Women can play sports. Men can do ballet. Women can Wrestle. That is why Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness because it does not exist in reality.

  • Adolphus McClure

    "Well, for fucks sake a swastica on my hand?! You're killing me Smalls." She muttered to herself as she pulled into the parking lot of her newest clients. "You have arrived at the Kaddosh center for the elderly" her GPS cheerfully chimed. *wait, what?* she thought to herself. She looks out her window to the sign above the entrance doors, there it is, blue and white lettering, complete with Star of David and a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. She let out a large groan, stepped out of her car, opened the trunk, and rummaged around--eventually producing some driving gloves. She shoved her hands into them, shaking her head to herself, and walked in hoping they wouldn't ask her to take off her gloves. She found herself daydreaming on the ride home about her current tattoos. She has a beautiful floral themed watercolor style shoulder piece that she got done as a reward for finishing her masters, a Lilly on her thigh to remember her miscarried baby, a pretty scroll work cross on her shoulder blade...oh, and a confederate flag on her foot, a voodoo doll smoking a cigarette, and a strange logo she thinks is from a video game uncomfortably close to her watercolor tattoo. All "gifts" from the girl in the mirror--herself in an alternate universe. Oh, and let's not forget is a swastica on her left hand. Maybe she can take to wearing a fingerless glove to cover that ugly thing up? She made a mental note to herself to research that later. She had an idea just then. She would get one of those cliche ribcage tattoos in a swirly girly script with a trashy quote like "dreams are like birds, they soar" just to piss off her counterpart.

  • Cristian Windler

    Let's say you are a young boy. You know that your are a boy and you feel masculine. You look for other men as inspiration for how to be masculine. You feel secure and confident if you eat bacon, do sports with your bros, ride your dirt bike and do other stuff that makes you feel manly. You would never touch a doll or care about talking about feelings. Okay, but what if you were born as a girl, but with the same masculine mind? You don't connect with women as easily as you do with boys and all their female interests are stupid. You don't want no stupid dolls as gifts, you want cool action figures. Your parents force you to wear dresses instead of jeans and you aren't allowed to play in the dirt. They call you "she" or "her" all the time although they should know that you are a boy and it's like they are insulting you on purpose. You always see masculine men with lumbersexual clothes and beards and see this as the masculine ideal because you associate it with it. In this case getting a fake beard can help to appear more masculine. It's not only about feeling secure in your skin, it's also about not getting misgendered all the time. And for a woman that was born in the body of a man getting tits can be important because other people don't see you as a full woman if you don't have tits. And it doesn't hurt anymore once you look in the mirror. This whole gender thing is about letting people choose their gender freely. Not about getting rid of genders completely. You can still be a man if you want to be a man and you can still be a woman if you still want to be a woman. But if you want to be something else on a scale from 0 to 10 in both masculinity and femininity you are also free to do so.

  • Howell Prosacco

    I believe this is sleep paralysis... I was very stressed out a few weeks ago and experienced what you described but with more of a nightmarish twist. I would "wake up" from a regular dream and just be in my bed here, normal enough- except unable to move. The first dream (the worst) involved a ghoulish little girl standing just outside my bedroom window. She held a doll in her hand and had a street lamp behind her, casting a shadow over her front. I couldn't see her face at all but felt the weight of the world in her stare. I tried to move to jump out of bed but felt frozen- then when I opened my mouth to scream for help NOTHING came out. I was alone and helpless. In this single moment I felt more emotion than I felt in my entire life... I know it sounds cleshae but the amount of terror I felt was indescribable. This lasted for minutes and ended on its own. I woke up shivering and covered in goosebumps, just laid awake for an hour after that. I think you just have to ride them out, if the paralysis ever gets caught up with true nightmares then you should let your stress and anxiety out somehow. The paralysis didn't stop for me until the cause of my stress passed. Haha this turned out a little long, just relived some of those dreams. GL with your sleep, also look into false awakenings, you might be having those as well

  • Sabrina Effertz

    >You know why those girls are so assertive and independent? I don't, but I can make a guess. It could be because nobody shies away from telling them that if they want to grow up to be capable and independent women, they'd better start acting like it now, and the people who tell them that are right to do so. I can wager a bit more of a guess based on how I was raised. Girls are taught pretty much "how to be a lady" from day one and how to act is told you pretty much at point blank. When I was a kid i was constantly given American Girl doll books etc. (My grandmother got me one on womanly manners for the dinner table) those books were filled with measure stuff like this is how you set a table/serve food or this is how you handle acne, this is how you invite friends over was Cindy polite to Kathy? To things like how to ask for advice. Some of it was good (talk to a teacher or adult if you are unsure) to some stuff I personally would not condone. (like placing limits on times of day to ask for help. Apparently it's wrong to ask for advice before bedtime, or in a car ride. If a kid got a mean text message from her friend becky right before bed I would rather the kid not go to bed upset.)

  • Mariah Emard

    My stepmom was awesome. I got another mom when I was 8, and my mom had primary custody. When we were little, I went to my dads for the summer but he worked a lot. My step mom would take us rollerblading, to the science museum, the library. She even made a little doll house with me. We played The Risk bird game and baked cookies to the music of Brittany Spears. Our relationship was great because she never made me feel like I was "extra" or "annoying" she treated me like I was her kid, held me when I cried, didn't let me eat too many pickles. I think we were so close because my dad had no idea how to raise kids, let alone a girl. He once left me in a wet swimsuit on a greyhound bus ride from Virginia Beach to San Antonio. I got drunk once when I took my soon to be fiancé up to meet my dad and her. I told her how much I thanked her for being a mom with NONE of the recognition my mom gets. My stepmom, she's a gem.

  • Delores Connelly

    I'm not sure this will help, but I really REALLY wanted a boy and had a girl. Now I'm SO SO happy to have a girl. She's almost 4. She's my little goddess sidekick. There is a special bond between a mother and a daughter, like this special feminine bond. At this age, girls clothes are SUPER cute (I like feminine clothes so that does help), and we are at a point where I find things for her that I almost wish they would make in my size! My daughter is a wild child, she is the first to climb the highest point, she can already ride a bike with no training wheels and will dive headfirst down any slide or hill or what have you. But she's also the biggest doll mama that ever was, and watching her care for her dolls is also the cutest thing ever. It's OK to grieve for the child you wanted but aren't getting. But I will say that it helps to remember that you are having a person with their own personality, and while boys stereotypically behave in certain ways, it doesn't mean your daughter won't be that mud smeared child that eats dirt and builds rock houses for hours on end.

  • Porter Skiles

    Read this completely seriously Hiya Barbie Hi Ken! Do you want to go for a ride? Sure Ken Jump in I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation Come on Barbie, let's go party! I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation I'm a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world Dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly You're my doll, rock'n'roll, feel the glamor in pink Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky You can touch you can play if you say "I'm always yours"

  • Joelle Rolfson

    A Barbie doll or other Barbie product! When I was little I was *obsessed* with Barbies. I had a whole corner of my room dedicated to them, an RC Barbie could ride in, and a small collapsable house for her. I don't know if they still make it anymore, but I swear they were my favorite toys aside from my American Girl dolls.

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