DUALF Traction Cleats, Snow Grips Ice Creepers Over Shoe Boot,Anti Slip 10-Studs TPE Rubber Crampons with 10 Free Studs for Footwear (Blue/Black) (Black, Large)

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1.Small---5.1*7.3 inch (US WOMEN:5-7/ US MEN:3-5)For Children
2.Medium--- 5.7*8.5 inch (US WOMEN:7-10/ US MEN:5-8)
3.Large--- 5.8*9 inch (US WOMEN:10-13/ US MEN:8-11)
4.X-Large---6.3*10.2 inch (US WOMEN:13-16/ US MEN:11-14)


1.Small: 0.19lb
2.Medium: 0.28lb
3.Large: 0.35lb
4.X-Large: 0.46lb



How to use:

1. Carefully fasten the grabbers to your shoes, starting with the large sizes are required if wearing over winter footware.
2. We suggest that the grabbers are used only on snow or ice to prevent wear to the studs.
3. Always clean the grabbers with a dry cloth after using. Store the grabbers in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight

Sweet Tips:
1.Traction Cleats ONLY,shoes displayed in pictures are NOT included
2.The snow ice grips are designed only for use on packed sonw and ice.They should not be worn on hard or muddy surfaces devoid of ice cover
3.Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item you received could be slightly different from the size above


1. 1 Pair Snow Grips
2. 10 Studs

  • Go about your day, no matter the conditions,using DUALF multi-directional Snow Grips make you more stable while providing traction on ice,snow-covered and gravel,fishing, hunting, walking, jogging, hiking, running, snow shoveling, etc
  • Lightweight TPE thermoplastic elastomer + special non-slip steel studs,odourless,flexible to -40 degree C,Effectively prevent men women slipping on snow and ice condition
  • The special Ground-gripping steel studs and TPE rubber simultaneously contact walking surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, and pavement
  • Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats maintains traction throughout your natural stride while walking.Easy to take on and off,can fold up to fit in your pocket
  • Suitable for all kinds of sport shoes, climbing boots, double boots etc.Easily fitted over existing footwear with no buckles or straps
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