footinsole Best Foot Relief Glycerine Filled Liquid Insoles for Massage and All Day Long Comfort - Ideal shoe Inserts Pads for Work, Walking, Running, Heel pain & problem treatment(XL (11.5 US Men's))

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Has the foot pain, discomfort or fatigue become a regular problem and isn't going even after changing a number of footwear designs or insoles?

Do sore or stressed feet often prevent you from focusing on your work?

Not anymore! Our smart liquid filled insoles eliminate the need to change your footwear or compromise with the pain every day.

The insoles offer many incredible benefits to your feet and become an indispensable part of your life once you start using them. Some of the benefits are:

✔ Insoles support your arch, massage your feet and increase blood circulation
✔ Relieve foot stresses and fatigue and keep you more relaxed with a cushioned base
✔ Absorb shock during sports activities and prevents damage to feet and other body parts
✔ Unlike other insoles we use high quality materials, smart pressure points
✔ Glycerin filled insoles keep your feet warm and help in faster recovery from stress
✔ Superior antimicrobial properties discourage growth of odor causing bacteria
✔ Eliminate problems like plantar fasciitis and inflammation pain
✔ Reported to even give relief from ankle, knee, hips and back pain
✔ Can be worn in sandals or even over orthotics

Universal Size and Unisex

The insoles come in a size that fits all shoes types and have a unisex design. You can easily cut them with a scissor to fit the desired size. Easy instructions come along with the package to help you resize them, if required.

100% Risk-Free Satisfaction

We offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction to let you buy with confidence and provide you an easily accessible and trustworthy customer service.

So, why think twice? You got nothing to lose!

ORDER NOW to get these incredible insoles.

  • ALL-IN-ONE FOOT CARE - Our liquid filled foot insoles or often referred to as liquid orthotics provide cushion to your feet, massage them, absorb shock, give arch support and increase blood circulation - thus relieving your feet of all the stresses, fatigue and pain by providing more comfortable and relaxing base.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT TO YOUR FEET - Unlike other insoles available in the market, our insoles use a special configuration of pressure and stabilization points that ensure way higher level of comfort and performance. With these in your shoes, you will feel like you are walking on a thick soft carpet or a waterbed all day. Forget the painful days from now on!
  • GLYCERINE AS FILLER - Each of our insole is filled with pure glycerine which is considered as an ideal messaging agent for your feet due to its thermal properties. The glycerine insole doesn't only provide you a fluid cushion and massage but also keeps your feet warm and thus increases blood circulation - ensures faster recover from stress and relieves pain.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL - The material of the insole has superior antimicrobial properties which prevent growth of any odor causing bacteria.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION - We also offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. So, ORDER NOW and treat Plantar Fasciitis and inflammation pain in no time. Many people even report relief from ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain due to use of these insoles.
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