I NEED YOU Reading Glasses Eyewear Black Half Rimmed Rectangular Frame Eyeglasses For Women With Plastic Lenses - Anna Style - Prescription Eyewear With Power +2.5

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Anna Limited Black. These beautiful reading glasses with stylish acetate temples and great spring hinges are a must-have item in a woman's purse. This models' best feature is its high quality and durability. The original I NEED YOU magnetic hard case matches your glasses colors and offers protection. Available in 4 colors, from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5. Designed in Germany.

These I NEED YOU glasses arrive safely stored in a simple yet stylish magnetic case. Available in 4 colors, from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5. Designed in Germany.

All of our glasses are stocked in our USA warehouse and ship within two days of order, although we do our best to send them same day when ordered before 12 PM EST.

Features Of Anna Reading Glasses:
  • Crystal Clear Vision
  • Stylish Look
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Thick Coated Temples
  • Half Rimmed Glasses
  • Comfort Fit
  • Reduce Eye Strain
Why Choose us?

We offer various eyewear & sun wear collection featuring modern shapes that look classic with superb lens quality for a long lasting endurance. Eyewear with a durable & lightweight polycarbonate frame and high-quality spring hinges for easy On/Off wear. Available in different size & colors

Package Includes: 1 x Reading Glass x Magnetic Case

  • HALF RIM READING GLASSES: These half rimmed reading glasses are beautifully designed in detail uniquely for women. Our half rimmed frames are black in color. The frames are durable, and of course, it is going to suit you! It is always a good idea to try different & unique frames.
  • ACETATE EYEWEAR WITH COLORFUL TEMPLE: This spring hinged eyewear made from high-quality material. These are stylish daily purpose rectangular frames. Excellent for people with an active lifestyle due to their spring hinge.
  • HALF MOON READING GLASSES: Lenses made of high-quality plastic, a hard coat finish providing a smoothing effect. You should get half framed reading glasses if you want a sophisticated & more modern look. Go for our designer clear lenses if you want lighter weight frames.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT EYEWEAR SPECTACLES: Our plastic eyeglasses fits for all facial features. This comfortable plastic frame eyeglass comes with a magnetic hard case. Quality lightweight reading eyewear available in 4 colors & +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0 power lenses.
  • DESIGNED IN GERMANY: Created by certified master opticians, I NEED YOU have been making quality reading glasses since 1993. I NEED YOU Readers: manufactured according to CE standard and European standard DIN EN 14163.
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