LANGRIA Free Standing Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, 4 Angle Adjustable Organizer Storage for Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Broaches (Brown)

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Get Ready Fast and Look Effortlessly Chic
You know the feeling of getting your necklaces tangled with another necklace or bracelet. What better way to organize your jewelries with a perk of a full length mirror embedded? LANGRIA's free standing cabinet styled jewelry armoire offers you a great storage solution while keeping your everyday get-ready time fast and easy.

Gorgeous Vanity Mirror You Would Adore
You know you want to look good before you leave the door and that's why LANGRIA's mirrored jewelry armoire features a full-length vanity mirror, making it super convenient to change up your outfit or doing your makeup. Featuring 4 adjustable angles by changing the wood sticks in the back, you are able to use it in any angle you like.

Secure Armoire for Your Jewelries
Being lockable with keys, LANGRIA's jewelry armoire keeps your jewelries, makeups and other accessories safely locked away from dust and prevents from going flying open. Moreover,the protective black fabric inner lining prevents your jewelries from being scuffed, scratched and dirty, while the lock system can keep your accessories such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more in a safe place when you're away.

Product Description
Material: Medium Density Fiberboard
Armoire Dimension: 14.4 x 3.6 x 47.1in. (36.5 x 9.2 x 119.6 cm)
Mirror Dimension: 9.3 x 42in. (23.5 x 106.6cm)
Stand Dimension: 16.1 x 14.4 x 37.6in. (40.9 x 36.5 x 95.5 cm)

Package Content
1x Mirror Cabinet
2x Bracket
2x Connecting Rod
6x Long Screws
2x Screws with Washer
4x Wooden Dowel
1x Key

  • [Amazon] Free Standing Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet W/Free Shipping W/Coupon Code HPPAPADY for $103.99 [Ends 06/19]
  • [Amazon] Free Standing Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Free Shipping W/Coupon Code HPPAPADY for $103.99 [Ends 06/19]
  • [Amazon] Free Standing Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Free Shipping |Coupon Code HPPAPADY |$103.99 |Ends 06/19
  • [US] Free Standing Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet |Free Shipping |Coupon Code: HPPAPADY |$103.99
  • Store All Your Jewelry With This Affordable Cabinet (Free Shipping) ($113.99)

  • STYLISH AND WELL-MADE: the free standing jewelry armoire is constructed with durable MDF material featuring an all brown outlook that is easily assemble with a screwdriver and fits in any place at home
  • HASSLE FREE STORAGE: 108 earrings slots, 36 earrings holes, 18 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 84 rings slots, 1 pouch and 11 compartments, this roomy armoire easily gets all your jewelry neatly organized and maintained in good condition
  • FULL LENGTH MIRROR: the embedded mirror is 42" long and front-facing therefore gives you a whole vision for your appearance checking and doing makeup with easy access to your jewelry, accessories and cosmetics
  • 4 ANGLE TILTING DESIGN: the armoire features a pair of sticks and 4 upper horizontal holes on each side of the stand to adjust to different beveled angles for a better view
  • ADDITIONAL PROTECTION: the protective black fabric lining prevents your jewelries from being scuffed and scratched, while the equipped lock with keys safely keeps your valuables stored
  • Jerrold Wiza

    I like it...It holds so much stuff. Now I wish I could find one of the decent sized acrylic drawers with the cosmetic organizer on top so I can put my bracelets, watches, etc. In the drawers and get to them easier.

  • Susie McDermott

    I second and triple the idea of having an extra key. You have to be able to remove for whatever emergency reason. For example, you get in an accident and you need medical imaging (x-ray, CT) and they can't do it with metal on, they will probably cut it if it's really necessary. So it's something to consider. I know exactly how you feel. I really really want a lockable collar but because of work (Er nurse) I can't have one and also because Daddy is far away and if anything happens he can't help me remove it and I'd probably lose the key. So I have a day collar, a cute little bracelet and a private collar that I wear at home.

  • Trever Turner

    Trying is the key word here. A community organizer who makes "friendship" bracelets can't stump the Trump.

  • Gilbert Pacocha

    Whoever commented, you're shadow banned

  • Deron Reichel

    Wow... This is great, a very nice a complete answer... I'll probably use your suggestions, along with a nice 15-day holliday to polish this. I'll make a few comments based on your writing: > The sheer number of abilities that the main class grants. I would nix entirely weapon attunement and serenity, they're too strong and unfair. Weapon Attunement is the "lightsabre" flavor; canonically, lightsabers can pierce through metal and stuff, so bypassing nonmagical b/p/s resistance seemed like a way to do it. I may reflavor it or nerf it, in some way, but I feel it needs to stay. Serenity could be nerfed to be an action in which you regain Force points, but, again, it's the whole flavor or the meditating jedi like Qui Gon agaisnt Darth maul. > Dampen presence, eyes of the force, control techniques and shatterpoints would be dispersed to the archetypes. Dampen presence and eyes of the force are really utility feats, they could be moved somewhere to an archetype. Shatterpoint and Control Techniques are inherent to all powerful jedi. Perhaps I could move Shatterpoint to lvl 20 and nerf the control techiques? > If you looking for the cool level 20 ability, how bout astral form, becoming one with the force in that you return to the force granting wisdom thru meditation to your students. aka nice retirement. perhaps there's room somewhere in the main class for an apprentice, level 14 or something. thinking more on the force die and ways to use it in the main class, how bout rolling as a bonus action to add to attacks and ac for the turn, this would add on to guidance of the force. now were looking like quality over quantity I have something similar thought for a prestige class I'm polishing... > In light of the mystic system I also feel that this class should be free of any arcane spells at all, but I'll get back to this. Once the mystic is balanced and released, this class could fit entirely there as an archetype. > For the archetypes: Like Clerics I would give each archetype a list of unique spell like abilities. I like the idea of granting bonus proficiencies base on the archetype choice. A second list of combat training associated with that choice may be appropriate. and at least two things that use the force points while building off each other. A spell list related to the archetype was the first iteration, but they were so much overstepping between spells. Also, less diversity. > The Consular is mix of meh abilities and overpowered ones. Prescience feels like what should be in the main class minus the ac bonus, they already get that from defence of the blade. Some rework of serenity may fit here as a means to regain force points. Force of will is fine. Bolster ally entirely steps on bards and should be held back in the same way as them, having a number of uses limited by the spell casting modifier. However allowing them to make a weapon attack seems counter to the peaceful theme of the archetype. perhaps granting normal inspiration is more appropriate and late on adding in granting temp hit points through soothing words. vicious mockery should go here for spell like abilities. basically pull heavy from bard. Force warning also seems odd for a politics focused background. perhaps instead advantage on perceiving deception and illusions. Improved command or dominate spells would also seem appropriate. hold person, resilient sphere, telepathy, slow, sanctuary. There are a plethora of non damaging control spells. really push that social and mental dominance here. I had this in mind, but it came to be so much similar to a Valor Bard that I ditched that idea. > The Adept I honestly am unsure what the goal here was it really feels like a jack of all trades with each ability doing something different, a mixed bag if you will. I would guess this should feel more shamanistic. so healing and elemental focus, let them bend the force into elements, fire, ice, light, water. Flux of the force feels wonky and should probably more closely reflect warmagic fome eldritch knight as it's also rather potent for 5th level. this is also where you first focus in on this concept of imbuing objects with the force, granted I've only read one book but this ability wasn't in it, or any of the several games, or any of the movies that I can recall, so like the weapon attunement I would nix it. It also feels wholly unnecessary. perhaps this is where eyes of the force would be a better fit, as sort of a shamanistic ritual. shatter also feels more in tune here, instead they may use the force to glean a foe's weakness and resistances so they may bend the force into the appropriate nature. healing others might regain themselves force points as they channel the force. what if they can heal for amount of the force die and regain that many force points as well. The idea of the Force Adept is to be more of a caster than a melee, but I really like your suggestions here. > The Guardian I actually really like this one. It feels like a total combination of champion and battlemaster and its good that it's limited by the chosen fighting style. the haste spell would be great here. the mystic and warlock have fun uses of force to slam, throw and push or pull opponents that would fit nicely here. perhaps they regain force points with crits as they become in sync with the force's guidance in battle. or simply regaining 1 every time they hit an enemy with melee. Force points are a way to improve your combat, not particularly nice to have them getting one each time they hit someone or they crit, considering one of the fighting styles is focused around critting more often. > Sentinel also good except that force reflexes needs to go. and the archetype is missing something in terms of mobility. avoiding opportunity attacks. main objective feels backwards, perhaps instead granting an additional damage die for each consecutive turn attacking the same target without getting hit back. blur, blink, mirror image would work great here. dampen presence should be here. perhaps they use the weave of the force to conceal themselves and gain back force points in doing so. I also feel Force Reflexes is not fitting, but I could not find a nice 15th level feature. I like your suggestion on main objective, but it feels weird with dual wielding, perhaps having thise be "turn related" just like Sentinel's Strike. > Again we are back to imbuing items. how is this sith like, i didnt realise all sith were craftsmen. How about berserker rage instead and extra attack. I do like the ideas for auras of fear, battle craze, confusion but the detriments are too heavy to make one want to use any of them. Imposing fear, causing disadvantage on concentration checks, inciting a frenzy are definitely a way to go, but they should be targeted at least. perhaps imposing neagitve modifiers based on the force die. Then again with this item thing, where is the feeble mind? the improved crippling lightning, let them suck the life from enemies to replenish force points! these are sith not evil blacksmiths! the item aspect needlessly convolutes and if someone's playing an evil badass, they aren't doing it to make jewelry. If you read the Extended Universe, you learn a lot about Sith Artifacts and how they use it to storage information, powers, etc and also how they imbue the Force in such items. I feel that it was a unique way to make the Sith different, since you're not necesarily evil. As I said, I may do what you suggest!

  • Estella Batz

    You can do a bunch of things. Craft stores have little "milk crates" that are probably perfect sized for a small altar. Bonus points you can store all your stuff in one! And you can make a chipboard lid or something. My altar is on top of a dresser I use for storage rather than clothes. The top drawer is for all my wiccan and witchy things. Next drawer holds makeup/jewelry, and the bottom holds my boyfriend's random computer junk (no joke, it's JUST computer stuff he doesn't use and won't get rid of). It has a two level surface and a mirror. I have a cat so my "permanent" mini altar sits under the top level and I have my in-progress-BOS sitting out. But I also have lotion, makeup, and pictures cluttering the surface. That all gets cleaned off when using it. But it's meant to be my religious space all the time, and multi purpose most of the time as well. I used to use a mini "suitcase" used purely for decoration sold at stores like Ross and Michaels. Mine is surprisingly sturdy so I painted it and slapped a few pagan bumper stickers on ;) Speaking of mini suitcases, you can sometimes get a small older one with flat side at thrift stores. You can re-cover it and maybe reinforce the sides and BAM very study altar you can put out of the way when not using and carry with you.

  • Suzanne Murphy

    My wardrobe isn't gigantic, but I too started acquiring more once I figured out my personal style and found some good local sources. I also tend to want to find the "best" (for my purposes) version of an item, I like to be prepared for anything, and I have a chronic illness that makes me uncomfortable in certain items on many days, all of which means I've got a bunch of small capsules-of-sorts for formal occasions, cold weather, sick days, etc. My systems: * **I keep rarely used and out-of-season capsules separate and stored where I can least access and thus least see them.** The goal is avoid looking at a whole bunch of clothes right in front of me, not sure why none of it seems like what I want to wear that day or why I keep grabbing the same few. If half of it has been weaned out for good reasons, I see only items I might actually wear now, which keeps me from feeling guilty for passing so many up and makes me more aware of "hidden" items I didn't notice when they were outnumbered. Note on weaning out: There are gray area pieces that I *could* wear if I just decided to dress fancy-ish on a normal day or layer that maxi dress under a sweater, and I just have to be realistic about whether I'd actually like the outfit I could make with it or am kidding myself about its versatility or my lifestyle. * **I keep items with similar uses in the same part of the closet, so I don't forget about one type and always reach for another.** For example, jeans are in a folded stack beneath a few hanging skirts and bottoms, and in a drawer under that (nearly, anyway) are leggings and tights. If I don't do that, I grab the things I can see and forget about the ones in a far-away drawer. * **I keep frequently-used shoes by the door and extra purty/rarely used ones in a visible place in the closet.** It might seem obvious for practical reasons, but I also (mostly) don't need to see what my outfits look like with the knee-high boots I wear every other day, while I'm still experimenting with my other shoes and need to see them in the mirror *and* remember I have them when I'm looking around my closet for options. As with the above, out-of-season (sandals) and truly rarely used shoes (schmancy heels) are [stored away](, because it's more space efficient, I don't need them cluttering up my field of vision, and I know where to look if I need them. * **I keep all clothes with like clothes**, which certainly isn't uncommon but I know isn't everyone's instinct. Tanks with tanks (plain identical cotton ones folded beneath other hanging ones), l/s with l/s, nice sweaters grouped, more sporty sweaters grouped, etc. * **Everything in a drawer must be visible.** I hear that's [Konmari-style]( too, storing everything vertically instead of stacking. That goes for my scarves, beanies, underwear, leggings...well, almost everything except in one drawer where I keep stacks of things like old tanks for home use and just take one off the top. Products: * I use the [velvet-coated hangers]( from Amazon, because they're not only thin but uniform: I don't want different or colorful hangers adding chaos to my view of my closet. I do have a some wooden ones for pants and heavier items like coats, but otherwise I stick to those. * Everyone recommends the IKEA Skubb set for drawers, but even IKEA offers others that might better suit your needs, depending on what you're folding and the size of your drawers. I have and love a set of [these Komplement trays](, which are made for their PAX system but also fit in some of my drawers and are great for larger items than most of the Skubbs. Besta also has a [couple]( [interesting]( options, and Komplement includes some jewelry trays like [this one]( (I use a couple [plain trays]( from The Container Store, myself.)

  • Kenny Bartell

    Thanks for your reply! I would like to have three other things in my room, a jewelry armoire that will double as a mirror, a dressing/vanity table and chair, and a decorative dress form. I already hang the majority of my clothing so storage space isn't much of an issue. :) I have found armoires in white, black, and espresso. Same for dressing tables.

  • Emilie Cummerata

    I would buy a framed, tall mirror to lean against the wall in between the two windows. hang a small pretty chandelier from the center. look at closet organizer stuff on the computer. you can purchase better looking shoe storage, jewelry storage what ever you need. how about a vanity to do makeup and hair.

  • Lowell McCullough

    It's really funny that you posted this, because my first SP experience was freakishly similar. My first experience happened almost four years ago the night that I returned from a trip in Chicago. This also happened to be the night that I started to wear a new necklace. As I was going to sleep, I remember having an extremely vivid dream. I was sitting on a park bench underneath what seemed to be a willow tree next to this girl. We were having a conversation, and I looked at her wrist and saw this beautiful diamond bracelet. I said to her "wow, that's such a pretty bracelet. Where did you get it from?" Before she said anything, my whole vision went black for a second, and then these lights slowly turned on. The room was very dim, but it was just bright enough to be able to tell that it was a jewelry store. It was from the point of view of a surveillance camera in what seemed to be in a corner of the room. There was a silhouette of a man standing behind the counter, and another one walked in. As I was taking this all in, I realized that there was nothing in any of the display cabinets, other than a few things in the cabinet directly in front of the first silhouette I mentioned. As the man who came in approached the man behind the counter, the man behind the counter already knew what the customer wanted- the bracelet. The customer asked how much the bracelet was, and the other man said that it was free, just take it. As the two men's hands met to pass off the bracelet, everything froze and flickered to black, yet the bracelet still glowed through the darkness. A second later, the bracelet's diamonds flickered out, and this terrifying laugh starts. It was kind of quiet at first, but it quickly turned loud. It somehow even made my ears hurt. Then the buzzing like you've mentioned started. It was like the buzzing was my whole body vibrating, and it felt like something was sitting on my chest and keeping me from breathing. At this point, I was also praying to God to get rid of this demon that was haunting my sleep. I also was in belief that this was the devil's doing, for there was nothing on Earth that could laugh with that amount of evil. Seriously though- thank you for posting this. It is nice to see that somebody has had a very similar experience to me, and I have someone that I can relate to. By no means am I happy that you've had to experience this awful event, and I wouldn't wish SP upon even my worst enemies. Because of how many times I have experienced SP, I have come to my own conclusion that it might have been Satan's work the first time and he left something in me that lasts, for God would not allow Satan to attack me as many times as I've had SP (I know it doesn't make too much sense. Sorry.) That's just my opinion, though. I really hope that you'll be on the luckier end of the spectrum and never have to experience this again. If you do (and you would like to talk some more about it) let me know.

  • Felicia Wisozk

    I ventured into a Sears at the mall this Christmas as I was shopping for gifts. There was nobody at the register, and the store was practically empty except for some old lady in a vest putting some tags onto clearance purses. I asked if she worked here and whether I could check out. She did work there, and said something about "the girl" being out. She went behind the register and tried to figure it out herself. This took a long time. She had to read every screen on the computer as she went through the motions, following the instructions. Apparently her only job there is to tag clearance purses, and she wasn't equipped to handle checking out a customer. After several minutes, she finally got to the end. She asked if I had a loyalty card. I said, "No." She asked if I wanted a loyalty card. At this point, I forgot what store I was in. I knew I'd be doing some more Christmas shopping, so no need to turn down points! I looked around to figure out where I was, but nothing was branded. I was standing at a large jewelry case/cabinet with the register behind it and clothes/accessories surrounded me. So, I thought I had it. I was at a JC Penney! Of course, I wasn't sure, so I asked, "What store is this?" She didn't understand my question, I guess. She said something like, "What?" I repeated, "What store is this?" and added, "Is this JC Penney?" She said, "No. This is Sears." I said, "Oh." Then, thinking back to her original question about the loyalty card, I added, "No, I'm good."

  • Maurice Turcotte

  • Broderick O'Reilly

    Is the code written by "Arnold" just the Hosts starting to make their own thoughts, or is it Ford doing things all sneaky? It's the hosts interpreting their code as the bi cammaral voice of Arnold, ford has no access into the walled garden What happened to Stubbs? Is he dead? Trapped somewhere while the Hosts do their murder narrative? Searching for Elsie that ford incapacitated with arnold If Ford knows that the Hosts (specifically Maeve, Bernard, etc) are waking up repeatedly, repeatedly and getting closer to consciousness and that his Wyatt story is almost there, why kill Theresa? He knew the end was nigh anyway. To provoke Bernard into attempting to kill him, he is trying to get bernard to overcome human like emotions and responses like revenge. To paraphrase he says something like "after all this I hoped you would chose to take your place by my side" Did Ford know about Maeve? Yes Also, how could Felix and Sylvester be so idiotic - all they had to do was alert QA, and Maeve would have been decommissioned and no longer a problem. This has been done to death in the last few weeks Did Abernathy and the stolen data get off the island? Or was he part of the murder horde at the end (implied because Fuckboi - can't remember his name - went down to cold storage to retrieve him and that's when the whole reveal it was empty; otherwise, why was he down there)? Probably still in park Snake face and Hector are not truly conscious like Dolores and Maeve and Bernard, right? Theirs Too much backstory with armistace not to believe it's not going to play a part in season 2, however they both managed to make the cognitive leap into the real world, so they are closer than aberthany at the time he was retired How could Security and QA be so bad at their jobs - was it Ford messing with the systems? Because that doesn't explain the Stormtrooper-level terrible shooting abilities. They are mooks Also, why do all the guns have cute little red parts? To match the \W/ aesthetic? Future tech/ job lot from Abernathy is Dolores dad in "present day" when the picture of Juliette Delos is found, but why does he know the "These violent delights have violent ends" trigger? It only triggers if the host has the wyatt narrative uploaded, otherwise it's just Shakespeare And why does Dolores repeat it to Maeve? Chance? Possibly ford scripted it thus to give his maeve narrative a formal starting hook, Also, wtf are L & W doing carting around a hard copy photo in future time anyway, and how was it so well preserved after 30 years to be discovered by Abernathy? It was lost near the church chances are it was dislodged under a rock by the excavations, plenty of photos still exist from longer than 30years ago What was Teddy's point in the story? Just plot device to get MiB from one section to the next? He seemed more bound by his loops/programming than most of the other main character Hosts, and I never really felt that any of his actions, besides knocking MiB out, were really "his" decisions, unlike things the others did. In the Sizemore shows hale his Canibal wyatt fords storyboard has him marked down as the lure,so yes his role is to steer MIB along a tightly scripted path, What prompted Dolores's escape from her rape/murder loop the "first" time to run into William? My view is far from popular but I think she first completed the maze before the park opened, escaping from rebus with no guests present The clues are that Lawrence's daughter asks if she found what she was looking for in the current timeline and reacting with confusion in the william timeline where the girl isn't present which suggests she was expecting her to be there, a dream within a dream. Also when she gets to the basement she relives arnold and ford arguing Teddy wasn't called away for the Wyatt loop, that happens in the present day, are we just supposed to assume he was away on a different quest by happenstance? He didn't have the role as dolores chaperone in Williams timeline, he doesn't appear at all in it Did Ford have Bernard plant the gun to prompt Dolores's final maze run of the present day (the day after the MiB kills her in Ep 1)? Or did he do it other times before? Good question Its something I want to think about on my first rewatch So William ties up Logan naked on a horse and sends him off into the hills where he....dies? Goes nuts? What? Leaving William to step up and eventually take control of Delos. But there was never any questions about that? If Logan died, could that have been part of what caused Juliette to fear William? And how could the park not do regular sweeps to prevent that kind of thing (guests dying from exposure/starvation)? He had no reason to kill him he had enough ammunition to get promoted over him, anything that happened in the park could be brushed off as a frat boy hazing ceremony, logan would probably be keen to keep stum Since Dolores was in one of her Maze runs (achieving consciousness) during her time with William, and he meant enough to her to call out his name, not Teddy's, during her scene with the MiB during Ep10, did she really love him, even if she forgot? Yes yes she did Does she really love Teddy? Was Teddy even a part of her story prior to her trip with William, or were her romantic responses all scripted to both of them (or more "free" with William, and then used as part of the improvisation/self adjusting loops with Teddy, since the concept of her waiting around for him applies to them both). Ford subverted her love for william and transfered it to a decoy, his whole park entrance mirrors step for step Williams, How do memories even work for the Hosts? I,understand that they need to have memory in order to improvise and to remember to act more human, but once you wipe an experience in a line of code, it should be gone forever. Even people who have TBI, if their memory centers are damanged, the memories stored in those particular sections are gone (yes, different types of memories reside in different parts of the brain, but total amnesia is a thing). In the Hosts, it should be just data, and data can be definitively erased. parts of the code that form memories are overwritten, but data retrieval is possible under some instances What was Ford's purpose in allowing Bernard to see his Family Hosts? As another step in their well-worn path to full consciousness? Yes Does Bernard have Arnold's actual memories, or are they simply coded experiences? Not explicitly stated but I beleive bernard is as faithful reproduction of arnold as possible, Do you buy Arnorld's theory that only suffering leads to conciousness? Because it's more plausible that any strong emotion would do it - you can find out about yourself just as much through happy things as sad (birth of your child, falling in love, accomplishments, etc) I'm not so sure that being brutalized for 3 decades would really make someone more of a person. Pain leads to suffering, suffering leads to hate, and that is a one-way ticket to the Dark Side of the force my friends. No it's a terrible idea in the real world and I really hope the hosts evolve and reject the idea Why the fuck are there only creepy ass male technicians working in the "butcher" level? Because anyone with a shrewd of decency gets the first train out, except felix whose obviously making illicit use of company property to gtfo Is the William/Dolores story perhaps the most fucked up love story of all time? Nah he's the jealous ex boyfriend who gets all stabby if he so much as looks at another man Do you think Sylvester is still standing up against that glass wall? Let's hope so

  • Talia Ebert

    Lockable armoire.

  • Daniela McClure

    Wee bit of background: My parents were the second owners of a house built in the 1920s after they bought it at an estate sale. The original owner died in the house (supposedly in my bedroom). All of the bedrooms of the house had en suite bathrooms, and mine happened to have a full-length mirror on the inside of the door, and I often left the door open at night. One night when I was a teenager, I'm laying in bed, unable to sleep. I'm laying on my side facing the bathroom door when I hear some soft creaking along the wood floors. I look in the mirror, thinking it's just one of my brothers sneaking around the house but I don't see anyone. "Ok, it's an old house, there's lots of settling," I think, and close my eyes. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder, like it's trying to gently shake me awake. I look in the mirror, and there's no one there. I'm frozen in confusion; I can feel someone touching me but my eyes are telling me that I'm alone in the bedroom. I roll over to make sure, and the "hand" lifts off of me and I hear the floorboards creak again. There was still no one there. Years later I tell my mom about it and she nonchalantly tells me about the lady who died and that she's still hanging around. Cabinet doors will be found open, creaking in the floors follows a particular path, and yes, sometimes she checks to see if people are sleeping. At least she's a friendly ghost?

  • Silas Gaylord

    *The bathroom is small and cramped. The room is the length of the bath/shower that sits along the left wall on the right wall is a sink/cabinet combo with a mirror and hiding behind the sink in the toilet. The white tile work which someone obviously took some time to do is now cracked and shattered in several places. A toothpaste tube and four tooth brushes sit in a stand as well as a pump pot full of soap.*

  • Judah Daniel

    No, it looks fantastic on you! I also desperately need a full length mirror because standing on a chair in front of the medicine cabinet mirror does not seem to be working ;)

  • Garrison Casper

    ** Your VanLife dreams await! $21000** [Imgur Mirror Link]( >QR Code Link to This Post >Selling my Ford E350 with a 6.0 turbo diesel that has already been converted >to a most badass, move-in ready campervan! >I bought this as a completely bare cargo van two years ago, built it out, and >have been driving it across the country ever since while living in it. But not >too much. In fact, I've only put about 35,000 miles on it. This AdventureVan >has a lot of adventure left in it. >_What's inside:_ >Fully insulated >3-way refrigerator >Rear heater >Closet to hang your clothes and store things on the shelf >A bed that's big enough for one person, but expands to fit two comfortably >Huge storage under the bed >A huge gear drawer that pulls out the back >3-speed, reversible vent-fan >A kitchen counter that runs the entire length of the passenger side from the >back to the sliding door >Cabinets, drawers, and shelves under the entire counter >A sitting desk section >Chair/dresser/dirty clothes compartment >Separate cabinet for 2-burner stove, pots, pans, and food storage >Custom built center console with big storage area >300W solar system with 2 batteries >300W pure sine wave AC inverter >LED lighting >TONS of USB and electrical outlets >Insulated, blackout window covers and curtains >_Mechanical and Van info_ >6.0 PowerStroke turbo diesel >196,000 miles (good for 400,000!) >Oil changed every 5,000 miles with Rotella T6 full-synthetic 5W-40 >Just completed a 200k mile check-up and lubrication >New Rear main seal >Upgraded "Bulletproof" EGR cooler >Brand new FICM >New tires just after I bought it with over half the tread still available >Cruise control >Power windows and locks >Rear wheel, 2-wheel drive >New crankshaft position sensor >Anything else? >_Optional / Additional cost_ >Thule roof rack >Thule hitch mount swing-away, 4 position bike rack >Thule sliding snowboard roof rack mount >2-burner cook stove >Big Buddy Mr. Buddy Heater >10lb. LP tank >Price is **FIRM**. After all, you ARE buying my entire house and then I have >to go buy something new. >Also, willing to trade (or trade + cash) for the right truck camper, Sprinter, >Ford Transit, or some other high-top vehicle worth living in. >I'll be in Denver, Boulder, and Golden starting next week for two weeks. If >you want it, here's your window of opportunity!   2004 ford e350 van| :- condition:good| cylinders:8 cylinders| drive:rwd| fuel:diesel| odometer:196000| paint color:white| size:full-size| title status:clean| transmission:automatic| type:van| --- ^| ^I'm ^a ^bot ^| ^For ^bug ^reports, ^suggestions, ^or ^if ^you ^want ^me ^in ^your ^sub [^message ^/u/Vendigroth]( ^|

  • Ella Ratke

    * something sticky * Tractor *slime *footprints *Island paradise Sand dune Archer Your favorite outfit Trophies Fishing fly Black hole cyclops swan mirror microphone pretzels newspaper submarine scrambled eggs eel wave bike leather boots keys coffee cup self portrait snake charmer playground sumo wrestler crystal chandelier eight ball secrets treasure chest children's toy something that sparkles penguin unicorn pirate tribal pattern suit of armor pinball machine erupting volcano seahorse ninja happy monster futuristic car three little pigs yeti magic amulet toolbox fish bones zipper carpenter handcuffs dollhouse mask telescope, piano, windmill, double sided ax, (got tired of hitting "enter"), samurai, ghost, hot air balloon, bubbles, polka dots, plate of cookies, snake scales, pair of socks, high dive, belt, figure skater, fisherman, space, jack o lantern, cinderellas glass slipper, hay bales, bumper cars, covered wagon, spy, fighter jet, parachute, tree bark, radio, art gallery, bow and arrow, pepperoni pizza, snail, bushel of apples, doorknob, talking object, harp, chess pieces, electricity, computer keyboard, presents, barn, plaid, jewelry, ballet, curtains, tripod, sunglasses, bow tie, saturn's rings, birdcage, swamp creature, horse and carriage, banana peel, stapler, toothpaste, thunderstorm, movie poster, video game controller, cinnamon sticks, target, skull, elf, alien plant life, first love, new baby, kids jumping, glaciers, shark, scarf, wheelchair, blacksmith, four-wheeler, crossroads, cowboy, pedestal, police car, pug, someone who is full of joy, what's under your bed, hieroglyph, dolphin, wooden shield, laughing, desk, jump rope, something big next to something small, taxi, staircase, tomahawk, hummingbird, hedgehog, gorilla, fire truck, soda can, teddy bear, fruit basket, fortune cookie, smirk, game of marble, crumpled paper, swordfish, alarm clock, goldfish, salt and pepper shakers, puppet, jet pack, time machine, hands, wood fencing, cave, milkshake, music, high heeled shoes, smile, mad scientist, telephone booth, skyscraper, gargoyle, diamond, sushi, briar patch, something that comes in pairs, box of chocolates, brick wall, bat, chicken bonsai tree, headphones, a new typeface, jellyfish, candy canes, lawn mower, rain puddles, school, lamb, wolf, bell, bowl of popcorn, lampshade, peacock, turtle, bear, ceiling fan, yo-yo, oil spill, kite, invisible man, casino, abraham lincoln, ice cream cone, corn on the cob, claws, beekeeper, coins, watermelon, landing on the moon, rotary telephone, brain, rocks, needle in a haystack, picnic basket, fireplace, bottle of poison, genie in a bottle, knight, hammer, acorn, orange, owl, hair, wheelbarrow, pyramids, exploding dynamite, shrimp, guitar player, keyboard player, drummer, singer, griffin, carousel horse, rabbit, puppies, board game, a famous painting, cobblestone road, maple leaf, lizard, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, leopard, record player, bulldozer, bride, snowman, feather headdress, playing cards, windy day, sleeping bag, dancing skeleton, piggy bank, wizard, evil queen, lantern, beach ball, cherub, sprout, aircraft carrier, Olympic swimmer, wedding dress, feather, baseball glove, noodles, cat, dog, happy, sad, angry, relaxed, graffiti, motorcycle, tornado, caveman, pineapple, loch ness monster, flag, gas mask, starry sky, your dream house, deer, goldilocks, frog, tadpole, swing, circus clown, earch, cupcake, lace, rocking chair, bravery, big ben, doctor, railroad car, parade, christmas sweater, ferris wheel, sci fi gun, medicine cabinet, birthday party, cutlery, great wall of china, umbrella, traffic sign, catapult, light bulb, bamboo, heart, moon colony, sandwiches, juice box, lake house, bushes, hard candy camouflage, platypus, football helmet, soccer game, balloons, astronaut, missing tooth, memory, jukebox, tulip, ladybug, birthday cake, tshirt, igloo, golf ball, fossils, your least favorite food, pencil cup, half eaten apple, food with a face, horseshoe, daffodil, castle, tea party, scared, bag of chips, camping, cabin, bonfire, ship, watering can, palm tree, wind chimes, armchair, fireworks, knife, wine cork, waitress, farmer, fountain, last leaf on a tree, saber-toothed tiger, grocery store, rainbow, typewriter, engine, bluebird, shooting star, a new invention, school of fish, bearded lady, secret garden, suspension bridge, viking artifact, eiffel tower, a feast fit for a king, guitar, treehouse, seashell, dinosaur, sea lion, taj mahal, your favorite animal in a tuxedo That's the whole book :) I hope that helps!

  • Joel Mante

    And if their followers are anything like people I know, they're bothering the gurus about not having that vanity setup that everyone else has. I've got a built-in vanity in my bedroom (the kind with a sink and lots of counter space with a giant mirror behind it, like you'd see in a bathroom), with a small spot for a stool on the one side. My house was once owned by my grandparents, and my grandfather built this vanity by hand for my grandmother in the late 50s/early 60s. The mirror behind it has beautiful etched glass. Absolutely one of a kind, and I updated it with a new sink/countertop/fresh paint when I bought the house. I store my favorite makeup/hair/skincare stuff in the drawers/cabinet on the vanity, and the stuff I don't use is sorted into a small jewelry armoire. I sit with a lighted makeup mirror to do my makeup each day. I love my layout; it is one-of-a-kind and the family history of my grandmother doing her makeup exactly where I do mine makes me smile. And yet, every time I have a new friend over... "Why don't you get Alex drawers? Have you checked out these big dressing room style mirrors with lights all around? Why don't you get clear organizers to put on top of your vanity?" ಠ_ಠ

  • Kenna Conroy

    uhhhhhhhhhhh.........[you could do this???????](

  • Kavon Feest

    I'm fine with mirrors in the bathroom, but I wouldn't want a mirror in my bedroom. No way. I just bought a lovely standing mirror jewelry cabinet. It's in the walk in closet. Never even considered that being in the room i sleep in. Screw that.

  • Ariane Collier

    Here are some of my thoughts. Furniture - get a desk and chair off craigslist/thrift store/ I was limited on space, so I went with [this]( (which I don't recommend due to lack of storage options - I want a drawer sooo bad). [This]( might be better at $34, especially since you wont have to worry about finding a truck to bring a used desk home, and you can buy organizers to fill the side. But if you have the space and can score drawers, go for it. Organizers - try [aliexpress](,searchweb201602_1_116_10065_117_10068_114_115_113_10000009_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10062_10056_503_10055_10054_10059_10099_501_10078_10079_426_10103_10073_10102_10096_10052_10053_10107_10050_10106_10051-10102,searchweb201603_1,afswitch_5,single_sort_0_default&btsid=e60b2869-566e-4fda-b8a9-25923517eb03) (known here for counterfeit makeup, but dude, it's a plastic organizer. You'll be fine). Put the one with drawers on top of the desk since the cats can't get in there, and the open one in one of your drawers. Also give dollar stores and discount stores like TJMaxx, Ross, and Marshalls a try. You can always DIY one out of cardboard and some fabric too and just fit it into your drawers. Or just use something like cereal boxes. You can also use one of your drinking cups or something. I've started cleaning out candle jars and using them to hold brushes and other long things like lipstick, liners, and pencils. You can google drawer dividers and find stuff for your dresser (for deep drawers) or things like utensil or jewelry organizers. Or just little trays. [This]( might help with the cats, but it isn't as cheap. Mirror - Okay, you can get a plain mirror, and put a separate light behind it (no idea on the cost of a light), or you can buy a lighted mirror. I have the [OttLite]( ($40 at it's cheapest, sign up for emails to get 20% off (aka free shipping)). I had one from Aldi that was cute and round, it was white LED light and it was $20. No idea what time of year they put it out, so you'll just have to wait around. I had a Conair like your and it drove me crazy too. I couldn't see my blush until it was too much. At the cheapest here, I'm racking up $70 ($34 vanity, $16 organizer, $20 mirror). Our hobby is not a cheap one.

  • Dandre Wolff

    * Kitchen / Pantry I got a file rack like [this] and it is the perfect thing to store things like pans, baking trays, and cutting boards. You can just slide them in the rack. It keeps them organized and easy to access. I take command hooks (the sticky hooks) and use them to hang lids inside the cupboard. I also reccomend getting these cupboard shelfs (you can also subsitute baking cooling racks) that turn your shelf into two shelves so you have more space. I find transfering things to jars and storage baskets the best way to deal with having little cupboard space. I'm lucky to have a large basement, so what I do is fill up a jar of pasta and put that in my cupboard and then I have a stand alone pantry where I keep my big bags of pasta. If you have a stand alone pantry or a pantry room you can hang a shoe bag organizer on the back of the door and it's great for storing things that come in packets. You can repurpose [file boxes] ( to store canned goods. You can also hang them the inside of cupboard doors to store things. I have two on my cupboard under the sink, one for plastic and metal wrap and the other for grocery bags. Anything you can hang up on the walls is better because it clears up counter, cupboard, and drawer space. I hang my oven mitts with command hooks on the inside door of my pot and pan cupboard and my baking cups/spoons on the inside door of my baking cupboard. They also make under the shelf hanging baskets, which are great for in the pantry or to hang off your cupboards. I also have pretty fabric storage boxes I keep on top of my cupboards for things I do not use as often, like electric mixers, crock pot, serving dishes, etc. I have three smaller ones on top of the fridge: one of medications, one of pet treats and the other is a junk one. * Bathroom At Walmart I have found these skinny, short plastic drawer organizers which fit perfectly under a standard sink cabinet. This is super great if you don't have any drawers like me, or just want more. They have hanging baskets for doors, which is great to hold things like hair dryers. I also use one on my shower door to hold my products because I don't really have a ledge. There are also corner shower shelves you can buy. A wall cabinet adds more storage and I love those above the toilet cabinets. If you don't have a linen closet you can hang a shelf or do something like [this] ( for towels. If you're really low on space, you can use a shoe bag organizer on the door for beauty products. I've also seen a neat craft where people put a magnetic strip on the wall and then a small magnet on their products so you can hang them up. I also have little glass jars to hold things like elastics and Bobby pins. * Bed room / Closet Under the bed boxes! Night stands with lots of drawers. One of my night stands is a lamp, but it's a lamp attached to a top of a shelf. Like [this] ( (this would also be good in a living room). Use storage baskets and organizers in your dresser and closet. You can install a lower rack in your closet to hang shorter things (such as shirts and skirts). On the sides of the closet you can install hooks which are good for bags or scarves. If you have a shelf, get storage bins and if you don't have a shelf, install one. You can also get special hangers for things like scarves that hang multiple ones on the same one. Shoe bag organizers are also good for scarves and/jewelry, or actually shoes. * Living room Book shelves. I reccomend [this] (,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/19gb3quhxyynfjpg.jpg) one from Ikea. It comes in a few different sizes and the shelves are the perfect size for a storage box. Get end tables that have drawers and/or shelves. Get a coffee table that opens up and has a hollow inside (my parents keep DVDS in it, which is pretty brilliant, but I keep a throw blanket in mine because it's a lot smaller). Get wall shelves for your knick knacks. Everything from this I learned watching organization videos on YouTube or going on pinterest. They have a lot of stuff there! I highly recommend taking a look.

  • Danyka Champlin

    When I was in high school, I had an unusual set of circumstances fall into my lap. Middle-class, white, in a sort of mid-way between suburban and rural town. I had been dating the same guy since I was 12 or 13. He had been kicked out of his house, and being the loyal and crafty 15-year-old partner, I built a false wall under my loft-style bed, a cavity hidden behind my little mini-loveseat where he could sleep. He was somewhat older than me, and not in school any more, so after the first few weeks some modifications had been made to the set-up: we moved my little 11" bubble TV next to the couch, opened a small slit in the false wall, and ran controllers through so he could play video games without the possibility of getting caught. I also got a shoe organizer and hung it down from the bed into his little nook, and filled it with snacks. He bought the same laptop as me so I could switch them on the charger and no one would be the wiser. We managed to get by like this for a couple months, and then I fucked up by borrowing my mom's earrings and forgetting to return them. She came in to my room one evening when thankfully both my boyfriend and I were not home, looking for her earrings. I didn't know that my boyfriend had stashed his weed in my jewelry box, and so as she is digging through my things she stumbles upon a cigarette box with a dime inside. This prompts a tearing apart of my room, uncovering various other paraphernalia, such as condoms, lube, my dildo, a ritual knife, and eventually - the shoe organizer full of snacks. She left all of it in a pile on top of my dresser with a note on the cigarette box that said something to the effect of "You are making bad choices and I hope you course-correct." I am sure I would have gotten much worse than a sticky note if my parents had pieced together that I had someone living in their house without their knowledge, so I guess this is a reversal - I'm a kid that is seriously glad my parents didn't discover my secret.

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