LANGRIA Hypoallergenic Ultra Plush Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Zippered Bamboo Cover for Optimal Comfort Support (White, Queen)

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Upgrade Your Sleep Don't you deserve an upgrade to get the best sleep possible? Our shredded memory foam filling adapts to your unique body and ensures a lack of neck and upper back pains, no matter if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side. You can finally wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to go, without having to worry about a painful morning. Even More Versatile Who said a pillow couldn't have options? Because we stuffed it with shredded foam and not a one-piece pad, you can fluff or thin out the pillow to your preference, adding another level of comfort and further ensuring a restful sleep. Clean and Fresh at All Times The last thing you need is more distractions during your sleep. With its removable and machine- washable ultra-soft bamboo pillowcase, you don't have to worry about your pillow smelling or getting dirty use after use. Plus, due to the properties of bamboo fiber, it stays cool and wicks moisture such as sweat away from the body, adding a third layer of comfort to your sleep. Specifications: Size: 26*17*6 inches Weight: 3.9 lbs.

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  • Shredded Memory Foam: with 100% shredded memory foam as the fillings of this pillow, you can fluff or reposition the pillow as you sleep and allow for maximum airflow to absorb sweat overnight
  • Bamboo Fabric Cover: eco-friendly with anti-microbial properties, the bamboo fabric cover is hypoallergenic and adds an extra softness to the touch. It breathes naturally, resists moisture buildup to keep your body cool while giving you the healthiest sleeping atmosphere possible
  • Optimal Support: the pillow provides an optimal support for all sleeping profiles as it molds into the space of your shoulder gap thus it won't lose its shape overnight
  • Extra Comfort: shredded memory foam goes an extra step in keeping you comfortable compared to thick solid foam pad as it lets you form the pillow to your needs even on your back or stomach
  • Maintenance and Care: the outer cover is removable, machine washable and the shredded memory foam may require occasional fluffing so it won't go flat
  • Neva Mosciski

    So I'll go full disclosure and let you know that I run an online bedding store. You are correct, there are a lot of incentivized reviews online. I can't speak for everyone, but most of those reviews aren't totally fake, tho they may lean to the rosier side a bit. The negative reviews - as pointed out by LolRealMonsters - are just as if not more misleading and they are often someone who feels slighted by the process of buying/returning online. You may feel encouraged to know that Amazon has now outlawed incentivized reviews to prevent manipulation. I hesitate to go full commercial on you, but there are online companies (like mine) that take big steps to protect you. As mentioned by morgf you can ask specific questions about the mattress to get better information, but make sure you understand the information. For example - many will cite foam density as a sign of quality. It is, but not as much as many claim. [This article](, though old, points out that foam density doesn't make much difference in durability and that certain additives that increase density can even cause the mattress to break down faster. A lot of online places (including my store) also make returns as painless as possible. In addition to offering a trial time period, some also allow you to donate the mattress and use the donation receipt to get a full refund. This doesn't solve every pain, but it makes it worth it for most. Finally, to speak to your final point, [here]( is one of my mattresses' scores on Fakespot (not sure why it says its been removed - it hasn't). If you want to know more, I'm happy to help and can provide more commercial links if you want them. For now, though, I'll just give you the insider perspective and a bit of information that I hope is helpful. Good luck!

  • Maye Aufderhar

    For a good sleeping position, get a good pillow. You want [one that is molded to support your neck]( Once your head is in the right position, the rest of your body will follow. Also, since your spine is hurting, put another pillow under your knees.

  • Emmanuel Ryan

    I'm going to be the voice of dissent here. I don't love it. Shredded memory foam sounded great, but it just feels like a firm chunk of foam to me. It's a nicely made pillow, but it's not for me.

  • Keven Rippin

    Get a waterproof pillow cover/case? Like one of the hypoallergenic ones

  • Janie Sanford

    > buying digital pixels is a waist of money. [Waist of money?]( ^^/s

  • Carmelo Kemmer

    Well.. I got a 50ish zubat.. after 4 pokeballs I decided to switch to ultra's.. 13 ultras + razz before and it's just a zubat to shred.

  • Emmie Marvin

    I picked up one similar just a different brand during a flash sale last week and it's great.

  • Harry Wintheiser

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  • Kaia O'Hara

    It isn't the easiest to breathe out of my nostrils. I prefer the mouth. That's a good point. I'm going to try some nasal strips. I do not have high blood pressure, but I apply topical minoxidil for hair loss, which is supposed to slightly increase blood pressure. Other than that, my readings are just fine. I've never had any anomalies. I've been eating nothing too crazy before bed. Usually cut my meals about 1.5h to 2h before bed. But near the end of the day, I guess I tend to eat sliced deli chicken or turkey sandwiches with oil and vinegar, as well as milk. Sometimes I might snack on an apple. I hardly have any caffeine. Maybe 1-2 cups of coffee per month, in the morning. As far as pillows go, I've been alternating between sleeping on my side with a bulky pillow and thin pillow stacked on top, and sleeping on my stomach with the edge of the bulky pillow or the thin pillow. It's hard to sleep on my back. I have a medium-firm bed that's rather softish. I bought a memory gel mattress pad recently that's 3" thick. By the way, with beds I went all around the mulberry bush. I left this part out, but when I upgraded I initially got a plush bed because it was amazingly comfortable, at least for a month. Then it had this groove in it that kinda pinched the wrong places. Since I never had any problems with sleeping, I never really remember what position I slept in beforehand. It's kinda like relearning. Anyway, since I was ultimately sleeping on my stomach by the end of the night, and the plush and groove were uncomfortable for that, I exchanged that bed for an ultra firm bed. This bed was super uncomfortable for anything other than stomach sleeping. Even with a foam topper it was uncomfortable in all positions. So, since I couldn't get a refund, I just got a $250 new bed at Costco which was pretty comfortable when I sat on it for 15 min. It was one of their only beds on display. I kinda broke the $700 or more rule this time, because I figured I just had sleep apnea. The bed is still comfortable, but I bought a new memory foam topper, also from Costco. Anyway, I was also looking at the instructions, and the machine is about level with my sleeping position. It says it should be lower. Should I move the machine a little lower? It'll be a bit more inconvenient there. Also, as far as the humidity, I'm not sure.. I wake up thirsty sometimes, even if I drank (water) right before bed. On my machine, the REMstar Auto A-Flex, the humidity is kept at 4. It could be random, but whenever I put the machine to 3 or 5 to experiment, I get a worse night sleep. Honestly, I didn't play too much with the settings. Thanks for the reply. Do you see anything that could be changed?

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  • Alexandre Huel

    3 shunts?! Damn I thought I was special with 2. I had problems like that for a few months after my 2nd one (installed last May), but eventually it came became more comfortable. I know you said you tried building your pillows up, but maybe try buying a pillow of a different thickness? Since my surgery last year, I basically can't sleep unless i have a large, bulky, memory foam pillow like [this.]( The way it molds to my head puts less pressure on the shunt itself. I was never a big, bulky pillow kind of guy until last year. Now it's all I can use.

  • Myrl Feest

    I think the worse part is that "never goes flat" bullshit they put on the shredded memory foam ones is just that, bullshit. Maybe the one I had was shitty or something, I don't know, but that pillow definitely got flat from what it was when I got it. And when it got flat, it got hard. Sleeping on it sucked because the firmness literally made my head hurt to sleep on.

  • Josianne Hessel

    Speaking as a man whose spent a lot of pillows, the perfect pillow is out there. For 50 bucks I recommend shredded memory foam, but currently my favorite pillow I've tried is from Casper.

  • Cassidy Rosenbaum

    But I love these pillows. Im 58. I've slept on every damn pillow ever, from memory foam solids, to bamboo to chillow, to feather to Joe Boxer, generic, you name it. And these My Pillows are the only ones I can say I LOVE. They do not go flat, they are comfortable and support where you need it and soft where you don't. Thats damn near impossible to find a pillow like that..and here you have it. Shill? no. LOVE? YES!

  • Carmela Gleichner

    The other mattresses wrecked out back due to their physical qualities. One attempt was Japanese tatami mats with organic cotton shikibuton. So much ouch. Way too thin. We tried adding a very pricey Cuddledown or Snuggle-ewe wool mattress pad on top but it didn't help. The shearling style mattress pad stayed with us through a few beds until a virus related accident while our child was napping wiped it out. Over $400. My gosh. We now have a $70ish thin bamboo terry cloth topped PUL waterproof mattress protector. Freaking love it. Thin means no body heat gets trapped but no cat puke, human accidents, food mishaps, or gross sweat gets through. Easy to wash and dry. I really went off topic there! Another was a handmade organic wool and cotton thick mattress from White Lotus. It was like sleeping on lumpy concrete. Very costly mistake. We tried older IKEA twin innerspring mattresses. Not too bad. Slapped a cheap no-name 3 inch thick memory foam topper on it and that felt okay, not super great, a bit too mushy, but it stank for years. It went to the guest room and stayed for a long time. Always bothered me to sleep on it. Tried one of the leftover seldom used twin innerspring mattresses with a latex topper. Closer, but again the base mattress was too hard. Work up sore and it was hard to walk. I'm not old, either. Did a soft side waterbed. That's called desperation. It lasted the longest of all mentioned thus far but the hammocking was still a big issue even with the baffles. The temp control is still missed though! We had a Tempurpedic queen for 9 years. I loved it except the problems with my hands and arms falling asleep every single way I laid. It also hurt my knees and hips even with a pillow between. I tried about 7 different Tempurpedic stinky pillows as well. Nope. We tried a king size Tempurpedic and had the same problems. That one really stank. This year we tried another queen classic style Tempurpedic, all of these were non pillowtop models, same issue with the cut off circulation and the knee and hip pain. My spouse was not comfortable either. The body heat trapping was substantial after having slept on an IKEA latex mattress. Our bed base from IKEA was sagging--box spring style base. It led to hammocking and back pain. While we were waiting for a warranty pickup, we tried that last Tempurpedic mattress. It was like slogging through mud after springy latex. IKEA gave us the new model of the 85% natural latex mattress and it's on slats now. We are totally happy at this point and have been sleeping well for months.

  • Zion Kreiger

    Get a royal touch for your Bedding by buying Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows. Luxuriously soft and decent looking Bamboo Foam Memory Pillows for adding a silent beauty to your Bedding

  • Carey Schimmel

    I have a bamboo Pillow, two regualr soft pillows, a memory foam body pillow and a lightweight body pillow, all of which can be configured for nesting. If I could somehow just sleep on a massive pile of pillows I think I'd do it.

  • Luigi Haag

    Ideal for supporting your neck and shoulders as it contours around the natural curves of your body. Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows Online, Bamboo Pillows, Pillows

  • Macie Goyette

    Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom with Bamboo Pillows. These Pillows combine the softness of Bamboo and Memory Foam that provides you the best comfort.

  • Thea Bailey

    Bamboo Pillows. Get a refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep with the Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow. Ideal for supporting your neck

  • Mckenzie Mann

    I have the bamboo memory foam pillows and they are amazing. Maybe try one of those, or one of the hull pillows?

  • Brock Bartoletti

    I pulled these off of the online direct sites. I know there are plenty more too local stores too (good luck!): Amerisleep - $200 Off Any Mattress with code TAKE200 Ashley Homestore - Up to 25 Off Bear Mattress - $100 Off any mattress Bed in a Box - Free Pillow and free blanket Brentwood Home - Up to $200 for first time visitors Brooklyn Bedding - 5% Off + 2 free 'shredded foam' pillows Casper - $75 off when you buy a mattress and another product with code PRES75 Charles P. Rogers - Free shipping & 10-20% Off mattresses Cocoon by Sealy - $100 Off with code PRESDAY Comfortaire - 50% Off their Queen Calais, 40% off their King Calais Dreamfoam Bedding - 10% Off, 2 free pillows, and 1 free microfiber sheet set Dromma Bed -- $100 Off for the next 200 beds sold with code DROMMA2017 Eight - 20% Off any product with code 20FEBLOVE Ghostbed - 3 free pillows with purchase of a mattress (Twin/Full Code: PRES2, Queen/King Code: PRES3) Hyphen - $50 Off with code SAVE50 IKEA - 15% Off mattresses until February 28th (must sign up for 'IKEA Family' free membership) Layla - $79 Off mattress until the end of February with Code: love79 Leesa - $75 Off & $25 Amazon gift card with code PRESDAY100 Lull - $50 Off Nest Bedding - $100 Off Alexander Signature Series with code BESTBED100 Novosbed - $100 Off with code SAVE100 Purple - $100 Off Sapira - $150 Off & $50 Amazon gift card Tempur-Pedic - $300 Off on select mattress, $200 on adjustable bases, 25% off pillows Yogabed - $130 Off & 2 free pillows Disclaimer: none of the above are referral codes

  • Maeve Pfannerstill

    DUDE. Okay, so I got a pillow when I was two. It was full of shredded foam (this was the 80's). I wore that thing out until the pillow itself got thin and foam chunks started falling out. So did I throw it away? NOPE. I found a really soft pillow case that I liked, cut my old pillow open, dumped all of the insides into the soft pillow case, then triple sewed it shut. Then put another pillow case over that. Fast forward to two months ago (I am now 33) and the foam is breaking down so much that it is starting to flake through the pillowcase. I finally know it's time. I get up one morning and take my pillow out to the trash and throw it away. After a HORRIFIC night, I dragged my husband through SO many stores buying pillows. None of them worked. I fucking hated them. I would chuck them at the wall in the middle of the night and pace the floors. Then I go to Ross and find the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. As soon as I pick it up, I know. I JUST KNOW. It's the one. I buy TWO, take them home. I am putting the case on one and I see the tag. GUESS WHAT IT'S FILLED WITH?! FUCKING SHREDDED FOAM. :DDDDDDDD

  • Kendall Howell

    I pulled these from a whole bunch of the online ones by visiting their home pages. Hope this helps: Amerisleep - $200 Off Any Mattress with code TAKE200 Ashley Homestore - Up to 25% Bear Mattress - $100 Off any mattress Bed in a Box - Free Pillow and free blanket Brentwood Home - Up to $200 for first time visitors Brooklyn Bedding - 5% Off + 2 free 'shredded foam' pillows Casper - $75 off when you buy a mattress and another product with code PRES75 Charles P. Rogers - Free shipping & 10-20% Off mattresses Cocoon by Sealy - $100 Off with code PRESDAY Comfortaire - 50% Off their Queen Calais, 40% off their King Calais Dreamfoam Bedding - 10% Off, 2 free pillows, and 1 free microfiber sheet set Dromma Bed -- $100 Off for the next 200 beds sold with code DROMMA2017 Eight - 20% Off any product with code 20FEBLOVE Ghostbed - 3 free pillows with purchase of a mattress (Twin/Full Code: PRES2, Queen/King Code: PRES3) Hyphen - $50 Off with code SAVE50 IKEA - 15% Off mattresses until February 28th (must sign up for 'IKEA Family' free membership) Layla - $79 Off mattress until the end of February with Code: love79 Leesa - $75 Off & $25 Amazon gift card with code PRESDAY100 Lull - $50 Off Nest Bedding - $100 Off Alexander Signature Series with code BESTBED100 Novosbed - $100 Off with code SAVE100 Purple - $100 Off Sapira - $150 Off & $50 Amazon gift card Tempur-Pedic - $300 Off on select mattress, $200 on adjustable bases, 25% off pillows Yogabed - $130 Off & 2 free pillows

  • Kacie Kuvalis

    The one I bought was: It's a shredded memory foam pillow so I find that it has the perfect amount of firmness for my neck though I do have to make sure it's 'fluffed' before I lay down. It cradles my head when I sleep on my side while also still providing support for my neck and shoulder which means I don't feel the urge to slip my arm under there. (And make it go numb from the poor position, etc.) YMMV as some of the reviews indicate it doesn't work for them, but TBH I bought mine last feb and it's been amazing. The customer service is also top notch. I think I burnt my first pillow out by putting it in the dryer too often to "re-firm" it (do not make the same mistake I did. It stays firm as long as you adjust it each night.) And they replaced it at no cost. It was a lot of money for a pillow, to be sure, but at this point my neck and shoulder issues are gone and after you've spent so long dealing with that pain you get to the point where you'd fling whatever money it takes to get rid of it. I had even seen an orthopedist and his response was physical therapy but I did my own research and found that this solved the problem almost immediately. I hope it works for you too!

  • Kaylah Prohaska

    Finding the perfect pillow is like my holy grail. A basic one will absolutely give me a migraine. I tend to like down pillows that have been used a bunch and are super soft. I've tried the core pillow, it worked for a while but not anymore. I tried memory foam but it was way too high and firm. I tried shredded memory foam, i keep removing more shreds but so far still too high and firm. In hotels when I don't have my own pillows, I'll roll up a towel and put it under my neck and sleep on my back. Oh and I also tried buckwheat- promising but still too high. If I can figure out how to sew it back up I'd remove some kernals.

  • Mose Turner

    if you want to just listen in bed, sure why not. You can prop up some pillows or use [one of these]( Sleeping with any headphones is not a good idea, but I guess wearing headphones in bed isn't a new idea because products like [these]( have been around for a long time. Today's equivalent is something like [this]( Personally, I'm not a fan of wearing headphones in bed. Maybe if you don't want to wake your significant other when you are watching something on TV after they are asleep.

  • Filomena Abernathy

    As weird as this is, my 5 dollar Walmart pillows are more comfortable than any fancy pillow. I bought a 50 dollar like super soft pillow thinking i was doing myself a favor. Took it back the next day because it made my neck hurt. Replaced it with the really well reviewed shredded memory foam pillow. Same thing. Made my neck hurt. I just have two crappy Walmart pillows that I've been using for years at this point and for some reason, despite not being all soft and luxurious, they feel infinitely better on my neck.

  • Ibrahim Cormier

    We were curious one day about the price since they don't mention it in the ad. Technically, they're $100 pillows! But they always have a buy one get one promo, and they're $50 on amazon. All they are are shredded foam, which is not good for a pillow for your bed, I can't see how it would be. (It's great for a giant, 35 pound pillow though, that I can confirm). And yeah, the dude is creepy as fuck and I would do almost anything to get that damn commercial off the air.

  • Lillie Gleichner

    I have a pizon, amazon's branded pillow of the same size (but with polyester filling) that I got for $16 during their sale, and I can say that it's an entire foot of slack compared to the 6k's 160cm. If you dont mind, then you have to ask yourself how you feel about shredded memory foam, which tend to be heavier, bulky, uneven, ect. It's a preference thing; you might like it more, but you're gonna have to shell out money to find out.

  • Xander Becker

    Returning might be a hassle since the pillow comes flattened and will puff once opened. I own a 60x20 inch shredded memory foam pillow that I bought off eBay for around $60. Doesnt advertise the temperature regulating technology that your link shows but its very comfy and big. If you wanna buy that linked pillow you can buy extra Polyester fill and stuff the missing areas.

  • Oscar Wilderman

    I'm using the shredded foam pillows that came with the mattress. Sooooo comfortable! It's soft, yet supportive, and it keeps that comfortable not hot pillow feeling. This BB mattress is also my first new bed. I'm more than happy with it. I did a TON of research, and managed to talk to the Sleepopolis guy, who verified that my leaning towards BB was on the right track. I love this freaking mattress

  • Cleta Boehm

    i take maxalt with ibouprofin, but the best thing I have found is one of those memory foam piece pillows (not the super rigid ones, its like they shredded a mattress and used that for the pillow fill) got it at Costco. Its soft enough that it collapses over my eyes and I can still have my nose peek out, and the pillow helps drown out the sound which is sometimes a worse trigger than the light.

  • Hazel Buckridge

    I sleep in multiple positions due to pain and find a pillow made of shredded memory foam is most adaptable to my needs. I bought a generic one several years ago from Sam's Club and recently replaced it with the "white" version of the My Pillow. No regrets. Most of the tempurpedic pillows (and the knockoffs) are too high and hard for me but I love the shredded foam.

  • Burdette Lueilwitz

    I have a similar one and love it. The shredded foam makes it so you can shape it to whatever thickness or shape you want. And if it flattens out, you just move around the foam so it's puffy again. Greatest pillow I've used so far.

  • Betty Hahn

    Mmm. I think I might give it a try, Amazon's return policy is great so it can't hurt. Out of curiosity, what is the standard filling most people here like for their inners? I just got a standard 150x50 cotton pillow with extra filling and it's a bit too light/thin for me since I'm so used to thicker shredded foam head pillows. Maybe I'll get used to it, idk

  • Arvel Anderson

    I got a shredded memory foam pillow, but it was alarmingly large so I pulled out half the foam and put it in a second pillow. Now I've got two regular-sized pillows and they're great. [They look like this]( are all come from China, so anyone selling them for more than about NZ$25 is making a lot of money.

  • Joanny McGlynn

    I have my head on this new shredded gel dough memory foam pillow. I highly recommend it. I locked the door one night and started up the stairs. Someone started jiggling my door. Nothing extreme. One of them threatened to kill me while i slept. Just regular old homeless.

  • Lowell Donnelly

    Have you tried a shredded memory foam pillow? I *hate* memory foam, but these shredded pillows are amazing. I will say, get the thinner version if you arne't a back sleeper. These Xtreme Comforts I bought have held up for about a year now, and are amazing.

  • Jaleel Roob

    I love my buckwheat pillow, too. I also have a millet filled pillow, and have added some millet to the buckwheat to make a combo. The millet is lighter and softer than the buckwheat, but both are great. I like my shredded memory foam pillow for similar reasons. It's so nice to be able to smoosh it around into the exact position you need.

  • Ahmed Hessel

    Like any pillow, it comes down to personal preference. They are quite expensive at $60 and are constructed from shredded foam - many users report lack of neck support. But if you like them and they help you sleep, its hard to put a price on that.

  • Cooper Armstrong

    I've used the roller foot to sew 1" polyester fiberfill. I make pillows by sewing the fiberfill into pouches and stuffing with shredded foam (then putting the stuffed pouches into the actual pillow casings).

  • Freddy Wiza

    It's a Pillow founded by this guy who did way to much crackcocaine and went on a 3 day bender... In the middle of it, he got into some memory foam, but he shredded it to pieces then passed out on it. When he finally woke up, he knew he was onto something...

  • Kyler Bayer

    How long have you used it for? My shredded foam pillow was perfect for about a month. Then it became just as terrible as every other pillow. I kickstarted the Purple pillow, so I'm hoping that lives up to its promises.

  • Tara Hegmann

    Best pillow you'll ever own. Fully adjustable shredded memory foam: [Nest Bedding](

  • Rosamond Schmeler

    I got 2 from Costco that had shredded gel foam inside. I put half of one pillow into the other. I now have a pillow like a sac of quick-crete. It weighs 50lbs and compresses at its smallest to a perfect height

  • Mazie Moore

    After the flat piece of shit I had a shredded memory foam pillow is heavenly. Also switching from a 7 year old spring mattress to a 10 inch memory foam one has done wonders for my sleep.

  • Vergie Simonis

    Amazon sells bags of shredded memory foam. The one I got didn't have very many big pieces, largest was maybe an inch, but it worked for me. Five pounds did a king size pillow.

  • Paige Blanda

    Here is a good side by side comparison of regular vs shredded memory foam pillows:

  • Monserrat Rutherford

    MyPillow is just a shredded memory foam pillow. I **LOVE** shredded memory foam pillows, but you can get one at CVS or Burlington coat factory for 20 dollars.

  • Billie Cummings

    For the long-armed big spoons: a pillow filled with shredded memory foam with a half-twist in it gives good neck support and creates a cave for your arm.

  • Daren Hammes

    I really like my My Pillow. That being said, I also really like my cheap Serta shredded foam pillows from Big Lots. I tend to drift between using either.

  • Kassandra Carter

    Costco sometimes has a shredded memory foam pillow that is absolutely fantastic. Very dense, but an appropriate firmness, overall 10/10.

  • Anika Carroll

    Try popping it in the dryer for 10 minutes (check your pillow's laundry tag first to make sure it's okay). That revives my shredded foam pillow.

  • Peggie Bosco

    I like shredded foam rubber. I add (buy two) or take out what I need until it feels right cause a purchased pillow rarely has perfect fill. Cheap at ikea.

  • Dario Raynor

    4 words - shredded memory foam pillow.

  • Lowell Toy

    wait, so it's like a shredded up memory foam pillow?

  • Camille Keebler

    I know the feeling. I had the same realization after I brought my first Shredded Memory Foam Pillow! Never again without you my soft unan.

  • Mayra Bailey

    Just buy any shredded foam pillow.

  • Consuelo Herman

    My Pillow is shredded foam.

  • Rico Feil

    >If you are a side sleeper, or you are suffering from conditions like apnea, neck pain, spinal cord problem, etc., you need the shredded memory foam pillow. It has been serving people with such conditions for so long now. It has got strength and firmness, exactly what side sleepers need to get that extra support between their head and shoulder while sleeping; There is no reason why don't you choose Shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover derived from bamboo by coop home goods. it's the best one among [Best Pillows for Side Sleeper!](

  • Trevion Von

    I went for a shredded memory foam pillow. Actually did some shopping on amazon a few weeks ago, and It worked out great. I bought two from different brands. One was pretty pricey (I think coop home goods) and the other was a less expensive bamboo pillow called Sleep Whale pillow. They had funky smells to me, but I stuck them in the dryer with a dryer sheet for twenty minutes and the smell was gone. I'd give the Sleep Whale a try first just because the price difference and had a little More filling IMO.

  • Agustin Mohr

    Funny, I was going to recommend this (got a great deal at Costco this summer) They seem to be very similar. I've been through a number of high end pillows and this is my favorite by far. The bamboo fabric is completely non staining and the shredded memory foam is very very comfortable yet still supporting. I'm NOT a fan of memory foam in general, but the shredded foam is excellent.

  • Leilani Renner

    That looks like a solid memory foam pillow. The shredded foam filled ones seem a bit more expensive, but still much cheaper than here.

  • Kaela Harvey

    CVS sells a "Bamboo Pillow" that is the exact same thing as MyPillow. A shredded memory foam pillow. Seriously, there are many videos on youtube of people ripping open various pillows to see what the difference is. There are even pillows that come with an extra bag of shredded foam and you can add/remove it from the pillow as you wish, cheaper than MyPillow.

  • Ryley Emard

    Pillows. I have ten. None of them feel right once I try them out for a few days. I realize I'm a little ridiculous. I recently got a Snuggle-Pedic bamboo shredded memory foam pillow because my husband read reviews on Amazon and this was the one that would be the winner. It feels like I have a mattress under my head. I'm sleeping with a feather down pillow from IKEA and it's okay.

  • Daniela Jacobi

    Slim Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow - Shredded Memory Foam With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover - Made in the USA by Xtreme Comforts - Hypoallergeni Not 100% sure this is the one Kyle was talking about but seemed close enough

  • Tamia Wintheiser

    I look for [this]( I've had mine for 2 years now and it still feels like new. Never buying anything else.

  • Oleta Botsford

    Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Polyester and Bamboo Derived Vicose Rayon Cover - Queen I have used this one for a year and have 0 complaints. It supports and stays cool.

  • Antonetta Hintz

    I passed to buy a shredded memory foam pillow in a bamboo case instead. Best $25 on amazon I've ever spent.

  • Madison Gaylord

    I have a memory foam pillow and shredded memory foam bamboo body pillow.

  • Agustina Hyatt

    I suggest you get something like this: [SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free]( It is soft to the feel like a regular mattress pad, but it is waterproof.

  • Enoch Mueller

    I had a good mattress pad and a hypoallergenic mattress cover. Between those and my down comforter, that shitty bed became my heaven.

  • Maxine Gleichner

    Hah. Ok so bear in mind i work with a supplier i don't work at wayfair. They straight up don't care most of the time about us. Its not at Amazon levels of fuck you but unlike Amazon they don't give us a style guide or real guidelines. Whenever i submit a batch of product I resign myself to having to submit it two or three times before it's onsite and mostly correct. Let's say I'm submitting a batch of accent throw pillows. Let's say they are made of a burlap cover with some cotton embroidery and filled with goosedown. I have all that listed in the description sections, i have every box filled out stating what the materials are. So the batch is submitted. Different pillows all alike except in color and design. My batch gets approved a week later, i go to finish the submission and make them live onsite.... half the batch will proudly say they are 100% cotton cover pillows. The descriptions will be changed. All items are now advertised as being hypoallergenic. The ones not advertised as being cotton have now all been shoved into one listing despite not being the same pillow because they have the same earth tone colors listed. Instead of reading as rust-olive-navy those earth tones now read as red-green- black.

  • Liam Flatley

    There are a lot of things that could be going wrong. In no particular order: * Are you wearing glass or implant-grade metal jewelry, or some mystery cheapo crap? The surface of poorly made jewelry is like microscopic sandpaper in your fistula, and the chemical composition of anything non-implant-grade may be causing irritation. * Even if your jewelry is good, does it fit you correctly? If you're still wearing your starter barbells (which you probably should be; changing jewelry too much could also be irritating your piercings), they might be too long now that your initial swelling has gone down. An excessively long barbell can let normal lymph dry on its exposed surface then pull the crusties into the fistula when it moves, causing irritation, which causes more lymph and repeats the process. If you can see more than about 1-2mm of bar between your nipple and the balls, get back to your APP piercer and have them swap it for a bar that fits you correctly. If you were pierced with anything curved, you need to find a better piercer and also get a properly fitted implant-grade internally threaded straight barbell into yourself ASAP. * Does your daily hygiene routine involve getting shampoo, lotion, scrubs, tanners, or any other gunk except an unscented hypoallergenic soap and saline no saltier than tears on or near the piercing? If so, quit it. * Are you making your "salt soaks" in as sanitary a manner as possible -- disinfecting the container you use, boiling the water long enough to kill microorganisms or using distilled water, verifying that the solution is no saltier than tears, washing your hands thoroughly before ever touching your piercings, etc.? * Are you getting cotton fibers wrapped around the barbell or into the ends of the fistula when cleaning it with a q-tip? If in any doubt, switch to using cotton rags cut from a retired t-shirt and washed/dried on your machine's hottest cycle to clean it for a bit and see if that makes it happier. * Do your day-to-day activities result in any dirt getting on the piercing, or it getting pulled on in any way. Barbells can catch on sheets if you sleep topless, and then you wake up with the piercings all angry and don't remember doing anything to them and get confused. So wear a clean t-shirt! * How's your general health? Are you getting enough sleep, staying well hydrated, and getting all the nutrients you need from either diet or a multivitamin? Have you talked to your doctor about the way that any medications you're on would affect your piercing? * Yes, you should avoid sleeping in a way that presses or pulls on the piercing. You might be able to get away with sleeping on your stomach if you place a couple pillows under your chest above and below your nipples so the piercing is kinda suspended in midair rather than being lain on.

  • Jerad Stiedemann

    Are you sure his asthma isn't just getting worse? Have you checked the smog levels in your area? They could also be causing trouble. Do you allow the dogs in the room? Do you use any air freshener or perfume or anything with a harsh smell? I have a pug I'm actually pretty allergic to. I have no plans of giving him up but I do limit my time with him, constantly wash my hands/sheets, I don't allow him in my bed and avoid him touching my clothes too much I also try to shower/wash my face at night if I've played with him and I also take an allergy pill before getting home so I can actually spend time with him. Also do you have hypoallergenic pillows and bed sheets? I also air out my room when I come home from work and constantly clean any dust with a wet towel and a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water. Could something at work be causing him to fair up? Could it be the weather changing? I also have my mom(who isn't asthmatic) vacuum my room constantly. I also don't touch my face or anything after I let him.

  • Rylan Kiehn

    Lifelong eczema, but when I had eyelid/eye area eczema (lots of flaking, scaling and redness, irritation) I happened to go to an allergist for an unrelated thing. She said it looked like I was using something I was allergic to on my face, and since the skin is thinnest near your eyes it reacts most strongly there. I stopped using Aveeno Eczema Care and Burt's Bee's stuff on my face, switched to Vanicream for moisturizer and Cetaphil for facewash. I also started putting hypoallergenic covers on my pillows (I have a dust mite allergy). This cleared it up in like two weeks, and I've stayed away from beeswax and oatmeal products and it's stayed clear. Obviously your mileage may vary but my eyelids have been clear for like a year now! If you're able to go to a derm, see if they'll give you Elidel for your face/eyelids (doesn't thin skin, less potent than Protopic). I would discontinue the salicylic acid and any other foaming cleansers, especially near your eyes. Stay away from hot showers too.

  • Dedric Spinka

    Celiac disease is poop. I knew someone with that from college and she struggled eating out bless her! Honestly I just hoover and dust properly once a week. She has Asthma (probably caused by the dust) which she has a steriod inhalor which really helps her chest. I buy hypoallergenic pillows a duvet and tend to replace them once a year. We manage it quite well since all her scratch testing we know what causes it and we can manage it to an extent! She is the worst around cats but children antihistamine is a 3/4 times a day dose, if we keep her topped up well when animals are about she is fine. Except that one time when she ate a peanut and she blew up (all her face and throat) she was on steriods for a week.....god she was so hyper that she was hugging all the staff in the Supermarket declaring her love for everyone!

  • Donald Predovic

    For your achne - buy two new hypoallergenic pillows and maybe 10 pillow cases - get a good washing routine for your face - change your pillow case every single day - wash your pillow(s) once a month at least - if you use any product in your hair make sure you wash your hair before you got to bed - avoid anything close to doritos (sounds like you're already doing that) - buy some face wipes and use them once or twice a day. Get natural ones with minimal chemicals. Basically something you wear or your skin is getting stuff in your pores and then your pores are clogged by oils or dirt. A careful skin care routine, not too much exfoliation and religious pillow routine should sort it. This should only be temporary until things balance out in the coming months/years. If the problem goes start to relax a bit on washing pillows etc but note if it comes back. Do some google around what I've mentioned for more detailed advice.

  • Shanny Steuber

    [Replacement pillows]( [Filters]( (I'm pretty sure I found them elsewhere for even less)

  • Carrie Kihn

    I not so recently purchased the best pillow I've ever had the pleasure laying my head on. It's a silk pillow that I bought from Costco. It's the most I've ever spent on a pillow before but in my opinion it's worth it. Light and fluffy yet still firm. It doesn't bunch up like down filled pillows. It's supposed to be hypoallergenic but I'm not allergic to anything so I can't really comment on that. Apparently it's also machine washable and comes with a 10 or 15 year warranty. For anyone interested it's called Smart Silk. This was in Costco Canada. The cost for the size I got was I think $60. Also I am in no way affiliated with the company and even though I probably sound like an advertisement I'm just a fan boy spreading the good word.

  • Mayra Schoen

    Bed pillows, I go for medium firmness foam pillows with hypoallergenic properties. I LOVE the feeling of a feather/down pillow but they set off my allergies and I found out that often down pillows are made with feathers plucked from live birds very agressively and it breaks my heart. For throw pillows, I go for colour and design, nice and bright and abstract usually, with colours to match my bedding. (I currently love greys, teals, duckegg blue, turquoise etc)

  • Shany Jakubowski

    Get a hypoallergenic filter for your machine if you can. You might also want to try adjusting your humidity level. I have the airsense 10 with pillows. For me, [the clinical menu]( was the number one thing that helped me get used to my machine so I could sleep all night with it. I found turning on EPR and setting it to 2 helped me feel comfortable. I also needed to increase my baseline pressure to 6 (it comes in set to 4 from the factory if your doctor hasn't configured it) and maximum pressure to 12 (15+ is way too much and will wake me up).

  • Ida Lockman

    Are you female? If so, the weight of your breasts add downward pressure on your chest when you lay down making it harder to breathe (this per my dr and personal experience). Have you tried lying on your side instead of back? That helps me a bit. Also, hypoallergenic pillows (or put your pillows in hypoallergenic covers) and make sure to wash all of your bedding weekly. Keep your room well dusted and vacuumed!

  • Genesis Kilback

    You can get things advertised as "hypoallergenic" but it really boils down to how often you launder. Even if the mites aren't after the blanket itself, if you never wash it you're providing them with a feast and they will enjoy it, lol. I wash mine every week on hot, and I have a barrier cover for my mattress and pillows. They also get washed every week. It's labour intensive to break down the whole setup every weekend, but otherwise I'm a clogged mess.

  • Esther Schulist

    Recommendation for pillows? I've bought so many pillows over the last couple of years that it's getting ridiculous. I somehow wear through pillows like crazy. The only ones that have lasted any amount of time for me are these Claritin Hypoallergenic ones (no idea why I got them, I have 0 allergies).

  • Moises Connelly

    I'm a skeptic and everyone in that house is the exact opposite, but they believe the house is haunted lol but more often than that, she's trying to cover the smell of weed with it. I wish she'd just use incense because sage smells like ass I could never get used to the smell. Although I do love my hypoallergenic pillows.

  • Georgianna Reilly

    This happened to us . The following helped immensely . 1 no dogs on bed...ever 2 dog bed next to bed needs to be washed 2 times per month 3 new sheets every week, and hypoallergenic pillows 4 thorough cleaning of room for dust and maintain . We used to wake up and feel hung over everyday until we did this .

  • Heather Bergnaum

    Disclaimer: I have no insider knowledge at all about any of this. But maybe they need to be special hypoallergenic pillows that can be easily sanitized and made with other special stuff so people with certain conditions that we don't know about don't die.

  • Alessandra Lubowitz

    Disclaimer: I have no insider knowledge at all about any of this. But maybe they need to be special hypoallergenic pillows that can be easily sanitized and made with other special stuff so people with certain conditions that we don't know about don't die.

  • Janet Jacobi

    You can buy some cheap rolled up pseudo-bamboo sheets that you can stretch across your balcony, if you have one. This gives you a little privacy, helps insulate the noise if you're outside talking, helps insulate the smoke if you're smoking (had neighbors complaining about it before) and makes you feel like you're in some tropical cabana. String some festive lights across the top for added ambiance.

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